Identity V – New Survivor: The Prisoner – Beginners Guide!

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New survivor Gameplay and ability/skill explanation! How to play the new survivor Prisoner! Season 10 Essence 2: S-Tier skin Vipor for the Prisoner.

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Hey, bears!

I’m the Gaming-Grizzly and welcome back to Identity V! And today, I want to bring you a detailed explanation, and a beginners’ guide for the new upcoming survivor, the prisoner! He will come in season 10 essence 2, and I’m absolutely excited about him. But before we jump into the beginners’ guide, I would really appreciate it if you could leave me a faaaat like. A comment in the comment section below what you think about the Prisoner. And if you’re new and you want to stay up to date all around Identity V make sure to subscribe to the Gaming-Grizzly! And of course if you haven’t already, check out my twitch! link is in the description below!

I’m live almost every single day; I’m probably live right now; we are having a lot of fun right there.

So check out twitch as well! But let’s check out the beginners guide for The Prisoner. Alright, first of all, there are three major abilities of The Prisoner, 2.

He can stun the hunter the ability to decode cipher machines from a distance He can open up the exit gate from a distance Alright, let’s start with his electric shock, that you can use to stun the hunters! As soon as the match starts, the prisoners’ skill has a cooldown of 20 seconds, which means that you can’t use his skill right away! And even if the initial cooldown is completed, you still have to charge your Electric shock! To charge the skill, you need to be in the radius of a connected cipher machine for 12,5 seconds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re closer to the cipher machine or not. As long as you’re in the radius, it will charge up at the same speed. Alright, after you got your charge up, you can stun the hunter! This is a short stun that pretty much works like the enchantresses short stun, but it can only be charged in the area of a connected cipher machine. Another bonus of this area is that if the hunter is long enough in it, he’ll get an additional stun! But this only works a few times, since he will get immune to the stuns by the connected cipher machine.

But as long as you recharge your skill, you can stun the hunter over and over again. Once you used your skill, it has a cooldown of 50 seconds. And yes, of course, you can use the stun to actually rescue survivors from the ballons, but as I already mentioned. This works like the enchantresses short stun, so you definitely want to body block after the stun, since the hunter would have enough time to smack the survivor again. Another detail we have to know is that you can use your skill where ever you are! But the hunter needs to be in the radius to actually take the shock. So as you can see here, there is no hunter closeby, but I’m still able to use my skill. So you really need to get down the distance between the hunter and you because this could turn an attempted rescue into a dangerous situation! And you also need to keep in mind that he can only charge up his skill at connected cipher machines – so as soon as the exit gates are powered, you’re not able to charge the skill again, because all the cipher machines are disabled. Ok, next up, we have his ability to decode cipher machines from a distance. This is extremely useful and complex at the same time. First of all, you need to build up a connection between two cipher machines. These can be any two cipher machines on the map. While you’re setting up the connection, you can also see the progress on all cipher machines, which gives you a hint on where your teammates are! Now you can decide if you want to help a teammate to decode a cipher machine, or if you want to connect a cipher machine that has no progress so far. In case you selected the wrong cipher machines, and want to create a different connection, no problem!

You can do that! But you have to keep in mind that once you connected two ciphers, there will be a cooldown of 30 seconds before you can change the connection. Okay, once you have connected two cipher machines, you still have a few options. As soon as you touch it, you will see two progress bars that are connected. The upper one shows you the cipher machine you’re working on, the lower one the cipher machine that is connected. As soon as you start decoding, the shared progress is set to 0%. This means that you’re using all decoding power on the cipher machine you’re working on right now.

You can change that to 12, 24, 36, and 48%. The difference between these options is the shared progress. For example, if you select 12%, the decoding speed on the cipher machine you’re working on is still pretty fast, and you’re slowly decoding the connected cipher machine too. But if you’re going all the way up to 48%, the decoding speed on your cipher machine goes down, and the connected cipher machine is getting decoded faster. In this clip, you can see the difference pretty well. I’m almost done with my cipher machine, but once I bring up the shared progress to 48, the decoding speed is drastically slower, but I share more with the connected cipher. After you finished a cipher machine (either the one you’re working on or the one that is connected, the connection will disappear. The hunters can also destroy the connection between two cipher machines!) Quick tip, it can be very useful to use the connection to bring down cipher machines in the middle of the map, because those are usually the most dangerous cipher machines to decode. Connecting cipher machines can also be super powerful if there is a primed cipher that is protected by the hunter. Just sneak away, and pop the primed cipher machine with the connection! And last but not least, we also have his ability to help to open up two exit gates at the same time.

It’s pretty much the same mechanism as the cipher machine connection, but instead of setting it up, the connection is there as soon as the last cipher machine pops! You can also choose between 0 – 48% shared progress, and depending on how much you share, it will slow down the opening process. But as you can see, if you go all the way to 48%, the second exit gate can be almost opened up too!

Which is extremely useful. This can be an absolute gamechanger late-game, but just as the hunter can destroy the connection between cipher machines, he can also destroy the connection between exit gates. Again, This character will come in season 10 essence 2! With this essence, we will also get 3 character skins that are jungle themed! I absolutely love this theme. Obviously, the S-Tier skin goes to The Prisoner and is called viper! And.


All the details!

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