How Good Is Spriest? Shadow Priest Guide in World of Warcraft 8.3

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So how good is spriest? Well… the 8.3 shadow priest guide will help with that alongside talents, gear, essences, the 8.3 shadow priest rotation and ofc the best 8.3 shadow priest corruption. The spec is very rewarding to play and when talking 8.3 shadow priest m+ you can be sure on toping meters but shadow priest can hold its own in the raid also granted we had some 8.3 shadow priest nerfs and they are not dominating the charts as they did last patch (at least in Ny’alotha). 8.3 Shadow priest pve is still great though and hey if you want to learn how to play shadow priest, then stick to our shadow priest guide 8.3 and watch until the end as everything is covered to make it easy for you. MarcelianOnline is the place to be for all those juicy 8.3 bfa wow class guides 🙂

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I don’t wanna play shadow man why not because I’m not doing 20% more damage than everybody else so but that’s my favorite flavor you know what you need man talented peasants is geared rotation and the possible shadow is not as bad as people think it has amazing rotation before we start a quick reminder that the guide will focus on the fundamentals even if we aim to provide you with the basic startup guide we will still cover everything you need to know to start your shadow journey with that out of the way let’s look at the first Talent ro Chan or void will be your best option here it replaces Mind Blast and offers an extra charge with the cooldown reduced by haste this does a few things on top of increasing the raw amount of damage it also increases the sanity game and most importantly offers the possibility of sitting on a charge of the cast without actually losing value by wasting its cooldown as long as you cast it before it caps on charges this indirectly helps you with mobility since you can move easier in between casts and essentially prolongs the windows in between each Mind Blast cast and in this case shadow will Ford void void words I know the skill guys I’ve read the tooltip second row take body and soul as the default this gives your shielded targets a small burst of speed it’s great to make the fools faster but what about you well you also get the speed and really this is the main reason you take this talent priest has no mobility and by no I mean you know when you go to a bar and you see like a smoking-hot chick in a red dress sipping on a martini and you approach her she notices you and before he can say anything she says no yeah it’s like that so having any form of on-demand mobility will be way worth it an alternative is intangibility making your dispersion also able to heal you for 50% of your HP this is good in specific situations where you know you cannot avoid a mechanic and might even have to soak it having this baby will relieve pressure from your healers in tight situations especially good in raids where multiple people need spot healing next up take twists of faith for single target fights this provides you with a damage increase when damaging an enemy low on health this is particularly good when you want to pump as much damage into a boss that has a dangerous face during the end of the encounter certain groups even take advantage of this by blood lusting during this phase when fighting a few extra adds or a cleave fight in general misery will be a good alternative this bakes your shadow word pain into your vampiric touch casts reducing the amount of Global’s you need to spend to dot everything up while also maximizing the damage with a logic in mind Dark Void will be good for massive ad fights like hive mind or mythic dungeons with one gcd you apply paint on all targets in a small group in very high AoE scenarios you won’t be double dotting everything anymore and solving this issue with just one spell can free you off to keep your insanity rolling and cast more important spells the fourth row brings some CC into the discussion ideally you should go with psychic horror this gives you a single target stunt that can complement your kit it has multiple uses same as any other stuns in the game so nothing specific to add last word reduces the cooldown of silence your only interrupt by 15 seconds this is mostly used in dungeons where kicks are very important there are very few situations where reducing your kick cooldown by 15 seconds will be important enough and in those situations those 15 seconds will really matter but there are very few this comes down to you your group composition and the knowledge of the fight next year take auspicious spirits as the default option on the row yes it has been our.

Yes it’s still the best most of this and the stigma shadow has received has to do with people not realizing how well shadow actually scales in the end game without the nerve shadow would have been so crazy that you would have seen raids filled with just Shadow Priests 6-tier brings lingering insanity after your void form ends the haste stacks you accumulated decay every three seconds instead of all at once what this does is essentially smoothens out your code downtime.

