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Team Building is an essential skill for Pokemon GO Battle League! Today we talk about my methodology and showcase a five teams that have done will for me in the GO Battle League Great League for Pokemon GO!

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What is going on everybody’s ioniq here and in today’s video we’re gonna be going through a great league team building guide for go battling now these teams that I’m gonna show you guys there’s gonna be five teams showcased here today they are all in videos on my channel if you guys want to check out more battles with this teams there’s gonna be links down in the description to these teams but this first team right here we have Altaria defense form deoxys and Reggie Steele now the order in which I build my teams is very important what I like to think about is I have my lead I have a cover and I have a safe switch or another way to think about it like the images down below is if you think about in terms of rock-paper-scissors if you have a paper which is gonna be weak to scissors you need to have a big rock and a little rock which is basically what that is so the big rock is the cover the little rock is the safe switch so in this case on this team right here Atari is gonna be very very weak to tanks so things like Reggie steel bass Sudan azumarill so defense form Deoxys can handle all of those right it can handle Reggie steel and bass Sudan very very well on top of that it has access to thunderbolt to help cover the azumarill and then Reggie steel on the safe switch is going to be really great for a couple reasons first it can get off hard-hitting charge moves that will force shields from your opponent and secondly it will draw out something that maybe Altaria could farm down now as you guys are seen in this video we’re set up pretty well right now we have defense form Deoxys able to come in and this is what I mean by having access to Thunderbolt is fantastic to protect you against the Izumo that you are likely going to see so right here we can see that the defense form deoxys is able to you know handle this as umaril very very well this team is pretty good I ended up going I believe overall this was the team that I went 28 and Oh with when go battle League first came out way back at the beginning of preseason so if you’re watching this and maybe a couple months down the line or whatever this team I used when preseason first happened I’m so I was climbing through the ranks basically from rank two to like rank 6 6 or 7 with this team and I went I went undefeated it was really really strong but yeah this team is really good again you want to have a lead a cover and a safe switch and then you can see right here we’re able to finish off the medicham very nicely so this is a great team it’s expensive but it’s really good all right so this next team right here we bring in to rank 10 this was from a video where I brought 15 unique Pokemon in five battles so three you know obviously three pokemon per battle but 15 unique and we have a pro bow pass and azumarill and a Haunter now promo pass is going to be very susceptible to fighters into those ground-type pokémon so I have the azumarill there as protection it’s gonna resist the fighting type moves and then it has access to ice beam to help cover some of those grounds and then I have Haunter on the safe switches Haunter when it’s ahead on energy meaning you swap in to it it’s very deadly versus the meta and as you guys can see here we’re facing something really unique which is an electrode volts which had just come out basically and this thing turned into a wrecking ball because it has access to foul play which is gonna hurt really badly but Haunter is very very glassy so he’s able to take down this electrode relatively quickly now this team I think is is pretty good it’s you’re gonna have some trouble against a common threat may be like Toxicroak potentially but Toxicroak can be taken down relatively easy with charge moves so as long as you’re really ahead on energy right here and as you can guys can see in this battle we have a provo past versus Venus or I can keep the Provo past for the Altaria but I know he has Altaria in the back which azumarill can beat which is why sometimes you don’t want to switch out in terms of your coverage I can take out the Venus or here with my Provo Pass relatively easy and just kind of save my shields I don’t have any more shields left but yeah you guys will see we’ll be able to get off to the rockslide right here and finish it off this team was it was really strong when I participated in the sofa arena tournament in 2019 I ended up winning the tournament with utilizing this team most of the time now the tournament was teams of six if you guys never participated in so for any tournaments you bring up teen of team of six and then strategize what you’re going to use as your three Pokemon and these three were very very strong for me to get some wins wins there so as you can see.

Really strong team right here so this next team right here Swampert Altaria and hypno is probably one of my favorite to use I love bringing in hypno on the safe switch with running the move Shadow Ball and Focus Blast because it can just hurt them meta so hard and Swampert does really well against a lot of key Pokemon like we’re gonna see right here Reggie Steele so we’re gonna see a Meganium come in and this is where that paper and big rock playing Meganium is a is the scissors – Swampert and then Altaria is the big rock as you guys can see here this is exactly this is exactly why it’s gonna be resisting moves that’s what the big rock does is it basically resists moves and does huge amounts of damage to the opposing Pokemon so sky attack right here is gonna be doing super effective damage against Meganium because of our dragon flying typing we’re gonna be resisting those grass moves so easily take it down that’s what the big rock is for and as we’re gonna see we’re gonna have ready steel come in which is where you know Altaria doesn’t do a lot to Reggie snow mean dragon breath does add up but it’s not going to be a lot but we can get it to basically 50% HP but the goal of the big rock is to cover your lead that’s what it’s for.

