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Hey everyone and welcome to skill caps tier list for patch 10.6 there are a ton of huge changes on this patch that are really going to shake up the meta trust me you don’t want to miss this one some long time over power champions are finally getting hit with riots nerf bat we’re also seeing some insane buffs to champion specifically in the mid lane and there are changes to summoner spells items they’re trying to make Teemo and Zara into junglers this patch is absolutely crazy and will be breaking them down along with a detailed tier list for each role on patch 10.6 all of which are created by a team of challenger players analysts and experts from multiple regions starting with the monkey king himself Wukong is finally having his rework go live his passive stone skin will be changing from gaining bonus armor and magic resistance per enemy champion to a flat armor bonus at all times based on his level.

It will also grant him point 5 percent max health regen per 5 seconds here’s the thing though the armor and health regen bonuses will increase whenever Wukong or his clone hit an enemy champion or large monster stacking up to eight times this means whenever you’re trading in Lane or fighting those pesky jungle camps you’ll now have 3266 armor and three percent max health regeneration every five seconds at your max stacks which is insane this is most definitely stronger than his old passive his Q ability crushing blow is having some of its numbers changed around but overall we’ll do similar amounts of damage the big difference though is that whenever Wukong or his clone deal damage with basic attacks or spells his Q’s cooldown is reduced by half a second this is a massive buff as now you’ll be able to easily get two of your Q’s off in the time that you would only get one before on top of this the cast speed now scales with attack speed his W ability warrior trickster will still make him invisible but its duration is lowered from 1.5 to one second its cooldown is also being slightly increased and his clone will no longer do a OE damage on de-spawn instead wukong’s clone will now mimic his attacks and his ultimate yes you heard me right his clone can now alt keep in mind though it will deal 50 to 70 percent damage based on skill points invested his ability Nimbus strike is having it’s flat damage increase but will no longer have scaling an instead scale with AP the attack speed buff duration is being increased along with the attack speed that it gives however the cooldown will also be slightly higher moving on to a signature.

Ultimate cyclone now these changes are just awesome his ultimate will now be able to be cast a second time yes this means you’re allowed to knock up the same enemies twice the spin duration and knock up duration is lowered to compensate for this and the flat damage component is being removed to do a percentage of the opponent’s max health which is definitely stronger essentially what this means is that you can use your ultimate then cast abilities into using your ultimate again giving you a lot of outplay potential over all these changes function as huge buffs to Wukong you should be doing more damage have more L play potential and be tanker due to his new passive and even if he’s not super strong on release we have no doubt that he will be given the special right treatment of follow up buffs just take a look at the past champions that riot has reworked such as mordekaiser Diana Aurelia a collie they all received follow-up buffs after their initial release that put them into the top tier category for a while or challenged our experts anticipate he will be at least around B tier in the jungle top and mid rolls likely doing the best in jungle and top moving on to summoner spell changes teleport is receiving a buff its cooldown is being changed from 360 seconds to 420 to 240 based on your level uniquely it will also grant you bonus movement speed on a rival the idea behind these changes is that by right increasing the cooldown in the early game it will be a nerf to mid and bot Lane who take it for its benefits in the laning phase then by having its cooldown reduced later on and having the movement speed on arrival it will be a buff to top laners that will be split pushing into teleport flanks overall in theory this should be a buff to top laners that take teleport and a nerf to everyone else one thing to also keep in mind is the fact that tracking the enemy’s teleport will now be much more difficult since its cooldown will change based on the enemy’s level as for items we have a potentially meta changing buff death stances having its total cost increased by 100 gold its attack damage lowered from 80 to 50 but is gaining plus 30 armor and magic resist despite the increased cost and attack damage nerf this is a huge buff now they are giving it a minor.

To range champions having ranged users now take 20% of damage as a bleed effect instead of 30% for melee champions however the additional flat resistances should help compensate for it now you have to consider the type of melee champions that build death stands such as jacks and fiora these are DPS bruisers that look to duel opponents and let’s take a look at their build a standard Jack’s build would be titanic hydra triforce sterak’s gage and death’s dance.

