Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Online Diamond Casino Heist Mastery Guide Part 9: The Aggressive Approach

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Episode 9 of my ultimate guide to the Diamond Casino Heist. Today we cover the Aggressive Approach, going over the setups as well as some general tips on the finale.

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Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of my GTA online diamond casino heist mastery guide now that we were done with all of the big con approaches it’s time to move on to the final approach the aggressive one this one requires much less step-by-step instruction when it comes to the finale since you’re not trying to preserve stealth or anything by avoiding cameras and making sure bodies are inspired by those cameras you’re literally just shooting everything in sight that being said we’re still going to go over the finale and I will give some general tips along the way but first we need to talk about the setup missions which are by far the worst ones out of all the approaches a majority of them recommend to players to complete because they have to do with collecting two of whatever item it is it’s partially the reason why I don’t recommend doing this approach I’ve said in my livestream as many times that the aggressive approach is my least favorite and you guys will see why in a little bit so there are only two required setup missions that are specific to the aggressive option that may seem like a good thing at first but if you want to make the mission much easier then you’re probably gonna want to complete some of the optional setups including Duggan’s shipments which wasn’t really a big deal to complete on the other approaches the first setup is thermal chargers you’re stealing the devices that you will use to break into the lock doors in the casino vault you have to break into a warehouse that is basically the same thing as a CEO cargo warehouse there’s gonna be lots of enemies inside I recommend using the stone hatchet so you can just go on a huge free while tanking all their bullets once everyone is dead there will be two items that you have to pick up and bring back to your Kade and out of all the setup missions for the aggressive approach I would say that this is the easiest one the next required mission is the vault explosives this one is a little more annoying we had to put on some scuba gear and then go search for the vault explosives in the wreckage under the surface and if you are solo then you’re gonna have to take two trips which is going to take you much longer because you got to jump in the water twice and swim there which takes forever you may want to use an amphibious vehicle so you can get in and out of the water a bit faster like the Blazer aqua the stromberg can take you underwater but the main problem is the handling and the speed underwater isn’t that great well that is the mission right there just bring him back at both of the vault explosives to your cave and that brings us back to the heist prep board where you will see two optional missions reinforced armor boring machine if you do reinforce the armor it’s gonna allow you to use unique armored outfits in the finale kind of like in the original 2015 heists where you take much less damage but you move slower you can’t sprint in my experience doing the finale with the suits on you literally have to try to die as long as you do Duggan shipments that’s how hard it is to die in these suits but we’ll talk about that a little bit later and if you do the boring machine setup it unlocks the tunnel as a secret entrance which puts you right down at the vault level which is a huge deal because you’re gonna be skipping to houla areas where you would otherwise have to gun your way through them so you might be able to get away with not doing the reinforced our mission which will save you a huge headache the reinforced armor setup mission could literally be a heist itself if you get the one at humane labs you better make sure you have some time to spare because this is gonna take you forever the first part of the mission has you grabbing scuba diving suits keep in mind that if you are doing this with more than one person everyone in the organization has to put on one and do the mission you then have to swim your way through the tunnel that leads into the humane labs which takes a good while after which you will take the elevator to the main interior of the lab where you will have to find the suits somewhere in the area while finding a ton of bad guys and I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but the alarm from humane labs is so loud that you could probably hear it around the world from in Liberty City.

Anyways after all that is over you just have to drop the armor off at your Cade and you’re done with the heist I mean setup mission thankfully the boring mission is much easier all you have to do is intercept the flatbed truck that’s hauling this huge drill around and drive it to your cave you will get cops on you but fortunately you can call Lester to get them off of you so there’s not that much action in this mission for the general setups you absolutely want to do Duggan’s at least partially manly you want them to not have helmets on if you don’t do Duncan treatments at all you’re gonna have a miserable time because these helmets are not just a typical bulletproof helmets that you often see players with rebreathers wear no these take upwards of like 15 bullets to the face to take one down and on top of that they’re gonna have assault shotguns which will shred you to pieces and completely destroy your final take even with armor-piercing rounds they don’t go down in a shot to the head and if they did you’re just wasting more money on a better gunman on a heist that already pays the least amount because of its nature so there’s really no point in that just go with the cheapest gunman with the shotgun load out that’s what I recommend the SMG he gives you will be completely fine so long as you have Doug and Jim it’s done the only thing you want to invest more into is a good hacker of course now on to the finale in the gameplay we’re using the underground tunnel entrance so we have to head down to the sewer tunnel to begin the heist I should also mention that before you begin the hoist finale it’s best to stock up on snacks and body armor just in case.

Well it’s your inside you will be right at the vault floor already if you didn’t enter through the sewer tunnel and instead chose the main entrance for example then you would have to fight your way through the casino main floor and the staff lobby before making it down to this level so you can see the time you say by choosing to take this quicker entrance when you get down to the vault floor with whatever entrance you take if you have reinforced armor on you can pretty much just run straight to the mantrap entrance and open it up there’s not really a need to stick around here and fight them next week I will be doing a guide on vault strategies for each approach and each individual vault content so right now we’re just gonna skip to the exit on the way out of the vault there’s of course going to be more guards waiting for you there’s really not much explanation required here just shoot your way out if you’re getting back out to the staff lobby you’re actually gonna want to take the elevator this is gonna save you some money potentially if you take the stairs there’s about three or four guards that you’re gonna run across that might shoot you and you will lose take if that happens at the staff lobby what I like to do is escape here right away through the security room only taking out the guards that are directly in front of me just make a dash for the exit through the metal detectors you’re gonna get shot regardless of what you do here I don’t recommend going for the deadly vault either on the aggressive approach because it’s just not worth it the money you take from the daily vault is just gonna be lost in the time you have to sit and wait for them to be collected especially if you get a bad take from it for the escape route we are going to hop over the fence and run onto the horse track there will be two newsagents that you’ll have to take out right away and then a little further down there’s going to be two more newsagents that rock so recently added to make the heist a bit harder.

From there you can either keep going to the right hop over the fence and grab a street vehicle or you can do what we’re doing in the gameplay and wait for the cops to come driving down the track steal a cop car and take the jump onto the street either way you choose you’re gonna get into an engagement with the cops.

You’re really abused the dijo you just have to be fast.

The last step is to drive to the helicopter and fly to the buyers location and that’s all there is to the aggressive approach definitely not as many step-by-step instructions they need to follow aside from shoot things and don’t die that’s pretty obvious anyways though if you guys enjoyed the video or found it helpful feel free to leave a like as well to subscribe to my channel for more guide and PvP related content and as always thanks for watching and have a great day.

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