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Get your very own my user names this bacon air + g @ shopped on my user names is dotnet today new Bugatti Chiron new plasma pistol new sniper new revolver whole bunch of crazy new stuff Chopra just got updated let’s go ahead and just take a look inside of a VIP server here believe we’re gonna be able to get like two hundred thousand cash free well like I put free end quotes because you know yeah I feeling the bugatti veyron or the old Bugatti to get the two hundred down the cash free so let’s go ahead and come inside of this game you can see Chiron discounts two hundred thousand cash so you can see here my cash just went up from 124 to under something 224 four hundred something okay that’s pretty cool you might not have seen that much of a difference because I have like it’s several hundred millions but like you get charged it down the cash free from the Chiron okay so I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys all the stuff you need to know about this jailbreak up they about the like all the gun locations where to find them and we’re gonna start off here for the Chiron because you know it’s exactly where the old Bugatti was okay five hundred thousand cash I’ll go ahead and just buy it real quick and now I’m like a broke making here again dropped like a million or something yeah this is what this Chiron looks like at engine level one now we can go ahead and level it up and this looks really wack but like do we have a second body yeah we do have ii know what’s gonna give in yellow oh yeah this looks frickin stink okay and what about the texture let’s take off the texture oh yeah this chat thing bruh why why does the chat even exist okay the chat just like go away please we and now we have herself a red and yellow Bugatti oh yeah this looks freaking sick it matches my tonk outfit perfectly well but how fast is the blue god let’s go and just do a quick test drive here it seems like it’s about the same speed like acceleration wise at least as the outer Bugatti but we got to go ahead and put it onto this track over here and see exactly how like the top speed and we’re gonna probably do it like a dedicated video on now so if you guys want to like know exactly how fast this vehicle is make sure you guys know stay tuned have a notification bail press and.

Striving on a good stuff so you don’t miss out on the vehicle speed test here okay but anyway this thing is not that fast at least it takes a long time to get to its top speed okay just like the other bugatti does and yeah it’s still going up pretty slow compared to the Orosz or at least like visually my perception might be a little bit off but like you know it’s an estimate and tomorrow or whatever I release the other video about like a full dedicated speed test side by side that’s all we’ll know for sure but anyway let’s go ahead and go to the first gun okay which is the alien gun now one probably cost some money okay it’s like so I think 50,000 cash maybe a little bit cheaper than that but let’s go ahead and just come on inside here mo whoa whoa whoa whoa there what the actual heck come on alien forcefield why you make me get stuck I’m on this alien forcefield timers too short get unstuck already okay yeah that thing is a minor bug but like it’s tolerable it’s go ahead and come over here and you can see we have ourselves this gun in this gun so this is the old force field gun if I use it right now you can see it just spawns a force going to go inside and seal up this one is 50,000 cash plasma pistol three two one boom okay let’s see what it does out here okay so number six activating this thing and let’s see what happens oh yeah that looks freaking sick alright so I’m gonna go ahead and come over here to the prints I got myself some criminals or our prisoners to come in test out the gun on so let’s see exactly how well it performs okay let’s go ahead and move it over here I’ll zoom in to first-person just have him like pickpocket me or something like that all right this guy is there now guilty okay let’s see they’re all gonna be chasing after me well you can see I believe it’s doing something like three damage per hit okay I don’t want to lose my police officer status so I’m gonna go on just bait like some of these guys through the police station okay they’re all just smaller here this is an absolute like mob of like criminals here okay now we can go ahead and just safely you oof these guys okay here’s this guy okay don’t move me man why what’d this guy do it this gun honestly kind of trash okay because it only knows like what three damage per hit so yeah okay so here is this random criminal here okay let’s go ahead and do it like a quick distance test I’m gonna go and use a regular pistol here you can see regular pistol does about like a 15 damage per hit and I’ll go ahead and just keep on backing up and you can see the damage is fairly consistent what about the new pistol all right definitely two recoils in the first person now okay that’s not good okay the old pistol does not have any recoil in first person what about the shotgun Oh shot gun and recoil in first person now that’s not good no less people fixed it no no no no no I asked about why you do this I like the old shotgun better way it’s a shotgun like nerf hold up do the shotgun doesn’t do any damage like it literally does nothing hold up uh stay still I need to test this out the shotgun might be like nerf to frickin hand dude shotgun doesn’t okay I think the shock is legitimately broken shoddy is broked yeah guys don’t use a shotgun it only does three damage it literally only does three damage how did they not Kesha’s and testing I see but bad cz what are you doing with the bugs you said this game was bug free you were like mostly but this is a big bug okay well actually it’s not really that big of a bug because now people who actually use like other guns like this one so hold up do this damage change no I think it’s still like six damage with this one oh yeah I’m just gonna go ahead and just keep whoa lightning just wow there I think somebody just got lightning zapped no no that was the plasma pistol well you can see their plows and pencil those uh sixty and a full load of twenties that means our three damage per shot here okay so now let’s go ahead and show you guys where do your new sniper is because that rule probably loves the sniper rifle okay I need a criminal to come open up the bank okay so you guys probably don’t know where the bank is it’s like in the city likes you two left over here we have ourselves the sniper gun but here is a sniper rifle okay right over here this guy over here keeps trying to move please I’m gonna go ahead and see if I can just I’m not even okay the right-click thing’s really annoying I can’t change my camera without like scoping so yeah like it’s really funky okay I really wish scoping was like its own dedicated thing but let’s go ahead and do soo min to here oh whoa the sculpt is really interesting okay there’s that guy okay yeah I definitely haven’t like really played this much so it’s gonna take a while to get used to okay I think I’m at a headshot that bacon how much does a headshot okay that’s a headshot doesn’t even like it doesn’t even fully kill people when your headshot them what the heck why they like this headshot should be an instant kill like seriously you know a little help with campers you know like camper cops at the roof of jewelry store oh yeah first are freshmen after using the sniper the field of view inside of the scope it feels way too narrow okay is it just me or does it just feel really funny okay just like way way way too small okay like it just you bank closer come on guys why’d you make the bank close now we gotta like waiting like forever for it to us to get like more stuff okay but you know what I think there’s another gun in the museum Muslim everyone should a museum right now okay this instant we’re gonna see if there’s a revolver in here okay cuz I’m pretty sure people have been hinting that revolvers in the museum and I want to make sure if there’s like it’s actually true then you know we have to prove it true okay so everybody through the museum okay so now that the museum is open let’s go ahead and no just drop on inside I hope ASIMO passionates glitch please pass this glitch the schema I don’t want it to work will it work.

