League of Legends – The Twelve Steps to Twenty Minute Wins Guaranteed as Jungle!

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Hey everyone and welcome. In this video you’ll be learning how to follow 12 easy steps to guarantee 20 minute wins. You’ll be learning the importance of securing early Scuttles. How to convert your leads into objectives. A specific trick to using the Rift Herald. And so much more, all so you can get those fast and easy 20 minute victories. So let’s jump straight into it with a Replay from Griffin Tarzan, one of the best junglers in the world, who currently has 2 accounts in Korean challenger, one of which is top 10.The first step to getting quick wins is to play an early game jungler. Now, don’t worry, the majority you’re about to learn can still be applied to a scaling jungler, but obviously, it would just be less effective. And to help you pick out a jungler for yourself, we’ve created a Tier List of the best aggressive champions, hand picked by our team of challenger analysts. Now, here’s the thing when it comes to aggro junglers, they have a tendency to be some of the more difficult champions to play. For example, you’ll find Lee Sin, Elise, Jarvan, Nidalee, Taliyah, all on this list, but we definitely do not recommend just picking up these champions and expecting to win immediately, they can take a lot of time to master. That’s why we created a recommendation section at the bottom for each elo bracket. If you’re stuck in low elo, this is silver and below, then we advise that you start with Xin Zhao.He’s very straight forward mechanically and has such a strong 1v1 that you don’t have to focus on learning combos or matchups and stick to developing your fundamentals. If you’re between Gold and Master Tier then we recommend you pick up Warwick. Again, a fairly simple champion and has all the strengths of Xin Zhao, but has a few more combos and mechanics you’ll have to master. And finally, if you’re Diamond or above, we recommend Rek’Sai. She’s not the most complicated champion by any means, but her clear isn’t as safe as the previous two, and has more creative ganking options where you can express your skill. Alright, now that you’ve equipped yourself with an aggressive jungler, let’s teach you how to use it.

Now, we’ve taught you guys so many times how to identify which lane to gank early and path towards it so we don’t want to go over it again today. Instead, we want to address the common problem of what can you do when none of your lanes are very gankable? For example, in this game Tarzan is playing Olaf against Kayn. In his top lane he has Sett against Kennen. Kennen is a ranged champion and has his E to escape, not only that, but Sett doesn’t have the best engage before level 6. In the bot lane we have Aphelios Fiddlesticks against Kalista Thresh. Kalista and Thresh are a really safe lane with their escapability and suddenly we see that neither side lanes offer us great gank opportunities, so what should we do? Well this is Step 2, try to start on the same side as the enemy jungler and match his early pathing.

And how do you do that? Well, most junglers will start on the bottom side of the map to get a leash from their bot lane.

So if you do the same, the majority of the time you’ll accomplish this step. However, there are unique exceptions, for example, in this game Tarzan is facing Kayn. Kayn starts Hunter’s Talisman, and usually wants to Red due to how fast he can clear Krugs and Raptors with his AOE abilities. So with no good ganks available, Tarzan chooses to start at his Blue, this way, he’ll be pathing towards the bottom side of the map along with Kayn. Since Tarzan is playing Olaf, which is a bit of a unique aggro jungler, he uses a trick pulling the Gromp to clear faster, and then full clears to the bottom side of the map. This is a standard strategy on Olaf since he clears so fast. If you were playing a champion like Lee Sin, Elise, Warwick, or Xin Zhao, then you would just do Blue, Gromp, into Red, to spike a fast level 3 in this position. And suddenly you can see how many attack opportunities you would have. You could immediately gank mid or bot. Or if no ganks are available due to your laners pushing, well great, then you have lane priority, and can invade the enemy’s jungle at their Blue, since you know he has to be there. And this brings us to Step 3, always contest the first Scuttle. Once Olaf is finished his early path, he immediately moves to deny the nearby Scuttle from the enemy Kayn.

This is one of the benefits of matching the enemy’s early path, you can push him off this first Scuttle.

