How To Play Zac Jungle in League of Legends – Zac Conqueror Carry Commentary Guide – Unranked To Challenger Episode 5

Author: KingStix

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You know what’s going on ladies and gentlemen we are playing in hi platinum and there is a diamond in this game as well meanwhile we are silver on the climb the Challenger and I’m really excited to show you my rune setup and the building I’m gonna be running here I really like going conquer when my team is very tanky we have an ergot in the Gallio so I figured it’d be a lot better than taking after shot if you are the only tank on your team or if the machine has a lot of damage and going after shots way to go but in this case their team is super ad heavy with the ribbon jinx and Yasuo so I figured I could stack early armor maybe get an early bramble vest straight into a le’andria’s and a Spellbinder and I can pretty much one-shop them so we’re gonna get out on the map we’re gonna get a word down block off the movement and I’m gonna show you might jumble around since it’s in a muumuu he can’t invade us we can do more of a greedy start we can get a word down over here now we’ll know when he crosses over mu mu is not likely to invade at level one in a cheese and he’s also not likely to invade you at all since you guys closed Slayers in no way to get away so in this case I am just going to start hard to decide who I want to gank looking at the enemy team it looks like ribbons are Smurfs Yas is a smurf and it looks like my bot Lane is pretty good doesn’t look like my top and mid are the best I’ll do read into raps clear down into this and then I can reset into golems and it should be good normally starting with bot lane is fine on Zack I’ve been fighting I like to really do blue and grow up once I am level 3 and since the moon’s not gonna be invading me I don’t really have to worry about him going over there the only bad thing about this clear route is as it does doesn’t really allow you to gank initially but Zack isn’t much of an initial ganker anyways to be completely honest Zack only ganks at level 4 typically or after his first back because it’s just really weak starting out since it is amumu we could win a 2v2 again so yeah there he is he did he decide in the Raptors so look at there he finished his Raptors he’s gonna go to his blue side and then I can take his golems.

I’ll probably leave the original medium building so yeah he just left his golems are still up getting that force yes so that was red buff now he has eight so that’s Raptors as well so I’m gonna take this and then push into his jungle now if he doesn’t show up top I’m not going to because there’s a good chance he’s backed and went straight to golems in which case we’ll get there as I’m on it which that’s not really what I want so we’ll see where a MooMoo shows up MooMoo is usually they usually gank early on like level three level for his ganks aren’t amazing but if he does land his cue it’s not that bad so I’m just gonna drag this over here and I should be able to get his Raptors as well if he over stays realistically I’m gonna pull this out try to get my breath up bird on the both of them I want to queue slam them if you feel like you’re gonna get invaded don’t clear it like this because you’re just setting yourself up to get screwed it’s only good if you know you’re not about to get invaded since I knew where amumu was i was felt pretty confident alright we’re gonna go ahead and run straight over to his golems here i saw a moon would just drop a word down over here so he’s clearly not going to back so I’m just gonna come right here I’m gonna use my e normally when you invade you want to hold on to your east so you can get away but it’s already no movies not here it’s okay for me to close the distance on the camp by using my e instead gonna kill the big golem we’re just gonna be farming up here I did say I wanted to leave the original medium gold but I’m not leveled for yet so I’m in a bit of a rush to kill this so now a MooMoo is backing well he’s gonna do straight out of base he’s gonna run straight to his goals but I’ve already taken them then he’s gonna go to his Raptors so what I’m gonna do here is uh take the Raptors if they come up in time one two three or yeah I can’t wait for those.