Come on brah why does this glitch still work okay why why ASIMO why didn’t you fix this I told you this was been in the game since the museum came out fix these bugs this is another looks like if he’s supposed to be a bug okay it’s not a feature but you can see over here probably this little gun over here because it’s on this side of the museum with the paintings and the doughnuts that people have already taken but basically what you want to do is just to come around here and you just click on this revolver thingamajigger and you should be able to get yourself a revolver okay so how much damage of the revolvers do let’s go ahead I’ll test it on this baked Oh 25 nice that’s actually not too shabby okay so we can go ahead and now just to reload this thing okay I’m gonna have to like test it off some of you guys but yeah it’s I believe it’s a four shot okay maybe fine because you know a little bit of healing in between all the shots so let’s go ahead and test it on this little noob.

One two three four yeah it’s five shots so going back to the assure on real quick apparently there’s like some internal view whoa holy frickin crap you can actually drive like a little legit car okay this is actually a pretty interesting you can’t move the camera doe so you can’t really like you know check your blind spots and stuff so obviously it won’t feel like the best driving experience but it’s something I’m more like better than just – I’m her height because that is a really really whack solution but anyway we got ourself a bank here let’s get herself a sniper over here and we’re gonna go ahead and just come and see exactly how far we have to be okay someone stand is still here okay so we have this stationary target all the way over here let’s go ahead and zoom in and how much difference cuz that’s 46 we’re gonna keep on backing up here like way far back and boom I think yeah that’s a 60 damage of finish Tim what about this guy over here how much damage does that do I probably didn’t do anything uh maybe okay not done 73 so we’re gonna be a quite away the way to get like the full 80 damage or can they auto cops walking away bro this this little newbie blocking my way okay yeah you have maybe like really far away to get any damage on there so yeah you can see we got like maybe oh we can actually shoot the guy in the helicopter that’s pretty cool alright so where does helicopter look at the man the sensitivity is so bad let go small it is okay normal snipers at least like doubles triples quadruples it’s like radius here whether this sniper is actually tiny look how small it is it needs to have a bigger field of view okay like let me know the comment section down below will you guys think I’m a sniper me personally it needs a bigger field of view this is way too small but I mean you can noscope and it only really works if you’re a first-person so let’s see can we just hit this vehicle here okay I’m not sure if it’s not.

Oh sniper pops tires nice ASIMO actually did it okay hold up go back in the car because I want to test something way I need to go get myself a new seat do you guys might remember like back in like old jailbreak before this update the OOD see over here wouldn’t really be able to pop any tires so I need somebody to get in the car and this way okay let’s see if this vehicle over here can be popped by the Uzi okay can you see pop tires okay so let’s take a look over here okay so we have the seat here there’s a tires pop how many would see the little take for us to pop the tires keep up up in the tires all right keep on old it actually takes a lot of booty to pop a tire maybe that’s why I like literally nobody dude sees to pop tires because it literally takes fricken forever and if this cop needs to get out of my way all right yeah it takes five loads of loot see that’s 75 bullets to pop a tire unacceptable man it needs to be like a full like no if it’s damaged base a hundred damaged right so that means it’s a full load aboot fee okay like just one load should easy be able to like pop any tires all right this this should be easily was able to pop any like of the Bugatti or like anything’s tires but nope another new crap alright so now we’re interested against the helicopter how much damage before the helicopter explodes alright come on come on helicopter you can blow up I believe in you.

