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Fury war is great and we have the 8.3 fury warrior pve guide to prove it! Going through talents, gear, the 8.3 fury warrior essences, traits, the 8.3 fury warrior rotation and the best 8.3 fury warrior corruption 🙂 Now this spec is the only one who stayed cool on the gcd changes, playing very smooth especially as 8.3 fury warrior mythic plus but make no mistake, you can be on top of the charts in Ny’alotha with fury warrior bfa also. Stick to our fury warrior 8.3 guide if you want to learn how to play fury warrior and watch until the end. You can also check out the other vids because MarcelianOnline is all about those complete 8.3 bfa wow class guides 🙂

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Juhi Warrior is an exquisite spec it has in death play style you can gear him up and start wrecking the meters and eight-point-three still sees fury as one of the best melee specs in the game second as of recording this video so stay tuned for the talent essences gear rotation and a whole bunch of cool stuff to get you rampaging in a safe environment all jokes aside as of recording this video fury is the number to perform expecting mythic Nile otha behind arms and I know what you’re about to say.

Don’t you mean infinite stars is the number one melee spec listen yes but Fury’s really good right now and it has always been a spec that scales well in the last batch of expansions today we’ll be covering the basics and fundamentals of the spec so you can pick it up quick and start smashing some poses on the first talent roll take endless rage so far this has been the default the entire expansion I believe and still currently the best rage generation option on the road outside you doing world quest of course which is not the focus of this video second row we have a few options double-time gives you a second charge of charge Hey this also allows you to be a lot more mobile and usually you will use this on bosses sent to dodge mechanics and to charge back in to charge it to this the mob and still have one left charge of charge to get back on the boss I just love saying charge usually double time has the purpose of increasing your uptime on your target while giving you the option to dodge the alternative is storm bolt this is a staple single target stun also ranged the helps with different control issues that you can need mostly mythic Plus this can work on great ads but really outside hive mind I see very little use of it though I am saying this storm ball does help with the thing from beyond if you have high enough corruption enough that it could be worth sacrificing the extra mobility charge can provide you with next up we have sudden-death to be fair this row is a bit rotationally defining and it’s a shame sudden-death outperforms the other two but it does give you a free execute which as a PFA generates rage for you those usually end up in very quick rampages and increase your uptime of your enrage next up another utility slash survivability row bounding stride will be your mobility choice in braids it can be good if you know you will make use of the extra cooldown reduction and range it is a comfort pick in that when you need to get the out you can get the out.

Ideally though as you are starting on your fury or maybe even already tackling tough content Warpaint’s will be a better choice it provides 10% damage reduction when in rage the higher your gear is the more enrage will have 100% uptime during fight this type of defensive is what makes havoc such a good spec this is even better because it’s 10% for all damage not just magical because at the high end when everyone knows their the only damage you take is mandatory damage and if you can resolve that on your own you essentially free up the healer to heal the tank or deal damage and this is one of the key requirements to have or do in high keys and maybe even mythic raids row number 5 brings cartilage this is another build / rotation defining role with carnage being the best performer here Massacre doesn’t really make sense in the world where execute has a pull down and refunds rage I guess when they change the skill they forgot to change the talent just as they forgot to make the expansion good when they designed it.

Frothing berserker isn’t a bad choice it’s seeming 2% less damage for me meaning it’s still worse thing is there are trays that want you to rampage more and carnage helps with that instead of just giving you more overall damage to the spec so we will still recommend carnage the six role brings with it a AOE options dragon roar will be your default pick for pretty much all content so far it seems higher than bladestorm in both single target Naoe but not by too much in single target it’s pretty straightforward it also aligns almost perfectly with siege breaker another talent you will want which also provides a slow on its own that can be good in high mythic Plus content or when you are fighting multiple ads that dart around the room looking at you hive mines blade Stone starts to el DPS roar in very hard AOA situations there are very very few rate scenarios where those high AOE situations come about once every minute as well for you to take advantage of this skill while in dungeons it assumes your tank will pool 2 or 3 packs consistently which is also unlikely the difference is not too big for you to be punished picking either one of these talents so make the choice most suited to you Lazzaro brings about two more options is in fury great siege breaker will be your most used option here it has the most dps output in single target and can be paired well with Dragons roar in AoE more than this whirlwind lets you cleave it on to 4 additional targets d buffing all of them as well reckless abandon seems to be the method + alternative although still used about as much as siege breaker at the very high end it makes your recklessness window way stronger essentially giving you big bursts of windows for larger time this will come into play when you do very big pools every now and again bugs usually don’t do that so you might lose out on some consistency while siege breaker is pretty much good and available all the time when it comes to stats there are two ways to approach fury in BFA and it also applies to gear corruption essences and whatnot.

