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Hello welcome to another jungle video and in this one we will be taking once again a look at how you can take over a game as an assassin now obviously we’ve had some fighter e-type jungles in the last video we did afk farming junglers in the previous one but ultimately assassin jungles really do have a nuance and a versatility to their play style that allows you to best control whether or not you win certain games and usually that means winning the game before you get into v e5 skirmishes with Zack’s and mouth guys naturally that means you need to win the game earlier or at least snobol sucks that the tankyness doesn’t mean anything kha’zix is the most versatile assassin and that he can adapt his playstyle to any team composition and still find himself to be effective however in an effort to have all these principles translate to our assassin brothers and sisters this is going to be done with full assassination items and the dark harvest rune set so as always if you do enjoy the video and learn something please consider clicking the like button and of course subscribing if you want to be notified the next time I fly matey sees in a jungle video and without hesitation we go straight into our first clears now at this point were very custom to seeing four players doing one side of the map looking for level 3 impact all certain farming jungles like varenka’s and kha’zix is even looking potentially to do a full claire in controlling that crab the same goes for evelyn as i featured her in the previous routes video usually the ultimate of an assassin is game changing and the fact that the matter is you don’t want to be behind so a lot of the times players take a safer approach to their early game this kha’zix player really does that against difficult team comms games where you need to protect your jungle because you’re gonna be invaded but in this game and the reason i chose it is because he’s gonna stack you 20 kills and he’s gonna do it basically while playing the super aggressive jungling style not only as an assassin you wouldn’t only exactly do that because you don’t want to give away too much to counter jungling you don’t a dying ganks and find yourself behind the enemy jungler especially when it’s an echo so without a mine lane impact is number one priority red blue grump you see a low HP target on the top lane wastes no resources flash eq make sure he dies silence and ends ami slaps you around and only you can determine whether you find that enjoyable or not and you respawn now your first question that pops into your head is where do I go next – I got bottom side do I go back top side remember in these cases you will have these micro moments in the game where you are behind for example right now the echo is ahead of you on the map in terms of his timing in terms of his camp clearing and you know he started on the red buff which means he’s most likely stealing York rugs maybe your Raptors you don’t exactly know.

So I even go facecheck that part of the jungle go secure the most out of objective that you need to get topside crab while you do that echo shows up on the bottom line for a gank and gets himself a nice juicy kill he also dies but you can tell everything from a CS you know he did his in a fall camp player he took some of one of your camps and didn’t finish them because otherwise it would be 20 and then he went to the bottom line for the gank that also means the bottom crab is still up so while you think about these things in the back of your mind.

You go back to the top lane you have a Shen he taunts you follow-up you get another kill now this point you know the echo would have respawned if you were a jungler that could more capitalize on counter jungling and do it very quickly it’s Siobhan and Evelyn then perhaps you go and steal his Raptors and his crog’s now an arrogant jungle without 200 IQ track and will probably think that’s what exactly what you need to do but you have the question do you want to run into the echo and who wins that battle regardless of whether or not you think you win it if you don’t have Midland prior you don’t actually want to go ahead it’s also very common practice for hi-low jungles to understand how to maximize the experience points this means when they find themselves behind it will start clearing by taking the camps that have spawned a second time for elevated experience that means echo will most likely do his Raptors and then sequence down to the crab and the reason he does that also still defend his own jungle he knew you just ganked on top lane again he could track to CS and see you didn’t do the bottom side crab but am I going to rap does he make sure he secures those in defenses house in terkoz X doesn’t even bother going there does his wolves and then his grump to set up good bottom to top cap sequencing because he 100% wants a feast on the science bones who maybe he wants to make bone broth but nonetheless he’s going top lane again it’s been long enough since they last ganked at the top line is sense of security will have to Windell to just a little bit because top lane has have a very short attention span when it comes to defending ourselves against ganks and you pick up a third kill now you can help push the wave the Shanna’s fed you are very fed and you did it while clearing let’s see red into blue into gromp you did some ganks you got a crab you did wolves and grump again that’s six total camps by six minutes yet you almost have your warrior completed the trundle does good trolling work and shows the echo on the map even fights him a little bit reveals wackos and that’s all you really need you can track with numbers and anticipations all you like but only visual confirmation will actually tell you whether or not you were doing it correctly and what exactly the echoes game plan is and so because of the trundles good work and echoes passive approach to the game the fact that he hasn’t been able to get anything going all while kha’zix is sitting on three kills you know you can add directly to the bottom side take your crog’s take your red and then use this path thing to gank bottom side why don’t I see this huge morph and everyone just walking through tribush most of the time that’s warded early game especially against the higher ellos hit the bouncy bouncy plant go for a ride in the air you don’t have wings yet evolve your ultimate and then go straight down bottom line and get two kills Cho Gath and Sena versus Cassiopeia and trundle is the most he’s in ten bottom line I could imagine actually is it I mean I can think of some really weird things but fasting sin is a thing know if the champion plays I never want to see it again.