It speeds up your insanity generation for your next void form giving you faster and faster void forms with more and more stacks each time shadow is the kind of spec that scales better and better the longer the fight goes on as long as you don’t pack up the rotation and lastly legacy of the void will be the last big when it comes to talent this reduces the cast time and insanity requirements of activating void form while also increasing the damage it gives by 5% this plays smoothly into the previous silent then makes voice form more consistent easy to cast and have a higher uptime.

Stats are very sensitive subject when it comes to Shadow Priests although the priority of the most important ones are set in stone.

You can still sim yourself if you enjoyed this aspect of the game that aside you wants crit and haste more than anything.

Crit is usually going to be a bit better than haste but both will be way better than versatility and mastery which will be way at the bottom critical strike is the best ad because of the shadowy apparition pass if you have baseline double-dipped with auspicious spirits while haste decreases cast time and cooldown of the most important sanity generating abilities meaning you will be able to keep up void form for way longer this scales into a snowball type of DPS output where the eye level you equip provides you with an exponential damage increase instead of a linear one I don’t know what these maths definition mean but I think I read them somewhere and if you say the words right and don’t them up you can also make a youtube channel of your own and oh really that’s all it takes when choosing consumables you should ideally go with what seems higher between crit and haste ideally you want to reach a safe amount of paste something like 30% which can differ from Player to Player once you have that amount try to focus on whatever is lower between crit and hates the best way to know is the same but if you cannot be bothered then that little rule should help.

I’m also mentioning this because certain corruptions can skew the balance heavily so there is no one right answer for everything.

As such go with the quarter face then quicksand spittle for your rings and sockets these will probably be the easiest interchangeable options here which you can swap for their crits counterparts the weapon will be the Macan is brilliant enchants this procs intellect and the highest secondary stats you have overall this will be your best choice your flasks should be the greater flasks of endless fathoms with the unbridled fury potion as the best one to choose from if feasts are available you can munch on that or simply use the baked potato for barracks haste power again this is just a starting point and or reference point but to get that extra few of damage out of your shadow you will need two sim and optimized which at the end of the day comes down to how you like to play the game as far as azurite goes rejoice since you really need one bill for both dungeons and braids sure there’s always room to optimize that one extra bit but hey there’s always extra room for improvement which is what my med school teachers used to say but who’s laughing now huh hmm take one whispers of the dam just one remember when I said crit helps your shadowy apparitions well creating with Mind Blast or in your case shadow war void will generate 20 extra insanity which is a whole void bolt worth of insanity on top of what it normally does the damage is okay but since that’s the only thing that scales here you don’t really want to stack this what you want to stack is chorus of insanity three types this will give you stacks of crit per each stack of insanity once your void form ends these also decay but playing with more haste than the level six talent you will be able to retain more and more stacks the longer the fight goes on the rest of the slots can be filled with generics that traits like swirling sands that gives crit or heart of darkness once you have enough corruption to proc it spiteful operations is a good alternative in mythic Plus scenarios but usually these are the traits you want to aim for as much as possible for the essences you can build towards single target or AoE and each build can be used in both raids and dungeons depending on what you are looking to achieve for single target you can go with the memory of lucid dreams major or the condense life force major if you raided last year or don’t mind hopping in now to get it life force at rank 3 only is a good choice for pure single target wall memory is a good choice everywhere else as minors start with blood of the enemy working on both grid and haste with essence of the focusing RS being a good haste buff when you are in pure single target breath of the dying is the up-and-coming player on the block with a lot of damage bump as a minor even if you don’t have it ranked three Brea we scenarios focusing ours will be your general option here for AoE burst as a major memory of lucid dreams has universal usage regardless of how many targets you fight the main issue with shadow and dungeons is that you want to be ideally in combat a hundred percent of the time to either not waste any buff stacks or mitigate their decay as much as possible this is usually something you can achieve with the pre-made group and in very high keys in contrast with your eye level so that doesn’t die too fast as miners you cannot for the same ones blood of the enemy breath of the dying and depending on the major you picked memory of lucid dreams or focusing iris there are more options you can play with and test or even sim and these ones are recommended assuming you have them at rank 3 with breath of the dying being the only exception when it comes to any sort of gear you should check the Warcraft Reese comm website where you will find links and graphs like this one right here especially as the meta is forming and Blizzard is running out nerves and buffs left and right for trinkets psyche shredder and Vita charged tennis charts seems to be the base at the moment shredder is a shadow damage proc trinket that works really well considering how much haste you will be rocking and speaking of face the terror shard is one of the best new haste Ricketts added this patch and currently available if you need alternatives one really easy to get is the humming black dragon scale from Ratheon and really any high-level haste or creep trinkets you can loot from your mythic key runs when it comes to weapons the corrupted types shadow has two very underwhelming options in the rain valves your Cal and I stock of ilgwon off are okay to have if you don’t have any other options available but most likely not something you want to save your bonus rolls for if you are running the heart of darkness trade and have no other corruptions available then these will be good triggers for it otherwise you want to aim for specific corruptions and by am I mean hope to the dear gods the old kind that they will corrupt an item you can equip with the fact that you want what this is your ng Sh ah you’re crazy this is fine if it starts is still the best single target damage factory in the game and gushing wounds having the most value per corruption points currently available toilet devastation will be the AoE counterpart although seems to be a bit wonky forecasters since it procs at your location and not at the target you are pity what you really want to keep an eye out for is the severe corruption that increases the amount of crit you gain from other sources discounts gear buffs trades essences and yeah pretty good right not to mention that it provides crazy value considering how cheap it is to equip only outshined by gushing wounds and even that is debatable.