You can imagine if you started on the opposite side of the opponent, then they can safely farm, gank the side lane with no risk of a counter gank, and secure the Scuttle without you being able to contest. After taking the Scuttle, Kayn leaves to take the Scuttle top side. I just want to point out, Olaf could totally just follow him and deny him the top Scuttle as well.

The reason why this would be a bad idea though, is that he lacks lane priority in top and in mid, so the enemy laners would be able to collapse and defend. If instead, his Sett was pushed up top and had lane prio, well then Olaf would definitely look to match Kayn and contest him at the second scuttle as well. So Olaf looks for a gank bot side, realizes there isn’t any available, and recalls to head to the top side of the map where his camps are starting to respawn. You have to realize, if Olaf spends too much time bot side trying to force this gank, it reveals him on the map, and Kayn will be able to steal his Gromp and Wolves since we know he’s top side.

After taking the Gromp, Kennen is overextended top, and so he moves to gank him. Getting his Flash in the process. This leaves a fantastic opportunity for Olaf to land a repeat gank, something you should always be looking out for when a laner has their Flash on cooldown. When we take a look at the minion wave, we can see it’s frozen near Sett. If Kennen recalls, then walks all the way back to lane, he will fall massively far behind if Sett maintains this freeze. So naturally, Kennen uses his teleport to get back to lane faster so he doesn’t fall behind.

Great, Kennen’s Flash and Teleport are on cooldown. But when we look at the wave, we can see now it’s pushing towards Kennen as the minions are starting to build up. This is actually fantastic, it means if we kill Kennen, he’s going to lose a massive wave afterwards. So there’s more going on than just Olaf ganking to get a kill on the flashless Kennen. You have to realize, if Kennen survives this gank, he’s screwed anyways, since he’d be low on health.

Sett and Olaf could just crash the wave, setting up a dive on Kennen if he stays, or just zoning him and forcing to recall. Either way, it’s a win. The greatest part is that we actually know there’s no way for us to be counter ganked. Remember, we saw Kayn going for the top Scuttle earlier. Then, as we headed top side, we saw our camps are respawning, well, so our Kayn’s since he started on the same side as us. So while we’re clearing our top side camps, so is he, the difference is, we then move to look to gank top side. In the time that we’re executing the gank, and then a repeat gank, Kayn will have already moved on to the bottom side of the map. Alright, so you should have accomplished a few things by now, denying at least 1 scuttle from the enemy, maybe killing him there or on an invade, and having pressured the map with a gank or two. By this time, you will notice the second Scuttle will be spawning, this is such an important timing.

This is Step 4, it’s pivotal that you secure the Second Scuttle spawn. This is for two reasons. First, it’s just free gold and exp that you’re also denying from the enemy jungler. Second, is that it leaves you with attack opportunities. Specifically, the second scuttle spawn will often spawn at a similar time to the enemy’s buffs respawning. This leaves you with a great invade opportunity where you can then steal their camps like Raptors and Red. Remember, you’re stronger than the enemy jungler due to champion you’ve selected and the previous steps you’ve accomplished, this is why you want to take advantage of this and continue the aggression.

Which leads into Step 5, don’t be afraid to 2v2. You can’t play scared, realize you’re piloting an aggressive jungler with an advantage, so use that advantage as early as you can as even numbered fights should nearly always be to your advantage. The biggest risk isn’t even numbered fights at this point, it’s actually having the enemy jungler split the map in half vertically, avoiding fights with you, while still being able to farm freely and gank lanes without being counter ganked. When this happens, it’s like giving them a free pass to outscale you. Awesome, so you should now have generated an early lead with yourself.

