How To Get An OP Trident! Minecraft Guide Episode 52 (Minecraft 1.15.2 Let’s Play)

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Today’s episode is all about the super cool unique trident! Tridents, when given the correct enchantments, are great is many situations, especially against water mobs like Gaurdians. In this episode we take the time to get a trident then gear it up with some really good enchantments.

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Hey there elites how’s it going it’s me your guy waddles welcome back to the minecraft guide episode number 52 so we’re at a noisy place today very very loud I keep asking them to keep it down but they’re not really keeping it down we’re actually starting over here at the zombie farm today to answer a question from a couple episodes ago which sounds weird but assuming that you could read you probably already have a pretty decent idea as to what today’s episode will be about it’ll be about trident and drown which brings us to the point of drowned farms from zombie spawners on java edition.

Unfortunately on Java edition making a drowned farm out of a zombie spawner is pretty much pointless now on bedrock edition that’s not necessarily the case and it could be worth your time but yep it doesn’t work on Java edition and that is why I didn’t turn this into a drowned farm even if I went through the effort to convert this farm into a drowned farm a few episodes back I wouldn’t actually receive drowned loot from it on Java edition so basically big bummer big bad that’s why I did not make this thing a drowned farm mm-hmm I am super pleased with how this farm ended up though this thing is amazing easily my favorite mob farm in the world the experience from this thing it’s pretty crazy the loot is really nice too because of our looting three sword but yeah long story short very very good farm now today’s episode is all about the Trident AB you a person’s back I actually like quite a wild back now when we were building this set of armor I asked you guys to guess what the next big project would be if you guessed.

Getting Guardian revenge you are the Big Brain you have won the big attack so what do you get nothing there is no prize today the plan is to get our hands on a trident this could be something that is very very time-consuming this might be difficult but hopefully it’s not we actually are completely ready we have all of the gear that we need to get a trident so Stanley how you doing you’re gonna come with us today we need to ride off to the ocean first because if.

Golus tridents we’ll have to do quite a bit of hunting tried answer not craftable so good friend Stanley you are going to be good you will be good horse and you will wait right here we’ll go ahead and make a temporary stable for Stanley right here like this and Stanley’s good Stanley is trapped there until we come back for him which we will is sooner rather than later but Stanley definitely shouldn’t go into the water with us today because drowned with Trident they are very very strong if you’re trying to get a trident i definitely recommend having at least a decent set of armor and having some water enchantments on your boots and your helmet would be a really really good idea yeah drowned with Trident they can like to hate you if you don’t have a good armor so you’re gonna need the good armor you will also definitely absolutely not a question about it want to have a looting of three sword on you unless you’re willing to do this for potentially hours like literally hours it could take a long time on a Minecraft Java Edition 6.25% of drowned have the chance to spawn with the Trident that is already not very good once you take that drowned out you’ll have an 8.5% chance to get a trident yep that’s right very very bad odds but fortunately a beautiful beautiful I’m beautiful in Chapman the devs love us they gave us the beautiful enchantment of looting a long time ago and each level of looting will increase our drop percentage chance each level of looting will raise the chance that we have to receive a trident by 1% so that means so with eluding three sword we have a whopping 11.5 percent chance to receive a trident from a drowned that is holding a trident so first to get a really good set of armor and then get a looting three sword bonus points if you put sharpness on the sword sharpness will definitely help take the drow down next head to an ocean in your world then jump into the water if you have good armor is swimming around is a great great great idea while you’re swimming in the water drowned will spawn and actually be attracted to you if you were riding in a boat the drowned actually won’t care about you because you’re not in the body of water so swimming will definitely help but you should only swim if you have a good set of armor if you’re working with like even an unenchanted iron set of armor you’re gonna want to stick closer to the shore just in case things get bad fortunately drought will stop pathfinding to you if you jump out of the water so if things get bad we could grab this boat place it down we could jump into the boat and the drowned that are around us will not care about us anymore.

