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Have you ever been watching your favorite streamer or pro player and you just stopped and thought that you wanted to be able to pop off and heart Kari just like they can so the thing about pros and streamers is there’s tons of things to learn from but there’s also some things that you should never learn from because it actually could hurt you and prevent you from breaking up all together all that being said I got four deuce and four don’ts involving pros and streamers that will definitely give you everything you need to know to start ranking up instantly all that being said let’s just jump right into shall we so you’re sitting in your comfy chair relaxing with your jammies on and you’re watching your favorite pro or twitch streamer all the sudden their tanks lock bullhog and now they have to play a game without any shields and this leads us to the first do in this video is you do need to pay attention to how streamers deal with this sort of adversity when they’re dealing with low heels low resources what do they specifically do let’s go back to that ball hog example they’re playing McCree oftentimes they’ll be playing around natural cover way more they can’t face tank damage they have no shield no rhino cover they need a peek out from natural cover do damage and go right back to natural cover another thing that might do is rely on flanks more they’re not gonna play in the front line because they have no front line to play around they went again really quickly put in value I try to get picks with their ball in their hog now let’s transistor that to another form of adversity let’s say there’s still that McCree playing streamer or pro player but they have very little heals maybe something like Lucy oh that’s dpsing and a Zen thats dpsing as well what did they do to adapt to that situation maybe they position extremely safely on the high ground or outside of enemy line-of-sight and only peak when they want to do damage maybe they positioned themselves closer to health packs because they don’t want to rely on their humans as much these are the type of things that you really need to start understanding about Pro streamers every single one of you my comment section complains about oh my tanks just locked this oh I don’t get good heals from this but these examples will happen to the streamers and propellers as well and you need to see what they do to get the most about a value what are they doing to specifically play around all the things that are lacking in their game and then you could take that bolt and apply it to yours this is an extremely effective strategy and this is one of the ways that you can learn the most out of what a pro is doing that you are not and how they’re the getting value in these games and winning anyways even if they have ball hog or low heels or anything like that and if you want to be able to do this in your games you definitely go check out gaming comm we break down Pro and grab master gameplay so you can see from their point of view how they deal with these scenarios what they deal to combat them and win anyways even when the games are hard even when they have that interlocking hog and ball if you want to be able to do this yourself go check us out you won’t regret it now moving on to the first don’t on our list this is something that you need to specifically never do when you’re watching a streamer is you need to not play like they play at their rank this is really important because as a streamer if they were playing in your rank they’d be playing way more aggressive and way differently depending on what they expect at their rates they expect a certain amount of heels from their allies they expect a certain amount of space from them tanks they know that a dufus isn’t just gonna be able to eat in their backline without getting punished there’s certain things that they expect and there’s certain things that they don’t and that’s the axis they work from if you just try to watch a pro player and you try to take everything that they’re doing in their games and apply to yours oftentimes you won’t be aggressive enough to get enough value you won’t be able to make enough high-impact place to carry your team from feeding I mean I know that all of y’all have been playing in your games you know what it’s like when no one does anything no one pushes in no one gets any value you push it you get some picks it’s not enough you’re really passive you’re really safe just like a pro player or a streamer is where they don’t get punished and it’s not enough the thing about low rank is if that same pro or streamer was playing in that rank they would just be killing people over and over again they’d be popping up they’d be being extremely aggressive because they know exactly what they can do without getting punished and that’s a really important point that I’ll get to later but if you really see pro players smurfing I know that some pro players Smurfs I don’t know where streamers smurfing and I think they do it far too much but it is something that you can learn from because you really notice how their play style is so different between their rank and the lower ranks and if you just try to copy their high ranking play style with all their expectations their aggression their passivity and you try to take all that to your lower ranks oftentimes you won’t be aggressive enough to give value oftentimes you will not have the impact that you need in order to carry games and it’s really not something that you should do this is the first don’t not every single thing you should watch a streamer and take from it you really need to take the specific pieces that are valuable to you and I’m gonna get into what those are right now so the next thing that you need to do when you watch twitch streamers is you need a watch streamers that play characters that you also play this is a really profound concept I know but you really need to watch them if you’re eight on a player watch someone like sleepy watch someone like ml7 watch someone that you respect their skill and their knowledge honor if you’re a Genji player watch someone that has good fundamental Genji decision-making and here’s the reason why you want to do these things you could take note of what is expected to them at the higher ranks you don’t have a copy each and every mechanical move but notice where they’re positioning themselves how are they positioning in a way that makes it really hard for them to get punished.

