League of Legends – Season 10 Brand Jungle Gameplay Guide

Author: Foxdrop

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Good afternoon you beautiful people thank you for checking this video out this is a game taken straight live from my twitch.tv slash Fox drop I play games there pretty much every single day there’s a link to it in the description if you want to come and follow me hang out with me.

We’re kicking this game off at the crog’s but don’t worry ever miss sort of thing what happened was I got at least from my bot lane at the red buff and we’re clearing through ad jingle-jangle enjoy guys quite quite quite baby kite kite kite kite cake like I might see him with a game on brown jungle at least early game Bryan jungle is seems like a troll pic but he’s pretty good why don’t you get your runic echoes but your early game is a little bit tough brand function is really well unlike a low budget build as well so you have to worry too much about having to like farm loads or being used to secure you won’t really ever be useless as brand like you might feed but you won’t be useless you know okay.

That was pretty shitty I missed like two monsters there in my W yeah also before you get level three that’s another one I should mention three three you are pretty hideous so you’re gonna have to cut out but once you hit level three it’s a big big buff to brand as well the reason why that is it’s because a level 3 you have access to all three of your abilities and through that you get your passive without it you can’t pop your passive it’s pretty big okay I’m a little bit nervous as to what’s going on with the turkey I think they’re in there topside jungle but I don’t know whether they’re in my junk when you’re playing fighting single target monsters in the jungle you want to eqw just like buff camps like this one eq w so eq pop and w that’s the most damage you can do and also pop in your passive yo in mind game what’s up man thanks your sub buddy welcome good to see you back down appreciate it mate she’s friend go into a jungle again they’re killing this eqw this changes on a we camps which I’ll explain when we’re like chickens.

I’m sorry respawning soon bring some foxy hearts firm like mr. mind game tis buddy let’s get out here I’m not taking this cuz I’m value getting these camps a bit more cuz there I killed them once for means they’ve leveled up right and by leveling up they give me more going experience wondering about what rooms I run unless you on brand as well we’ve gone for the dog harvest builds you can’t do phrase rush if you want to as well but some company along with dog harvest nice yes good combo combo get ye ohio team cheap shot more damage from people a see seed which is good we got quite nice done then kit damage ravenous hunt are really important as well and then secondary upon Nimbus cloak for a model new speed runs a summer spell and I think I got transcendent see I got transcendent so if it’s CDI wants to reach level 10 have to worry too much about we don’t have we won’t get too much CDR now build this still means we get a little bit more because brand does have decent utility right so see do is nice this is I do a we camps especially the chicken camp so you’re gonna walk up to the big one you’re gonna press Q on it them you’re gonna press either spread it and then you’re gonna press W this gives you the most optimal damage for AoE cancer it’s gonna kill all of these chickens within one combo ban sorted absolutely saw edge now Tareq’s walking up here so I’m gonna go towards this dragon am i I don’t know maybe who knows.

I’m very tempted to yes ye they don’t know all right we’ll do this we’ll do this.

Brenda’s a decent amount of damage to the dragon that is passive plus is blowing up thin once you get more levels and stuff you’ll find that you do even more than obviously even even more damage to jungle monsters like dragon once you we do percent off damage then obviously you destroy things I dragon so with bran my passive Brian spells like its target ablaze used in three percent of their max health in magic damage over four seconds so that’s great and then that’s that’s that that’s the dot damage and then once you get the explosion that happens after three blades becomes unstable and detonates in two seconds in 14% increasing with AP so yeah it’s a lot lot of damage I still haven’t got a single dark horse unconscious farming I think honestly on-brand farming isn’t too bad but you know what I do want to do a little bit more I’m just gonna see if so that’s that’s not good me never mind just mouthing yes matthan matthan well played bro well played which means me being here is complete waste of time so you need me at all but we can just ward up leather blasts cone here so I’m relatively safe plus must use both sides so that’s fine to hate plan versus funnel it’s irritating so be honest plain versus Taric years brands as well we follow in general is a real nob hedge strategy it’s very hard to play against but Tareq as brand especially is hideous what was that see me and I’m good oh come on man there we go this morning soon it’s hideous because Tareq Ultima is one of the biggest counters to brand ot in the game straight up no exception this isn’t the ideal combo and you’re seeing why this kind of sucks here because I wasn’t able to get a clean three hid passive off so the unfortunately goes around doing some cheeky counter jungling though put some pressure down as ye can we do this while TAC is still on your level fire yeah I despite popular belief this team actually does have a jungler guys and it’s me yeah I know it may seem like yeah we’ve been spending eight minutes of the game like what the shit is this what is this there’s a jungler yeah I know I know I’ve been playing a bit chill what what funnel eight fail okay well here’s the thing yeah we killed him that’s great but trust me he ain’t failed yet that’s what irritates me about funnel I’ve played versus funnel where we’ve had a really good early game and I still get shat on by them because they get like one or two kills BAM that’s a big deal big big deal we’re in a happy place right now we’re in a happy place I’m gonna take this camping I’m gonna get level recon get our ear clippers this is the AoE clear again so we cube we eat a spread and then we press W so on in chat asking for the runes again who’s this Benjamin mate here are the runes dark harvest cheap short idle collection nice ravenous hunter and secondary of noobs cloak and transcend and secondary you could do a lot of different stuff but you could go free shoes and cosmic insight you could do this maybe you could even do things like coober and presence of mind from the inspiration tree for our stats so we have a attack speed AP and armor so attack speed helps us with our jungle clears AP is self-explanatory and armor again jungle quiz it could be a pap armor even on even a mage champions attack speed is a good step help me clear the jungle no this is hideous we found that so we mega fared a combo there it is a remaster cuz we’re at that point now we’re attackers that we’re actually fine look at this look at that one spell combo and the Krug camp is down just vile and this guy’s gettin buffs next patch as well like this isn’t even the perfect the patch where he’s being buffed yet that’s happening soon nice nice.


