How To “Find Deadpool’s Katanas” In Fortnite! – Week 4 Deadpool Challenges Guide – Katana Locations!

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As we approach Week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2, we have had the next Challenges / Rewards for the Deadpool Set Leaked! Today we go over a Guide for All Deadpool Challenges / Rewards including how to “Find Deadpool’s Katanas” to unlock his free back bling in-game!

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You and I are playing a game and Deadpool says and Deadpool says drop alike in the next five seconds or else your entire port night Locker will be vaulted do you want a free fall night Chapter two season to battle pass while I’m gonna be gifting hundreds of subscribers literally over the next coming weeks so make sure you subscribe to the channel and comment your epic games ID down below so that way I can give you the chapter to season to battle pass and if you subscribe right now you potentially could be a 1.4 million subscriber also don’t forget to use code friendly machine in the item shop when picking of the battle pass if you happen to buy it or be gifted it or gift someone else it and let me know in the comments if you have done this so I can heart it to show my appreciation so with the day’s passing now we’re currently rapidly approaching the week for challenges for Deadpool releasing on a separate day to the weekly chunks sets that we normally complete every season now despite these not being released Jets obviously dare to minors have been able to go into the files and find weak force challenges not only that but how we can complete them to earn Deadpool’s katana back bling which is also directly associated to find two of these katana scattered around either our HQ or in the map and we’re going to be showing all the locations or possibilities or where they can appear in this video alongside a quick guide of all the other weekly challenges for Deadpool that you guys will be able to complete literally in under two minutes if that sounds good to you all this is something you want to see then make sure you sticking around for the full things so more people then can get the video and they’re recommended to see these katanas locations and obviously the quick guide on the other challenge that will allow us to earn the katana back bling as every weekly challenge set that releases for Deadpool has two challenges contained in it quickly before we go over these challenges and how you guys can complete them or most importantly find the katanas as there’s going to be two sets of Deadpool’s to will katanas laying around somewhere that I’m gonna be revealing soon we need to go over the guide of how you can earn all three cosmetics on screen obviously for complete indeed weeks one two three Deadpool challenge sets the first chance for week one is find ed Paul’s letter which also reveals an upcoming cosmetic potentially that where you’d have mentioning also further on in the video the battle bus wrap this is simply something you can’t miss and obviously not thanking the first is something subconsciously that you probably already have done as you’ve jumped out to the battle bus just trying to figure out where you want to learn that loot and then hopefully go to what win in a week – we have fine Deadpool’s milk carton which is here on the left to the letter so you literally just click left again on the d-pad and you will find it if you haven’t already select it and pick it up and find Deadpool’s chimichangas around the HQ all the locations of which are clearly displayed on this tweet a week three we have fine Deadpool’s toilet plunger which can be found in TN tina’s agent base or kind of room whatever it is when we click proceed to actually view the character what they’re choosing ghost or shadow as her team and it’s on the wall to the right destroying toilets the best location to do this is actually what you can see on screen right now London at this name location and following the guide obviously as it shows basically going from left to right and feel free to pause the video if you haven’t done this challenge yet and obviously want to follow these steps when actually plane simultaneously so that now leaves us with fine Deadpool’s katanas two of which we need to find or two to world sets as you guys know this is the reward itself and what it will look like upon completing this week for challenge sets not just finding the katanas but also dealing ten thousand damage to opponent structures and also other people are speculating to that it will simply be two jeweled sets as previously mentioned of the back bling either scattered around the HQ or in a battle royale map which we’re going to be revealing now all the locations possibly that these could be in the first thing to debunk is the fact it won’t be in the house calls or we won’t have to wait until his room is revealed to actually then obtain the back bling as this is eight days from now and the weekly challenges without fail release every week unlike the environment of these rooms containing our battle past ancient characters if it is going to be in one of these rooms it will simply be in Brutus’s or ten Tina’s actual room that we’re already revealed to if we earn the battle pass in terms of the exact location we don’t know as of now but the katanas will look like this when we actually go to pick them up and we’ll be new in the scenery of these rooms for example TNT know right here only has three options of things to select when going here so simply just mess around with obviously selecting or trying to go different directions to hover above other objects that you specifically can’t really see first glance but obviously then world once highlighted as this is a tip I usually use or used when find in the toilet plunger again the same thing applies to Brutus’s room obviously the chimichangas will be there all sir so it won’t just be three if you haven’t already picked these up but make sure you have and if you have these fourth thing to select then will be a katana or katanas of Deadpool’s that people also are speculating is this katana on the left being one of them as we’re gonna get a more 360 kind of view of the room once this update goes live this would make sense because we cannot see the full katana as of now and how we know this is air katana in the first place we’re gonna be mentioning in just a second because this location can actually physically be found in game the also may be one of the locations for the katanas as we can physically see the whole object but again with all the tips applied maybe perhaps being the hardest in the HQ because there’s the most options fiddle around in all directions with your d-pad option to select different places obviously then showing us different stuff like the challenge table and you may land or find easier the katanas that also will highlight the name of them if we’re hovering above them also outlining it’s in white Deadpool’s hideouts however is obviously a lot easier considering there’s not as many options or surface area to cover in terms of where these katanas could be and the same thing applies to maya the customizable character as we know chimichangas have also been located here so it’s a possibility one of these katanas if not more objects in the future weeks.