You can sim you want to do the most amount of damage possible or go with the standard build saving is tedious we all know that and it’s a silly thing to have to do but we are in 2020 and wow it’s not the only game that requires calculations to provide you with the best possible result considering how many systems and memos are playing with these days yeah I’m talking about you Ian what’s all all the systems man captain as an example here is my sim for single target stats it’s just as a point of reference this can change based on your character so don’t expect things to stay the same.

Meanwhile in AoE mastery seems to pull ahead for me so it really depends on what your focus is raids or dungeons but this is a lot of mid maxing and if you are starting out with fury maybe focusing on this shouldn’t be your first goal cos yours will be crit heavy so a court of critical strike and deadly lava lazuli will be your best choices if you are lower eye level you can also get one leviathan’s eye of strength even though strength is not as strong 120 gained from this will be a bigger part of your overall strength levels if your gear is on the lower side for your weapons deadly navigation and quick navigation will be your best choices for main hands and often respectively even though critias King you don’t want to deadly navigations the proc rates will conflict a bit and haste is not low enough for you to ignore it greater flasks of the undertow will be your choice flask while potion of embrittle fury will be your best single target option impart proximity will be best at 4 or more targets and superior battle potion of strength decent overall in all situations Universal generally you know what I’m talking about fees can be a good choice early on but the higher you scaling geared the better the crit food will be and seeing as how Critias more than two times stronger than strength for me the ninety three crit will be way stronger than the 131 strength as far as that’s right trades go there’s only one real bill for both raids and dungeons with maybe one or two optional trades that can be swapped here and there cold steel hot blood stacked three times will be your bread and butter this is why critical strike is the strongest staff for you if you don’t have at least two of these trades crit will underperform but so will you in general so your build will start to form with at least two of these you can also take one and brittle ferocity the reason you only want one is for the recklessness proc which this is not stacked with multiple applications the rampage damage stacks sure and it’s pretty good but usually you have better options out there one such is similar in rage where rampage gets damaged again but also generates one rage per strike increasing overall regeneration giving you more rampages with more rage regen and the fact that I am confused confirms my decision to not follow studies in the field of mathematics or education Astley if you have all of the above or no other better options are available go for generic stat traits like heart of darkness or swirling sands these are stat and/or crit fuels to your spec which are you know always welcome you can also sin any and all traits if you seem them properly that is and make other changes as you see fit when getting your essences straighten outs you need to figure out what you want to focus on hardcore single target damage or AoE either can work in raids while dungeons will prefer the AoE version almost always the single target major will be condensed life force I know it has been nerfed but it still does the best when it’s you and the boss and pent-up religious frustration ready to be unleashed in a righteous wave of glorious rampages some say I have a problem as for minors conflict and strife gives you a passive versatility buff that is always good breath of the dying is a good damage funnel even at Rank 2 focusing errors will add a lot of haste when you don’t have to switch targets and when you do blood of the enemy will be right there to hold your hand beautiful an AoE dungeons or add heavy fights in the raids take blood of the enemy as a major decide it essentially does everything your spec needs damage and crits conflict and strife and breath of the dying are still some of the best miners with focusing iris and purification protocol good alternatives for your last slot certain essences are tougher to get but keep in mind that the recommendations are taking into consideration you having them at rank 3 otherwise use whatever is highest trinkets are not so crude heavy this season as far as raids are concerned so if you have or can get an advanced razor Coral at a high enough eye level it will probably be Biss it can still turn up Forge if you decide to go back in Palace and most people will do the raid on mythic now for mountain stuff anyway so finding a group might not be too hard other specs want this baby as well so you know more people that can do the rake you can pair it up with the Vita charge tyrant shard from Rodin which is one if not the best haste rickets so far alternatively humming black dragon scale drops from the first raid boss miss your legendary cloak himself and the gore crusted butcher’s block is a good crit alternative if you cannot be bothered to rape palace anymore these trinkets are some of the best for you when going into Nile otha for dungeons tournament in a jar from Senesh is one of the best there we trinkets simply AoE damage up with no stats involved nothing complicated vial of animated blood is one of the best on use options that can be paired off with recklessness and a break back to burst it down quick otherwise the raid trinkets are also very good to have in myth the keys getting a weapon for fury is like shopping for groceries when you are super hungry sure there’s that get eco that everyone wants that does crazy single target damage but the raid has some options as well schedule Vaz is a good AoE contributor da we proc is consistent and it scales with your armor which isn’t something outstanding but it does mean the higher level the more damage it deals otherwise you can go to Big Boy Inns up and get the devastation our for that here’s three nerf ton devastation yeah it has been nerfed but only one fighting ridiculous number of ads so for normal pools you won’t really see a big difference weapons are good but what you really want is corruptions although the weapons dropped with guaranteed corruptions the raid some of them at least some of them are good to start with but will end up being cleansed looking at use jouvens if in the stars is the best single target damage output it can fizzle once you have other targets that eat up your stars instead of stem stacking on your main target but pay a small price to pay to have your spec perform well outside of your control.

