How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 11 – Battleship Positioning Guide

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In episode 11 of How to Get Good at World of Warships I discuss battleship positioning, what you should be looking to do in every game you play as a battleship.

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Hello everybody and welcome back good to talk to all of you again today and today on the eleventh episode of how to get good at world of warships we’re going to talk about battleship positioning in more detail so what I’m going to do is I’m going to first show you what is very typical battleship play you see this with a large majority of battleship players who do poorly in the class in terms of positioning and I want you to look at this clip and tell me what you’re noticing is wrong if the very first answer you have to this question is hmm this Repub doesn’t seem to be using all of this firepower you are correct.

The failure to utilize all firepower is a big mistake for a lot of battleship players they’ll sometimes angle in a way that they only use it for guns now in the case of the Repub if you only use the four turret you’re using 50% of your firepower maximum you have to find a way to use all of your firepower this means that in order to do this you have to understand the way the game mechanics are you have to understand how penetration works you have to understand how auto balance works you have to understand how armored angling works and all those things added together allow you to bring all your firepower into a fight that’s the first thing but positionally what are you noticing if you’re looking at this and you’re saying hmm.

I think the positioning is making it so that the enemy team is going to angle very easily towards this Repub you’ll be correct it is another mistake and this mistake is being on a similar axis typically a singular one this case if you’re looking at what the Alabama is and you look at where the Repub is the enemy battleships like this Kremlin the Amagi behind with a lot of aw stuff behind them.

