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Detailed Rammus Jungle Guide for Season 10. Rammus Jungle: tips, tricks, pathing, runes and Items included and more! How to Play Rammus Jungle perfectly for beginners. Rammus Jungle Commentary Guide Season 10 League of Legend

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Yo yo what’s going on guys it’s me King Stix playing some rammus jungle on our climb to challenge or I’m going to be showing you how to dominate when Y to pick ramus now I don’t think Ramis is amazing I think he’s around be tier realistically but he’s very situational I only picked them because they first picked loosening race I was like alright this is obvious and then they picked Darius and Zoe so there’s always a bit of annoyance when playing around us but I’m not gonna let that bring me down I’m gonna do me and I’m gonna suck C dude so watch out here we go we’re gonna start out with our bot lane I think it’s the best start on ramus since we’re up against the graves I kinda just want to get my shit and go I don’t want to fuck around and fight graves you can’t fight anyone on ramus early to be honest he’s like one of you ones are garbage until he has a bramble best and cinderhulk so we’re gonna start with bot lane get a leash and we’re gonna go straight into Raptors straight into blue buff and then we’re gonna reset and just get like a cloth armor or something we’re just gonna try to stack up really nicely so we’ll see it looks like toppling got a leash yeah it’s like top did got a fat leash no it looks like you didn’t looks like Darius was just in the bush that’s perfect it’s like great started blue we saw Darius come out of the bush so we know he didn’t leave so the odds of their graves starting on his red is very slim he would have had a solo start because they’re bought lean alright yeah it makes sense makes sense he’s where exactly you started here so unless he goes from his blue straight to my blue you should build to get meantime I’m gonna pull this into the bush I’m gonna try to pull back as far as I can I’m also he’s my sweeper to make sure it’s not worded you got to be pretty defensive on ramps in the early game very similar to Zack in that way the difference is ramus can’t get away quite as well as that if Zack has his yup he pretty much gets away for free and I’m gonna take drop why I’m here cuz I’m level 3 so I’m just gonna take this real quick.

Might as well since I’m here and then I can full clear up and grant will spawn back in so it’s actually a really good spot to be in.

Plus if grades invades me while back all he’ll be able to get is my wolves instead of my gross an Wolf’s which is nice I don’t want to gank top in general on melee junglers especially weak ones that are early game I tank junglers zach and ramus and new news you typically don’t want to gank things like a darius it’s just not gonna go well things like darius allow a mordekaiser if the enemies have any of those like in top lane you don’t want to gank it because they can easily 1v2 you and just kind of kite you around so before you start ganking shit like that you really want to make sure you’re strong and you can hold them still for a while and you can take a lot of damage otherwise you’re just gonna feed Plus what would have happened if grace would have shown up if I woulda gank and says great start the same side I did you probably show up there at roughly the same time and then we obviously loose the 2v2 we’re not gonna beat that might as well play around our strengths will scale up and get the items that we want to get I will be coming bought here in a second though I don’t even if I show bought graves can’t punish me very hard cuz I only have wolves up so realistically you can’t really punish me I think they just saw me yeah they reacted pretty well Leona actually stunned the wrong person she’s she ignited the rash and stun Lucian holy shit that’s insane it actually kind of oh that’s not good oh well we got their heels and got their flash that sucks man it happens though definitely would’ve been a kill on thrush because the loose the Barris era would have landed it would’ve been so free it wasn’t very Sue’s fault I was definitely Leona’s there’s just a little miss play not a big deal she didn’t do it on purpose.