Notice how not one of these items provides him with flat resistances we find the same thing looking at a standard fiora build ravenous hydra try for sterak’s gage and death’s dance again we find no flat resistances this is what’s so powerful about these changes to deaths dance champions that build the item often stack flat attack damage and health and so are lacking in flat resistances and let’s not forget the fact that last patch riot buffed both titanic hydra and ravenous hydra these are core items for champions that build death stands as well so definitely be on the lookout as we could be seeing a shift in the meta toppling towards more dueling split-push style bruisers riot we’ll also be following up with some more nerfs to funnel strategies for those uninitiated a funnel strategy is where you put a support in the mid lane like tarik and run a hard carry like Master Yi in the jungle master even picks up both the farm in mid lane and the jungle to get a huge gold and experienced lead in our opinion it’s really boring to both play against and have on your team so to combat this ride is making the monster hunter penalty now additionally lower minion experience by 50% the monster hunter penalty is on all jungle items and kicks in when your gold from minions is greater than half of your gold for monsters this penalty will be removed at 14 minutes in game now we think that they may have gone too far with these changes as these will directly impact regular junglers two common strategies for regular junglers who aren’t even trying to funnel are to gank a lane and then help push the minions after or to pick up Lane farm after one of your teammates have died you have to be very cautious about doing this now because if you gain too much gold from minions you’ll now be receiving less experience from them too and boosting your experience in the early game from minions is a hugely popular strategy at the moment for junglers ride is making their first change to matchmaking in a while and I have to say I am really excited about this one.

They’re introducing a new system called autofill parody what this aims to do is make matches more balanced by having the same number of auto fills on each team currently you could get two auto fills on your team with the enemy having none creating a very unbalanced match this is what these changes aim to fix so if you have two auto fills on your team the enemies should also have two auto fills we’re really happy to finally see this being added and hope to see more changes like this in the future before we get started I quickly want to mention that if you’re not signed up to skill capped then you’re missing out big time we just had over 800 guides on our website which are the best on the internet with challenger tailored courses we’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting you’re sure to improve we’re so confident in this that you can see what rank we think you’ll hit while actively using our service before signing up and if you don’t hit that rank then you can claim a refund so there’s literally no risk alright let’s jump back into the tier list flying into the island that is top lane Big Daddy.

Darius is finally getting a nerf his W bonus damage is being lowered from 50 to 70 percent to 40 to 60% total ad the mana cost is also being increased from 30 to 40 and the mana cost on his E is being increased from 45 to 70 scaling down to 30.

Darius has long been considered overpowered for a while now as his win rate has steadily increased to 54% he’s also currently being picked or banned in 68% of ranked games the highest in top lane needless to say the nerfs were definitely warranted and they are relatively small our challenger experts have decided that he will be staying in the O P category for now but that he’s on the cusp of dropping into s tier Garen is also receiving a nerf this patch with his magic resist per level being reduced from 1.25 to 0.75 and his a crit scaling from 50 to 33% the e crit scaling is definitely the bigger nerf as it’s currently standard for him to build phantom dancer I also know some of you are probably laughing at the idea that Garen is receiving a nerf but you have to understand that Garen had one of the highest win rates in top lane at 54% no win rate isn’t everything and our challenger experts agree that Garen is by no means a top-tier pick in high ELO still that doesn’t mean he wasn’t stomping the lower a low brackets due to how easy he is to play due to these nerves will be lowering Garen from the STR into the 8 here but let us know what you think of these nerves do you think they were warranted or not we’d love to hear what you think moving on ergun is receiving a buff this patch his cue slow duration is being increased from 1 to 1 point 2 5 seconds and is e stun duration from 0.75 to 1 second these are pretty small buffs that shouldn’t impact or got too much forgots biggest issue is that he doesn’t exactly have these strongest early game looking to spike in the mid game at level 9 while also not having the greatest late-game either and that’s not really the meta right now in top lane for soloqueue you either want to snowball from your strong early games think of set darius Pantheon or scale into late-game with one v9 split-pushing think of jacks b or a camille vladimir will be rising.