Oh no counterplay jumped right into that one holy shit.

Holy shit look at this look how fat like one spell combo look at this it’s mad it’s actually madness brand underrated underrated early not so good as I mentioned but in general underrated I guess that is the downside though to be honest of playing now Brandon soloqueue.

Is you’re you’re very early game you’re kind of left thrown to the Wolves a little bit which is risky like rely on your team to help you if if you need help then you’re gonna have to get it from your team it’s kind of tough and you’re not you’re not the most proactive early game champion either yeah.

All right where’s ye because we have to be really careful of ye do not want to give this guy any free killers does that him there.

All right you saw ye do they think they can to be three us there can we walk up here okay.

Nice nice nice they’re running away I’m not gonna walk into their jungle it seems a little bit risky this crab is not up I know that crab isn’t up because this indicate is up so there’s no way cracker be on both sides than that there let’s name this warning penis there we go help our team out with some communication you never know you might think something’s obvious but doesn’t mean it is alright we’re going for liandry’s rush landry is absolutely grim on this champion it basically adds a burn to a champion that already has a burn so it doesn’t essentially doubles your passive you could do even do riley’s the abuses well it’s quite a nice combo but you don’t necessarily have to do that I would highly recommend Andrews everything else is kind of situational but landries is just really fun to have him nice shit nice is he dead.

But honestly this champion this champ is just not see the show is nutty oh that’s bad though everything was going really good for us in this chase now is he what he was doing great but now he’s now he’s knows dead I wonder whether he I don’t know if we rely on this guy so I will turn in this game still will Usagi tarik maybe wing cross maybe it is kind of scary it’s always scary plane versus u-turn five face okay Adam yo be careful where’s you he’s coming oh shit I missed it.

Okay where’s ye yo don’t check we chased into E here aren’t we okay yeah we’re chasing into Yi please no I’ll go sweet sweet lord alright nice we see them doing their Tara Cole okay.

Nice nice nice you’re violent min oh thank you for giving us up to a look and cheers bud welcome a lock-in a thank you violent me no your first giving this gift it’s a bit kid gifted sub in the channel I appreciate that about me Oh another one.

Yahoo’s Silas drear thank you well welcome sounds great yes he’s dead he’s dead I saw these guys Lance no shit no oh my good heavens okay Turkey you’re alive alright their lives please your Uggs thank you for your prime sub welcome guys yo thank you for supporting me I appreciate that shit man I appreciate that all of you guys barb line young violent min oh thank you so much I love you I love you you’re being generous you’re spoiling the shit out of me and I appreciate that a lot what five more gifted subsumed by let me know what’s going on now mate you went from one to eight yo my mo mogul it mocks munge say pseudos sudo ku squirtle J could be a mix way welcome guys thank you so much me no yeah I appreciate that a lot.

Appreciate that lot and they could be on heroin tear so we’re gonna go for this dragon as good as a pretty nice wing condition as well this game well smart usual mate.

Curing condition but it’s really good for us to get this if we can get cloud Sol console when you’re all to you get a bunch of move speed which is pretty nice actually for a lot of our team I don’t know if it works of Jace’s oh well not like thank you me my buddy yeah another 5 min re brah thank you so much man.

Okay be careful respect the II respect the e perspective okay I’ll just go ham okay where are they I’m sorry I’m gonna be ignoring the substance a little bit here because I’m you know kind of trying to win this game of League of Legends that will just enjoy it as a bit of background music you know I think we can enter yeah we end we end glad ain’t recall in territories doing bloody chicken camp I think that’s game I think that’s game we did it all sheets tarek yee-hoo teriyaki is no match from my jungle brand no match my jungle brand good shit you gifted one remember that never give yourself to Van Etten bloody hell I’m gonna honor Nocturne and j-jason Nocturne good job guys oh nice I’m in primaries my diamond promo is for like the tenth time never ever funnel again Oh sometimes I wish I had the confidence of a knob head in the legends you know I’m teen East eunuch all with their own twitch Prohm sub as well just another shout out shout out so violent me No thank you so much 14 gifts ourselves right there I really appreciate that a lot I really do and welcome everyone you’ve got those subs welcome to the fam good shit guys teen unicorn love you too man good shit good shit this is before he’s busted by the way guys he’s getting buff soon okay.

I can’t wait catch remaining brand when his boss come through.

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