The varus definitely did take a sweet time that’s for sure we’re gonna cue in-between our camps kind of like a new new snowball you can start up your queue from a distance and go into your camp yep just like we thought he saw a spot so he went into our wolves that’s all he got though because we already took our blue in our grump so that was actually a big waste of his time very inefficient on his part so he took this he probably backed and right now he’s on his way to his Gras wolves and then he’ll clear up so I’ll just go straight to his golems and take those I think that’s the plan here that is the plan yeah we’re gonna get that he hasn’t bought a pink ward yet he doesn’t have a normal word so I don’t think he’ll be able to see us this is a little bit risky though I wouldn’t recommend doing stuff like this I see where Darius is so I feel comfortable that this isn’t ordered but in general I wouldn’t recommend doing this on ramus invading unless you are very confident like I am that graves is probably over here he’s probably on Raptors right now so I’m gonna have to hurry this isn’t a great spot to be in there’s a very good chance he’s on rappers by now just depending on how he cleared I’m pulling it away from the wall so if he does show up I can queue away if I’m in too deep then I won’t be able to get over here fast enough before days cuts me off so I’m gonna get his gums it’s huge he didn’t even get my whole wolf camp so I got his uh like level 3 or 4 golems here oh he’s dead Darius is coming to get me I map this to the side here yeah sorry boys I hate to go out like this but sometimes the only right move is to kill yourself Zoe went missing I can’t risk it she could be anywhere in here if she hits me with one sleep I’m dead but that was awesome my plan worked exactly like I thought it was the only thing that wasn’t true was graves actually didn’t bass he just went straight from my wolves back into his own jungle so either way it worked out I’m happy I’m gonna go ahead to get my red smile I’m not a huge fan of least my tongue ran this especially when the enemy jungler is really high damage like graves or kindred or Warwick I like the right smite keeps you alive and if you do land an auto-attack it does more damage than blue smite I’m pretty sure anyways we’re gonna be clearing up looks like our laner just died top we’re in a really good spot realistically we have zero dads we have about the same CS is graves and we have more gold than him because we killed him which is very nice if Thresh goes for that I can threaten it they they’re probably scared cuz they know my Reds up and they saw me kill myself do it Liana whew I can’t see anything grazes here that was awesome oh ho grace is trying to do dragon – oh my God he’s gonna be pissed he lost half his health trying to do dragon just for his team that kind of fuck it up we wouldn’t even have checked it but his team was pressuring for my pink word that’s amazing so they miss out on dragon and we got a kill perfect I’m gonna pick up my red why I’m still here.

I’ll use my smite on up double charges yeah guys rammus if you’re planing gets an eighty jungler and they have two other ats on their team he’s a decent choice I could have gone Zack this game it would have been pretty much just as good I just wanted to showcase ramus a little bit for those of you who aren’t Zack connoisseurs such as me all right we got the Kildare let’s get this dragon it was already half health might as well finish it off alright i smite it a little late they’re all just came in hot and heavy there and they queue in and we do have a queue Max and we’re fastest fought if you don’t max Q then oh that’s crazy he didn’t kill I’m in a bit of a bad situation I’m glad we have that word on his thing.

Looks like Darius is actually coming to get me on my blue buff I’m gonna pull this away from him okay never mind excite Graves is over here I think I have time to actually get my blue here we nearly killed his oh it was really close but yeah you max are Q so you’re fast and you’re Q also gets pretty high in damage every level you can go for an e max the problem is is it doesn’t do a whole lot.

It only gets it gets like point two five seconds per level higher which is just so low it’s not really worth it it’s super team reliant by maxing Q you have way more damage you have more chase down potential I like the ki max a lot more Emacs is very team reliant which I’m playing solo Q and we’re in high Platinum right now so I’m not eager to max yeah I’d rather have the Q so I can actually fight yeah I’m gonna back I do have flash lifts grapes comes out of this bush you probably wouldn’t he’d most likely come through here like that there we go we’re gonna get er cinderhulk we’re gonna get our boots get some armor as well perfect perfect Ramis doesn’t normally go for free boots since they’re so essential plus ramus is really good with the attack speed because if his passive gives him insane on hit damage later on so going for the extra attacks B it’s pretty big on him and triumphant is pretty nice too the only junglers I don’t really go for the free boots is typically junglers who don’t.

Things like Zack you just don’t even need a tax beat at all the tax beats are super valuable.

Students in trouble I’m gonna save my taunt uh uh I thought the rush was gonna come over and lantern sauce saving my talent so when he went to grab I would I would taunt him whenever you want to grab the lantern but Thresh never came I had to end up wasting my flash cuz I held on my tongue for so long yeah she’s dead she does show me str1 boots I’m just gonna run her over go fucking car read some item I’ll let Leona fish him off very nice looks like Darius maybe comics I’m gonna pull away I’m gonna listen to that ping I don’t want to get a double kill here does have ghosts Sophie comes out of that bush I’m out of here.

