How To Complete Escape From Midas By Derponce – Fortnite Creative Guide

Author: Sonjay

Guide description

Map code – 7338-6325-8460 (use code sonjay in the item shop if u want to).

Today I’m going to show you how to complete escape from midas.

Which is a featured creative map.

Difficulty – hard.

I tried to complete in a short time so if I helped in anyway that’s great.

Objective – ESCAPE.

This was very fun to play and to make for you guys.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Okay guys time to play escape from mid ass Soviet middle-earth is Misty’s guy in the middle of the agency in the actual battery our map so it’s quite cool hello mate a actual map on him which i think is really really good so there’s seven levels range for easy to impossible well so you have made ask and got a run from the barrier basically we’ll see here Barry is pretty quick on the first level the first level is not really a challenge hopefully I can one take everything they’ll be amazing but probably will die a few times anyway this one’s a bit weird this one you’ve got the time and this one’s pretty easy this one the same medium difficulties any for a two medium one easy I think believe anyway.

So keep him running I’ve got the relaxed fight there we’ve got a last one run away to the gold cube and your teleport nicely okay it’s to medium yep to the dining room okay the dining room but this one to remember okay this one this one behind you obviously so just right those are running I feel as much of a challenge in this one.

That’s pretty now gets harder the jewelry room is pretty hard a lot jumping involved so it’s good let’s focus up jumping they’ve been here on the side nobody been come fruit crouch and your head there we go now a little five bank vault this one is very annoying to saw what timing but once again I think it’s pretty easy oh good this one the first one why is this you can skip that so we got to do here to get inside and crouch move to go of your head and then go again same again crouch refer to go over your head and this one run it’s quite scary they lost it but you made a jump nor what and we’re first there we go that was sick to me a school this one is pretty hard so this one you come to the left with me to us and jump as far as you can always bury will cool you but this one’s pretty hard a probably will die here.

So is that bad guys stuck on there we go got free that nicely jump on here jump again this one’s got this base quite hard drop for the middle oh my god we got climb now know what oh my gosh but up oh there’s a barrier behind me this is quite a through let me show you what to do just want this hint on the side there but nothing you need to first I’m running here I’m gonna die guys it’s gonna be here oh wait I’ll wait for it to go again chorus either jumping umbrella.

Clunk jump were free to go one more time then what god that’s torn up they’re so good forward.

I nearly done that way too early Go Go it oh my god we went too early I do that a lot.

Really early sometimes don’t do that I’ll show you again I went pretty quickly so this time flight speed run it turn to it’s kind of logical you don’t go too early oh I saw this in parallel GUI.

Jump you got it all back here again again here you can get this hole here guys.

Open chest and we’ll just shoot that door lets me go to jump on the umbrella like this there you go jump forward jump on this umbrella this is the last bit guys so we’ve got to go one more time this hopefully should be the end go jump on the rail in true hit no there we go and that is it guys just so that we have completed their map and yet sheet up door why there’s not free of it always make sure both open but this is out guys so but if I help that any way then please subscribe the channel and like the video of course I had that beam up videos in a while there’s nothing really connect videos on but thank guys so I’m watching and I will catch you next video bye guys.

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