How to Play AP Zac Jungle OP Guide League of Legends – Unranked to Challenger Episode 4

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Best AP Zac Jungle Guide. Zac Jungle is one of the Best jungle champions in League of Legends right now and has many build options this is How to Play AP Zac Jungle Season 10 LoL.

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What is going on ladies and gentlemen it’s me King Stix we’re doing our climb to challenge or we’re planning it’s roughly hype lats right now I mean while we are in silver I’m gonna be showing you a really cool a p-zak build zach has an insane amount of item options I would still recommend going for cinderhulk since this Barry Opie and Zach can utilize it perfectly since cinderhulk relies on you landing CC to activate it as that can do that super easily so you’re still gonna be going to ender hole but then you have a lot of damage item options their team is super ad heavy so I think we’re gonna go into an early bramble vest maybe an early ninja tabbies after we have that we can go straight into liandry’s which is 31 K so we might have to go the Andrews in the war mug after the bramble we’ll see how the games looking but overall our team is insanely tanky we have an ergot we have a catch and we have to send a hill so I don’t think I need to go full tank this game and in fact I would like to have more one-shot damage I’ve done this build a few times and I’ve come to realize that if your team is tanky it’s actually a really good choice but if your team squishy it’s usually not a very good option so I’m gonna be showing you guys what it looks like and how to play it we’re just gonna go for the normal full clear I did make the mistake of not rewarding the opposite side normally it would be a bad mistake but since they have a really strong invade with the thresh it’s actually okay to do a defensive war like you saw they actually did invade us because of it even though they’re all stacked up in the bush oftentimes it’s enough to deter people because they don’t feel comfortable of doing a late invade so if they have a Morgana thresh blitzkrieg you can lay a defensive ward recall get your oracle ends otherwise if they have a bad an early invade but they have like a lee sin or a warwick I would word your opposite side to make sure they don’t steal your camps and if they do you can counter invade them that way you don’t fall behind because the easiest way to lose on Zac is to fall behind early essentially falling behind early will just lose you the game you need to hit your mid game power spike on Zac to carry so a lot of people don’t realize they over gank bay at level 3 they’re like okay I want a gank but that’s usually not the best choice unless it’s absolutely free gank which is very rare maybe not one out of ten games depending on what ello you’re in can be higher sometimes if it’s like gold or lower if people are like hyper pushed up looks like his wart just broke I’m just double checking to make sure no one else word it we’re in a pretty good spot.

Gragas doesn’t really invade especially when he goes predator he just tries to get level three and gank he doesn’t really try to invade since he doesn’t have a real Keystone yet until he gets boots alright we have smite up level up on Gragas where you have two camps up on him as well we got that alright we couldn’t get to the ward in time maybe we can break it though nice that was from the plant that we hit we got vision of the scuttle and gragas as well he’s level 16 with red buff so he probably started blue cleared up here he never took his Raptors Oh it’s really bad for him you’re just gonna give these up I’ve gotten all my camps this clear is going amazing for us not getting in bay because he’s a week early a jungler and not dying and getting some of his camps we’re gonna go ahead and leave one Raptor it’s actually gonna die and sucks you normally want to leave one so when they come to get it it’s still a low level I can’t help her go to the sky oh crap speed up you don’t need my help Gragas is over dinking just for some perspective the Gragas is platinum tooth and 66% when they’re eight so he’s definitely not a noob but he’s way over ganking he shouldn’t be it just doesn’t make sense really I can just hop over the wall he used his e to get over the wall in the first place so he can’t cancel my e now we’re gonna back and get all of our camps you don’t really want to be power dinking before we have your boots on a predator jungle is just a bad idea we’re gonna be going straight into our balmy cinder I used to like the in blue smite first but after they changed balmy cinder and to landing a cc in it does a lot of damage actually kind of better to get bommies first cuz it gives more gank damage and it also helps you it clears a lot more than going for an early blue smile and Zack does their team doesn’t have a real way to deal with me in teamfights unless they’re Elias gets really fed I think our back lines in a pretty good position since I have the tahm Kench effective running some sort of cheese strat where Santa goes the support item and catch does the farming I’ve seen that a little bit before but this is only the second time I’ve actually seen it in game so I’m not too familiar with it I have seen it the one time I did see it it did alright didn’t do anything crazy I think it’s just a safe cheesy cheese strat we’re almost level 6 we’re gonna well go get this Jase she’s out of mass so Jase is gonna be looking to fight this isn’t warded o or aftershock and W didn’t kill him I thought we had the damage there but not quiet.