Alright helicopter come on five loads of oopsies man that that needs to be changed to at most two at most okay otherwise it’s just like I don’t know man okay but we gotta go ahead and come on like way back here okay we can actually swipe this guy hold up I think I’m gonna try something fly up just like literally go straight up and I want to try parachute sniping because that actually might be a thing okay you know people can’t but not like jewelry store and stuff that would actually be pretty cool okay so let’s go ahead okay this teleporting is like chill out because there anyone like down here okay holy crap you gotta move this like so much is there.

One over here okay we have people like okay it’s moving way too fast this is sensitivity too low fancy see if you’re working on the update increase sensitivity by a lot like please or or like just make the screen bigger yeah you need a higher sensitivity and a bigger screen because it’s just horrible right now it’s abysmal China sighs sighs okay just actually it’s a painful thing it’s kind of like how chaps where I initially like you just had to move the mouse to crazy amount of like distance before it would even remotely move like any like decent amount of distance okay so let’s go ahead there’s a stop teleporting me all right we got a fake in there over here did we get him I think that might actually have gone in here nobody’s got the roof of that anymore they don’t want to get tonight all right we got somebody in that car okay we hit them with 74 all right oh we got him we actually got him no way okay that actually works you saw body parts here for a second now right okay.

This helicopter I don’t like you I want to like loose this heli how how long how much damage I have to do okay I hit the guys in the driver’s seat okay so it automatically defaults to driver seat guy damage okay then I was gonna like three or four times actually before we go to the top building now let’s go ahead and take a look at the RPG four rockets you can only get four maximum and yeah so basically no more rocket spammers good Thank You assie my I appreciate that okay finally something good we don’t have any bug fixes like the jetpacking multiply out can you know what I’m testing a jetpack bull bike if this jetpack boat bike still works I don’t even know what you say to a Simo okay because it’s been in the game for way too long like it needs to be patched so here we go we have a jetpack and now we’re gonna spawn a bolt bike it works breath wise it’s not fixed I I’m done with this game why is this thing not that fixed like it’s been in the game for so long and it’s been like annoying so many players and it’s just so broken that you’d expect them to fix it already but no no they didn’t they did not fix this game a single bit like these old like bugs nope.

Nothing okay no change look listen look Oh a penis thing is it’s just stupidly Oh Pete like why does it even exist I don’t even know but yeah it’s needs to be fixed and it hasn’t been I might sound a little bit ran teaching it’s literally annoying me so much how long it’s taken for them to fix these basic bugs here okay we might be able to snipe some criminals as they go up the jewelry store here or maybe oh hold up somebody’s right here there’s some whoa holy crap they actually went flying okay this is uh that’s a police officer oh we hit him okay let’s see we’re just going where this guy going we actually got him take some getting used to if the sniper but like you do end up being able to snipe a decent amount of people again this guy’s going way too fast for me to accurately snipe in sensitivities way too much like you have to move my mouse like an entire like across the death surface to like move an inch on this like I saw that’s what it feels like well yeah hopefully these complaints lead to better game experience for everyone because I’m pretty sure most of you guys whenever you play it are gonna find something similar to what I experienced and yeah so awesome Abasi see if you’re watching this basically sensitivity needs to be a much higher basically like a chat and fix the jetpacking and a volt bike bug because that’s that’s a no I fixed the rope bug it also like make it so that you can actually like reasonably pop tires cuz otherwise we not that good okay but anyway that’s basically all I have for the updates the revolvers in the museum were like the ax donuts are the snipers inside of the bank the rocket launchers been nerfed thank you for nerfing the rocket launcher I am sick and tired of rocket spammers but yeah let’s go ahead and boom okay we got this guy over here they’re all just driving behind our building now okay there’s a little bit scared okay where’s this guy going oh this guy trying to hide under the building huh yeah I use a really scared of a sniper boy.

So yeah I wonder really exactly how good the sniper will be in a night time that’s a problem where do you actually like am I supposed to be like sniping out right now oh yeah that might be a little bit of a minor problem anyway nothing is the mostly good just like some mitering.

And stuff that’s just like I’m not really used to or from like you know playing a mad paintball and never gave it a hat ciphers in them the ciphers and jailbreak are just a little bit different and it’s just not quite what you expect so if a simple fast easy to make some slight changes its gonna be like amazing okay hopefully like whenever video releases on this day for watching ads you’ll release some fixes later today too or fix all these bugs alright so if you guys enjoyed so you guys know exactly what you do hit like comment subscribe let me know in the comment section down below what you guys think and yeah see you guys next time.

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