And now our favorite bug Lord is pushing away for Ken he’s level six you get the first orangey crab you go back to base not only do you finish warrior and you finish your magical booties you get a longsword and another serrated Dirk all of this and you haven’t run into the echo one time this is why understanding which lane to gank first is important this is what understanding which lane to gank is important echo has been stifled this game entirely because of the Kazakh is his decision forcing him to play out of his comfort zone not allowing him to really make his own decisions that and of course the trundle did his job and the fact that you have a zigs mid who just has to sit there and bomb away now obviously there are some downsides to this play style especially when things don’t go your way and they would always go your way firstly you think the next move is controlling your blue side jungle maybe getting a Harold gank top lane again get some plates from there you can look to counter jungle 1v1 the enemy jungle and take him off the map that is an excellent strategy and would be a great way to try and close this game out however there’s an alternative viewpoint while his path thing wasn’t exactly the best Ford he went and finally the Raptor camp and ideally you go down and do the crog’s then you can gank the pushing bottom Lane and then get dragon control that’s the alternative objective focus I always advise his subjective focus specifically around nine ten minutes after you’ve been the one dictating the game through kills in ganks but at the same time I’ll aim this behind should not be happening so much unless they had an echo in the corner obviously you can see they have an echo in the corner the kha’zix is team did not know echo was waiting patiently but it’s very much a possibility that the kha’zix had the jungle sense go off trying to anticipate what the echoes next move will be to get himself back in the game and thinking hey you know kha’zix is gonna go do his blue and Harald let me just go straight back to the bottom line and his prediction proves to be true he kills the center suffice to the center playing in another game probably just spontaneously died he uses his auto attack passive to slow the choke out before during the cue the fact that he flashes doesn’t matter those close really do have big range however the Diana and the cigs have finally decided to join the party and he sadly gives her an 800 call shut down not exactly the champion you want to be giving it to either but two kills and an assist because the echo also Falls is basically a good day out we are not going to have a few scrappy minutes because you cannot expect the enemy not to fight back in this case because of your focus on fighting and ganking your farming numbers won’t be impressive your experience gains will not be the best that means when you can hold a lane do so safe tower plates get some minions soak the shank and all chew the shank in TP you get the kill on the Scion or the thing is you’re against an echo not some kinda useless jungle still a top tier jungler as such the fact that he’s level six and you are level 8 is kha’zix means you might think you have a free Herald but the Kazakhs is big mistake here was that he stopped tracking he stopped keeping an idea of where the echo might be he flanks him he kills him 1v1 threats my doing good work he alts away for safety and then he runs off didn’t even have to hit W now his next move up on respawning in the echo wasn’t exactly able to get the herald himself it’s instead of going to his bottom side getting those camps and getting the dragon control you can see you know I’m getting annoyed now guys objectives you must get objectives he goes for another Lane gank.

Yes he dies but his bot Lane gets to kill so it’s a good noble death worthy sacrifice and obviously we’re talking about objectives and things like that but he evolved our he has harvest he wants to stack those souls because that impart is how he scales that impart is how he takes over the game but at the same time I want you guys to start thinking about this at this point a lot of you have good early games a lot of you play Assassin’s while you get fed but then you keep doing this unrelentingly while the echo farms a bit more traps you out and you don’t get objectives that means you kill it on translating to anything that actually helps you win the game so please do keep that in mind at some point it is enough and now you want to try and get a gank and then translate that two dragons into heralds did tried to his credit a bit earlier.