Arrghh out from the depths of the D tier into the seat here but this more has to do with us thinking we ranked him way too low last patch than the buffs themselves now for the tier list we have mordekaiser set and Darius in the O P category you’ll notice some of the big hitters have been nerfed lately set darius Oren have all received nerfs and yet mordekaiser has been untouched one of the best things about mordekaiser is not just how strong he is in lane but the fact that you’re kind of immune to ganks once you hit level 6 if the jungler ganks you you just alt him and pick up a free kill we’re not going to lie to you though the top meta is fragile right now you want to be on the lookout for jacks fiora and cled possibly jumping into the higher tiers with buffs to items in their core build and nerfs to the previous Opie champions there is a possibility that they take over we’ll just have to wait and see if you take a look at our tier list you’ll find we’ve hooked you guys up with two categories the low elo category our champions that we recommend you play if you find yourself stuck in a low health our number one recommendation this patch still has to be tryndamere he is unmatched in his ability to completely solo carry games in the lower a low brackets I mean who cares about your teammates just split push that side lane to victory for bands this patch we recommend mordekaiser darius and set not only are these some of the toughest champions to lanagin’s they also have some of the highest pick rates mordekaiser add 10% darius at 12% set at 11% this means you’re most likely to face them well queuing up sweeping on into the jungle which is the role that arguably has the biggest changes this patch starting with the nerfs sheikha will be getting his are clone auto-attack damage lowered from seventy five to sixty percent we’re not gonna lie this change it is a bit weird on one hand Shaco has one of the highest wind rates in the jungle at fifty four percent so you can understand why riot is nerfing him but on the other hand many challenger players argue that it’s his ability power build that is the strongest not the attack damage built either way we’ll be keeping chaego in the s tier but he’s definitely gone to the lower end of it moving on to the buffs Cain is having his passive orb rate increased once again Cain would be so overpowered right now if it wasn’t for the fact that so many aggressive early game junglers are the meta will be keeping Cain at the top of the 8 here right on the cusp of breaking into s tier here’s the thing though Cain is arguably overpowered when played into the right matchups tank junglers like Zack and Szechwan II get absolutely smashed by Cain in his red form so be on the lookout to utilize him as a counter pick kindred is also getting a couple buffs her a deeper level is being increased from two point two six to two point five her W missing health restored is increased from 32 to 100 to 45 to 100 and her r heal from 200 to 300 to 200 to 400 these are actually pretty small buffs the changes to our ad level will equate to an extra two point five attack damage at level 10 kindred overall is a pretty average jungler at the moment sitting at a 50% win rate and we think these changes will help her maintain this status and so we’ll be keeping kindred in the a tier hecarim is also receiving a buff with his are feared duration increased from its 0.75 to 1.5 seconds to 0.75 to 2 seconds based on the distance this is an even smaller buff and shouldn’t change his power level whatsoever there’s not much to really say about this so we’ll be keeping him in the bead tier the most exciting changes though are the additions to the jungle pool itself riot is trying to turn brand Zyra Morgana Shen Timo and Yorick into junglers by increasing their damage to monsters our challenger experts did a deep dive on the PBE testing out all of these changes to see how good they actually are so we’ll be breaking down these champions in the order of what we think will be the strongest junglers to the weakest.

Starting with brand his passive will now deal 120 percent damage to monsters the craziest thing about this change is that brand could already be played in the jungle before this we definitely think that this is the strongest jungler of the group not only because brand has good clear speed and can gank with his range stun but also because he has fantastic scaling in fact out of all the champions riot has tried to turn into junglers recently he might even be the best this is why we’ll be placing brand in DB tier to start we are confident he will be able to compete with the average champions in the jungle role next we have Teemo no we’re not trolling you Teemo is having his blind duration increased by 100% against monsters as well as as e dealing 150 percent damage to monsters here’s the trick to Teemo jungle don’t waste your time with Krug x’ and raptors start hunters machete and do the single target camps blue grump and red to hit a fast level three from there you can look to play aggressive ganking lanes invade the enemy jungler etc in a way he kind of reminds me of a weaker version of kindred we’re not gonna lie though once you’re at level six he’s just so damn fun placing your traps all around the map in key choke points essentially giving you permanent vision across the map this is one we highly recommend you play once just for the fun of it we’ll be placing Teemo at the top of the CTR for now but if this tearless was ranked based on enjoyment we definitely put him in the opie category next we have Shen and he’s kind of a weird one his Q max monster damage is increased from 75 to 175 to 120 to 200 his clear speed is pretty mediocre but he does have decent ganks with his taunt the biggest strengths he has going for him is his ultimate that kind of turns him into a defensive Karthus while you form your jungle you can watch the map for alt opportunities still he’s a bit too weak in the 1v1 and his clear speed categories and trying to play a more support style jungler hoping your Ultimates will change fights isn’t the best approach for climbing solo q for these reasons he’ll be placed in the seat here for now next we have Morgana with her pool now dealing 150% damage to monsters we had some success with her going the predator rune starting at the rafters clearing read into Krug than ganking top level 3 into recalling to buy boots and ganking bots idle her clear speed isn’t that bad and her Q gives a range crowd control for ganks but her biggest weakness is her inability to win 1v1 s in the early game that.