Now you’re looking for a drowned like that guy over there I like the sides to that that’s a beautiful sight you’re looking for the drowned holding the Tritons if you have a drown like this guy that doesn’t have a trodden 0% chance to get it rotten you should probably take it out but yep don’t expect to tried it now you buddy buddy you’re gonna be really nice to me today you’re gonna be good what we’re gonna do is let the drown hit us once what enchantments how good as your Trident okay you’re pretty weak I just wanted to test it out but you you’re gonna have to go away now we need to of course take this drowned out with the looting three sword and hope and hope and oh man and hope for it for its ride it but unfortunately no Trident you go away I’m not happy your friend did not your friend did not do it man okay well we’re gonna have to get used to that that’s probably gonna happen quite a bit today now drowned and Trident were added back in the update aquatic there’s a bit of an interesting mechanic that I’ve never understood when it comes to drowned and item dropping ever drowned spawns with a nautilus shell it actually has a 100 percent chance to drop that nautilus shell but that’s not the case for Trident which is definitely a huge huge bummer drown can actually also spawn holding fishing rods which is kind of cool but let’s be honest we don’t need the fishing rods from the ground we could by this point in the game we can definitely crap a fishing rod maybe probably now finding a drone with a trident is something that can take a lot of time you’re basically waiting for the game to actually spawn one of those mobs into the game and then you’re hoping that you’ll have the chance to actually pick up a trident it can take a lot of time if you’re having trouble finding ground though there is one trick that you can do actually if you find these ruins under the water and you head over to them there should be a few drown to near them when these ruins generate in your world they actually generate with some drowned let’s drown definitely do have a chance to spawn with a trident and there’s also loot here there should be loot in here I don’t think I’ve looted this one quite yet I know I saw a chest this chest I definitely saw this one what do we have here nothing good we’ll go ahead and take the cold that stuff can stay and then I think I saw another one right over here right Yeah right there you go away block what do we have a map oh okay a treasure map that’s cool we can go ahead and look at that uh we are actually really close I could go ahead and go for some treasure that could be cool I’m thinking that that would be back over near our base though right like that’s gonna be over there so we’ll get that when we’re heading back home for now we’ll go ahead and continue the hunt now I definitely recommend doing this hunt during the daytime.

You see Minecraft can only spawn so many hostile mobs at a time so if you’re trying to do this at night time you’ll have Hospital mobs spawning up on the surface like over there and in that field.

Thank you dolphin that was kind of you definitely needed that don’t have hostile mobs spawning on the surface as well as in the ocean which is a problem if hostile mobs can spawn on the surface they’ll have less of a chance to spawn under the ocean and basically big bad if you’re really really dedicated to this project theoretically you could find a spot in the ocean go under the ocean floor light up all of the caves and then you’ll actually have really really good spawning rights under the water but I’ll let’s be honest and I’m not willing to dedicate that much time to this I think it’ll be a whole lot easier to just swim around the ocean and hope we get lucky eventually which I know we will it’ll just be a matter of time also definitely take advantage of the drones natural pathfinding ability if you swim up towards the surface of the ocean drown will also swim up towards the surface of the ocean it might be smarter to take on the drone up near the surface in case anything a bad starts to happen you could use your getaway boat and get away or you could just get a fresh breath of air mid-fight.