They just have to point their bow roughly towards both ships and the chances of either battleship being able to do good damage to these enemy ships is very very low this is another massive issue a lot about OSHA players do not understand that in order to get the maximum impact out of their ship and their firepower is to try to find a crossfire position not only try to find a position but also how to create set positions now obviously by this point of this particular game the ref who’s already put himself into a really bad position so not much more you can do to fix this thing has to do is sort of earlier on the impact is if you are in the right kinds of crossfire positions you can do significant amounts of damage and if you end up not doing those significant amounts of damage your team will be the ones to do it so what I will do over the course of today is to show you how to generate those type of opportunities for yourself so first things first this is a game I had in a Yamato and we started the game and I decided actually not to leave the middle area that I spawned in because we had a big massive ships as you can see on the right hand side and there’s a pretty big sizeable group of enemies on that flank as well now you’ll see that their Yamato and their Des Moines they’re all angled towards the stuff that would have been in front of them that big group to the right so as also I stayed here in the middle I would get very easy crossfire opportunities this Yamato is actually fortunate that that cell will only hit him for 13k damage for penetrations of one Overman should have gotten more because I am in an ideal position I’ve gotten this side shot and the thing is when I’m here it’s very difficult for the ships over there to deal with it their only options really is to try to move themselves into some kind of cover so that they can stay angle to the things in front of them while I continue to drop shells on them and this self on the other hand twenty seven and a half thousand damage salvo and the Yamato is forced to move himself into a not very good position now of course when you are trying to establish position what you’re really trying to keep an eye out on is if I decide to let’s say be an anchor right let’s just use an anchor sort of analogy I’m anchoring a position and I become the high threat and enemy battleships have to angle me then what I’m trying to do is create an opportunity for my own team to maneuver onto some kind of flank so that when they’re pointing let’s say they’re about towards me so they’re angled towards me they’re showing off some kind of sight to my teammates if they’re angling towards my teammates then I should be in a position where I can exploit the sides and as you can see that Yamato not healthy at all you know went from very very healthy to very unhealthy in a very short period of time this is the number one thing that a battleship is going to try to do in the course of a battle find crossfire opportunities now of course it’s not as simple as just simply sitting in one position for the entirety of the game you do have to maneuver and you do have to move and you do have to think ahead to get yourself into those said opportunities that is essential right if you cannot maneuver if you are just stuck in one place and you just don’t move then eventually the battle evolves to a point where you’re not having much impact so you really have to constantly be thinking about it battle should play in terms of the shooting or whatever is a lot slower but the positional aspect is significantly greater here’s another example I’m in aroma in this particular game and actually starts off actually kind of badly because I get caught by a you Matos elbow right here and it chunks before you know a massive amount of damage or not only thirty six thousand almost and as a Roma lose thirty six thousand HP that’s not a happy thing to do but still I don’t just go oh you know I lost thirty six thousand HP forget it I’m just gonna go do whatever until I die maybe I’ll just yellow in something no no you don’t do that you still try to play the game to the best of your abilities you still try to have maximum impact in this particular game this flank that I’m on is a defending flank so if you haven’t watched the basic positioning video which is episode 10 sugar watch it where I talk about pushes and defenses and you know how to pick a mind of go during the course of a match I’m on the defending flank so I’m going to try really hard to try to stall this flank don’t get pushed out here occupy these enemy shows for as long as possible because if you’re taking a look at the mini-map the other side is where we have the pushing advantage there’s a lot of ships there so I’m waiting for them to push through and come support for this side all the while I’m making myself as difficult of a target for these enemy ships what that means is utilizing my concealment you know popping up shooting some time and then disappearing again so that they know that I’m here and that I am a threat but then I’m not like you know constantly being targeted by them right I’m already relatively low HP in this game just to that earlier yamato salvo so I’m not gonna be reckless luckily of course I am in a Roman Roma is a relatively stealthy ship so you’ll see me at times I will pop the DCP even on a single fire just to disappear fall off detect so I can reposition and say hello you can also see that the enemy team after chasing us for a while is gonna get a little tired okay so what I’ve been doing so far is giving ground giving ground not just giving it freely not just you know running away to the a line as quickly as I can no I’ve been angling running shooting angling running shooting right and at a certain point in time watching the mini-map and I’m like alright when is this enemy team going to decide that I’m not worth chasing and they’re gonna turn around and go do something else and it starts to happen sort of right around here Yamato the Tirpitz the other your models already turned away they’re deciding that I’m maybe not worth chasing so right at this particular time I need to stop running and I need to re-engage because you’ll see that the farside group they’re coming back in towards the B cap right now so what’s going to happen is if I turn myself back around and I come down now we are going to create a crossfire situation so these enemy battleships are gonna be showing me some kind of broadside and they’re going to be pointing their boughs towards the pushing in team and that will be the perfect opportunity of course I am playing a Roma and Roma has a tendency of disappointing me with the occasional wonky dispersion which you’ll see in this game still being in the right kinds of positions is going to make a difference because even though I’m not very accurate and I do not get the amazing shots that I kind of want my presence alone is going to cause the enemy team ships to do things that maybe they don’t necessarily want to do so you can already see that their attention is now focused on this group that’s pushing in right I mean this group that’s pushing in from the seaside which already has a destroyer on the B cap so all their attention is already there and I’m gonna get basically broadsides or quasi broadsides to shoot at again like I did say earlier Roma is gonna find ways to disappoint me but I’m gonna have to live with that just how this ship is if I was in a more accurate battleship you know getting in this kind of position is quite scary for the opposing team they’re definitely going to have find ways to get themselves out of there which is you know maybe taking cover which is maybe trying to disengage from the positions that they were in which were originally good positions so on and so forth furthermore when they do this you can also see that our heavy cruiser and this goes into a little bit of Cruiser positioning although that’s not really the focus of today’s video the cruiser also starts to re-engage as well and this is also very key as well you see a lot of Cruiser players where they will just keep running away like you know they’re entering kiting position they their mentality sticks and that’s the big shift that you got to remember you can kite you can give ground that’s not a problem but you have to find the opportunity to re-engage kiting away is fine you know in this side if you looked at this flank there was very little way as a Roma I’m gonna be pushing into to yamato’s it just wasn’t gonna happen I can kite I can give ground but at a certain point in time there’s a way to push in again remember in that basic position in video where I did talk about how most world of warships games ends up being you know just two flags one pushing one holding either you know in some cases both pushing or in some cases both defending right it is a to flank game until of course one flank in that case then it becomes sort of a pincer maneuver and then well whatever happens happens typically whichever team accomplishes the pincer the other team loses alright so you can definitely see Yamato Tirpitz here getting a bit more damage looks like I won’t have to probably move just a little bit more to my left because I want even better broadsides.