In step 6, It’s now crucial to convert your lead into objectives. Specifically, I want you guys to memorize the 9 minute and 10 minute mark, as this is when you should start shifting your attention to Dragon and Rift Herald. You can’t just keep ganking lanes and getting kills, this is how you inevitably throw through giving shutdowns and get outscaled, you have to start converting into long term objectives. Just as important, possibly even more so than first Dragon is getting the Rift Herald. There is a reason you need to go for this around the 10 minute mark as turret plates will fall off at 14 minutes in-game. You can easily get 3 turret plates using the Rift Herald, which nets you 480 gold, more than 1 and a half kills. So with Dragon and Rift Herald taken, Step 7 is to be looking to use the Herald before the 14 minute mark. You can see Tarzan quickly identifying a timing window to drop it mid lane, securing a couple plates for him and his team before they expire. Great, so now the objectives should be off the map. At this point, you can move into Step 8, look to start invading and stealing the enemy’s jungle camps instead of just farming your own. The reason for this, is if you head into your own jungle to farm, you’re often putting yourself off the map, while letting the enemy jungler farm as well. By stealing the enemy’s camps, it puts you in an aggressive position to pressure lanes, while also denying farm from the enemy, this prevents them from starting to farm and outscale you.

Step 9 is to focus on your winning lane and destroying their outer tower. Do not try to impact losing lanes to help them with your lead as this is a huge mistake players make.

By destroying the tower of your winning llane, you will free them up to start rotating and impacting the rest of the map with their lead. Alright, the laning phase is starting to come to an end and we’re now getting into more macro play.

Step 10 is to go for the Dragon and Herald when they respawn. This should be your primary focus, if the enemy tries to contest you, you’ll be far enough ahead to win fights. Again, the idea is to convert your early lead into objectives that scale into the late game. Step 11 is to save that second Rift Herald looking to use it to take possible 20 minute inhibitors.

Check this out.

Tarzan continues to hold the Rift Herald as he moves around the map. It’s not until he spots an opportunity bot side that he places it. This is due to the fact, that he saw 4 of the enemy champions on the minimap, this told him that only Kennen was defending bot side. At the same time, the rest of his team is pressuring towers, making it difficult for the enemy to rotate. By saving the second Rift Herald, he was able to get a 20 minute inhibitor. Here’s what’s so great about this strategy. By converting your early lead into all of these objectives, you’re actually able to die and not just throw the entire game. You see, in this fight, the enemy just got two 700 gold shutdowns on Aphelios and Olaf. If all you did was get a gold lead through kills, then these shutdowns catapult the enemy back into the game. However, since we got objectives like towers, dragons, herald, inhibitors, along with stealing jungle cs, these are things that don’t impact your shutdown gold and the enemy can’t get back by killing you. So many early game junglers throw their leads by not converting kill gold into other advantages, resulting in inevitable shutdowns being far more impactful than they should be. Now for the final step, step 12. It’s now that you need to start controlling vision around Baron. This is the trick to ending games. Use control wards and a sweeping lens to deny the enemy vision. Without vision they either have to face check, which leads to a winning team fight, as we can see was the case in this game with Olaf. Or they let you kill the Baron, in which case, that leaves you with a game winning push shortly after.

Getting vision control around Baron and playing around it is the key to ending games. Okay, so let’s quickly recap the 12 steps. 1 is to pick an aggressive champion from our tier list. 2 is to try and start on the same side of the enemy jungler to match his early pathing 3 is to always contest the first Scuttle 4 is to secure the second scuttle that spawns, it will leave you with an invade opportunities on the enemy’s buffs since they’re spawning 5 is to not be afraid of 2v2s, if you’re ahead early either in gold or due to the jungle matchup, you need to act like it 6 is to convert your leads into objectives, don’t just keep going for kills, look to take Dragon and Herald 7 is to use the Rift Herald before the 14 minute mark to get gold from the turret plates 8 look to start invading and stealing the enemy’s jungle instead of your own, this prevents you from being outscaled 9 focus on your winning lane and destroy their outer tower so they can rotate around the map.

10 Go for the Dragons and Rift Herald when they spawn again 11 Save second Herald for a possible 20 minute Inhibitor 12 Control vision and play around Baron. This is the key to ending the game. Alright, that’s going to do it for this one. What step do you think is the most important? Are there any steps you think we missed? Let us know in the comment section below. Remember to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon, and if you want to rank up and take your game to the next level, make sure to check out our website, skill-capped.com, link in the description below. I’m Hexadecimal, signing off, and as always, good luck, and have fun, on summoner’s rift.

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