Fifteen Things You Need To Know Before Start Playing Call of Duty: Warzone

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Free Call Of Duty is here – Warzone is a Battle Royale experience for up to 150 players. Find out how it works with Modern Warfare, the size of the map, how to get your loadout and loads more in this essential guide.

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Hello you’re watching PlayStation access my name’s Rob and this is 15 things you need to know before you play war zone the recently announced about to be released new multiplayer experience from cool of duty.

We went hands-on with warzone recently alongside some of the best Call of Duty streamers and youtubers in the world and it was a lot of fun in fact the gameplay you’re seeing now was recorded at that event but before we get into the detail of what we played let me tell you the six key warzone facts you absolutely need to know.

Number one Call of Duty warzone is completely free for everyone if you already own modern warfare warzone will simply unlock as a new mode in the main menu on release day if you don’t already own modern warfare you’ll be able to download warzone from the PlayStation Store completely free and start playing immediately you get everything warzone has to offer.

For free have I made my point zero money number two warzone includes two completely new modes yes one of them is a battle royale cunningly cooled battle royale and there’s also one called plunder which is something else entirely more on those later did I mention both are completely free for everyone number three warzone takes place on a completely new map both battle royale and plunder modes take place on the same totally new map set in ver dansk it’s the biggest map ever in a cool of duty game and it is seriously vast if you’ve ever played ground war or spec ops in modern warfare it has several locations woven into it that you may recognize like quarry and boneyard number 4 warzone features 150 players yes at launch both modes will be populated by 150 players with all the fighting done in teams of three number five unified progression in modern warfare your progress unlocks Ward’s loadouts are unified across all multiplayer modes and warzone slots right into this system if you’re an existing modern warfare player all the XP and rewards you’ve already unlocked will carry over to warzone and likewise anything you now earn in war zone will carry over to the other multiplayer modes think of it as just another part of the same game because it is similarly if you are a new player who only has warzone you’ll be earning XP and rewards for yourself just like everyone else you can unlock all the same weapons and perks as modern warfare players through the XP you earn by playing and if you choose to unlock the rest of modern warfare at a later date everything you’ve earned in warzone will carry over lovely number 6 release date you probably want to know when you can start playing and good news you won’t have long to wait as cool of duty warzone releases on the 10th of March and that’s it for the key basics now it’s time to get into some extra in-depth information that’ll give you a head start on launch day continuing with number 7 battle royale gameplay on the surface war zones battle royale is a lot like others you might have played a hundred and fifty players drop into the dance armed only with a pistol and news whatever loot they find along the way to be the last man standing while avoiding an ever-decreasing circle of doom in this case weaponized gas but aside from all that war zones battle royale really does feel different there are lots of innovations and smart touches designed to give players more to do more ways to play and more to engage with one of these is number 8 cash no not the papery stuff in your wallet this is a free game did I mention that already free no the cash I’m talking about is the basis of the new in-game economy that totally changes how you should approach this battle royale everything you do earn you cash you can find cash laying around the map you can find cash in loot crate’s kill another player they’ll drop the cash they were carrying take the cash you’ve earned or stolen to buy us station there are between 20 and 30 of these around the map represented by this shopping trolley icon and you will open up a whole load of game-changing options such as killstreaks a self revive kit or even the ability to buy back a downed teammate cash really is king and when we played the game it was the players who understood this system rather than the ones dead set on straight-up killing who had the best results crucial information while all the methods I’ve just mentioned will earn you cash if you want to guarantee you get seriously rich quick you’re going to need to take on number 9 contracts contracts are optional in-game missions that you will find on tablets scattered throughout the map there are three types recon fancy and scavenger and each completed contract rewards you with a healthy amount of XP weapon XP and you guessed it cash bounty contracts are pretty straightforward pick one up and you’ll have put a price on the head of some poor unsuspecting so-and-so in a highlighted area of your map kill them within the time limit and the rewards are yours to even the odds a little they will know they’re being hunted and a threat meter will indicate how close you are getting it’s a brilliant little game within a game and if you’re a straight-up Slayer this is the contract for you recon contracts have you upload satellite imagery from around the map as well as cache in XP a completed recon contract will grant you a peek at the next circle in fact one tactic is to grab a helicopter and complete as many of these contracts as you can as quickly as possible.

