Five new Overpowered Strategies and Counters to the Season 2 Meta Fortnite

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What’s going on guys it is your motivational goddess right on back but when I know Lee Keith Allen how you guys doing today.

Yo this year you got to do things like you’ve never done before you have to step outside of your comfort zone you know try new things out you know grow this is how we grow in life guys so face your fears this year you can do it I’m your number one fan and hey if you mess up get back up and try again all right be successful this year go for it so today we’re gonna be going over the best tips and tricks that you can use to adapt to the season to meta now the changes this season have brought you know an entirely new light to the game you know even though the additions are excellent one thing irritating most of us is the meta no doubt like this is one of the most brutal metas and for tonight history I mean it’s as if someone like an epic hater turtling so much they just tried to add as many spam counters as they possibly could so today let’s talk about how you need to adjust your play style to survive in this hectic meta all right ladies and gentlemen for my question of the day here we go what is the most irritating aspect of this season for you you know for us it’s gotta be the c4 during the endgame you know as it sometimes it feels like it’s just like no way to avoid it but let me know in the comment like what annoys you guys the most and if you’re looking for more tips to pop off this season you can find them on our site pro guys calm okay so listen our courses our structure to help you guys improve rapidly and with private coaching from pros you can get advice directly from the best be sure to like this video today and sub if you’re not already then check out pro guys calm all right guys everybody get the candy out right now it’s about that time ladies and gentlemen around the world you got to scream this out with me it’s time to sit back come on relax and grab some of my favorite candy what is that it’s that bunch of crunch and let’s get this going alright my friends let’s get into this all right so we’re a few weeks into season two and everyone wants to land at one of the new POS for a chance at those mythic items right especially the shark and the agency but the thing is if you’re looking to climb an arena or do well in the upcoming cash cups choosing one of these locations as your job spot might not be the best idea yeah listen.

They’re heavily contested from the get-go and not only that yo but another strategy makes them even more dangerous and that my friends is the flank strategy all right so the flank strap check this out.

Is where you land right on the outskirts of one of those new P lies loot and farm what you can then head toward the spot to clean up whoever’s left over so this is like a fantastic strat that you can get some of that good tail loot with minimum effort however there’s still a bit of a risk.

Cuz there’s always the chance like the last remaining player is full HP and kid it with a mythic weapon so where should you go instead honestly if you’re looking to have consistent games your best bet guys is somewhere low-key that you’re familiar with being familiar guys by far is like the most crucial factor when it comes to winning early games and if you pick a spot that will only have one or two opponents you’re going to make it out so many more times in early games if you happen to be in the market for a new solo spot you should try out the blue steel bridge just east a pleasant part alright guys so this bridge has a lot going for it first off there’s one of those henchman chest you know that you can just open it without a scanner right next to that chest as a slurp truck that can get you guys full shield at the bridge itself there are five chest one in the back of the dump truck one inside the building two on the railings underneath and then one in a bush by the river below so there’s also another chest in a bush right to the north of the bridge two more on the road going south two more on the hill oh and forget about this three more in this small wooded area south of that so at the end of the day man there are plenty more goodies nearby alike you know some fishing spots you can hit up but overall man like this has been our favorite low-key landing spot this season so I recommend that you give it a try and let us know how it goes and once you get past the early game you usually want to play passively and focus on your rotations four zones one two three okay there are pretty much two strategies that you can use a rotate first is playing center circle so by positioning near the center you gain a higher chance of being favored by the zone and overall guys man you’ll reduce the amount of running you have to do which means you’ll encounter fewer players but sometimes you know reaching the center of the zone.

Is a long journey and on that trip you might get noticed by some enemies out there so another strategy is to rotate through the less congested side you know that’s the side of the circle that has a fewest players rotating into so for instance if circle 2 is all the way on the northwest coast of the map the north side of it is gonna have the fewest players and the more congested side would be the south since everybody is going to be heading in that direction if you’re able to rotate through the less crowded side trust me on that then head to the center and you’re gonna increase your chances of survival a lot for zone 4 you know there’s really no benefit to playing the center instead playing the edge is what you should be doing ok so by doing that like you take a chance and you might get favored but again you know focus on picking the side with the least amount of players this means paying attention to any gunfire you hear you know how many bills you see and basing where you want to set up at zone 5 is the half in half out circle if you’re lucky and you get favored your job is to look for kills on players coming in ok so if the circle doesn’t spawn on you your goal is just making it in you know you can use launch pads here and just try to land in the area that was just covered by the storm but if your Lobby is stacked who you risk getting beaned in the air man so sometimes it’s better to just run it fighting fighting 1752 so when running it rotate as early as possible and try to conserve mass by using enemy bills to cover if you’re wondering about you know rotation strategies for the endgame moving zones we’re gonna get to those later in this video so hang on so with traps gone pretty much every player in the game now tries to Rambo into your box the first chance they get but if they aren’t doing that they’ll instead probably use c4 one enough unfortunately there just really isn’t you know always a way to defend against these dangerous nuances man still there are just a few methods that you can use to survive once you hear those beeps okay so the first is to use a launch pad and then just get the heck out of there as soon as possible please okay so if you’re fast enough you can edit out the back place a launch pad and then just dip and if you’re lucky your opponent’s c4 will destroy the pet after you take it meaning they can’t quickly chase you down but we don’t always have launch pads right so another strategy guys is.