Looks like he’s top very nice things are going exactly how you want them on ramus know how we didn’t really go for any early game ganks in our first clear route that’s very standard looking for early ganks before you’ve backed on ramus or Zack isn’t usually the best especially on RAM it’s because rams gets even Lauren helping Zack does that get the very end of your clear out once you’re level 4 looking for a ganks actually pretty good but on ramus you normally don’t unless it’s absolutely free because you’re giving up your position on the map anyone can 1v1 ramus for the most part as a jungler in their first clear so and your first clear on ramus 9 at times you’re not gonna gank on Zack 9 out of 10 times at the end of your first clear you are gonna gank just depends okay I’ve got the bramble vest and we’re also gonna go for the ninja tabi since that solution double auto attack they have two graves the Darius I will again mr item for the Zoe but it’ll probably be an abyssal mask and pistol mask was pretty good on Rambis nearby enemy champions yeah that increases your own magic damage by 15% so my ultimate will be doing way more so my throne Mel and my autos ramus has a lot of magic damages autos his alts his Q which does a lot as well so the Bissell mask is good since they have one EP I’ll get it a little later on after my thorn mell probably the Dead Man’s into abyssal once again that man’s plate does magic damage as well once you have a hundred stacks on it as always pulling off I’m gonna have to hit over there in a second I can’t really save them though they’re all full HP and there’s four of them I can help him have thunder turd but I’m not just gonna run out one be four I don’t know why the thought that dudes running this way.

Zoe actually just missed that’s insane you have absolutely no clue why Leona didn’t run to turret we actually could have killed them if we would have gotten them under turret I was very interesting looks like they may want dragon here so I’m gonna run out grab this wave and shove it they’re gonna have to wait a couple of seconds on the oh shit I missed it it’s my cinder Holt kind of threw off my auto there a little bit just shoving mid I’ll get this I should be able to get at least one play yeah I’ll leave it’s just too risky they could come for me and I’ve shut down well if I didn’t have shut down I’d just go for since they’re probably in a rush down dragon but since I have shot down it shifts it to not quite beat wards yeah that’s fine it’s whatever we’re still in a really good spot we have double ad carry with them more than me if we got the first dragon they got the second one I would probably prefer the mountain dragon on rams the stacks really nicely what kind of items I’m gonna be building and with my passes the psych thresh is collapsing here more just altered the graves I think raises fog Wow.

Fresh actually just pulled me on top of the Darius very nice hahaha we’re too tanky all we have to do is get off a taunt and Thresh kind of hooked us even deeper into his team and RAM assault is a massive AOE slow and it stacks I don’t know does the damage stack as well mentor just long by 8% yeah so slows by 8% stacking up to eight times so eight times six 64 % slow that’s insane Thresh basically set a 64 percent slow on top of this team’s head very crazy Rams clear speeds aren’t bad if you have the mana to use all three of your abilities on every camp you can blow through them fairly quickly especially once you have bramble that’s because the monsters will blow themselves up trying to hurt you this was the perfect time for me to pick ramus I would not suggest picking ramus into an AP jungler it’s a bad idea even if their team is ad heavy just generally doesn’t turn out well I only like doing if I’m up against an ad jungler and I see they’re picking other ad champions because I know that Ram is his ideal items being things like ninja tabbies and bramble vests will be extremely powerful I’m not a huge fan of boots of swiftness on ramus I think it’s overrated especially if they have a Lucian or an F a Leo someone who’s just Chunkin autos at you the tabbies are way more useful in my experience on Rambis once you run into them you have your slow on them they’re not unless they have a big – it’s not like they’re gonna get away from you anyways so I don’t see how that extra movement speed would really help much I’m gonna set up a back I can get a thorn mouth it’s a really big buy for me lots of armor a little bit more HP I can just a new matter base there we go we’ll get a pink ward.

I’m just Q straight out of base Ramis cue once it’s max is extremely dangerous at this point I do usually max II second.

I don’t max W second it just doesn’t give enough stats these Emacs second is worth it because by the time you start maxing your a like we are now we’re already doing teamfights so it’s perfect because having your e multiple levels in it is really nice and teamfights you can just hold somebody down I’m just gonna scare him off a little bit I just took his minions rip our team is actually extremely AP heavy I didn’t realize that I don’t think the enemies realize that Caguas going AP more to AP I’m basically a P yeah that chart doesn’t do much to me buddy that turret does less damage than one of Zoe’s spells by far I take 68% reduced damage and now I take 80% reduced the turret was doing only 20% it’s normal damage to me that’s why it looked like it wasn’t even hitting me there all right they’re shoved up top Lucian half health he doesn’t have any life still I could just stand still and W and he’d kill himself on me let me have to zoom in I flash I’m waiting to talk him right as he slays me yeah like that now he has to turn around and said just keep running I don’t think I can get Lucian here oh wait he stayed what is he doing.