Not a good quality to have in a meta of aggressive junglers so we’ll be placing her in the seat here as well next we have Yorick graves will now spawn on large monster deaths and ghouls now take 50% reduced damage from monsters here’s the thing Yorick requires a very specific opening route in order to even work he needs three graves to be able to spawn his minions but single target camps like blue grump and red will only spawn one grave this makes it impossible for him to spawn his minions this is a real problem since without his minions he clears at a snail’s pace and takes a ton of damage.

For these reasons we’re putting him in the D tier for now but we’re going to be honest we think he has potential in the right hands of someone who plans out and optimizes his pathing we could see Yorick being a CTR champion lastly we have Zahra whose plants now deal 150 percent damage to monsters at first this sounded awesome like you would clear really fast while not taking any damage but in practice she actually cleared pretty slow combined this with her low movement speed and the slow travel speed of her ability her ganks really aren’t the greatest either she’s also extremely squishy and can be bursted down easily by more mobile junglers this is one we recommend you definitely stay away from playing and are putting her in the D tier diving into the jungle tier list in the o P category we have EKKO Olaf police Rex ID Karthus nunu and Lee sin I know that’s a lot of champions but the one you should really be paying attention to is EKKO he’s definitely the strongest Gimli overall right now he’s powerful enough in the early game to keep up with the aggressive champs like lee sin elise and rek sai but what’s so amazing is that he has the scaling on top of it this means you can get early leads while not relying on your teammates to have to then help you close out the game the other jungler you want to be paying attention to on this patch is Graves on patch 10.5 he received a significant buffs to his magic resistance and Q ability this saw his win rate increase from 49 to 51 percent now on this patch we have those buffs to deaths dance which can be a core item on graves this is why we’ve chosen to actually increase him into the S tier now for you low e low junglers unpatched 10.6 we recommend Master Yi Warwick and kha’zix Master Yi will give you the scaling and solo carry potential warwick is the simple champion to play if you’re starting to learn the role and kha’zix is the snowball assassin if you want to be proactive for we recommend Karthus Olaf and echo the reason we recommend Karthus is that not only is he overpowered he’s extremely easy to play and so it’s way too difficult to try and shut him down if you don’t see a lot of cars that struggle in your illa bracket then go with Olaf or echo an Olaf fan is always good because it’s fast clear speed and impossible to beat 1v1 fix him often snowball the game before you have a chance to do anything and EKKO is recommended due to him being the strongest overall jungler while having one of the highest peak rates found in 11% of all ranked games roaming into mid lane we have the most significant buffs of the patch Twisted Fate is getting a massive ap ratio increased on his blue and red cards when I first saw these changes I had to do a double take these are some big numbers keep in mind a Twisted Fate is by no means a bad champion he’s been sitting at a solid 50% win rate for a while now and he’s just such a good so low-key pick with his ultimate giving him so much matte pressure for these reasons Twisted Fate will be rising into the S tier for this patch the tiny master of evil vigor will also be receiving buffs with his Q damage going from 70 to 230 280 to 240 that’s a flat 10 damage increase at all levels and it’s somewhat agreed upon by challenger players that Veigar is a little bit of a sleeper opie champion despite him having a very mediocre win rate of 50% His infinite scaling and game-changing picks from his cage make him way stronger than his numbers lead on we’ll be placing Veigar at the very top of the a tier for now but we have no doubt that in expert hands he is an ST or mid laner next we have buffs to the siege machine that is xerath his W sweet spot damage amplification is being increased from 50 to 60 6.7% and his Ultimates flat damage is being increased by 20 at max rank with a 2% increase to its ap ratio these are not significant enough buffs to change his position on the tier list as his biggest issue is not his damage and so he’ll be staying in the beat here Ryze will also be getting buffs with his mana regeneration per level increase from 0.8 to 1 and his W damage from 80 to 160 to 80 to 200 you stacked so much mana on Ryze that the mana regen buff really shouldn’t change that much and at first the 40 damage increase on his W looks really strong until you realize that it only kicks in at max Frank and that rise levels up his W ability last for these reasons it shouldn’t impact his placement on the tier list keeping him in the ATO bracket and finally we have one last buff to anivia her ultimate chill duration is increased from two to three seconds all this means is that you’ll have the chill debuff for one second longer which is what lets her e do double damage this is a very