To edit out and tunnel away from your opponent you have to be fast and it uses materials plus you know you’re not always guaranteed to avoid damage right but anything is better than just sitting there not moving at all so the third thing you need to start doing guys to defend against the c-4 is building larger bases yet so the traditional single box doesn’t really fit well and this Met anymore now building two by twos or even bigger bases are what’s going to keep your position more concealed and make it less likely for opponents to waste their c4 on you so if you’re worried about losing mats you can create massive bases at little to like no cause by taking over a house or building replacing the walls you know floors and ceilings with their own bills I know there are situations where c4 is like way too powerful like in duel matches and scrimps but still a majority of us aren’t playing against it you know the best that we can so follow our tips guys and you won’t get blown to shreds anywhere near as often I promise you alright so c4 is definitely a hot topic this season but another thing that as everybody all riled up is heavy snipers ever since epoch added more shadow bases in the recent patch everybody in their dog carries a heavy sniper and with the ability just to one-shot walls cheesy strats from the past have come back to haunt us one of those strats is the double heavy sniper okay so if you’re playing duals or squats any team with more than one heavy sniper can pull this opie trick off with a quick 3 2 1 countdown and some you know adequately time shots the first chop destroys the wall and the second one hits your target of course the strategy is busted but you know to the point where no matter how hard you try at some point it’s gonna happen to you but just like what that and everything else there are ways to prevent it in the first place bring be something so when do I go Reaper.

Ready for you to bring that up wait first off and I know this might seem kind of stupid but whatever don’t stand still if you stand still you’re just putting a target over your head right that’s even how players typically decide to go for the double snipe because they see a player standing still inside their box I know we’re all so used to just feeling safe inside our boxes I get it but that’s just isn’t the case anymore it’s not a 100 percent foolproof method or anything like that but moving around makes it way way way less likely for you to get hit so another tactic is to add extra bills for protection so the double heavy sniper works you know if you only have a single bill piece covering you but if you expand out and you know you add more pieces between you and the potential heavy snipe you’re gonna be safe just as cañada demonstrates right here and I mean right here and it doesn’t even have to be walls man you know it could be a single ramp yes putting extra protection uses your mats but hey you know it beats dying also you can always add a ramp in your box that will block another shot from a single direction but you know what’s even better than a ramp is an edited cone the cone with three tiles edited blocks potential heavy Snipes from two directions so you know it’s just better to use that instead and one final way to protect against double heavy snipers is to build with metal and I’m sure you guys already know this like spotting targets behind wood walls is exceptionally straightforward with brick it becomes slightly harder but with metal my goodness walls that full help are the only ones they’re gonna keep you hitted so if you’re setting up a base use meadow.

It’ll deny your opponent’s vision and they won’t be able to land a shot finally guys let’s talk about in-game strategies now how you play moving zones is typically dictated by whether or not you get favored if you get lucky and you’re like close to the next safe zone it’s a good idea to just stay as close to it as possible either use it you know like a traditional tunnel or an efficient one like the floor wall ramp tunnel and anytime you get a sizable lead guys look behind you for potential kills on players trying to scramble in but if you’re like on the far side of the zone you need to just bust out your utility wait for the zone to start moving then use a launch pad you still have one that way you can just glide toward the far side of the zone and get into a better position now if you don’t have any launch pads somewhere new you might use one so keep your eyes and your ears peeled as you might be able to see or hear also if you happen to have the mythic rattler the item by itself can serve all your mobility needs no problem but you got to be warned on this one guys once enemies here the grappler go off oof they’re gonna be looking for you and you don’t want to get caught mid grapple you don’t want to do that so you should use it sparingly all right now if you’re all spider-man with it you might just get lazy midair telling you okay so what about high ground good question when is the right time and the best ways to take hype well alright you need to assess a few things here right first which zone is it you know if you’re playing solos height takes usually you know between zones 7 and 9 and any earlier and you’ll likely run out of mats before the end of the match and in duo’s you know since you have double the materials to use you could just go for it as early as zone 6 second ok so how far up is high if there’s something like 10 storeys above you and you’re playing low ground go for height isn’t really the move here but if they’re like only two stories up and you see an opportunity to crank up then you can always go for it that is unless you have a grappler of course the grappler is amazing for like yoking height during the endgame so much so that if you’re the one you know holding height that’s one of the main things you need to watch out for this season alright guys so let’s go over what we just learned today alright so if the new spots have been working for you they’re great but for most of us you know being like really familiar really really makes us better with our landing spot alright for zones 1 2 3 try to position near the center this safe zone all right so when rotating try to think of which side will have more players and avoid it immediately for zone 4 you can get up near the edge and just you know gamma for the half in and half out c4 is opie and the only things that we can do against it is either like launchpad away or just try to expand out once you hear them get place you can prevent this in the first place by building large bases so that players are not gonna be as inclined you know just to waste their c-4 since they know it’s not gonna hit you alright guys so heavy snipers probably needed to be toned down just a little but.

Stop the double heavy sniper strat filled with metal add extra bills for protection and most importantly please just please do not stand still and you know to survive during the endgame man quick rotations are key here so don’t be afraid to use launch pads to navigate during the moving zones especially you know if it’s not in your favor anyways ladies and gentlemen that is it for today’s video hope you guys found it helpful you know if you did please do not hesitate to drop a like and subscribe for more tips and tricks videos again once again this is your motivation guy that’s right your friend the one and only Keith Allen I will see you later peace.

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