Upcoming for Deadpool’s challenges will be located here before we show the in-game location of where Deadpool may have actually been staying also linking to our storyline to complete the other challenge obviously dealing 10000 damage to opponent structures hop into Team Rumble it’s a no brainer you can respawn have tons more time more opportunities to do this and the best thing about this mode is used for with a certain amount of each material I believe it’s over at least 100 of each category whether it be brick metal or wood so now that you guys potentially only need to know this location that I’m about to show in order to obtain the battling all the katanas after doing that 10,000 damage to opponent structures head over to the grata until where I’m going right now there’s one particular room where as you can see this katana from Brutus’s room that we can actually access when viewing him as an agent to select ghosts or shadow as his designated team is on what seems to be some sort of creds but furthermore there’s a reference to Deadpool right here as also is in Brutus’s hideout where we can see a picture being held up by a knife and this is directly taken from the second movie scene where he’s basically picking a certain team to actually then go on a mission with and is basically remembering the faces of these people by pinning them up on a wall with you guessed it and I first threw them into it if this was just a normal room with a katana in it I’d disregard it completely but considering this reference to Brutus his room and also Lincoln in this theme of Deadpool with reference to the second movie in this particular scene I definitely think it will have future involvement if not now with this katana battling in terms of the Deadpool challenges that release every week anyways those of all the Deadpool challenges we know of as of now on all the rewards we can earn however I’ll keep you guys up to date with everything newly leaked for what’s up coming in the future weeks of Deadpool challenges once update 12.20 girls live very soon if you thought the interesting part of the video was the katanas well you haven’t seen anything yet as now we’re going to be basically making sense of how Deadpool actually links to our storyline with large reference of the second movie and also the fact we know this is a Marvel collaboration to promote his third movie as somebody over on Twitter involved with the production of this movie confirmed there will be a Deadpool 3 firstly the grotto not only has reference to Deadpool being hair or actually earning a certain room or basically the whole thing as this room in here clearly indicates but there is now being a mess carved into the side of the mountain.

Also resembling the face of Deadpool or should I say the spandex mask upon him obviously being fully suited up again as the week’s pass will further keep you guys updated as to how these carvings are looking if not more like Deadpool as time progresses.

I guess we’re yet to see the other reference though directly correlating this season’s theme and ultimately what’s going on to the second movie of Deadpool even as a whole is the fact in the second movie Deadpool basically as previously mentioned forms a team to accomplish something and seems to be well what’s going on here with these agents seemingly and he may be the puppet master behind it all upon being unlockable for the first time when the week nine challenges for Deadpool actually roll around some other cosmetics will be able to obtain until then in the weekly chunks that’s leading all the way up to week 8 are the battle bus obviously first indicated on this letter previously mentioned at the start of the video and viewing its which could look like this upon data man is doing that thing and applying these textures to the battle bus in game and also the ride the con spray clearly indicates we’re going to be seeing one of these new rival gliders as shown off in the actual battle past trailer for this season but in a Deadpool theme obviously a unicorn with their Deadpool mask who knows considering this is their collaboration like wicks bounty maybe perhaps we’ll see a Deadpool themed umbrella called that fall as people have been speculating but maybe doesn’t look like this maybe perhaps this that my friend made and actually managed to pull into game I guess way yet tuner but either way that’s all I’ve got for you guys in today’s video so hopefully you all enjoyed or found interest informative or helpful if you did if any of those three boxes are ticked make sure to stop a liking it down below and subscribe to the channel with all notifications turned on so that you get the official guide upon this update going live for week falls Deadpool challenges being implemented into fortnight Chapter two season two hopefully I can also recognize you guys from remaining active in the comment section of my future videos to come and I’m out have an amazing rest I’ll be there all night wherever you are whenever you’re watching have a good one take it easy and as always peace.

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