Girls’ Frontline – CT Ranking Low Budget Guide (No Gundam Kills Edition)

Author: Ceia

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This should get you around 500k-600k score…

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Hello everybody here today we’re gonna do a quick video hopefully for low budget rather that don’t do with condoms because apparently condom is God that’s a scary and not everybody can do condoms so they’re gonna skip the 43,000 see it’s completely and D 31c gonna end up in the top right completely so for the city hangin rifle team standard handgun rifle team taunt is recommended but if you want to be brave don’t bring taunt but I will recommend taunt a or SMG said oMG don’t British sniper bring your best at ferry because I don’t have a stat fairy that’s below five stars uglies sniper here is a placeholder please don’t you sniper – Todd – Tommy I should all sorry so what we’re going to do is to deploy everything here if you do not have you need at least one it will see here so for AP movements I can put a deploy both if you’ll see first throw on damage down here through my operation on here through one more Daniel on here.

Let’s go first things first you want to retreat both it Josie’s what are the condos maybe here so you may want to reset if it’s Martin’s here where m14 is right now so if not carry on move up move here move here this helipad is important because it makes all of the inner circle Gundam in a circle enemies all disappear so it makes the job easier.

Open up so so like it will make all of the inner circle of this area or disappear makes your job a little bit easier then move up all the way if you need and get your tank just switch on plants and cure the tank it’s not that difficult.

Then here 580 remaining you want to go grab the hostage for this part is relatively simple but they jump to you just feed that row unless they do this unless I do this so this is a rookie mistake you just afk there and don’t do anything so what do you want to do here is to move your SMG forward so that they take that detected Road stud you take the row this row yeah okay.

So do this instead so this way retreat both yep keep in mind don’t need sauce here assassins not requirement just forego standard AR SMG if you have a Grenadier that there’s a big be great if not so here’s the problem here if there’s a tank on top of us I wouldn’t stay here so but there is a risk as well if you if you stand if you rescue 45 right now a condom may spawn into you so this is a risk you might want to take or may not want to take so if you can kill the Gundam if you have m4 mod here it is you can take this risk just by rescuing them if not if there’s no tank on top of – where – is standing right now then given a switch and rescue so you would take the risk rest is up to you because they can’t spawn three different periods so let’s take the risk so the condom sponsor tamiya does retreat to to allies and have em for and for Canada yeah this is a good spot the storm is just roar else so same thing.

Retreat retreat.

Okay this turn you’d want to oh that’s a crate here so it’s always worth it to spend some AP if spent 284 crate let us grab the crate go here go here since that’s nice oh here I wouldn’t go down there to it sure without it you’ll see so I’m going to go down depending what at night so is you need to change your strategy accordingly so here I want to spawn my 3 Ridge it to see if you’re too rich just ok but I’m gonna support a 3-inch one because I can number one I can kill this Egon press three range if not I cannot cure this gun so curious again if you’re hoc Koch unite oh if she is if she is in a spot that’s convenient just go Q night Oh so this fight is relatively simple move it with etat so I let it play out for very simple well thought Nikki smoke mix it was it blow the talk looks more simpler but you need a jersey here if not you won’t clear it after that for town killed these two enemies that small from the common tower I made a mistake there I should have went write that down but uh that’s okay this uh this one what – ap was just from that so learn from my mistake go right then go down because what we want to do here is to kill this come on tower right here Q this come on tower that have m14 get out of the way but that that’s why I said go right then go down so that so that we can hear that’s our that go down so that’s a ap wastage but that’s okay after that uh this is a this is optional you could walk.

AGS out and kill the missile launch over there so this is like I said this is optional.

After that you’d want to go find crates to grab since this crate is right here I’m not sure whether it contains Gundam or not so let’s see okay that’s it great so grab this right away from the condom because if you stay there.

Ah they will get you so run away still have to wait pee remaining find something to do to AP for grandpa Paxton well if this dumb yesh not Oh since apparently this if you leave it yes here they shouldn’t walk into you because they oughta throw keyword shouldn’t but let’s see.

Oh let’s like let’s go on yeah so here’s the problem with this strategy right you need 10 enemies for the strategy for their defection strategy but since I have not killed 10 enemies oh yeah.

I have to go fire then mr. kill wall grab accretes so let’s walk got this crate.

Killed us.