Oh nice we got him we got a double there Niko still in the turret that was insane I don’t know how she didn’t realize she was getting hit by it she took three shots she took two shots and then walked back into it at least it was just a at least it was just an execute though it’s really good I’m gonna go ahead and get his golems and Raptors again.

I need a hurry though get my Aeon cooldown so I can escape so I’m gonna go over the wall he might base straight in the golems it’s a very common so I’m gonna actually pull it away from the wall here right there cuz that’s probably where he’s gonna come from yeah there is of course that look they just hate him they cancel that idea just put it on cooldown.

All right we’re out of there that was a really tough spot Gragas got off a good e canceled our he’s only level 5 though his Predators should be on cooldown Jase might be in this bush all right he’s not and this isn’t warded so we’re actually gonna stay here for a second I have no idea where Jase is right now Jase flash is about 12 minutes all right he’s just trolling around the map a little bit go ahead pick up the pink word and we’ll get back out on the map we have a big CS lead I’ll just ecology splash 12 mins use it around the seven-minute mark it might be up around 11:30 it’s fine though Gragas is gonna be struggling hard he over a gank which will put him behind in levels and in gold and I’ve also been taking his camps Bali it’s gank of all we need a pink word in that bush though I don’t like ganking a lane when they’re that pushed up when my teams have zero pink Ward’s down because oftentimes we’re just stepping on a ward and you’re wasting your time so I usually don’t go for it I’m gonna go ahead and clear my red out once again guys after we have our cinderhulk we are gonna be going for some more AP or damaged styled items we’re not gonna be going for just pure tank once again cinderhulk will be doing more damage than a runic echoes would be I still recommend going cinderhulk even if you want to build Zach with more damage obviously you’re not going to be building attack downs you’ll be building kind of bruiser EAP similar to almost like an Elise jungle slightly more tanky though.

Dush is actually still here I’m gonna check for Pink’s real quick there’s a chance it could be warded like at the Italiano’s here he’s pretty easy to gank if he’s out of position I can clap him really hard.

Yeah Thresh is there I’ll just go ahead and break this stuff and then I’ll head over thanks honey I’ll get the dragon dragon shouldn’t really be able to stop me yeah he’s talking anyways I didn’t think you’d be over here making a cut tahm Kench is really difficult he’s just gonna get an easy kill top looks like he didn’t take my blue ball and he’s so low on health even if he knows I get dragon I don’t think he’ll push into my blue he’s just so low he kind of has to back it’s probably back at the rest of his jungle item getting an early dragon on Zac is rare Zac rarely yes dragon pressure early in the game just goes of how weak he is early on that holds into him all right I almost blew smited him there I didn’t think I needed to but it was getting really close I’ll go ahead and just shoot this out as see if his golems are up they might just be responding back in yeah they’re they’re back in my e is Greg’s his bot – this is pretty golems and his Raptors are coming up his Raptors are yellow which means it’s 15 seconds or less did you get a gank off bought though I don’t really want them to know I was here so I’m gonna be just eating over the wall set didn’t see me as he was crossing over so Greg I shouldn’t even push into my jungle so he’s gonna miss out on some more camps really big for us and we could get to Jace his flash should still be on cooldown as well so as I knocked him up is available and a free snare on him gonna cute the minion knock him into it oh really surprised we lost that yeah really surprised we lost that it happens though Niko didn’t really have much damage surprisingly and we couldn’t kill Jace with our combined abilities even though he has zero mr no health oh well next up on our list we’re going to getting bramble vest if we had it we would kill Jace not only that but it speeds up your clears and gives you a lot of magic damage in teamfights as people hit you it’s a really good early tank item bye if the enemy team is super ad heavy it kind of ticks all the boxes for what you want is a tank damaged tankiness better Claire’s really everything nice shot by the Nico she really doesn’t do any damage though it’s kind of awkward that wasn’t really worth it.

On the bright side we do still have dragon advantage and I got bragging says camps he is a higher level than me though he must have soaked a lot of mini necks for you.

His overthinking is starting to pay off since he finished his jungle item he completed it just blowing up my teammates I can cover this shirt though maybe stop him from getting two plates and knock him back into the turret he’s dead well maybe not he tries to Juke it may as I have boots I’m surprised the tert did that little damage stick to it he took two or three tersh lost by it what the tert wasn’t really doing much there I was kind of interesting he seems to awkwardly tanky he lived just like 10 HP what a pain what a pain in my neck King out the Gragas he looks like he’s trying to set up a gank bot I’m hovering on bot side yeah I just laid a pink there.