The opener is simple since most of your rotation is pretty baseline and requires minimal setup make sure you are in shadow form if you are a forgetful dumbass and not a major issue if your name is inflamed pre pot before the pool as always and pre cast shadow Ward void apply shadow word pain and vampiric touch cast your second shadow war void fill in with mind please until you can pop void eruption cast void bolt and continue to the normal priority list number one to cast at all times is void form void bolt being a close second shadow fiend next maintain pain and vampiric touch shadow world void fill in with mine place and that’s about it a few notes here shadow fiend should be cast ideally at your highest amounts of paste possible it’s difficult to tell with BFA having 50 buff procs that you can track but more you aim at popping the fiend then the better your insanity generation will get since Finn gets your haste so yeah it’s pretty good when a void form you will often find yourself mid mind plays as your void bolt got off cooldown it’s ideal for you to interrupt your mind flake by casting void bolts considering you get your azurite trade and talents that we recommend it.

Balt will be your number one ability once you are in void for shadowfiend is still closed after with void eruption taking a spot next maintain pain and vampiric touch on the target use Dark Void when the ads are clumped for easy pain spread.

Shadow word void next on the list with mind tear replacing mind fillets as a filler on three or more targets you should avoid void bolts if you can hit 16 or more targets that’s a bit unlikely unless you are playing at a high level with the tank and a group that know what they are doing also share word void is ignored when you are fighting five or more targets this is simple math in terms of how to optimize damage output and insanity generation there are other talents and even traits that can alter the rotation a bit at least in terms of priority I would recommend you check the Warcraft preached discord channel where he can find details about this specifically the bow head guide written by DJ rift who helped clarify certain things we were iffy about we cover the basics but there is a lot more to learn about shadow and for any advanced tips the Warcraft priest community has a lot of it for and you can find the links down below a special thank you to our top patreon San who mains a shadow for longer than I’ve been a non virgin and if you think I’m lying I have no data to support my claim but San does know his shadow stuff and he is an active member of our community if you are interested in having any shadow questions answered check San in our Dysport or add his battlenet tag san hashtag two two five four zero no really he offers this to us and I warned him he would get dick pics and marriage proposals from different princes from warmer climates thank you very much to our patrons for supporting our content guys you make all this possible and you motivate us to never never give up at improving our quality at everything and in everything that we do thank you very much everybody and if you are interested in supporting us all the more check the links down below you will find our patreon link we even have a much link with some Marcel ian cool graphical designs that you can get for yourself if you like it thank you for watching the video hope it helped and we’ll see you next time never gotta meet someone like you you know you.

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