How To Play Ro-Slayer on Roblox – Easy Beginners Guide

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In this video, I will be doing a recap on my other tutorials on this game which you can check out later! Today I show you:

  • Full Quest guide for levels up to 15!
  • Lighting and Water Breathing Locations!
  • 2 Boulder Locations!
  • Average Demon Location!
  • Boulder EXP Glitch!

Thank you so much for watching my latest videos and I hope you enjoy it! I will be uploading more on this game later!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey what’s up guys its territory gaming here and in today’s video I’m playing Ross layer again oh I’ve been grinding this game a lot so I could show you guys where the new things are guides and tutorials and fast the way you do things on this game if you guys want to check out those other videos they’ll be in the link description below or they’ll be you just check from my my youtube channel um please make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more videos like this I’ll be posting over the ignore tutorials and stuff and gameplay on I didn’t say like games like this so today’s video is going to be on like the quests and so I’m little 15 so I’m only able to do like the episode 15 quests or 15 plus they’re here so first off um do you want ready to go up to whoo-hoo kukku zoomy she is at the condo a spawn you a small micro over here just walk down here I’m you click on here and I already completed the class so all you have to do is um come up to this girl all you have to find a key or a key I think her name is right she’s right here well on key you click on her um and so I’ve already done the quest too so I think have to be level ton no no I’m just only smearing now so you have to do that class but you can only you can only do this quest once you complete that class so you have to do it in order that I just showed you have to go to that one then come to this one so then once you do this she’ll tell you about fighting your teddy bear so the fine dirt anywhere this is going to be next to these two demons just go straight forward like from where she is they’ll be right here it’s very tiny so it’s right there that’s where the teddy bear is next to these weak demons they’ll start attacking you so you have to kill them.

So just be careful and like yeah I really do for that quest and once you do that you have to go back to her get that and then she’ll talk about her brother kai I think her name I think his name is which I’m not gonna go back and talk to her whatever she chopped a goat and bill give a bear back what you do just pretty much come through the same way as I am I just go back to like where the Berenstain walk past it yeah this is also where the the lightning location is and if the lightning breathing location is and this tutorial is going to be like how to get you breathing styles and like where you can like which green cells you get so you have to go past this lightning since over here I’m up here and there’ll be demon Nico the only way will show up is if you have a quest on it and they you have to do so you have to make sure you have to question for her and then once you do get through the feeling and then once you defeat them just go back.

All right like to beat him there is a another Boulder right here as well which will be used for later in the game miss likely but there’s a glitch run off I think it’s as much free you can just destroy the same free rocks for the next quest so I want you to feed them you should come back you go back to that girl same hot.

Alki girl and she’ll be sad now you’ll collect your reward it’ll be another reward but then there’ll be another question you have to do but you have to be 15 or higher they do it so you’re going to grind maybe if you’re not low 15 which is what I have to do then once you go back to her she’ll talk about this guy that will help you like it stronger than coming a Demon Slayer and so you’ll have to go back to this thing area like twig potatoes which is right there about tree go past all this dirt path go across this bridge and then you’ll be in um Honda Honda yeah I think Honda village cannot cannot help inaudible and so you’ll come here um they’ll be the sensei guy they have to go to um so you just come back through here you go through a village you go through the stir path ticker-tape this way don’t go that way you come through here you can just skip through and then right here the master as you co click on him.

And he’ll talk about getting stronger and becoming the Demon Slayer to unlock your breathing Styles so then you’ll come back back from them this is the fastest way to do is to to do is on the quest which is break a training Rock three times and the big glitch I think the glitches is all you can break oh you can break the same world just three times over and over again and you also get like XP from hitting it each time and sa same as a strength thing as well you like love wealth in that multiple times while doing it so I have to do is break this rock three times and then after that you’ll be able to unlock your breathing Yeah right there so pretty much you can also just grind off of this off for training rocks for now at least and then once you once you’ve destroyed it.

You can either stay here just keep hitting it or you can go to the next step one it’s all the way over there and you can work on that one too but yeah right here is a the water um trainer so as I wait for this to respawn um I guess we can just there’s also oh yeah back here there’s a average demon average demons in like just demons in general are so rare so far but I have also showed um one strong demon location so far and it’s on how like the easiest way to kill a demon and I guess the easiest way to kill on games since they’re like all the way in a hundred level sometimes and they can easy there’s like five or six have you here not careful so pretty much you just have to like run around them like wandering these boulders it’s just tricky not for the pain of it but you’ll get you’ll be able to do it a bit and like I said you have to be low 15 or higher to do this bus and then once you’ve done this quest you can unlock the breeding style pretty much and bunch of unlocks the greeting style I’m not sure what to do after that that’s one we have to go back to that guy and see what he wants me to be nice so I’m just going to keep this video billing and feel like I see what what’s up with that someone to kill this average Neiman oh this is one of our demon spawn.

Right next to the water location water training location and little water trainer around training rock location which is my first video which you can spawn over there sometimes you have to come up through here it’ll be a spawn right here so far is just like doing what this lets tell you to do just follow the quest that’s literally all just follow the class like you wouldn’t be knowing what to do like would be doing finally broke that you also get a good reward for when you finish it.

Once you’ve done this you just run back and you up the skill points will burn back.

Maybe I feel will 20 to do it I’m not sure it’s just to dance to say succeeded I cannot believe with congratulations very steps talk to him again see if there’s anything else give me as rewards on low 18 no breathing technique alright so after so wait home I don’t think I got the request I don’t even know if he gave me a class let me see if he is going to so I’m going for water obvious leave on the row but you can go for lightning water.

I sure you do the two locations already in this video as well um yeah you go so what’s with this I’m just gonna go to water you remember you move up to anything up anything you want um then once you do this I think you have to do the the quest that if that the since I want you to do for their breeding style the format I remember when I first clicked on the water breathing he said like you have to kill 10 strong demons which isn’t pretty hard and you have to grind a lot but I think we’re gonna do it so I take this class first one my guess is that the first thing is to defeat ten strong vehement that’s next one next one so what you do that ya know I have to defeat tension humans so there you go it’s pretty much it for and that’s pretty much it for this uh this video this is Parrish I could twirl for the whole game I guess and it’s like a recap on my other videos so I hope this helped you out and I hope I hope this helped you guys are all on and gave you like so good tips and like good places where I go and like locations and the facts would be these things but other than that I’ll like thank you guys so much for watching my videos and I’ll see you guys next.

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