Now if he led Meganium that’s where I would have gone into hypno right there but yeah as you can see we’re bringing in the Swampert right here we can go ahead and go for hydro cannons earthquake would one shot but hydro cannon is gonna get him low enough or possibly get a shield which is does which is great and now we can safely shield right here and basically farm down for some extra energy this team is is really good especially when you win lead because you can just really get ahead on energy now he does a great swap right there which is things you have to look out for and your battles opponents are gonna try to time their switches to absorb charge moves which is a great play by him but we can just go for earthquake to do a ton of extra damage and I can safely bring in the hypno right here Shadow Ball is gonna be doing a ton of damage and I want to save Swampert in the back for his Reggie steel so I believe I shield right here yep I do shield it is a hydro pump so great for us and then this is why hypno is just a great generalist a great safe switch potentially especially with Shadow Ball focus blast Shadow Ball and focus just do so much damage to the met guys on the safe switch now if you run hypno as a lead that’s where I’d probably run it with Shadow Ball and thunderpunch because you want to try to catch zoom rolls you want to try to catch Altaria which is gonna be neutral you want to try to catch scar Murray’s you want to try to catch defense form deoxys so that’s why Hypno’s move set changes based on how you use them but he’s great on this team as a safe switch now this next team is showcased by a member of the community Polk equilibrium on the video again it’s on the channel linked down description if you guys want to go check out out but he brings togekiss Toxicroak and a lowland right you Toby kiss is great at catching that Altaria that’s basically what it’s for some of those fighters but it needs protection in the back it needs that Toxicroak it needs a long and right shoe to help protect its weaknesses Toxicroak is gonna be that big rock it’s going to defeat things like that regi steel which we saw in this camp I think it was Mel metal actually in this match yet was metal but as you saw there he had a bad lead and he went into a lowland Raichu and now he’s able to come back in and farm down on Togekiss now his opponent is up shields but it’s gonna be okay because he can basically successfully shield right here and then he’s gonna get quite lucky I would say with the fact that his opponent only has Mel metal and defense formed iakh from Reggie Steele I should say so this is where Toxicroak really comes in Toxicroak I think is fantastic against the meta it’s coverages are really good it can pick up a lot of those tanks like fast you Don Mel metal and Reggie steel and it can also pick up his umaril because of sludge bomb it’s just gonna be a great fighter but he’s gonna be weak to those flyers he’s gonna be weak to confusion type or psychic type moves but typically confusion so something like a hypno so you got to protect him really well and that’s where kind of Togekiss comes in which is why they are the paper and the big rock for this team right here as you’re gonna see he’s basically going to be able to clutch up right here he’s gonna be able to farm down the Reggie steel just before he gets to another flash cannon and then you can go for the flamethrower to finish off which is white oak kiss is a great charmer and the great league it has access to flamethrower to beat the meta things that you guys are gonna be facing and this final team is one that I recently made a video on you guys can check that out linked description but it’s a budget team it’s whiscash Noctowl and alone and write to all three of which 10,000 start us to unlock the second charge move all of which don’t need the legacy moves and all of which are very accessible in the community you can easily trade for these and it’s kind of built to defeat that hardcore matter that you’re gonna see so in this video we’re seeing a whiscash lead and we catch ready steel which is what it’s built to take down and then we have a lowland Raichu for basically that azumarill reggie steel helps with Altaria and we also have knocked out which is going to give great protection to whisk caches biggest weakness which is going to be that grass typing so that’s our lead our big rock and our little rock right there and as you guys can see we’re facing off against the best of the best in terms of meta we’re gonna be facing off here in this video against Reggie Steele Altaria and azumarill and we’re gonna be able to pull out a win because not only is it important to be bringing great coverage to your team it’s important to play well and make correct decisions and knowing that okay maybe Reggie Steele right now has loaded energy in the back so I have to save a shield for my whiscash to be able to take them down so basically I can’t shield on anything else so we’re gonna be seeing Reggie Steele come in right here and this is what wills.

Whiscash is basically built to defeat now I do make an error in judgment right here definitely shouldn’t have gone for psychic should have gone for sky attack but that’s okay you guys can see more battles with this team on the link down in the description but as you can see a lowland right you fantastic against azumarill I mean ice beams gonna hurt but we can get to basically two or three Thunder punches right here before you can get to another one and volt switch on top of that does fantastic damage I think a lowland Raichu is really really solid in the meta I think it’s undervalued by most of the community and maybe you guys weren’t aware how good a lowland Raichu is but a lowland Raichu is very strong in the meta guys so yeah as you can see it basically takes down a Zoomer alright there completely takes down we didn’t need to use a shield then he’s having to use this energy and this is where whiscash really comes in and we saved that energy because we know he has Reggie Steele with with loaded energy and whiscash is very low as you guys can see it’s it’s a fine line to dance when it comes to Pokemon go PvP battles right here but because we have so much energy in whiscash is great at spamming charge moves on especially super effective charge moves versus this Reggie steel we can safely take him down right here even though we basically have no health so yeah I think this team of the budget teams I think is my favorite that I’ve used and it’s it’s pretty solid and it can beat the the meta teams as you guys are seeing right here so I hope this video has helped you guys kind of understand how I go about building my teams it’s important to have that paper the big rock in the Little Rock or how I like to think about it lead covers safe switch but yeah overall I think these teams are pretty solid so if you guys want to bring these teams to your greatly go bounded league battles feel free to do so I’ve really tested them a lot and they’re very very strong but let me know down in the comments what teams have you guys have been using what paper Big Rock Little Rock has been working well for you so like always thank you for watching and I’ll see in the next one.

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