The echo actually applied him I mean not really but he did and it’s like the switch goes off with the entire team because that’s exactly what happens next wrap this and read before taking the Cassiopeia is taking the crog’s because when you have a Fed cast appears she will take your camps very sad the team fight breaks out he uses that ultimate to go straight through everyone avoiding unit collision gets to the backline takes out the center takes out the echo and his reward is finally taking it dragon now normally you wouldn’t actually wait until this point to see the first dragon be taken I think he could have done it sooner but at the same time being too focused on them isn’t also good the fact that the game was going so well and he’s super fed and he’s taking it over in these fights shows you that his decisions were good for this particular game remember read react and adapt to what is happening and while he does a dragon I want to rewind that fight very quickly and just show you something very important SAS ins what’s your goal take out squishies take out targets on the backline do not sit in the front tank damage you want to flank or in the case of having involved ultimate on kha’zix drive straight through them and make sure you’re taking out at least one or two people when you’re this fed 100% you should be taking out two people and in doing this you distort the nature of the fight because once you’ve taken out their backline now you can move back in if your team is having trouble finishing off the other three the point being that being a super fed assassin as we watch kha’zix steal the blue on his way out after the dragon is that you are actually using that lead in fights and you do this by waiting for crucial spells to be used let your team engage let the fight evolve and look three-window and then take it this will be a reoccurring theme as we go through the rest of this game and that end an assassin jungler jungles in general you must always take what is offered to steal from a certain TV show the worst thing you can do is not take enough now in that case taking in the blue buff and leaving is fine we’re taking his whole jungle even better echo now it goes on a blue buff invade he jumps over the wall you Q order him for the passive you alter then you autumn again that’s very much overkill but you know the point is made I suppose and now we’re at that 15 minute point take over the game and close it out if there are any straggling plays any enemy team tilting kill them get the free gold then focus the objectives that has not been a focus of this game but it’s definitely what you need to close take the herald cover middle and get another kill just be very very careful you are squishy this build you moose dust blade this isn’t wise you know most of the time we preach taking edge of night conqueror playing a bit must save having a bit more forgiving nature he likes dark harvest to stack the souls as much as possible he wants the use for engage he wants a dust plate for raw damage he’s doing full-on school she pure assassin mode again take what is offered back to base see the wandering Sion take him out that’s your window you have a numbers advantage use the herald when a skirmish breaks out around the mid lane skirt the edges do what you can use your devolve W that you got at level 11 to make sure you having some utility and fights when you don’t want to dive the backline it is a Diana it is a center it is a sign you cannot afford the luxury of just face tanking three people when she general to you you eat into the blue buff just to make sure your team can win fights without you you want to see their capabilities not because you missed a jump whatsoever because you’re overestimated the nature of the fight no not at all they passed a test and I think honestly you probably see that this game is over but I must highlight that he falls back to the dragon after the fight again fight leads to an objective he finally does a full Claire while his team is resetting he doesn’t really need to go back too badly he can take all his camps get some influx while is a bit of downtime on the map now when you are an assassin in this particular game I want to show you the kind of fight that you need to have in order to break the back of the enemy and actually close most assassin players just simply don’t do this and that’s what you throw in these mid to late game phases because you don’t know how to do this what’s the involved our utility in this case if you’re a ringer if you’re everyone the same principle here using a camouflage to back line dive the echo is taken off your trundle so you ready in a 45 you’ve got a sine fighting as zigs on the bottom line and the most important member in these fights is still the Senate just because of who she is as a champion you are in you use your passive auto attack to get to slow QW she dies immediately and now watch as he weaves in and out using his ultimate using those passive autos as soon as he gets out of it weaving in the queues off cooldown especially with the order q cancel and then when the echo tries to diagram he uses his e to reposition it’s not a kill mechanic it’s for repositioning one sector tries to get him again use the W get yourself a third kill and that right there is a baron and that right there is the game literally in a 3 V full fight you dive the backline you take out two people with good positioning good use of your combos good use of your spell’s you reposition to keep yourself alive that’s what.

Nothing with this much control on the fact that you have 23 harvest acts all that activity and all the early ganking everything talking about that objective ganking balance with his focus on ganking to get those harvest acts has led to this exact moment this entire game was dictated by this play style now it does require better mechanics good positioning understanding of when to go in but hopefully from this you can see the example and all these closing kills he uses to get to 20 now assassin junglers and assassins in general still control solo queue for these reasons the uncoated nature of games even a challenger means that you can always take it over thank you very much for watching I hope you are able to enjoy and learn something please do like share and comment if you did I do always like to see around 1,500 likes because it makes my beard feel like it could assassinate anyone’s face please subscribe to a future jungle videos coming very soon and as always I will see you all in the next tutorial.

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