All right galio doesn’t have a night or anything we’re not gonna get that kill I’m gonna go ahead and back now a moon was gonna be in this area he’s going to checked his golems and he’s gonna push into raps and towards mid so I’m just gonna ping that out for my mid laner I’m gonna back get my bomb be cinder for the better clears and I don’t really care about Scoville crabs too much does that take scuttle crabs extremely slow especially if his smite is down because this mic does more damage if the cover crab to see seed so I don’t really like going for early scuttles on Zack unless it just plays out that way so typically it’s more of just a farm fest to level 4 level 6 and for senator hole those are your main power spikes did a lot of damage to Yas there we got his flash it’s good to just type it out something good to practice so you can reference it later so you’ll know exactly when it’s up it’ll be up at roughly the nine-minute mark probably around 910 I’m putting that out for my team I move went and bought side towards the scuttle crab he might have actually pushed into my jungle as well which would be a little surprising considering he doesn’t have boots but he might be and I haven’t seen crossover yet so I might just push into his wolves there’s a good chance he already took my wolfson wrong since he pushed yep there he is so he just went for scuttle crab alright and then he didn’t take anything yes his gums are coming back up and I believe he’s already taken his Raptor so let’s pay attention to where he goes here seeing him on the mini-map we didn’t really see where he went after that but I think he went to his wolves so we’ll be able to go pick up his Gomes which will be a high level which will be very nice domes give a lot of experience in gold especially the higher level it is to get even more experience and I already cleared them once so they should be level 4 level 5 now which is huge nice job on the ergot for those of you are wondering why you’re losing a lot of Zach games it’s mainly because you’re messing up the early game you need to make sure you don’t die early and you need to make sure that the enemies don’t take your jungle without you knowing it because if they do that you’ll fall really far behind all you need to go ahead take this that’s got a crab still giving vision so it’s making it really hard to cross over I won’t be able to get there in time I actually didn’t buy my balmy cinder I don’t know what happened I don’t know if it’s a bug but sometimes when I based and tried buy an item my champion just like leaves the fountain so that kind of sucks out actually slowed down my clear quite a bit I’ll be level six here on my red buff which would be nice yep well you can i often found especially it once he has a few levels in it it’s a pretty good idea once it’s 20 minutes in the game and there’s the the base movement speed make sure you don’t eat pass this circle to begin with like stand here and do it otherwise you’ll lose your movement speed and your ease not that useful if you’re just gonna cost your full movement speeds die so we’re gonna go for this red buff all right young cooldown always maxi first guys if you’re not maxing you first you’re doomed it gets farther per level and it gets a lot lower and cooldown for a level as well he also was very gank Keable I have a decent amount of damage now I would like to get level 6 though pulled these together the nice thing about is that compared to other tank junglers is he doesn’t really get low on HP like a normally pink jungler does rammus gets really low maokai cho’gath really any of them get quite low it’s basically just nunu and Zac they stay full HP most of the time so it makes it harder for you to get killed even if it is Elise sinned as long as you use your abilities properly you can usually get away who killed him vain looks like a moon hasn’t taken his blue buff yeah I don’t have my e I wish I would have saved my either I could have ruined that Yasuo BAM we got him.

It’s worth if you have to use everything to get a kill as long as you don’t die it’s worth ribbons over here I think a moon was going to dawn to his blue side because he’s already taken his red buff then killed him as she had the red oh he’s actually on Raptors that’s weird I’m actually in a bad spot here they’re balanced rotating I’ll just set up the recall and I can heal if I need to they’re bottlings watching goal is to see if I go for it the moon was probably checking dragon so my best move there was a hold on than my E and if they didn’t check the bush I get home and if they did start to move towards that I can eat over the dragon pit that was a really awkward situation Yas flash up da / it’ll be up in like the next 10 seconds or so you’re not always gonna have the most kills early on is that you’re more playing for a mid game power spike kind of like mundo jungle you power spike really hard and it makes it difficult for the enemies to do anything because you have so much CS your strong scaling champion and at level 6 you have an insane amount of CC okay moon was top looks like he’s taking his blue buff he doesn’t have this full jungle I didn’t yeah I can go for Dragon I like to queue it rise I’m getting knocked away because once you cast your queue the dragon can’t cancel it so you’re still getting off the damage in the blahblah even though it’s ceasing you away so it’s like aw autocue a few time but really well amumu isn’t here they can’t really contest this I’m gonna knock them together guys stay alive pick up my blobs very nice Kankuro P men conquer is actually really good on Zack jungle once again don’t go conquer if your team is basically very squishy if your team’s super squishy you’ll need the aftershock for the extra tankyness I only did this because we already had two tanks that were gone in the galley oh nice.

She got rekt she didn’t expect that at all the mini wave was way back there I’ve got up the AH steps up I can pull them into the turret with my Q I don’t think we can get this the tert plate certain everyone you break you see those stacks it gets more armor and magic resist and the more people more enemy champs around it when it happens it gets even more our more magic resist so we can’t really break that the hill up here off my blobs do have my cinderhulk I’m not in a huge hurry the back here y’all won’t have a menu wait for a second and it’s a cannon wave so I should build the snag golems and if I’m fast about it.