So the plan today is to basically swim around this ocean like crazy and pay as much attention as possible to the drowned spawns sooner or later a drought will spawn with a trident and we’ll get lucky how long will the pea honestly unfortunately no clue while swimming around this ocean I’ll definitely be making a stop at each and every ruin that I find and if you’re looking for a trident you should definitely do the same thing if you have a really good eye and there’s like an open ocean like this area over here you can actually stay up on the surface and see weird rounder spawning I see one right down there no trident though so not really worth their time hello there buddy you’re gonna have to go away thank you very much thank you while waiting for a drone to actually spawn with a trident it would be a very good idea to keep moving unless you’ve lit up all of the caves and blocked all other potential spawning areas for hostile mobs in a specific area if I were to stand right here and just wait a bunch of hostile mobs would spawn in the caves that are definitely underneath this ocean and they’d idle around as those mobs spawn and idle around just waiting there taking up the hospital mobcap and basically blocking eventually eliminating the chance for drown to actually spawn in the ocean over here with the trident long story short unless you blocked all other potential hostile mob spawns in an area which you probably haven’t keep moving boy you no no no goodbye the drought will only spawn if the light level is seven or less so if you have some area that is crazy lit up under the sea well the drown won’t spawn there so don’t waste your time waiting for the drown to spawn there the drown can actually spawn in River biomes if you have a river biome near your base and maybe you lit up all of the caves you could just use the river to hunt around but it could take more time the rivers are going to generally be smaller than oceans because I mean it’s a river if you have less water that means less space for the drown to spawn it is not fun it’s definitely not fun at all but patience is key here it’s worth it in the end so just keep moving keep swimming keep looking eventually will happen and it’s just a matter of time I’d like to take a break here real quick before I continue to talk about drowned hunting without good armor if you don’t have good armor and you’re trying to hunt drowned well one it’s gonna be a lot more difficult but two you could use this method right here so here we are at some beach to the beach could really be anywhere so long as it is a beach let’s say I have it drowned down there at the bottom of the ocean I could jump into the water and let the drown swim up towards me a little bit then I could jump out of the water watch out for the Tritons if the drown does have a trident it will be throwing that right and at you but basically you can jump in and out of the water and lure the Drowned upwards towards you and then once the drowned is up near the surface near you you could jump into the water and finish that round off but I only recommend doing that if you don’t have a good set of armor it is going to be a lot more tricky and a lot more time-consuming I’m better organization though that works pretty well but getting a trident on better organism is generally not very difficult at all the struggle is nowhere near as much of a struggle over there being out in the open ocean like no land nearby will probably be your best bet 100% this is the one it has to be the one I’ve been at it for so long one hit two heads the energy feels right here you’re gonna hit your you drop that try to Furby yeah oh my gosh elites oh it leach this is big this is big this is big oh wow you don’t know how happy I am I’m gonna do that I’m sorry cod you know what no no no no this is gonna be a special cod you will live with us forever oh my gosh I was so excited this tried it took him forever to get I’ve been at this for so so long elites has spent a long time I was heading over to this right here Wow but wow we’re a long ways from home but it does not matter because we have a trident and we’re here at the shipwreck so I wanted to check the shipwreck oh this is definitely not a shipwreck that I’ve found quite yet we are yeah again very very far from home this is amazing I finally got the tried and so once you get lucky enough a like me your guy here to get a trident the trident can have random or will have random durability it could be really really good it could be kind of bad right here is a decent trident but unfortunately we have somebody that I like to call sandy who can help us out with our trident now unfortunately if you find a trident and it doesn’t have you know like a lot of jelly you’re needed to fix it up how do you fix the trident up well very bad news but to fix the trident up and this definitely doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but to fix a trident up you need to find another trident or you’ll have to get mending so yeah if you were unfortunate and you got a broken trident I’m sorry I feel your pain this took me a long time which was painful but yeah you’re you’re gonna need to get another Trident yeah I’m sorry now uh sense we are right here over by this treasure let’s go ahead and grab the treasure with then we’re gonna head home and get this trident stacked we need this trident to VOP I mean as it stands right now it would be good we can throw it we can use in everything but there are definitely some special enchantments that belong on Trident so that we should 100% get on our Trident now in terms of like our location in the world I think we’re sort of near the Mesa if I’m right I think the Masons should be over that way I think I’m not 100% sure but I think that’s where we are I know our base is way back at I think about negative 300 zero yeah the Masons right there okay so yep that’s where we are.

But I yeah like I was saying the base should be somewhere like negative 300 maybe like 80 or something like that now the treasure it looks like we’re gonna have some fully planted treasure this time we’re gonna go ahead and try the phils away a fighting treasure I have very bad luck with finding the treasure this way elites that’s why I didn’t go over it in the episode but if we line ourself up like this and then we look down and we dig the hole my gosh should work I work oh wow okay so the trick here this is again fills this trick but look at how I’m lined up on that X right there oh wow it worked I have very bad luck with this method but that’s beautiful this is some treasure right here we’re gonna go ahead and bring all of that home that’s our third harder to see inventory is filled perfectly definitely time to go home now now instead of using a boat and just sailing home or going over to the Mesa and using our portal I will actually swim all the way home just in case maybe we’ll get lucky and find it maybe we could find a port right us which would be cool I don’t expect it in this took a long time but maybe I mean you never know right so I’m gonna go ahead and fill this map in and then I will be swimming all the way back to the base for some enchanting oh boy elites that was a very very successful journey so we’re back over at the base now.