Maybe the honest playing really far back when she knows they have a doom fist maybe your Genji is heavily hunting on enemy support understanding worth they’re trying to do in each and every game you can really see what they’re doing in their games to carry and then you can understand what the expectation for you will be eventually and what you need to work towards on top of this you can really analyze and say what separates this player that you’re watching from just an average Grandmaster player because everyone at that rank is good but what does mo7 do what mechanics does he implement what position does he implement that actually make him have more impact than the average person.

Maybe he’s able to hit that Genji sleep dart every single time maybe he’s able to consistently hit these insane Nate’s from up above that get a whole bunch of value understanding what they do to specifically get more value than the people around the rink could be something that you could really learn from and if you just wanted some random streamer instead of watching the character that you play you’re not gonna learn as much and that’s something that you can really take in your games it’s really something that you should start doing and if you need any suggestions smash that like button and let me know in the comments down below and I’ll definitely respond to you with some of the best streamers for each and every character if there’s a character that you specifically want to learn more about or focus more on and moving on to the next Donen or list this is when you fail to understand when a pro player makes a big brain play that is built on game sense and positioning and he just chalk it up to good mechanics you say oh he has nuts mechanics that’s why he managed to shut that person down but every single GM player has good mechanics that’s the first thing that you need to understand what sets many pros and streamers apart is how they set themselves up to be favorable even with good mechanics how they take the tools they’re taking the tools when they have tons of advantage they’re positioning in a way where the Genji has to – all the way out to them – at them again after he blades NES users reflect early all these little things add up that make it that much easier to hit the sleep dart that make it that much easier to take the duel just because they have good mechanics it’s not the only reason why they’re popping off consistently the mechanical aspect something you could look at and marvel at and say that’s what I’m gonna become one day but mechanics isn’t something that you could instantly flip the switch and all of a sudden have mechanics it’s something you need a grind but decision-making those are things that you could analyze each and every one and say I can make this decision in my games I can position it this way in my games I can understand that interaction in my games that’s something that you need to understand don’t just chalk everything up to good mechanics now moving on to the next do on our list this is watch streamers of different ranks you don’t always need to watch this the best stream or sometimes you can watch streamers of any rank you can go in and watch a master streamer you can go on and watch a diamond streamer if you’re in bronze you can watch a so much streamer or whatever watch streamers the different ranks and notice what you need to have here’s an important thing to understand at low race if you see a good player Smurf they can forego almost all aspects of good positioning good game sense because their mechanical skill is so high that they just don’t have to care I mean if they could just walk around everyone click people with tracer it doesn’t even matter how they position at all and that’s something that’s important is until you have a certain mechanical level you’re not gonna be able to punish people at all and that’s something that is what I would call a barrier to entry now I talked about how mechanics isn’t all that important at the hierarchs because everyone has good mechanics but if you’re at a lower rank and you’re unable to punish people that are in worse positions than you then on high ground they’re not doing anything smart.

They’re not taking doles smartly they’re you know they’re they’re peeking you at half HP and they’re still wetting the door all these factors you need to up your mechanical skill you need to understand that that’s what’s holding you back now there could be a whole bunch of other reasons before you’re dying it’s not because you’re not hitting shots it’s not because of this it’s because you’re in a bad position but I’m saying if someone doesn’t respect your ability to punish them at all that’s probably a mechanic’s problem and you can really see this when you see streamers play and they Smurf a lot and you can see how they just they’re just running around the map it’s basically like a deathmatch like they literally don’t care about their positioning and they’re still getting value that’s not something that you should replicate but you should understand and look at yourself and say my mechanical skill is not good enough to actually punish these people and that’s something that you just need to understand is part of the problem and part of the reason why these Smurfs can run so rampant on you in the first place.

Now moving on to the next don’t on our list this is don’t assume that a pro or streamer plays perfectly every time and if they play poorly and they mess up analyzing that mistake can sometimes be the best thing that you can learn from sometimes pros instruments get outplayed whether it was an error by them or maybe the enemy making an insanely good play you do need to specifically notice what was the situation where they lost or made that error may they were over aggressive and they didn’t track the enemy Ryan’s olds but we need to take extra note of oh that Ryan got a couple more fire strikes that’s something that I need to notice in my game and because they didn’t track the Rhines olds their whole team got shot.

