Identity V – New Survivor The Prisoner Gameplay and Guide!

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The new survivor The prisoner is coming in season 10 essence 2 and he will be a decoder! Explaining the skills and abilities of the new survivor the prisoner and looking at some gameplay of the prisoner!

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Hey bears I am beginning grizzly and way come back to I density five and today I want to bring you the first gameplay of the new survivor that will most likely come in season ten essence to the prisoner I also want to talk about these skills and disabilities if you want to stay up to date all around the game make sure to subscribe to the gaming chrisley also leave me a comment about your thoughts on the prisoner and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave me a fat like also make sure to check me out on Twitter cuz I’m almost like every single day I’m probably live right now.

So make sure to join me on Twitch alright let’s get into the gameplay and into the skills and the abilities of the prisoner.

All right now that we have seen the Phils.

Gameplay introduction of this new survivor the prisoner I also want to go over his skills skill number one circuit control the prisoner is very familiar with the underground circuits of the manner and by rewiring can change the connections between ciphers connected ciphers can transmit decoding progress between each other how to use the skill after selecting his item the distribution of surrounding ciphers appear in the prisoners mind and he can use fires to alter the connection status of ciphers connection pathway the prisoner can connect to and deciphered cipher machines creating a connection pathway with a cool-down of 30 seconds every prisoner can only create one connection and each connection can only connect two ciphers after the connection has been formed all survivors can see it while decoding connected cipher machines the survivor can simultaneously transmit a fixed percentage of their deterring progress to another cipher while transmitting the decoding speed of their current site for will decrease to the same percentage that they transmitted the percentage transmitted can be adjusted at will from 0 to 40% at the same time because of the age of the wires the transmit decoding progress will suffer some losses increasing the father the two sides of machines are away from each other ranging from 0 to 30% the connection pathway can be destroyed by hunters ciphers that have had their connection destroyed cannot be connected again for 45 seconds.

If any of the ciphers in the connection are decoded the connection will naturally disappear that is a lot to take in but basically the takeaway of this skill is that you can actually connect to cipher machines no matter where you are you can connect to cipher machines and while you are decoding one of the cipher machines you can send a fixed percentage of the decoding progress to another cipher machine which nobody is working on you can trust Dakota cipher machine where nobody else is which is crazy but if they are super far away they will lose a little bit of the decoding progress but that is actually fine hunters can destroy the connection between the cipher machines and if they are destroyed you have a cool-down or forty-five seconds that’s how I understood the skill and I think it’s pretty damn amazing skill number two conductor collecting charge the accident changed the prisoner’s Constitution forever turning his body into a conductor that can collect electric charge when the prisoner decodes a connected cipher the discharge produced will create a charged area around the cipher currently being decoded if the hunter enters the area and stands still for a while they will be stunned by the electric shock so what we saw in the gameplay only happens if the hunter stands still in the circle each electric shock increases the hunters resistance to it and each time the hunter is shocked the son time decreases to a limit of zero so this means that at some point can be stunt again when the connectionist appears or is destroyed the charged area will disappear simultaneously strengthening charge because of the prisoners special Constitution why the prisoners within the charged area they will slowly charge up when fully charged they can release one strong electric current nearby hunters will feel the impact of the electric current and for three seconds after their controls will be reversed all right this is not too bad we are not getting a stun that actually stuns the hunter but we are turning around the controls.

The hunters so when he is hunting you and he reverses controls he will immediately turn around for a few seconds until he realizes that you reversed his controls so this might give you a better opportunity to kite around the hunter as well even if this is most likely going to be a decoder right you can still you know trick the hunter I like that one.

I really like that skill skill number three super pathway thanks to his careful consideration the prisoner set up a connection pathway between the two gates ahead of time after all ciphers has been decoded the passcode lock on both days will automatically connect allowing both gates to simultaneously share the coding progress because the connection between the two gates is more complex the scale of transmission can only be altered by the prisoner from zero to 40 percent hunters can destroy the connection between the two gates after which the prisoner will have no way of reconnecting the two alright alright alright so we didn’t see that in the gameplay earlier but both exit gates are connected as soon as the last cipher machine pops the connection is there and if you are the prisoner and you open up one gate you can actually send decoding progress to the other gate at least that’s how I understand it and this can be a game changer especially if the hunter for example is sitting on one gate three other survivors are at this gate trying to open it up but the hunter is just you know protecting that gate and the prisoners just at the other end of the map decoding opening up this other gate and sending the progress to the gate over there where all the other survivors are and then it magically opens up or the survivors can escape there are a lot of possibilities with this I think that is really interesting but we also know the connection can be destroyed so if the hunter goes through the exit gate he can just take the panel and the connection is disappearing and we are coming to skill number for something a lot of people were waiting for hyper focus while decoding connected Cypress.

Prisoners decoding speed is increased by 10 person and after failing a calibration is sometime is decreased by 30 person so this makes him a decoder main obviously can decode connected cipher machines you can decode the gates when they are connected and he is even getting a decoding speed increase by 10% if he is decoding connected ciphers however this hyper focus also witnessed the prisoners perception of the surroundings decreasing his perception of the hunters distance by 20 persons so that means we have a smaller fear radius off the hunters coming you will take a little bit longer to realize that the hunter is coming but still that makes him a decoder main I am really excited to see this because we only have we literally only have 2 decoder mains we have the mind’s eye that I really don’t like for some reasons because you can’t see anything and we have the mechanic with the doll now we are getting the prisoner another decoder alright alright alright and that is everything that we have on this new survivor the prisoner so far I hope you enjoyed this video if so make sure to leave me affair like also leave me a comment in the comment section below what you think about the survivor I’m excited that he is a decoder will you buy him let me know and of course if you want to stay up to date all around identity 5 make sure to subscribe to the gaming chrisley and check me out on twitter sway because i am live almost every single day i’m probably life right now so make sure to check out the links in the description below i hope you all have a fantastic day and see you all in the next video bye bye.

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