Pam’s doing well and the loot is doing very very well as well so this chest is all of the loot that we got from our adventure but most importantly this beautiful beautiful thing raised there we’re gonna go ahead and bring that with us and then we’ll bring this bucket of cod with us as well all of this other stuff can sort of wait here I live in the heart of the sea we’ll go ahead and put that thing over here with the other heart of the Seas that we have so three that’s pretty good now we do I believe have some enchanting to get done but first this cod needs to live somewhere so let’s go ahead and input the cod rates there you will live there forever my friend now the fish that you place down from these buckets will never despawn so that Cod will live there forever as long as it doesn’t like get hurt on something or something unfortunate like that but we’re gonna definitely hope that that doesn’t happen that would be really really bad also I need some water because I’m not a big fan of that random flowing block right there I have no clue how that happened I wonder how long that’s been like that now tried an enchantment so I did find this book that we have channeling is a trident enchantment but I’d like to go ahead and check the afk fish bar because in between this cut and the last one I actually did go ahead and use it a little bit for something that we will need in the next episode that thing we’ll need these right here eight of these Nautilus shells for the next episode but I think we might actually have some enchanted books in here well actually I know we have a lot of enchanted books in here and loyalty three ooh that’s really good we’re looking for trident enchantments right now enchantments that will help us build something that is really really good and we actually just found the most important tried in enchantment so yeah this Enchantix stuff it’s gonna be pretty easy now I just want to double check everything check that one and that is it now I actually started organizing a little bit of the fish over here the cod are going to go in and then maybe the other fish as well and then things like saddles will go in here then I don’t know I kind of stopped there because the enchanted books will go over to the armory maybe we’ll put other things like just junk in that on their chests I’d like to keep things like nametags in the storage building as well because they’re kind of good they’re kind of fancy you know but yeah there’s some updates of this far it’s been working amazingly and we have the shells that we need for the next big project now finally it is enchanting time when Trident were added to Minecraft back in the update aquatic they came with four unique Trident enchantments these are enchantments that will only go on Trident the first one is definitely is the most important one then enchantment is loyalty with loyalty on your Trident it will come back to you there are three different levels of loyalty loyalty one two and three each increasing level of loyalty decreases the amount of time that it will take for your Trident to actually come back to you so loyalty three grants you the fastest return speed of your Trident if you don’t have loyalty on your Trident you’re gonna need to go pick the thing up if you throw it to actually use it again that is not very fun sounding at all the second special Trident enchantment is the channeling enchantment channeling is very very cool if you throw your Trident at something and during a thunderstorm that thing will get struck with a lightning bolt with the channeling enchantment lightning can be channeled right over to wherever you’re trying to lands that’s very very cool now these first two enchantments we just talked about are mutually exclusive with a Riptide which means if you have channeling on your Trident or if you have a loyalty on your Trident you cannot get ripped out on your Trident Riptide is a cool enchantment but I really personally don’t like it very much if you have ripped out on your Trident and you use your Trident you’ll be pulled forward it’s sort of like in a stream towards your target it’s cool and all but I don’t know it’s not really for me there are three different levels of rip tides finally we have impaling which is basically sharpness for a trident impaling increases the damage that your Trident will do so what do we have we have unbreaking three okay on breaking three is an amazing amazing enchantment what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and take it see what we have on breaking three only on breaking through down I really really wanted that impaling oh boy so big question do we unenchanted or do we keep it ah man Gabe why do you got to do this oh boy you know what yeah I would hate to just enchant it and then and then I have something that’s not worth it I wish we had another Trident right now oh man okay you know what I don’t necessarily love the sound of this idea but we’re gonna go ahead and just enchant that trident ouch and hope that something’s better is here unbreaking 3 again.