In this particular kind of angle there broadside enough already but what a little bit flatter you know want just that better chance to get stuff here we go catching this Yamato as well if I was in a crab one or something this game would be so different at this stage just because of the accuracy anyways now enemy CV decides to come in as well so I’m gonna continue to reposition myself don’t ask what the CV was doing this is a really weird strike I’m gonna come around this island here right there come around this island and hopefully get another broadside so you can also see right now that our Yamato is actually going down so we have a Maus for here and this Yamato here this Yamato is actually still pretty healthy so watch what ends up happening with this salvo here the salvo comes in watch this bang see that HP 13,000 damage is not amazing really could have got some more but I cut his HP down enough where at this amount of HP Yamato is not comfortable gets hit by the rocket planes from lcv as well 14k vs. still very very healthy Moss philosophy with this HED p.m. can actually take care of that your motto by himself so that Yamato you can see also he really has no choice he does have to push forward and he has to either go for some kind of RAM or something at least to take the Moskva out the other Yamato over here again you see originally maybe would have been able to stay and support his fellow Yamato dealing with that Moscow so that both of them can survive Kent he knows that I’m here he’s got to move right and by moving away he’s leaving them ossifer alone to fend for himself.

Benezia on their team well again he’s got to make a decision how does he run away or does he try to help his yamato’s by maybe pushing the two of us right at the elbow and myself in the Roma he decides to push and now he’s basically in a fight against a battleship which he’s got to angle too and the cruiser who’s also come in remember what I said Cruiser players you also do have to reengage at times and how Chris had to do that came in re-engaged see ya vanetti is now got to try to deal with one or both of us he knows that I’m on a reload cycle because I did fire so he’s deciding to try to angle gets the elbow but elbow gets torpedos off so you see this one idea is it a bit of trouble there actually gets caught by shells but anyways all right regardless good you know sort of two-on-one situation your motto is down there all right come on shells do your stuff all right got a sell-off that’s not bad.

You know 10k damage again could have been better there your model is still trying to push on to the Moskva think they’re gonna end up in a ram here actually alright let’s see if I can get the rear gunner out here looks like no joy nope so I’m gonna began to try to pull a little bit of an angle just just see if that Yamato will come out and show me enough of his cheek cuz it takes him a while to actually you know turn around the island right so i’ma see if I get some of his cheek and if I can cheek him get another Citadel or something I can probably settle this fight for all team because they’re down to just that your motto a pretty low HP and the one carrier so this game goes to show you you could be a lower tier ship but hey you can kite you can give some ground especially from the defending flank of course if you’re on the offensive pushing flank you know and you’re in the bottom tier ship you can also lend your guns to support right you can try to get those side shots you can try to position yourself so that the enemy has to angle the more threatening battleships and then you bring your guns into play battleship guns in this game are quite strong they do good work alright so this is a tier six game here’s a situation where I don’t over match enemy ships but they over match me so you’ll see that there’s a Queen Elizabeth there’s a Warspite and I’m in Dunkirk Dunkirk is not one of my favourite ships in the game she does have certain quirks of course being in tier 6 she’s fast all her guns are forward but her armor is pretty weak and her concealment is not great so what do I do I’m positioning myself over here and I’m going to try to engage ships like this Queen Elizabeth and then ideally later on I’m gonna try to create some kind of crossfire situation against tier Warspite.

Which is right behind me so there we go salvo number one you can see I’m actually not even moving here because there’s no need yet only chappal threat is actually this Queen Elizabeth as of the moment the other battleships are still a little bit further back and they’re not necessarily here yet so for now engaging this Queen Elizabeth now pay attention to earth the other battleships are on the mini-map there is worse by owning Iron Duke closest a cap a good distance away from where I am and of course closer to me there is a Queen Elizabeth if you take a look at our positioning you can begin to see that there is some kind of crossfire not perfect but there is some kind of boss fire.