So I’ve 7 enemies no I want to kill three more ideally but uh go grab Mohammed’s first then I find out how to get a few more enemies so I could go to the sky for eat I can kill a tank for nine oh that’s no tank here whoops oh wow so I’m gonna go kill this roto for eight kills.

Because you’re only picking rodell’s your enemies you can kill is severely but sure if you start for this just hot what we started.

Okay so I’ve it kills now I’m gonna wrap this I put a grab this runo one two three and gals the way try to have it juicy supports for us because Scott this is gonna hurt here is FG I would recommend this.

Oh you know just just wrote room maybe but a conservator CMO by search off by searching on off we’re gonna grab this row let you sit 10 kills oops that’s okay that’s not okay lovely for you guys but that’s okay for me yeah the wait the return there should be something that’s poured from the command tower to start usually we want it to be done by turn two but since you know lack of enemies we have to do it a third for make sure that your Ashland one has sent least one and one mo left what is okay good so it was a condom it’s Optimus our optimal strategy for what a treat infection because it’s yes outer ring you see it is a Hydra here the see this one on the bottom left that is eliminated that ring from from that ring that north of the top of them that ring outwards oh when I showed my now to show you guys okay so back on let’s show you our it justice at range because your engage your condom.

Okay well that you should get this outer ring to your side for more information on military defection now let some stuff in the comments and the ship ship docks and stuff so since I got the outer ring I’d partner put this to on standby I’m gonna leave the rest walk then I want to move my Jersey here so I can get the helipad.

Dick’s turn now I have quite a few turns to figure out my Creek strategy since I can’t move I shall out for here I have to think of it later but let me do this one first.

So someone killed us anyway so out of it a school that don’t get your Gundam see there’s anything here there’s nothing here so that said let’s have Gundam in the way.

So that’s sad this is the son and since I could go up could respawn this guide out there if I want to but so I’m gonna walk this kite out to grab great to craft helipads on AP grant to crapper what this one ap so I’m gonna just walk up here and end it so what do you so just let the friendly hydras engage.

They should get to quite a bit of points so your main source of point is from here since you’re not fighting much okay so what’s this case is your sort of you just retreat the Hydra that the guy engage you on so let’s see where this guy walks ideally you what had to walk down or right where he walked left so you’re gonna lose two helipads from that but that’s okay you get this cutscene if you want to they can watch it okay so since the Hydra walk left so I’m gonna set the sky the sky to idle and I want this guy to walk sorry this guy’s got some lemonade this guy stays so what’s going to happen it’s probably the top Hydra walk down or left I’m not sure activate color this one before so hey so third five try to grab as many craters possible keyword is try okay so for this one I can go grab this one with this that is blue Krait you can be blue crystal or because they get a culture to your tallest go after if I grab this yes I can get it out the way oh I grab the water top three four five six maybe.

Nope goodnight so a walk is awesome remember that you need to deposit your hostage so they’re gonna know what a great frenzy it’s okay about that two three four five one two three four five six so I don’t think I can grab that but let’s see oh I can’t grab that okay.

So corrupt us crate that what backwards I don’t need to grab this crate census poof so deposit my rescue money whole state for 50k the let’s see what I can do if 1180 I’ll leave this a sh a lot there just for Harper then we’ve got a tick arrest coefficient 1 cm I can’t squeeze any more points out of this the practice on a gun so that’s unfortunate what maybe short oh that’s okay so find something to do with 2ap just grab notes.

Nothing else I can do so the sender so yeah a quick video became 30 minutes so but I think this should get about close to 600 game after this engagement that is.

Well okay good this is a must this is the last fight that’s okay don’t leave your head gun up there because it’s gonna add were you after eight seconds for the missiles but Spyder that’s my bad 630 not better so as a summary I did the defection when an if that didn’t throw in a description game president a really good article about it.

I did the I killed the inner circle and the top right corner so that it’s easier for you to pick your targets cuter Rhodos leave the condoms alone this is the strategy behind it and you go cue the ball hit 92 and do the tech section if I want to highly recommend to kill tonight so if not you didn’t have do not have the kill requirement for it because we needed 10 kills to 10 kills and above to do that KCC Oh nonsense I had to delay to turn for what turn three.

I don’t remember because I have lack of kills and had to burst for some kills you can kill the tanks in the middle of the way you rescue the hostage that area because it goes in the west direction here so you can kill some tanks for want to so that’s about it thank you for watching.

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