Just flash taunt smite oh shit I’m dead that sucks I wouldn’t really say that that was worth it while at the same time I feel like I feel like it wasn’t a huge mistake but it definitely wasn’t worth it I guess not dying whenever I’m that far I had and giving away shot down isn’t worth that I gave away 450 pool not worth I need a dead man so I might be able to get away from someone like Darius in the future we got the Thresh we got Lucian the dairy shows top I don’t think we really got much off that I’m gonna have to show up about this dragon and we’re gonna lose it for sure I need to leave this pink word I don’t want to sell it and get a health crystal oh this is gonna be bad Darius is gonna nice they got tersh aw that’s huge doesn’t seem like much but it won’t hurt shun is massive even though the only mr. all Varys is fat enough to shred Darius it’s cuz Darius if he had a ninja tabi life like you would have won that you didn’t have ninja tabi Zora market rents so he soaked the full CC duration of the Leona Q and Yi Graves has really nothing to kill me Q right into this dude fuck them off get on the graves and stop him from hitting the dragon on fact you can activate your Q while you have your ol on or you can activate your y-you have your key long.

That’s what I did there I queued and turned on my alt and just rammed into him yeah though you’re fucked you are so fucked my friend let him get the kill I just held her still I was awesome they did get dragon I didn’t do a very good job of smiting it but we butchered them in that fight so I’d say it’s a little worth for us that one dragon isn’t gonna make too big of a difference if we can keep up the momentum we can just get the rest of their dragons regardless oh it’s not good I don’t know why Varys is up there trying to solo Darius very interesting gameplay I might say gonna grab this as well takes it very fast with your Q on hitting it with Q and then eating it for the extra attack speed is massive does that word it is this red buff up I can’t fucking tell I didn’t know damage to him I thought I’d do a lot more than that I actually got the red buff which is nice but it’s knocking that would be worth it yeah that wasn’t worth I’d say that my damage was very low there considering grace has minimal magic resist surprise I didn’t do more than that good luck Cosmo get the.

I might have W dal it’ll early there I didn’t realize they were actually gonna run I thought they were just gonna try to Phi it dang I didn’t think oh my gosh we needed to have a little more finesse than that not just a straight-up all-in Oh.

Gary’s pulldown Ferris missed I know what that was that kind of splashed for no reason please kill this guy nice I have my old on I’m not taking much damage my W do it Thresh oh man Darius that’s the second pole got my W on it should be fine yeah do you W it even if you don’t have much matters this with your W on you can survive most AP burst even if you’re long health it just cuts out their flat magic pens so hard I guess we can try to get dragon it feels a little risky I’m not a huge fan of this call especially since they know that we’re doing it if I fuck up smite we’re gonna be in a really bad spot we’re already doing it hopefully this turns out.

Kog’maw might be able to hold it though with his alts.

Alright we got it that was worth awesome kog’maw held that really well he was the lone Viking on the bridge there except he didn’t die very impressive I think I can hold a lot of HP if I just stand in the jungle all get more mana back as my jungle item so I’m just healing up my man a bit and uh yeah okay it doesn’t look like they’re pushing if they kept pushing out with a stay but they’re not anyways they do have a crit champ and Graves is building crit as well so I’ll go ahead go straight into randuin’s and now I will get you know I’ll just go for warm logs I don’t need a mad I don’t need magic resist just yeah it’s always still very weak she doesn’t even have two items so I’d rather just get the warm mugs which helps anyway since it gives me health warm ogz is a really good neutral item it’s good against eighty or AP cuz health doesn’t discriminate all right let’s get in there looks like our Leona got caught out really fucking bad Darrius with taunt I mean he whip this thing there it was a really bad fight for us even though ramus is extremely tanky for the most part if one of your teammates is already dead you can’t really teamfight since he doesn’t have the ability to stay on top of people very well during a super long drawn-out teamfight you can only charge in and do a fight when you have less people if the whole enemy team is squishy and you can pretty much 1-shot one of them by yourself especially when you are a man down so in a situation like this the enemies are just slowly gonna kill me while he push it away in my backline I needed to just wait for the Leona especially since mordekaiser was top this was a bad engage on my part even if Leona did kamikaze herself in their jungle I was basically the second person to kamikaze there so I take full responsibility for that one thus Leona is forcing way too hard that’s the second time she’s kind of just went full eighth mode I gotta be the better player though not follow those bad situations I’m the one who said you know what even though Leona just put her head in a meat grinder I should give a try that yeah there’s no way that goes aren’t gonna get anything we’re in a really bad spot we’re underneath their frickin turret we have a decent amount of seeds it’s just a matter of if we get it come on we’ve got the turnoff on Darius I need someone to hit thanks for hitting him guys just let them come out immortal unmolested perfect this team is really really good Darius comes out immortal we’re just standing there right yeah let’s let him go so 200 HP he’s deserves to live that’s the stuff man I’m not quite sure how this games gonna wrap up now they have the Dragons if they get dragon soul I think it’s a loss or really gonna have to stop them from getting it yikes they are taking a lot here why am I not waking up.