Enemy Warspite has of course moved out and is able to get guns on me so I’m going to start to move a little bit more ideally what I constantly want to do is create some form of situation where the enemy battleship always has some threat on their sides of course this Queen Elizabeth that I’m shooting it right now over matchable by the worst fight but remember there is a big group of battleships there so the Queen Elizabeth sort of still has to try to pay attention to that flank has to try to angle is a Queen Elizabeth on my side as well so this Queen Elizabeth that sort of put himself in the middle of this horrible crossfire not in a good position I’m actually just pulling distance here because I know what’s behind me and I know that if I stayed there for too long I’m gonna get hit pretty hard and that is probably gonna cost me my ship if I stayed there so pulling more distance has teamed to shoot at that Queen Elizabeth hopefully that qu goes down minute that qu goes down I’m gonna probably disengage from this flank because really as a Dunkirk 15,000 HP too good Warspite elbows and I’m probably going to be underwater right and plus I’ve got another 40.

One seconds on my heel yeah I need to get out of here and there goes to Queen Elizabeth so again pay attention because the worst fight de koning the Iron Duke group watch them start to move up they’re gonna start to move up and I’m gonna move down right take a look at their composition so I’ve sort of reshift at the battle a little bit into the future and you can see where they are look at where I am again another crossfire so if they’re gonna angle the worst by koenig QE then I’m gonna have broadsides to shoot at now this Kongo actually did try eventually realize that he’s just up against overwhelming forces decides that he’s gonna try to disengage and by disengaging now he’s of course angled and kiting towards them but not to me right and so I’m gonna come out here and you’ll see this very interesting effect on this enemy team the whole attempt at pushing down that flank kind of comes to a standstill their worst fight comes out but look at what he’s up against right he’s up against and he’s of course also broadside but he’s up against a whole bunch of stuff he’s not gonna last too long but there were spite there Koenig they’re not gonna come out because if they were to come out what would happen is that the worst fight would pop out and he’s gonna be overmatched first of all by the worse spot in the QE on our team and if he tries to angle them he’s gonna be somewhat brought soon enough for me to shoot at and if I come out and I engage him then there’s no way he’s gonna be able to angle Warspite ends up getting caught by some kind of weird like indecision like I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do so I’m gonna do a lot of nothing so for me as a Dunkirk seeing that he’s just not gonna move I’m switching over to high explosive because I know that he’s gonna be kind of stationary maybe kind of staying there maybe he’s not tried turning out but regardless even though my AP can’t do much work my H he certainly can so I’m gonna try to hit him with a chi maybe system fires and maybe he’s gonna cause him to disengage but regardless what he does if he comes out the wrong way he’s gonna be broadside in front of our worst fight who is going to hit him I’m feeling really hard.

Okay worse my decides to shoot at me and force fortunately it’s an HG salvo so this enemy war site over here very likely maybe has a lot of game mechanics knowledge doesn’t understand that his war fight over matches me and decides to shoot the wrong type of ammunition where the return salvo is going to hurt him a lot more from my team right because they know what they can do with the ammunition that they’re shooting okay so I do attempt 1080p salvo it’s a little on the late side of the source but does manage to fully turn away so of course back to Aichi because had that works legend says to keep going broadside then you know that might have been a good salvo but no such luck of course this worst might looks like he’s probably retreating now so because he’s retreating I’m gonna start pushing up as well and as I’m pushing up using all the four firepower of the Dunkirk just sling a G and hopefully I’m gonna get this Warspite down here horse fight it’s not very healthy already 13,000 HP remaining there’s more HP damage down to like 9k God destroyer over here trying to do destroy things mostly by pew pew in a little bit okay and we Steven get another Aichi selves on him okay you’re gonna eventually pay attention that you’ll see where the battleships on my team are and you’ll see that with my speed I’m again gonna try to reposition create some other kind of opportunity but you’ll see that in a little bit here worst bite there okay hit him again come on I should be able to get this horse light down right I should pay 5000 HP come on now the story’s landing in you know some shells as well okay some additional damage 5000 HP left come on down Kirk don’t disappoint me now sometimes in games you know you never know.