minor buff but what’s really crazy to think about is that Wright was talking about making our ultimate no longer be canceled by any form of crowd control praise the rng gods that that didn’t go through as if it did anivia would have skyrocketed into the opt r for now though she’ll remain in the 8th year alright for the mid lane tier list in the overpowered bracket we have Diana echo Vladimir Kassadin and fizz Diana and echo are the two picks you want to be focusing on they are both very well-rounded champions in the mid lane beckoned both snowball early and carry late-game Vladimir and Caston leaned more towards the late game which can be great in the lower yellow brackets where games go on longer don’t believe me there are stats to back it up the average game in silver is 29 minutes long while the average Challenger game is 25 minutes not only are these champions great at scaling but they have true 1v9 carry potential so you don’t have to rely on your teammates the other two picks you want to be on the lookout for this patch is as we mentioned Twisted Fate and vyq are due to their strong buffs and if you’re stuck in low e low then we recommend Kassadin fizz and an e to get you out of it Kassadin gives you late game scaling which as we mentioned is great in the lower a low brackets due to the longer game durations fiza’s mobility is too hard for low elo players to anticipate and so you can often make picks and catch them off-guard as for any as we mentioned last time although she shadows the other picks in terms of strength she’s a great champion to pick if you’re trying to learn the role and focus on improving for bands you’re going to want you target diana Kassadin and echo all three are in the overpowered tier and Diana and Kassadin have some of the highest pick rates being seen in 10% and 7% of rankings respectively in echos case it’s due to the fact that he’s played in both mid and the jungle so you have a much higher chance of facing him and banning him means you’re removing him from both roles kiting into the ad carry we have some of the top picks being shot down a peg senna will be having her passive attack damage per soul reduced from 1 to 0.75 this means at 50 souls she’ll be losing more than a long swords worth of ad and at 100 souls she’ll be losing exactly a pickaxe of a tact image on top of this she’s having her passives cool down the weakened soul increased from a flat 4 seconds to 6 seconds scaling down to 4 based on her level these are actually some pretty significant nerfs to her damage and scaling but given that Senna had a 54% win rate this patch in the ad carry position they may have been warranted here’s the thing though these nerfs impact this scaling she gets from her souls more than anything else which doesn’t affect ad carry Senna as much as it does support Senna this is because Senna in the ad carry position doesn’t have to rely on the attack damage she gets from our souls as she can farm minions to gain items we’ll be breaking this down further in the support section for this reason ad carry sent out will be staying in the opie bracket for this patch Fe Leo’s is also being hit with the nerf at 2/3 of his guns several rooms lifesteal is being reduced from 9 to 25 percent to 3 to 20 percent his infernum guns damage to minions is reduced from 45 to 30% and his mini chakram damage reduced from thirty to 173 to 24 to 1 64 percent total attack damage this means he’s going to have less lifesteal less minion damage for pushing and straight-up less damage to champions we think this is finally enough to drop Afilias down from the OB tier for the first time since his release into the S tier and the most alpha champion on the rift Draven will be receiving a buff this patch the movement speed boost on his W is being increased from 40 to 60% to 50 to 70% we’re not gonna lie to you these buffs are pretty small only helping him kite and chase down enemies slightly faster for these reasons he’ll be staying in the a tier this patch moving on to the ad carry tier list for patch 10 point 6 in the O P bracket we have misfortune Cassiopeia and Senna the pick you want to be on the lookout for this patch is Cassiopeia she’s actually held the highest win right in the ad carry position for several patches now and with the other heavy hitters Fe Leo’s and Senna getting nerves this will only serve to make her more powerful with the same ideas applying to misfortune if you’re stuck in low elo as an ad carry then we recommend you Cley misfortune caitlyn and lucian misfortune is definitely the best pick on this patch having the highest win rate out of the three while also being the easiest to play for bands we recommend misfortune Senna and Caitlyn misfortune is Opie and has the highest pick rate of 80 carries and will be found in over 21 percent of your games so is a must ban Senna can be picked in both ad carry and support which increases your chances of phasing her dramatically and Caitlyn has a pick rate of 17% and with a decent win rate safe laning phase while also being able to bully you you really can’t go wrong with getting rid of her engaging into these supports we have some buffs Soraka is getting her Q total heal increased from forty to eighty to fifty to ninety along with her Q movement speed from 10 to 20 to 15 to 25%.