Well okay at the least we get it back hopefully we don’t have something like Riptide on this thing on breaking three that’s really it wow that’s a big hikes because you could definitely get those enchantments that I was just talking about from an enchanting table a little bit of a bummer they were put on braking three that’s not bad we’ll just have to get that impaling enchantment later on at some point maybe maybe if I’m lucky I can fish it up in the afk fish farm now next up we definitely need mending on our Trident for sure not a question about it is there a book up here yes there is okay good I completely forgot about that so mending boom thank you very much sandy you are always always a treasure so aside from those for fancy tried an enchantment so we just talked about Dryden’s can also get on breaking mending and the curse of vanishing all other enchantments cannot go on that trident unfortunately now I’ve been being 100% on this one thing that never made sense to me is looting on the Trident why can’t that happen I mean it is what it is what just why so now we’re gonna go ahead and build our Trident up with all of these enchantments starting with loyalty three because that is definitely the most important one out of the bunch so loyalty three boom there we go now our Trident will come back to us now we’ll go ahead and put channeling on this trident so we can control the Thunder that’s really cool sounding finally we’ll go ahead and put some mending on this trident and then we need to name the Trident I don’t really have a good name for the Trident right now so we’ll go ahead and name the Trident Steve that’s a strong cool name very Minecraft and later we’ll name it something better now it’s time to go ahead and fix this Trident up but first we need to throw the Trident at something probably not the B’s let’s just throw the Trident over here ooh that is so cool now we can use this trident to actually hunt things which is really really awesome and this is gonna help us for sure with water things.

Unfortunately no impaling but I I think we’ll be able to get our hands on impaling later on it maybe if I’m lucky I’ll fish it up in the afk fish farm if not I could get a random book and chanted with impaling and just combine it to destroyed it time to heal this thing up though so while I wait for the zombies to actually drop down into this farm let’s go ahead and talk the best Trident possible in my opinion we almost have the best possible Trident in Minecraft we are only missing and paling if we got impaling five and let’s try two this would be the best tried impossible in Minecraft unless you like the sounds of Riptide if you’re going with Riptide remove the loyalty remove the channeling put ripped out on your Trident and boom you’re good to go but again your guy over here is not a big fan of Riptide so I would personally never go for a Riptide Trident personal preference though so let’s go ahead and remove these medic things and let’s go I had a get rid of you guys thank you very much for all of that experience and you guys over here thank you very much as well oh we’re so close so close oh man this is why I love this bar I’ve been down here for like no time at all and our Trident is in perfect health while we’re down here I feel like we might as well heal up the pickaxe as well so you there we go and then over here the shovel – there we go we are back to full health with everything that has mending on it which makes me for a member that should probably get mending on our sword I mean why not at this point right probably high send a long time don’t see how you’ve been doing let’s go ahead and get a mending book from you one more trade and you will level up that is a big moment I’m so proud of you sandy so proud of you.

By the way one of you guys to recommend to do it this big brain move right there because the fence gate closes but I’m gonna have to fix that later on I’m gonna have to fix it right now that’s gonna drive me crazy big brain move thank you very much so before we put mending on our sword we have one big deciding determining factor the sword only has sharpness three if we put it up there sharpness three book on it what do we get we get sharpness four okay okay we could probably go from sharpness floor and then it we find like a sharpness for book and put it on here too that might be a pretty good idea let’s go ahead and do that and then mending right there that sword is really really good – now all we need is sharpness 5 and our diamond sword is pretty much that it is going to be heartbreaking if I ever lose these tools – like the void or something that would be devastating but at least that is actually going to be just about it for today’s episode of the Minecraft guide that is how you get your hands on a trident and that is in my opinion what the best trident in this game would be this thing is going to be our new best friend but it definitely needs a better name so name ideas throw those down below in the comments if you liked the video drop a like and subscribe today I’d like to send a big thank-you a big shout out out to Charlie may and Gareth Kay thank you very very much for the support and I will see you all in the next episode merchant links right down below this video good bye a stay elite.

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