All right there’s my fire hey look this worst fight is really hurting now okay destroy is getting in the last couple shells here oh so close so close to getting this Warspite down a couple hundred HP more okay this should be the finishing salvo right here 200 HP okay there’s the finishing salvo I hope okay you’ll see that the yellow ball and their team is deciding that he’s just gonna push not the crater city yeah okay anyways we’re not gonna talk about why I don’t like Dunkirk sometimes anyways enemy Oliver decides that they’re gonna push and of course pushing battleships is never really a great idea unless it’s a one-on-one scenario and you’re absolutely confident battleship won’t delete you this Alaba decides to go for a very yellowy kind of run which isn’t really gonna work that’s a drink two battleships over here both know what they’re doing salvo number one there’s 11,000 six on the elbow we know what he’s doing he’s gonna go for the torpedoes so the worst fight on my team very likely he’s gonna try to as you can see turn himself away and try to pull a little bit of distance so if there’s rapido scumming is buying himself an extra couple of seconds to deal with the torpedoes that are incoming here okay and the finishing salvo right here alright so there we go and you can see the torpedoes you see the worst past plenty of time perfect alright now pay attention once again to the next opportunity that has created self so I’ve pushed myself up look at where the Queen Elizabeth is on my team okay do you start to see another kind of crossfire happening yep enemy Warspite over there who’s already pretty low generally has to try to angle to the Queen Elizabeth so as all so I come up right to the side of this island here I’m going to have another broadside right and that’s what you constantly are trying to look at when you’re playing a battleship in fact a huge chunk of your game can literally be played by staring at only the mini-map just paying attention to what the enemy ship is doing where your ships are and what you can do in random games just kind of remember what you’re trying to do is try to create almost like a triangle type you know draw a line from your friendly battleship to yourself and then your points converge onto the enemy ship and it should look like a nice triangle not one that’s very very narrow but kind of a nice balanced triangle you know sort of the one an iconic triangle shape would look like you know this perfectly nice even sides or whatever that creates the crossfire for the two battleships where the enemy target cannot angle against both of them efficiently okay so Warspite Goes Down and then it’s just this one remaining cone egg and of course this game is settled just sort of keep in mind that the primary roles of a battleship okay are to use your armor and your aged people to help your team either hold a fight or to push a flag okay.

Furthermore you’re trying to bring your faint guns into play during the most opportune moments yes there are some situations where of course if you’re overmatching.

You’re going to be able to constantly fire guns because you get overmatched damage but in cases where you’re not able to over match look for the better positioning type place you get into a good position you know you catch the enemy in a crossfire there’s so little they can do you’re guaranteed way more damage okay instead of just pew pew pew pew pew pew pew and getting very very little damage but always giving away your position if the enemy knows exactly where you are all the time they can plan to play around you but if there’s a little bit of a gee I wonder where this guy is gone that adds a certain degree of uncertainty to what the enemy team is trying to do there’s always gonna be that extra Oh what if he appears here and really what you’re thinking about as a matter ship is how do I appear in the sort of most uncomfortable type positions so in this game as a nice now I’m gonna show you something that’s sort of similar to that right I understand the characteristics of my show right few guns yes but the guns are overmatched capable they are reasonably punchy in terms of penetration at this tier at least nice now it’s fast she’s got good armor so I’m going to try to flank I’m gonna try to very very aggressively flank I also understand that the enemy team over here on this flank only has two battleships in New Mexico and Anegada both of which I over match so we’re in other situations like for example when I was playing the Dunkirk and I would eventually consider hey you know pulling away falling off the tactical repositioning with knives now in a situation like this I know I can go after so we’re skipping forward a little bit later on in this battle and I’m gonna appear in a very very unhappy place for the enemy battleships here so I’m on the side of this Nagato but this Nagato cannot just turn and try to you know mitigate my damage because take a look at where the North Carolina is on my team the North Carolina is a really scary battleship if your plane let’s say at Naqada or New Mexico if the North Carolina knows what they’re doing you know they’ll stay so angle that there’s nothing you can really do so my appearance in this position is not a happy place for these two enemy battleships because they can’t run away from me in this kind of situation and I overmatched them both right so I’m gonna push quite aggressively on the side and with the North Carolina where the North Carolina is again try to draw the little triangle you’ll see that me and the North Carolina we have relatively good spacing from each other and these enemy battleships are really on the same sort of vector at the same kind of access right you’ll see that they are essentially in the same place and if I wanted to angle both of them it’s really easy just point my bow in their general direction and I angled ants both of them only reason I’m actually showing a little bit more side and trying to go this way was because it was a little bit worried about the Amalfi’s to potential torpedoes and where they might be going now with the torpedoes out of the way and avoided the pursuit continues and this Nagato is not today because again I can overmatch the armor can’t really mitigate my damage unless he’s trying to use his main belt to try to bounce my shells other than that right now these two enemy ships are in a really bad spot now let’s do a bit of a thought exercise imagine if for a second myself the Ismail were both clustered with the North Carolina if we were all on the exact same axis it’s going to be a little bit easier for the New Mexico the Nagato to potentially get away all right part of it is you could always have the Bliss Covey to come in there lay a nice smoke line right that blocks vision and again because vision is coming from a single axis maybe they slip away another thing they could do is they could turn away you know go closer towards the border angle their belt armors towards us and try to bait shots off of the belt armor that’s another thing that potentially could have been done but the fact that I’m able to come around and basically be like hey look I’m here it’s very very hard for their Pliska visa to try to help his team by laying a smoke line because I would then be providing vision and so if there was a small client.