You’ll end up with a load of cash to spend and know the exact location of the final circle pretty useful finally the scavenger contract has players hunting for three loot chests as well as cash in XP you’re guaranteed to be rewarded with a legendary item for your trouble with all that new money one of the first things you’re likely to buy is number 10 kill streaks first of all let’s make it clear that not every kill streak from modern warfare has made it across to war zone the developers wanted to prioritize the best gameplay experience and some killstreaks just don’t make sense to include so don’t expect to see juggernauts dropping in or to be nipping off to the relative safety of an ac-130 for example for the kill streaks that are available we saw UAVs cluster strikes precision air strikes and shield turrets there are only a few ways to get them you can buy them at a buy station loot them from a downed player or if you’re really lucky find them in loot crate’s it’s probably a good time to mention that kill streaks can cause you harm as well so go careful if you’re saving a precision airstrike for the final circle which seems like a pretty good segue to number 11 health and armor the health system in warzone is very similar to modern warfare each player has 100 health if you take damage get to cover and after a short cooldown your health will automatically regen in full nice unlike the other multiplayer modes however warzone also features an armor system each player can wear up to 3 plates of armor symbolized by the blue bars above their health bar each plate is worth 50 points of health which means a fully tricked-out player will take 250 points of damage to down on top of this each player can carry 5 additional plates of armor holds down triangle at any time to apply one of your carried plates of armor to an empty armor slot this doesn’t happen automatically so remember to keep checking on the status of your armor if you’re feeling generous you can also drop your carry plates for your teammates to pick up if your health falls to zero you’re knocked down and if your squad can’t get you revived in time you’re dead except number 12 now there are ways to come back from the dead the most innovative of these is the ghoul lag this is one of those innovations we mentioned the first time you’re killed on the battlefield you’ll be captured and taken to the Gulag here in the showers no less you’ll face off against another player one-on-one armed only with a crossbow and a shotgun the victor winning a.

And chance on the battlefield it’s a really exciting mechanic and the exhilaration of getting back in the field is something I can only dream of since my opponent left me bleeding out on the porcelain beware though the Gulag is not open indefinitely keep an eye out for this on-screen message to let you know when the period of second chances has ended even if you fail the trials of the Gulag death is not necessarily the end your squadmates compiled you back into the battle at a bi station for just $4,500 of hard-earned cash and don’t forget you can buy self revived kits here too although be sure to do this before you die number 13 and now we’re talking loadouts yes slowed outs are a thing and as you’d expect they can be an absolute game changer in the level playing field of a battle royale while everyone starts the game with just a pistol at certain times during the battle drop kits will parachute onto the map from which you can retrieve any of your personal load outs for free all your favorite and most familiar guns to give you the edge on the field first of all this is the only way to access perks in battle royale which can give you a huge advantage secondly this is one of the few ways to access thermals and silencers in battle royale and most obviously of all this is the only way to guarantee getting the weapons you want including lethal and tactical items this is a big deal for hardened modern warfare players though if you’re a brand new player this probably isn’t going to be a mechanic you’ll want to interact with until you’ve unlocked some custom load outs of your own also these drop kits often fall alongside those of your opponents which makes retrieving your loadout a tense risk/reward affair but the benefits are huge if you can navigate the danger alternatively you can buy a drop kit from a buy station it’s a great way to get an early advantage and means you can guarantee some privacy whilst you’re getting your gear on number 14 plunder plunder is the other mode included in warzone and while it takes place on the same map and also features cash and contracts this is pretty much where the similarities end think of plunder like team deathmatch you have infinite respawns albeit on a 15 second cooldown access to your loadouts from the start and there’s no circle of doom to worry about in squads of up to 3 your goal is to be the first to collect $1,000,000 or to have the most cash when the 30-minute timer runs out it’s worth mentioning at this point that cash is much more readily available in plunder and in much higher amounts but the ways to earn it are much the same as battle royale complete contracts loot chests kill bad guys the catch is when you die a considerable percentage of any cash you were carrying will be dropped and available for anyone to collect from your cadaver to get around this you can deposit the cash you’re carrying at helipads that randomly spawn around the map unfortunately everyone else is trying to do the same which makes helipads pretty dangerous places to be on top of this if you’re one of the top three teams in the game your location will be marked for everyone to see within a pretty small circle on the map stay frosty and number 15 the map itself i wanted to circle back pun intended to the map for the last point in the video it is officially the most ambitious open-world setting in a Call of Duty game ever end quote but while a map of this size could easily feel empty when you’re playing these modes it just feels right while there are open spaces that encourage the long-range combat of other battle Royales war zones map has been carefully curated to include dense urban sprawl that bring the tense Moorish gameplay of modern warfare to life you can even go inside every building and almost every building there are loads is completely unique developer infinity ward’s stressed their goal was to create a world with endless exploration and discovery while retaining that cool of duty feel so it’s filled with easter eggs and hidden spaces to uncover studio head Pat Kelly told us he’s been playing on this map for 18 months already and he’s still discovering things when talking about the map developers said they wanted it to feel like a GTA or an RPG map it had to feel like a real place laid out like a real place and in our opinion this really sets it apart from the competition perhaps most exciting though was the promise that this map will allow developers to evolve and open up spaces within it for a long time to come so there you have it 15 things you need to know about call of duty war zone and we’ve barely scratched the surface keep an eye on the channel for way more coverage including our first battle royale victory and tips to give you a winning edge let us know in the comments below which mode you’ll be playing first and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything from the world of PlayStation 4 the players.

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