You know you shopping up mid this is gonna be really interesting I want you guys if you’re gonna be skipping around in this video wait for the late game because I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have some insane combos with my CC at the Gallio CC and since I have concur and I’m about to build AP we’re gonna be unstoppable.

Looks like jinx tide which is good and I don’t have to go bot lane I don’t know where y’all so let’s I’m just clearing out the wave a bit there he is Riven I think her got might actually build to win this he has Black Cleaver nice good snipe I don’t need his help with this you can go Minh they can’t fight this at all I’m really fat and Gallo has a lot of armor I called out that there are ad have you at the start of the game look at guy who’s built a be straight in the arm seekers they’re only eight Peas the muumuu and the yummy which really isn’t much eighty percent of their overall damages ad I got Herald not bad my Raptors are gonna get here in a second so we’re just gonna launch over the wall Auto Attack queue you also can’t do anything he’s gonna need at least two items before it can start shredding well we’re gonna be picking up a lot of damage here we’re gonna get a bramble vest until the on Drees into warm mogs into abyssal mask abyssal mask is still a good item if you want to build a peon Zac because it makes you do 15% more magic damage so it’s really nice for the they take 15% more it’s really good got a bounce them up that’s some damage right there and drop the hell they probably didn’t eat it Harold’s gonna get kind of wasted here we did get first hurt with it.

That’s a nice we’re also gonna get a big chunk out of this turret not bad a turret and a half is really really good you don’t really want to use Harold if enemies are I if we didn’t kill you also I wouldn’t have used it but since we killed him there’s no one there to really defend it I think I’m gonna rush straight in a Spellbinder I’ve been wanting to rush it because it’s a lot cheaper than liandry’s anyways it’s it’s like 200 gold cheaper the Andres is 3100 and Spellbinders 2900 plus check this out liandry’s doesn’t give movement speed Spellbinders giving me 10% moving at 374 I’m moving barely slower than Gallio and he has Tier two boots and I don’t have any boots that’s the nice thing about this build is boots on Zach aren’t 100% essential it’s really only if you’re behind that getting something that could tabbies could be really good in this case though I don’t have free boots in my build or in my runes so going for our early Spellbinders kind of it’s really nice for helping me get around the map I’m gonna drop a pink on this plus is accents here constantly spamming abilities you get your spell binder up all the time like look I already have 14 stacks on it all right we got it we smited it at 6:25 pretty good smite pretty much as soon as we could have smited it there you just have to keep your finger over the trigger oh we got really low there we were a little late on using our ultimate I could use that a lot sooner that was my bad I honestly didn’t think we need it a move was take here than I thought picking up my blobs this is probably warded I don’t imagine so I’m just gonna go I stay away from that you’re probably come to defend the spot turret oh I can’t really save him there Dahlia was I don’t have all it’s actually not too bad only one of us got caught out there it would have been really bad if we all tried to save him and he’ll he all would have died there under turret and I don’t have all a PS AK is extremely old reliant for massive teamfights my eat is 540 damage that’s in the same yea 74 of this Isle she stole it.

What a piece of crap I got a runaway I’d use my Spellbinder speed up to get out of there nice not bad.

The Oh am over chase to try to get me there I will say not having boots I do feel slow your positioning is gonna you need to be really good if you’re gonna play this setup or you can just swap out your secondary tree to get the free boots.

I think revitalised is super valuable though especially gets early game junglers even though move was not if you were up against early game John whatever vile eyes is huge because it keeps you healthy in the jungle I didn’t use my e Oh knocked him together with my queue and then halted.

That’s hilarious yeah I died that sucks I was way too low on health for us to fight that plus we dived them under turret so we really didn’t have a chance there yeah I think we need to go ahead and get a brand molest surprisingly most of our damage we took was magic it gives 10% CDR we can’t use the mana on it though that’s tough man that’s a really tough call abyssal master spirit missions both would be really good one I’d get more healing dollar one I would do 15% more damage plus we have the Gallio magic damage I don’t know why this vein tries to take everything I’m on.