Would have been nothing this was a kind of a wild dispersion on that first shot there but at least the other one with the rear turrets okay that got something Nagato is freaking out in chat but that is to be some point expected because what it is these two battleships gonna do nothing you know they’re slow they were out of position and it they got caught essentially and that’s another thing as well all right understand the capabilities of the enemy ships and your own ships do things early don’t try to leave them for the last second if you look at the thing and you go oh this is not good look this is where the big battleships are or they’re fast battleships are and I’m not gonna be able to deal with these then you need it to go away.

Like a lot earlier enter hiding positions a lot earlier one of the things is if you ever watch the sort of good players versus the not-so-good players is pay attention to how early good players look at a situation and go oh yeah that’s not good let me start entering hiding position and I’ll fight my way during the kite remember when you’re kiting away you’re at an advantage in a fight regardless right because you’re pulling distance you’re possibly controlling the engagement distance a little bit more and you’re also easy you’re able to sort of bring all your guns out into the fight while staying reasonably angled so you know kiting away ships generally have that advantage right pushing ships you usually have to take a little bit more risk to show them or sign or to get all their guns out and they’re a little bit more vulnerable to things like torpedoes and things like that so if you are more aware and that’s another thing as well is if you’re more aware of what’s coming again by looking at the mini-map you count the enemy number of ships that are threat to you you count the potential dangers you look at okay that’s not good looks like we’re gonna be on the you know sort of defending flank then you know defend earlier if you look at a situation where and I in my case I looked at it and said look we have an overwhelming numbers advantage here I have speed I’ve armor I’ve all these advantages plus overmatch I’m gonna go for it battle rolls up very very nicely for us so I hope this video is a little bit more helpful for you battleship players out there key things to remember is look at your mini-map find those cross fires okay do not end up on the same axis as your other battleships no one to kite basically no one to give ground no one to push okay don’t charge in for nothing you see a lot of people digital CEO.

For nothing don’t do it okay don’t throw your ship away your firepower is incredibly valuable you could be bottom tier you could be a bottom tier battleship but if you’re maneuvering yourself into the right positions your guns can still hurt even if it’s just purely penetration damage okay.

Don’t Yolo in all right to many battleship players they’ll just be like whatever I’m just gonna yellow in dye and then you know they’ll complain about their team doing nothing when it’s like you gave away your ship you had this HP pool this armor and you just gave it away for nothing number three don’t keep running forever okay you have to reengage at the right time so you’ll see players that sometimes give ground and then they just keep giving and giving and giving and they’ll just run to the end of the map don’t do that look for the right opportunities re-engage at the right time so you can get into those broadSign positions and engage and number four you have to understand game mechanics so you can use your maximum firepower and you can also use your armor to protect yourself understand what overmatch is understand what armor angling is understand what auto bounce is so you can utilize your ship to the max anyways folks I hope this video has been helpful to all of you I hope that improves your battleship positioning and improves your battleship games if you have any questions leave those in the comment section below.

I’m sure myself and other people will be happy to help you as well other than that take care have yourselves a really good day and I’ll talk to all of you again really really soon you.

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