Heart of Fire Tall Tale Guide And Journal Locations in Sea of Thieves

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In this video we learn how to complete the Heart of Fire Tall Tale.

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You’re also my name’s Tyrone I’ve been teaching your CDs the world today what is going on everyone and welcome back to another video in this video we’re gonna be diving into how you can complete the heart of fire tool tail but just quickly if you’d like to know how to complete every single tool tail feel free to check out my channel because I have a playlist for that so in this video we’re gonna be talking about how you can’t complete the tool tail and find all of the journals so with all of that out of the way let’s just get straight into it so to start the tool tail you’ll need to head over to morose beak outpost and make your way to the tavern on the bar of the tavern you’ll notice there is a book vote for that to start the tool tail after you start the tool tail you’re going to notice Tallulah will start talking to you from that point on you’ll need to head over to lie his backbone which situated to the northwest of Morris peak from this point on you will not need to return tomorrow’s peak outpost so if you have marked it on your map you can remove it once you have arrived at Liars backbone head up to the island and find the entrance to a lair use the lever that are situated on the wall then walk inside and you’re going to notice at the end of the pathway there are three blocks and a lever what you’ll need to do is input the following code so from left to right you’ll need to input King flame heart or alternatively just have a look at the video then copied those symbols once in putting those into the block you’ll need to press the lever just situated to the left once you open the chamber you will notice there are two two tails items there you will need to take these items back over to the ship to progress with this tool Hale after you have obtained the two items you have done with this island although there is a journal located here which I will explain later the reason I will explain that later is because you need all of the journals to complete this 100% and for that reason alone you will be coming back to this island once you have obtained all of the items and got them back on your ship head on southeast over to The Devil’s thirst this is where you will spend the rest of the tool tail since the right over to the devil’s thirst is quite a lengthy one now would be a good time to grab some fish and get some over heels although you don’t exactly want to eat them just yet keep them in your inventory for a little bit later once you have arrived at the devil’s thirst pick up the tool tail item that is on your ship then head the North Beach swim into the water on the north side until you find a massive entrance and shrine into a cave system what you’ll need to do is place your tall tale item inside the totem that rests in the middle to progress further from this point it would be worth going back up to get some oxygen before commencing your swim once you have done that keep following the pathways until you reach our hub with three doors now it’s not very hard but it is filled with water so you can get to a point where you might run out of oxygen keep an eye of where you came from so you don’t get lost so keep following the pathways until you reach a hub with three doorways take note you’ll have to jump over some rocks that are engulfed in lava on your way over so be careful about that so once you have made it to the hub you’ll be given a choice first of all what you will need to do is locate the barrels that are nearby and pick up the fire bombs what you’ll need to do is have a look around for a symbol that correlates to a doorway you want to go through take note if you’d like to do this 100% you’ll need to go through all of the pathways but you can only choose one at a time there is no real significance as to what one you choose because they all harvest traps and end in the same location so pick out your own choice but personal preference I prefer the left pathway also it is important to note every pathway has a different journal in there so to complete this 100% you’ll need to go through all the pathways once you have chosen your door then made your way through the traps don’t worry there are respawn points as you go through you’re going to notice you’re going to end up in a cavern that has all of the three exits from that point on you’ll be nearing the end of the tool tail so once you have made it to the exit find the burning ship and follow the pathway this part is very self-explanatory but just in case you are confused find a pathway over to stitch a gym once you have made it to stitch a gym what you’ll need to do is pick up his chest and follow the pathway from here on out you’ll need the fire bombs so don’t forget them to finish up the tool tail you’ll need to make your way out of this little underground area on the pathway you’re going to find a few more doors that require fire bombs to open they are very easy to spot as well as a bunch of little traps that are on your way so be careful and don’t get too overconfident once you have escaped the cavern with the chest you’ll need to head on over to the.

It was thirst you will find that the Pendragon will be waiting your arrival to complete the tulle tale what you’ll need to do is go ahead and give Pendragon the chest from that point on you have officially finished the tulle tail although to 100% this you’ll need to find the journals so I’m going to list them now so as I mentioned earlier the first journal is at liars backbone in Jim’s lair on a shelf the second journal is in the room right before you take the pathways the third journal is in the first path on the left-hand side when you get to the first lava-rock section what you’ll need to do is have a look and you’ll find it doing the parkour the fourth journal is on the middle path and or the second path and you’ll find it in the room right after the first skeleton battle and the fifth and final journal is on the right path in the last room with spikes coming out from the left hand side so that is in I’d like to give a massive thanks to me pers the seer thieves wiki and everyone else who helped me with this guide if you’re confused and you’d like to have some of your questions answered please post them down in the comment section or alternatively if it requires immediate attention please head to the discord and notify us there and also if you do choose to complete this 100% go ahead and send a photo of your character and the flame curse I’d love to see it all right hopefully you enjoyed this video or learned something new if you’d like to support my channel and the work that I create feel free to subscribe and hit that notification bell just below this video alternatively feel free to leave a like and leave a comment to show your support I try my best to read every single comment if you head down to the description of this video you’re going to find a few links that may interest you first of all I have a discord link if you’d like to join my community feel free to click on that and make yourself at home I also have my twitch Twitter and Instagram linked down below if you’d like to support me there and finally there is also a patreon link if you are interested so anyway hopefully you have enjoyed this video and I cannot wait to see you in the next one.

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