She’s such a thief all started camping she’ll just walk up and try to take it you really don’t want to show the enemies where you are like this you want to stay invisible kind of like a fiddlesticks when you’re playing a piece that that way you can get really good one shots off if they know where you are they’ll position accordingly I almost have a hundred Spellbinder that’ll be nice we have a dragon coming up oh I missed I missed my e and I’m gonna need to get tankier.

Oh the only way we’re gonna be able to win one of these fights is if I get a really good pic onto the jinx and if we set Vayne up in a good spot to shred we can’t over engage we have to let the enemies engage on us first and I’m not getting any man out of the Bissell mask anyways if their team was more AP heavy I could get both I’m not quite sure how they’re doing one more damage in us I guess just just caught related when we took my camp in vain spotting my camps I don’t have anything to farm sucks she gets lost experts from the camp send me to so she’s kind of just putting the team behind when she stills those I don’t know why veins running towards them she needs so I can run away oh Bain Kai did that really weird in that fight and if I can’t finish off jinx and we’re not gonna win she survived with only around 100 HP there I need some more damage oh this isn’t good it’s about to get fought the enemies are overextending bought this is a really good time to do baron even though Vayne doesn’t have rageblade she’s strong enough to where we can probably take it in time if she was a mage bot laner or a caster ad carry like like gene or Ezreal we probably couldn’t do this she had rageblade he probably could it feels like it’s just happening so slow then amis are closing in on us there’s no way we can fight this though so I’m just gonna hop over the back wall if we all die here we could lose an inhibitor as long as I stay alive I can pretty much solo defended turret as long as my Ultimates up this vein is literally such a farm whore they just killed our gal yo so they’re probably gonna be looking to push up this is when Zak strikes the best particularly ap Zak he has a lot of power in these situations we got him boys we finally did it as long as you meet isn’t on the jinx oh I have enough damage to kill her as is which is kind of funny since I don’t have that much ap oh I think I might be fought Wow we’re still in it.

Hahaha man we did something you me wasn’t on jig so I just popped her I think she even had Hill I’m not a hundred percent having a bramble vest is important though otherwise she’ll just seal off you with the lifestyle she takes in her wounds and that’s pretty good I was a really good pick I don’t know if we should stay the jinx is off this is kind of risky Oh pulled them together the QE combo they land the queue then hit him with your e to close the distance and then pound that yes I mean we can’t do I can’t do anything to the jinx she’s got a you me honor I’m gonna take this stuff though.

I need the levels man without these levels you really need levels on AP Zack mages and heat levels for their ability damage I do still have my spell minor to get away here if the enemies get overly ambitious.

I would really like to get this I don’t know why the Dragons run hey whoa you me dude we’re not gonna move oh no.

That was insane I’m jinx it scared me dude z jinx is gonna kill our whole team damn ammu did some damage boy I even have a lot of em are well not a lot but I’ve some how much damage did his tears do looks like it was might go adaptive town because it was also the you me are no obstacles spirit issues I need the hailing who am i kidding I’m not kidding anyone we’re gonna just go for I guess we’ll finish our thorn though we could finish our thorn mell until the Audrey’s into a warm mug and just not get boots at all because of the Spellbinder speed up I wonder how good Lich Bane would be on Zak probably not very good you’d have to lay in your queue if you missed it it would just be garbage you could smack them together Landing Auto pretty sure your queue applies on-hit effects I’m just gonna shove this real quick I’m heading to my boss side could be in that Bush so I’m not gonna step there immediately yeah she’s been pink for a while Jake steps up all hit her with my cue enemies aren’t really letting us have this ap Zak plays best off a counter engages that way the enemies don’t have any more dashes and you can land your CC for free I’m gonna get on the jig’s.

Whoo bitch that’s what happens when you with a Pisa I’m pretty damn tink you’ve got 3 K HP with a bunch of armor magic resist so if we land are either just screwed you he’s actually a perfect support to counter Zack since you can’t see see you me with your old with any normal champion you can wipe them with your a OE CC and damage a peas that’s the best as the counter punch like once they engage then you go in and blow them up like with what you saw there if you just try to draw engage then they’ll just cut you really hard I hope you enjoyed this video my name is king Stix thank you for watching and I’ll catch you guys next time.

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