Remember Soraka was nerfed due to her being played in the top lane two patches ago but they then changed support items to now require you to have an allied nearby so these buffs are a way of reverting the previous nerfs now that they’ve addressed the issues of supports in these solo lanes these Soraka buffs are definitely significant and so we’re confident placing Soraka at the top of the beat here Morgana is also receiving a buff this patch with her movement speed increase from 332 335 and her eye shield amount increase from 60 to 300 280 to 300 these buffs are way bigger than most players realize due to the way Morgana shield works it will only prevent crowd control while the shield holds so by giving her an extra 20 flat shield at Rank 1 it means it won’t break and prevent crowd control much more often keep in mind the two meta engaged the ports Nautilus and Leona both do magic damage on their abilities so you can imagine how important this is we’ll be moving her up to the s tier to reflect this but keep in mind her strength is very dependent on the matchup that she gets now we want to quickly touch on these Center nerfs that we mentioned in the previous section with her gaining less attack damage per soul this is a big nerf to both support Sena but also a unique strategy that has become very popular this is where you run tahm Kench ad carry and support Sena due to both support Senna and the tahm Kench strategy being weaker from the nerfs will be lowering Sena from the opt R to the S tier force of ports will also be lowering tahm Kench from the str into the top of the 8th year onto the cheer list we have the Holy Trinity of engage supports Nautilus Leona and Blitzcrank in the Opie category let’s do say about this that hasn’t already been said about these champions they are extremely tanky offered game-changing picks and do way more damage than any support tank has any business doing the other two picks you want to be on the lookout for this patch is Morgana and Janna since we’re in such a heavy engaged metaphor supports the counter to this is disengage and Jenna and Morgana or some of the two best supports at doing this if you’re stuck in low elo as a support on patch 10.6 then we recommend plain Blitzcrank bard and pike Blitzcrank has constant game winning pick potential throughout the entirety of the game Bartlett’s who roam and carry the map without having to rely on a low e low ad carry and pike offers roaming pick potential all while getting enough golden items to carry the game by himself for bans what a surprise we have Nautilus Leona and Blitzcrank if you have to ban only one of these three definitely go for novelists as he has the highest pick rate of the three at 12% and is arguably the easiest to play moving on to the section you’re really here for these skins and cromoz riot will be releasing two legendary skin variants for Lux at 1820 RP each cosmic and dark cosmic Lux forcing you to choose whether you’re a simp or an edge Lord personally I’ll be playing some low peep blocking in Lux jungle and flexing dark cosmic on my unfortunate teammates we’ll also be seeing the dark stars in line being released this patch dark star Malphite mordekaiser and xerath each for 1350 RP dark star Malphite we’ll also be getting a rare prestige chroma for him while dark star mordekaiser and xerath will be getting the irregular cromoz in addition to this previous champions with dark star skin such as Jarvan Orianna Varys and Thresh we’ll be getting a new antimatter chroma another skin line will also be released this patch which is a clear o to Dungeons & Dragons Talon Blackwood a Taric lumen shield and twitch shadow foot can be bought for 1350 RP each with additional chromosomal so what do you think is the best skin of the patch my personal pick is twitch shadow foot he’s just so damn adorable alright we here at skill gaps put a ton of work into our new tier list and the best way for you to show your love and support is to like a subscribe leave a comment and share this video remember the content you find on our YouTube channel is just a taste of the hyper in treatment platform you’ll find on our website if you’re serious about improving and want to rank up there’s no better time than now to go to skill capcom link in the description below my name’s hexadecimal signing off and as always good luck and have fun on summoners rift.

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