Gushing wounds is a cheap corruption that provides the most damage output for its cost this is a good single target option that makes it easier to bounce the amount of corruption you have while also maintaining your DPS output to a reasonable level just an appendage can also wreak some phases but has a bit more RNG to its proc so a devastation will be your best a aoa option unless they nerf it of fifth time in a row now and you can always get really really good use out of crotches like severe and expedient that increase the crit and haste you gain from all sources gear trades essences procs and so on so overall they’re better than you might think.

The opener is simple any essence that’s not blood of the enemy will be popped on three pull alongside the pre pot use recklessness and instantly charge at the boss the reason to do this is to get double rage from your charge and rampage as quick as possible blood of the enemy should be otherwise used after recklessness because well you want to be in range.

First of all plus the damage of it can also create so that is always nice as well if you are playing with reckless abandon meaning recklessness gives you a hundred rage then simply charge and build to your first rampage and then pop recklessness to take full advantage of the buffs and not waste any rage as far as priority goes the most important ability to cast this rampage when you are at 90 or more rage or don’t have enrage up use recklessness next with the essence argument as on the opener siege breaker next ideally inside recklessness executes when it procs or if the target is below 20% HP blood thirst after raging blow next when capping charges Dragons roar if enrage is up raging blow to gain rage whirlwind as a filler otherwise an AoE the priority is the same with one extra important detail whirlwind will be cast every third global almost every important single target ability can be cleaved with whirlwind onto four additional targets and since you have two stacks of set cleave your two whirlwind before every two single target abilities while casting the cooldowns and essences as before there are advanced things you can do that can require more practice and experience and theory has more nuances to it I recommend you guys check Arkham Terrace and the written guides he has online and the sky whole discord channel you’ll find more advanced and specific theory information that will help you take your spec to the next level also thank you very much to our patrons thank you for the support guys every month you stick with us is a we feel happy and confidence in our you know dream and doing this for living guys it’s pretty cool not gonna lie and if you want to help us and support us a little bit more check the details down below there is the patreon link and some cool merch that Marceline has made some cool graphic designs for mmm and so cool stuff coming in the future not gonna lie it’s the secret thank you very much watching the video hope you enjoyed the guide and we’ll catch you in the next time.

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