Grand Theft Auto Online – Diamond Casino Heist Mastery Guide Part 8: The Big Con Maintenance Approach

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Part 8 of my ultimate guide to the Diamond Casino Heist. In this episode we cover the Maintenance disguise option to the Big Con approach. Going over the setup missions and a step by step guide to the finale.

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Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of my GT online diamond casino heist mastery guide today we will be covering the final disguise option for the big con approach which is the maintenance disguise first we’ll cover the two set of missions unique to the maintenance approach and then I will have a step-by-step guide to the finale of the heist the first setup will have you stealing the entrance disguise outfits a very familiar setup to the other big con entrance disguise setup missions you’ll have to go into a certain place I got the one on Boulevard el perro but there is also a location at the airport basically you’re just stealing two duffel bags which means if you are solo then it’s gonna be two trips but it’s really not that hard of a mission the maintenance workers will try to punch you but you could just run right past them and escape and once you bring the two duffle bags back to your arcade its mission complete the next set of mission has you stealing the transportation for the job as well as giving a reason for the maintenance workers to be at the casino you’ll have to steal a water and power van essentially it’s a box ville and we all know how fast those are so hopefully you don’t have to steal one from too far away the second part of the mission is kind of fun you have to go up to the roof of the casino and pour some chemicals into the ventilation the game will give you a unique weapon called the hazardous jerrycan if you don’t dive while holding this weapon you can actually keep it after the mission is over and keep it forever so that’s pretty cool not that it does anything special it’s literally just a reskin jerrycan once the chemicals are dumped the last thing you have to do is drive the van to your arcade and the mission will be over for optional setups I’m sure you guys know what I’m about to say don’t do duggan shipments it’s completely useless in big con finales because we don’t have to worry about their armor as male laser one-hit-kill is regardless and their assault shotguns and special carbines won’t be fired because we’re undercover we’re not going in guns blazing the only one I would maybe suggest doing would be the patrol routes the finale entrance route is very similar to the young ancestor approach so patrol routes will benefit you the same way on the vault floor in the maintenance approach now begins this step-by-step guide to the finale the first part is the easiest you just have to drive to the casino this time we will be going in through the waste disposal which is on the side of the casino so it can either drive directly over there or park the van and to the other side once you’re on the inside you have to simply walk over to the laundry room and make sure not to run into any guards they will blast anyone who enters their personal space.

When you are in the laundry room exit to the last door on the right hand side there will be a guard patrolling this hallway next to you but you have this guy’s on so you don’t have to worry about him now just as long as you don’t run into him of course and the you hallway there is a guard that goes back and forth if he is currently walking away from you to the other side of the hallway you can quickly open the door and head downstairs if he’s walking towards you though then you’ll have to take him out.

Remember running first person to avoid getting spotted by the camera on the stairs now right here is when you see the advantage of having patrol routes is on there is a guard coming towards us right now and a guard walking away from us you want to run out and smack the guy right outside the door that’s coming towards us unfortunately we won’t get to the other guard in time before it makes it to the main area so what we have to do is wait for him to take his patrol route back to where we are eliminate him and then make your way to the room on the left-hand side of the vault floor you.

In this room there is only one guard that you need to worry about the one in the center he walks back and forth all you need to do is hug the wall to stay out of its cone of vision and you’ll be at the mantrap entrance I will be doing a separate mastery guide episode strictly on the vault strategies because there are just so many different scenarios you have to take into account that are completely independent of what approach you do exiting the vault the guy behind the counter will be standing still for you to easily take out however it is up to you whether or not you want to do that because you can also just sneak past him if you hug the wall on the right hand side either way you choose after you get past him you are clear to route the stairs to the main floor.

Always always always running first person up the stairs not only to avoid the cameras but you’re also way faster than going a third person which is going to help you with the elite challenge back up at the main floor if you smack this guy earlier you can just run to your right and check if the card is there and if it is then you have to go to the other end of the you hallway and exit that way and if you didn’t take out this guy earlier then you have to wait for him to get into position knock him out and then do the exact same thing just like on all of the big con exits we are going to knock this guy out in the hallway quickly check for the second patrol in the hallway make a dash for the exit disguises and then head out the staff lobby door for our getaway we’re going to be using these somewhat new route to avoid the new newsagents that Rockstar placed on the horse track you just have to take out the newsagent on the left sometimes the van will actually spawn on top of him and if that happens then it’s your lucky day you can just run by him because he’s already dead make your way over to the tunnel over the wall and over another wall onto the street where you will steal a civilian car or take your getaway vehicles if they spawn nearby and make your way to the helicopter spawn if you notice that the helicopter didn’t spawn in don’t panic just keep going straight and doing u-turn and then head back to the helicopter spawn and it should be there and once you are in the helicopter the final step is to just fly to the buyer but that is going to do it for the final mastery guide episode of the big con approach next week we will cover the aggressive approach which will probably be a shorter episode considering you’re just shooting your way through the guards there’s not as much strategy involved in terms of taking out the guards in a way where you won’t be detected if you guys enjoyed the video or found it helpful feel free to leave a like as well as subscribe to my channel for more guide and PvP related content and as always thanks for watching and have a good day.

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