Jhin Op Crits! – Set 3 Teamfight Tactics Best Comps Strategy Guide Galaxies

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All right let’s go chambers chambers Leona it seems like a pretty good start okay let’s go space blasters all right that’s uh that’s a lot of Chronos so we’ll want to go Chronos this game twist the fate maybe I’ll just hit fast for just go for four Chronos yeah so we get the four chrono boost I think we’ll go to insu Twista feat does not pause by Caitlyn does so I actually don’t like to give her any attack speed items anymore Twista feat can keep attacking non-stop win super proto Twisted Fate why not great seems pretty good are they gonna make more galaxies besides these two we have right now so once again that’s another question you should be asking him I just play the game but there’s a lot of like things that are gonna add to the game definitely for sure just as I sell buy we unit that’s fine okay let’s get Caitlyn Shan again for Kronos versus for photos but I killed his feet so I wait wait no wait how do I lose with killing okay yeah I was like there’s no way I killed T who had the item let’s go chain best.

Alright let’s level up what can we put we don’t have another sniper yeah we actually have nothing to put I guess I’m going to put I’m gonna just put two sheds.

And we’re gonna go a bramble shed I need a tank.

Do I want the Aswan blade bastard and the master you I don’t really care about the blade master this game I don’t think we need played masters yeah we don’t need that.

Alright let’s go to store Shen got another shin.

For Bhangarh for mystic seems Opie really yeah I guess I could have put the sorts in I forget that twist of fate is a major I really do forget Eddie’s image okay.

Oh another shame they keep getting me the chance.

So what won’t you buy them and we can’t all right let’s go teaster aquiline and we’re gonna put gen 4 to Stanford we will give him infinity edge it didn’t give a lot okay.

Well the plan still is going to be selling this close to fate giving Quinn sutyagin.

It’s gonna be best on gin anyways I twist of fate is just an item holder right now that’s that’s all he is all right another blitz oh we got it sell twist of fate put the EZ his Runa is actually good on jindo I’m wondering right now he’s gonna hit like two guys at once I guess not a bad item line it shouldn’t be a bad item on on gin right here we go got to stir blitz now well that’s an easy team and these guys all having weaksauce lose instant win right here.

These guys are easy dude let’s just go glove all right looks level up and sell these tool and we have no reason to buy these guys maybe I’ll buy the jinxed Oh blaster bonus all right I think we’re not one through nine should be good instead of two boy sees I’m really digging that wound on idea on gin because he’s getting two guys at once and he can crit for both of those attacks all right guys Shen let’s just put two shins what about to infinity edge to infinity edge could be really strong actually because he’ll be getting like you’d be pretty much just ridding half the time and he’ll be doing 200% print damage just do a lot of roof damage solid jinx I don’t think we’re gonna do that okay four points we got a spatula jinx again.

Check over three rebels now but we got we got root on span this is too good okay we don’t need bail cause maybe more tanks I think we should just go brew nuts last whisper we don’t need we don’t need to our map and who cares about that just hit two guys at once let’s go and then with a spatula we can go Darkstar right up maybe oh yeah we got destroyed that’s Troy.

Oh pull this three stars aiya that’s just le dead that’s a pretty looking three-star bro easy we’re gonna bite the Sham yeah we about three star this guy it’s bad I really don’t care about jinx but we can keep her for now because we’re not gonna make any more gold anyways just keep her no don’t you dare all right let’s go shake oh good let’s go easy again and we’re just gonna wait there’s actually nothing to do unless I go we make someone into a Dark Star okay six dark stars.

But Jin has better idols okay yep easy win but just my Jin is really strong for sure this this is it this is the build all right to store easy you have one more Shen to go okay is it to stir jinx I don’t know about this oh yeah yes yeah right now our Jin one stories not pestered by that yeah so here as you guys saw all right that’s cool that’s cool.

A Wukong right drop key brawlers he could drop the brawlers maybe and then was Jenna beat right now he is but he’s been doing a lot of damage so alright some items was your favorite comp at the moment my favorite cop is I actually don’t know all right let’s not look in point.

Can we just get some chips actually think I want to put thrush in drop the easy.

Oh my god we got the we got it we got it we got it we got it I don’t all right so I’m really so the reason why I got rid of Z is because we actually don’t do them and we would have had a to storage in right now my slow APM and poor eyesight has misled me into thinking I didn’t have a chin right there I am stupid ah still trying to learn the game guys so try learning all right we got calm so what I want to do is go to Manor weavers can I go six Kronos I could but three-star Shen that’s amazing so I guess I should have just kept the easy I didn’t think I was gonna do six Kronos but I changed my mind I’m gonna get rid of the brawler bonus who cares about that so we got six Kronos now and then wait master easy so we got three blades.

Squat expert again I’m gonna just back to my own experts alright we’re gonna go to ionic spark on Shen and then we’re going to do shroud a stillness so this will disable some early skill casting on my opponents.

Oh am i I’m doing good oh he’s trying to get his mana cast incident Instamatic cast for that bill oh god we got it we got it.

Nice dude it’s always a three mech pilot for infiltrator bill that’s the most old people right now I hit three star Shaco it’s the same bill over and over again all right this is a week looking sorcerer team antics parks pretty much discounters sorts especially on a three-star shin he just does a ton of damage basically we backs it’s his backstab he just goes behind and stabs you alright Morelos who’s that guru Kong will come we’re ellos dicen actually it’s a whole bunch of guys Easy’s not bad either I’m gonna go Morello Luke on his cyclone it’s gonna have multiple guys his three started SIA engines out by scheana’s so tanky Jin is 10 K 11 K damage.

Yo man Jin is where it’s at okay let’s see if we can beat three-star Shaco and Caixa we delayed a skill with Shraddha stillness Oh Shaco just died oh no he’s there he jumped to the back no way.

Well that’s so easy so gin hittin that 19k okay so let’s see if we can beat him again I can hit level nine or just rule down I kind of wise see if I can get a restart chain so easy let’s see if we can’t three-star Jen for content content guys content.

Dude this Genesis you just need to be protected and we went alright three Zephyrs okay it’s over to star irelia okay with double wolf um let’s just roll down everything it’s the last round two more Wilcox man I can’t get it to start Thresh okay this game is over oh I miss the gin doesn’t matter this game is over so easy I was tipped three star Wukong Oh interesting one they have so easy.

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