He’s fucking haunting me how fucking bullshit damage over time abilities don’t cancel Zoey’s bubble sleep and funny enough Lucian’s ultimate counts as a damage over time ability which interacts with Zoey’s bubble in the same way that a brand flame or a Teemo poison that was already on the target before they slept would behave which feels very artificial and cheesy now I know though we’re all good with that being said I think it is very fake and lame illusion to be ripping a foul into somebody who’s already slept the whole point of that interaction is so it’s always sleep somebody who has Teemo poison on them or a brand burn they don’t automatically wake up the point isn’t for the Lucian to dump a full oil into your face while you’re just sitting there asleep all we need is one true 5v5 teamfight and if i taught somebody i should be all about tank anyone on the enemy team especially since their dairies didn’t go Black Cleaver it’ll take graves a little bit to fully stack his Black Cleaver on top of me.

This Leone is going in for another one of her legendary engages where she does not kill for her ad carry whatsoever these are the kind of fights that we need to avoid unless we’re as five-man there’s not much you can do on ramus you really need your team’s mite behind you as you’re tanking what has happened I think we lose this game to be honest I can’t see us winning yet with this Leona so I can actually can’t do anything at this point.

I really really can’t like legit three bad engages in a road you just pill if every engage you’re doing is fucking out you don’t have to just wait just stand on your ad carry you don’t have to chase there carry around in a fucking scooby-doo circle while your carries getting fucking killed it’s brutal it’s actually painful to watch it’s like watching an iron four-player it’s so bad it’s actually so bad alright I guess the goal is here to get on Lucian or maybe the rash I can it’s actually a big issue we didn’t even kill anybody I really need the warm box so I can heal up after those engages.

Nice we got the Zoe pic very cool very cool indeed I don’t know if we’ll get Darius here it’ll be close you know get him under turret the Aleutian with that little ultimate trick again we’re gonna get dragon which is perfect if they got this dragon soul 100% believe we little lost the game flame Drake Souls just very overpowered really really is I’m a little sad that we’re still so far away we don’t even have a chance to basically get a dragon soul this game will need 10 more minutes this will have to be a 40-minute game before we can get one where he’ll not really fast off the red buff we have 70 health per second very good I’m gonna take this real quick kind of level 17 I think we have plenty of time to do Barrens the reason why I’m not in a huge rush there’s still several of them dead and Leone is here to tank we honestly probably be the one taking it I do a lot of damage to it oh I smited really wait I was looking at my armor I was just taking notice of how much armor ad I reduced so from 300 to 600 I resist 87% which is pretty high Darius doesn’t you have Black Cleaver because he’s a goofball if you’re playing Darius in a ramus and you don’t go Black Cleaver you’re basically trolling okay we got this now and now we can just get lock it lock it will be huge for our team I think if Darius it’s like a really good flash q off I can just lock at the damage and we should be fine.

Leona already has locket though so I might just go for a Knights about mmm I might go for an abyssal mask if this’ll mask will add to my damage and it’ll help me resist some of the Zoe poke let’s break this please very nice okay there under turret I taunted Zoe look she’s running into us that’s hilarious this is oh he got daunted she doesn’t have Merc treads so she soaked the full taunt duration that’s perfect gonna taunt him just walking out my team oh yeah GG lads it was a good game got kind of uh heated there in the middle with a few specific plays out of a certain somebody and me being bad myself and following it but I’m glad we pulled it together and had a few good team fights I was very important I made a mistake of typing though I should really shouldn’t have type it’s just very frustrating it’s are not tight when you’re frustrated alright anyways guys GG I had fun had some fun showcasing just how good ramus can be if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe my name is king Stix thank you for watching and i’ll catch guys next time.

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