Mmm we’re in a pretty good position here I’ll go ahead and get into the bush once the minions are not that far off holy I’m just gonna go ahead and back okay got the minions now Greg this is mitt so the enemies are all the way back I think that word saw me though I have no idea how that was there for so long I have to bat so we’re gonna get double Pink’s which is nice I’m gonna head stay right here then amis look how far back they are they’re not even envisioned this is really bizarre very very out of the normal okay next up on our build order I’m not gonna be running straight into war mugs in fact I would rather get this first if you run just rush straight into war mugs you’ll be down two or 300 HP to hit the 3k passive on it so instead by going for a Audrey’s first you can hit that cat much better and get more value since with more mugs if you’re not getting the 3k HP bonus it really isn’t doing too much enemies also have a lot of damage so if I rush to war mugs even though that gives me a lot of HP I’ll be awkwardly squishy because of it enemies are shoving up a bit getting really a girl waiting for my Raptors they’ve been yellow forever.

Gragas is gonna pawn this chick she got outplayed hard mmm I think I’m gonna have to give up dragging here just Croghan across through.

Go back in on him kind of poke him down a bit you did get a dark harvest a coffee which sucks and I’m gonna get cannon minion I’m gonna shove this wave out I can clear away it’s super fast with my bramble vest Gragas is actually chasing this wooden not gonna bounce on him he’s crazy he actually thought he could engage on that what a nut I do have some AP as well so it’s kind of hard for them to do weird like that no I can’t slip his back hopefully Nico shoves wave oh I would like to go for Gragas golem starts just kind of cutting me off though I’ll just chill in this bush right here my bot Lane has been interesting this game I can’t really play around them the enemies are playing super far back the whole time I’m just gonna go ahead back get the rest of my laundry’s I have a fair amount of HP I’m sitting on 2k that is more than their set and it’s more than their Thresh so I am still tanky I have the bramble vest which is giving me armor I have I’m getting 12 free magic resist so I’m countering a lot of the grasses magic comes from the stork shoes so you’re still very tanky you’re basically an AP bruiser that has a crapload of CC is something that I like about this build the one downside the full tank Zac is if you’re if you have a high winrate your teammates won’t be doing too much and a lot of times you will have the damage that you need to actually like one-shot the enemy team but with this build if you land all your stuff you can pretty much one-shot the enemy team if you land all your abilities at least if they don’t stack magic resist if your team’s AP heavy I wouldn’t do this but we only have two AP characters me and Nico so the enemy shouldn’t be stacking too much very nice Gragas got the cue off on the set flash to not come to Thresh together while they’re knocked into each other I eat I didn’t want set to get off a good old or anything like that so just figured I’d see see them out I’m gonna knock against the turret I’m gonna am not cool with my alt I’m gonna get out of here dude.

That’s the power of Zak baby his CC is Opie it’s wise st right now this is yeah that’s literally warded the word just broke all right we’ve got turret very nice Gragas is dead we could do is blue and grant realistically or right I could just take this first I don’t know if I’ll be able to take blue and girl in fact I’ll just go for the golems I can’t get there in time enemies are pressuring it I don’t want to start Harold either I feel like it’ll take me too long to take it before they get here so I’ll just take this if you still have my yup I can short hop the wall so they can’t really cancel it or if I have more time I can just do a full charge to Baron pit like this yeah the rest try and decide whether or not he wants to engage on this you can’t really though he needs more than one teammate to engage on me pulled the Harold out I’ll let it reset it’s good it’ll waste about five six seconds of their time so you can’t buy it why it’s resetting cuz it just permit hills and you can’t kill it you would have to be able to one-shot Harold is just walking back to respawn because it’s getting back around 1k HP per second looks like they’re gonna pressure our turret so I’m gonna head over there make sure you’re not really doing split pushing on Zac if you’re split pushing the sidelines you can’t defend mid lane which Zac is really good at doing because of his e so make sure you’re close enough to help looks like we’re forcing a fight for whatever reason that should have stayed to finish off the turret looks like the minions might do it anyways what’s happening looks like they’re just focusing Kench catches way see tanky to be focused.