Maybe they wasted beating on one fight and you can notice oh they beat it aggressively but they already got this pic of their two got this pic in games like mine maybe I shouldn’t do this understanding that not every pro extremer is perfect and you shouldn’t just be trying to copy each and everything they do sometimes they make mistakes and you need to be able to identify those and learn from them now moving on to the last do on a list this is listen to what they say on stream about interactions and what they swap to to counter the enemy pros will almost never let themselves get farm and I mean never don’t make a play style change or they’ll swap to guarantee value I mean everyone has a certain mechanical level so all they got to do is make better decisions or play a better character for the scenario maybe they’ll be swapping to may to help hold space or maybe they’ll swap to the widow Tuukka test the high ground and get picks and value pros will stretch their game sense and apply it over to their hero pool to ensure they get value and ensure they don’t get farmed over and over if you’re getting farmed over and over look at your hero pool look at what the enemy is doing try to figure out what axis they’re starting you down on and how you can adapt and that’s exactly what a lot of pros do and you could really see it in real time you watch a pro player you watch them like oh I’m gonna shut down by this they died to the same thing more than twice and then it’s like alright I’m gonna play something that can completely shut that down I’m not gonna allow that person to get free value off of me anymore I’m gonna change up my playstyle and that’s something that you could watch and learn from because that’s what makes pro players and streamers so good the ones that take up all these top 500 spots they really just ensure that they always get a certain amount of value cuz that’s how you come on you can’t have these games you just get farmed you deliberately can’t even someone like chips on who’s almost a doom 1 trick when he gets shut down on doom fist when he gets tunnel vision when a plays don’t work out from him he’ll swapped again he’ll swap to me he’ll swap to Hanzo he knows that even though he’s insanely good at one character he still understands the wind condition he understands the game and how he can stretch his hero pool to make sure that he’s not the one getting farmed he doesn’t want to be the one to throw and winning at all cost is what all these streamers and Pro players want now moving on to the last second unless and this is the last don’t and this is so important do not copy every single streamer identically every single player you me Dee Fran they all have strengths and weaknesses and that develops into a place out over.

When compounded against enemies as you rank up not every single style is culpable and not every style should be copied.

For example Sinatra na Frank overwatch MVP Sinatra he’s insane and hitting post bombs he can stick them constantly and hit crazy sticks I mean really I don’t know if you’ve seen any of his highlights but he can do these insane long-distance sticks stick them from all over the place and when he was rising to the pro ranks during his selfless years he was notoriously known for just hitting every single post bomb now often because he’s so good at pulse pumps his whole play style will revolve around it he’ll play in a way that builds up pulse pumps he’ll form tanks he’ll stick consistently and he’ll get all these insanely high impact plays based on his post bombs over anything now compare that to someone like different-different has amazing tracking everyone knows how good to fran is but he almost uses his pulse bombs like a throw away every time he gets it he just throws it sometimes he hits it sometimes he doesn’t he doesn’t care he hit it and he doesn’t hit it anywhere near as much as Sinatra does but he makes up for it with completely different set of mechanical skills a completely different playstyle completely different talents that is what you need to understand is you’re gonna have different talents to no matter what you’re playing there isn’t always just one a perfect play style you really need a bass replaced all off of what you’re good at well you’re bad at how to play around those things to form the best version of you it’s cool to learn from streamers to watch them to mimic some of the smart things they do but if you just try to become a budget version of somebody eventually you’re gonna climb all the way to GM and you’re gonna be playing games against them and you’re just gonna be the worst version the worst copy and you’re not gonna be able to climb you need to be able to compete with these players you need to be able to play against these players that means taking in all the information that they do right and becoming a better player with your own unique play style and if you want to learn how to develop your own unique play style but still analyzing all the things that Pro players do right and wrong you definitely go check out game accom we got multiple in depth bar reviews breaking down Pro gameplay so if you want to get the leg up on your competition while learning from the best players in the world do yourself a favor and go check it out anyways that’s all I have for you today I hope this guy’s been extremely help for you let me know your favorite streamer in the comment down below comment your favorite streamer and what character they play so other players know exactly who they should watch anyways that’s all we got I’m coach Mills and until next time.

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