Granger Gameplay Guide 2 – Counter Gusion with Flameshot Granger – Master the Basics – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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This Master The Basics Mobile Legends Guide is about How to Use Granger Properly Part 2. I will also discuss How to counter Gusion with Flameshot Granger and also every decision and mistakes that I did that led to our victory.

This Granger Gameplay includes:

  • Granger Best Item Build.
  • Granger Skills.
  • Granger Tips and Tricks.
  • Granger Emblem.
  • Granger Gameplay.
  • Granger Rotation.
  • Granger Spell.
  • Granger Counter.
  • Granger Combo.
  • Granger Highlights.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Why is it even marksman chooses flameshot ? in this mobile legends guide we are going to talk about the advantage and disadvantage if you chose flamshot spell also included here how I used Granger and counter the enemies with flameshot and before we start I want to announce the winner of our 200K Subs Special Congratulations to Nightcore YouWant for me to be able to give you the skin you need to accept my Master the Basics YT account to everyone who wants to join our giveaway hit like, share and subscribe then comment your ID# and In game name and your skin or hero worth 500 Diamonds and most importantly you must finish every video I will randomly select 4 winners and I will announce it every 1st week of the month so if you’re not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell ok, let’s go!.

In this game this is the Emblem that I chose it’s still the same with our Granger Guide #1 and if you want to understand more how to use Granger you can watch the Granger Guide 1 first it’s also included there how to do the 7 Bullets this is a solo rank game but because my ally told us to invade Gusion’s buff on level 1 that’s why we go straight there that’s also the reason why I chose Flameshot you will notice that 4 of us have Flameshot, that means if there will be a teamfight on level 1 we will have a lead and because Hayabusa have retribution that’s why I didn’t chose retribution our plan is to remove the buff of Gusion to make him have a hard time and after taking the blue buff we can go back to each of our lanes now we are going to fast forward on the boring parts next advantage when you have flameshot you can also use it on jungle creeps that means even if you are level 1 when you are taking buff you can already use it and because the cooldown is so fast, when you come to the lane you’ll already have flameshot 1st thing you need to remember when you are using Flameshot you will notice there that I didn’t just click on flameshot as much as possible you must aim on your target aside from that you must remember that the farther the enemy the higher the damage of the flameshot here, because the enemy blue buff already respawns that’s why we are going to try to take it the only problem is Valir didn’t join us before we continue the video I want to shoutout Christian Joni Gregorio, Cliio Vano and Ninja1125 Official whoever is the first three comment on every video, I will shoutout on the next video so if you’re not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell that was a good save by Khufra if he didn’t hit Gusion with Flameshot I should’ve been dead you need to remember flameshot has slow that means you can slow the enemies when you hit them with it you will notice there will be a teamfight near the turtle as a marksman you need to choose if you will join them or just push if there’s no enemy in lane it’s better to destroy the tower you need to remember as a marksman you should be the one to destroy the enemy towers you also need to remember that everytime there’s a teamfight you are given a space to farm and when you already take down that tower that’s the time you back them up it’s the job of your teammates to not die even if the fight is 4 on 5 but even if they die as long as you were able to take towers and farm it’s still ok now let’s go to advantages of Granger with Flameshot the first advantage of it if you will notice there when you flameshot hit, because it has slow it will be easier to make your 1st skill hit later you will see more advantage of flameshot on Granger now I just need to get back again on farming after that teamfight, I plan to take mid lane tower but because Lolita and Bruno is there that’s why I wasn’t able to take it my mistake here, after my fight with Bruno I should’ve get back and because I didn’t get back that’s why I died aside from that because we lose that teamfight that’s why they were able to take the turtle next advantage of Flameshot, if you will notice there, the enemy won’t be able to get close to you easily you need to remember, when the enemy is too close to you they will be knock back I don’t know here why Hayabusa go in on bot lane and because Hayabusa is dead and Gusion will be alive that means we should not fight aside from that, because Crab is open on top lane and my priority is to farm that’s why I’ll take if first also the tower there is low hp that’s why I’ll try to push it too you will notice there, Gusion is having a hard time killing me because he can’t use his passive due to my flameshot and when it comes to item build, this is the item build that I did on this game the first 5 items is good for the 7 Bullets of Granger and because the enemy was able to get close to me that’s why I built bloodlust axe for sustain but you can still change the last 2 items, that depends on the enemies we are so greedy on that situation that’s why we died that’s also the reason why the enemy was able to take the lord they were able to take the Lord but they were also wiped out that’s why it’s useless aside from that it’s also the reason why we’re able to take their 3rd towers but from here we are going to throw a bit that’s why the game gets longer here, we can already end the game but because our Priority is to kill that’s why the game is getting longer I didn’t notice that I can escape from bot lane because the minions is already there and while I’m dead there will be another teamfight and the enemy will try to take the Lord again and because we’re able to take the Lord that means we can end the game I hope you learn a lot from this guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make, just comment below and I’ll try to make one about it and because you finished the video I want the winner of our giveaway are the one watching ’til the end for me to know if you really watched it you need to look for the keyword on this video comment the Keyword on our latest top 5 plays the more keyword you have the more chances of winning so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out.

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