That was an interesting fight it was technically a four before Cosette wasn’t there but still I’m surprised we won it that hard no one on my teams that fed other than me before those two kills it there was actually ten kills to ten kills so that was kind of surprising this is probably warning so I’m gonna have to smite it correctly I’ll w s– my at like 900 HP i don’t know i no one else is helping with this no whack these little guys together we’re just gonna have to pull off it’s not worth the potential greg is still and hold him back into my team he’s dead and I say we just do dragon at this point really we’re kind of low on HP me and the Kench and neither one of us have a warm OGG so we’re gonna stay low on HP gonna short hop the wall that’s the power of the Zac short hop it’s pretty much instant so Thresh would’ve had to basically flash flee there to stop it it just added really new way of stopping it they’re gonna go for the dragon fully and yeah things are going pretty damn good I’m liking the build as long as you don’t get yourself killed earlier I think this is a good choice if your team isn’t already ap heavy and your team is already AP heavy I don’t think I would do it their ad heavy so I’m gonna go ahead finish my mmm no I’ll just go straight into war mugs no brand will vest alone is fulfilling its need of cancelling out their life still on to Jace and their ad carry in the set so they won’t really be able to Hill off me back they’ll take some damage it’s still speeding up my clear speed and I already have enough HP from my liandry’s to get a warm OGG and be able to access its passive so I’ll be around 3.5 K HP with a lot of damage in a fair amount of utility and I do still have aftershock which does a lot of damage it makes you very take you in UCC people so I’m really getting the best of both worlds in terms of tankiness and damage yes I’m not quite as tanky but realistically doing 40% more damage and being 30% tanky I’ll take the damage because if enemies are dead they can’t really hit you yeah they can’t bite back they’re not alive and my team super tanky like we’ve discussed please smite it in them in midair knock them together I’m gonna all those look like we’re really gonna get anything out of that we did do a lot of damage and we got a flash though you can blue smite in midair to slow people down so they can’t dodge her e+ I use it to pull off his edge and Knight shield by doing that it let me land my e4 free otherwise his edge a knight show up with a soaked myena I wouldn’t have been able to see see him so you can use your chilling smite kind of like a primer for your CC so either they can’t dodge it or you’ll just pull off their banshees or edge a knight Val I’ll give it to Sena I don’t really need it but I’m gonna take this look at all that damage that le’andria’s hurts what’s that you know grab brush pull them and we have to move away from him though I was in a weird spot cuz of the Gragas abilities there you got stuck behind my team though looking for a pick didn’t turn out that was a good swallowed by the catch seven fish are kind of annoying for Zach cause it can both cancel your in midair very quickly with their lame abilities gonna pull him against a turret he’s in a weird spot now you just spat up though don’t know it sped him up nice getting some pics and that is pretty close to wrapping up this game we don’t even have to any if we don’t want to yeah he’s just holding on to Z I can’t eat while his ease up fielders knocked me out of the air all right after backup yeah it’s fine I have my blobs and I since I have armor he can’t kill my blobs with one auto attack either gonna all gonna pick up my blobs oh god I didn’t have enough damage and he has a decent amount of em art he has 58 magic resist which is a lot he must have taken double magic resist in his rooms because he really doesn’t have that much in his items that was unfortunate we do now have our warm mugs and we will be building into ninja tabbies that their team was more AP heavy with more CC we would have gone from work treads obviously that was a bit of a rough fight kind of goes to show how strong the felly OSes how much damage he did and Jace did a lot of magic damage to me if you look at the damage Jay said he did 1200 and over half of it was magic damage I honestly didn’t realize how much magic damage Jace had very surprising to me very surprising indeed we’re gonna go ahead and wrap this game up guys no reason to drag it out let’s just keep getting the Dragons and then we can win you can’t go for conqueror on Zach jungle even if you’re gonna go up your tank or whether you’re going to go ap the thing about it though is.

Then what I found I don’t like to go conquer unless the enemy team is absolutely full ap or full ad so if dad an eighty jungler like kha’zix or Nocturne then I would have done it because you lose out on a lot of tankiness when you go for conqueror versus aftershock because I shot gives you a lot of armor and magic resist whenever you see see somebody it did it does have a 20 second cooldown but in fights that extra taking this makes a huge difference so the enemy team if they have mixed damages I don’t like going conqueror because it just makes you too squishy especially if you’re gonna be going in ap build route we’re good just pressure bot Lane bot Lane or dragon is fine enemies might be on it right now guess not very nice we got the ward gonna go ahead and get this they have doubled down inhibitors if they try to stop us they’re gonna lose their Nexus they don’t have any Nexus turrets right now if they step up I’m gonna hit somebody with my Q and Pullman at the Baron pit.

All right he’s his dad if I seem like a waste use my old on him but you never want to do a 50/50 smite fight yeah my smite does a little more damage in his his is doing six seven sixty so mines doing ninety more damage but you don’t want to risk it just kill them don’t give away the Baron that simple really and I’ll show you guys my damage at the end of the game last game when I went AP Zack I actually had the most damage on my team which is impressive gonna cue him I’m gonna try to knock him into something.

Guess I’ll just use the base so he’s trying to get on my Santa oh I can’t get him but in a bit of a weird spot now ooh double kill baby call me Chris Kyle hell yeah.

And that’s it guys that’s gonna wrap up the skin if you enjoyed this sack jungle AP gameplay don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe.

My name is King sticks thank you for watching and I’ll catch you guys next time.

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