Legends of Runeterra – Deck Guide: Garen Rekindler!

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Hey guys what is up swim here and today we’re gonna be talking about guaranty Kindler and everything involving this now when I did last week’s meta Wednesday’s we basically mentioned this deck and I saw a comments on the video that was basically saying well you know you didn’t even you’ve never even done a video on this deck so I’m like okay well damn you’re right man let me actually do a video on the stack so for those of you guys who kind of missed out basically I went on the record saying that this is one of these strongest decks in the game it boasts a very high win rate particularly against opponents that you know may not necessarily know how to play around it and there’s two big play around tools you wanna if you’re playing against this deck you want to try to deny the value out of Vanguard bannerman as well as rekindling ah you know playing in a way that’s gonna feed those cards value but for the most part this is going to be a very strong Tier one meta stable deck this deck was made by BBG and is a quintessential mid-range track what does that mean well mid-range decks play very you know kind of middle-of-the-road in terms of speed they’re not too fast they’re not too slow they fight for the board and they’re usually going to be dominant against decks that are really really fast those being aggro decks this deck will absolutely pound any aggro deck looking to have a good time this decks gonna shut down and it’s tailored very well for the mirror as well so this will be most other forms of mid-range decks so what that means is that this decks only real weakness and you know it’s a weak and this is not like you ought to lose to these decks but you know you’re gonna be somewhat weak against the control side of things that’s gonna be stuff like spooky karma that’s gonna be stuff like Israel but you’re still fine against those decks is just slightly unfavored in those matchups overall this deck is pretty easy to play it’s very very straightforward and I would recommend it to anybody looking at climb who can’t afford the resources you do need several champion slots as well as you know even this epic on bright steel and citria to make the deck you know do as well as it wants to do you are gonna have to craft some resources so other otherwise you know as long as you can afford these champions this is an amazing I would say the best deck if you’re looking to climb especially if you want something a bit easier because this deck is not only great to come on to masters with but it’s also pretty easy to play and will mostly train your fundamentals and not you know it’s not gonna do anything super weird all it does is test your fundamentals of the game all right we’re gonna go ahead and get into our first game here now you can see I’m ranked I’m over a thousand masters let’s not bully me about this we’ve played a lot we’ve been basically honestly I will say yeah I have gotten a little bored of the meta so I’ve been playing basically like all in Elma memes we did some like weird assembly bought stuff for a while there some third deck that to be honest I can’t even remember that third deck right now and we hit some guy playing pnz si with Teemo so without a lease that’s not a prankster burn list it’s basically just a Teemo all in sort of like bit of a meme deck not even the worst deck but it’s just you know but but Roli so we’re gonna go ahead and take a pretty easy Mulligan I think I really want to get some early development so I will kick the Lauren protege it pays off just too much having the bright steel protector especially when you’re attacking I’ll turn to we’re gonna go ahead and get in the easiest fleet for the track of our lives so basically the way this deck is gonna be playing is you are just gonna be curving out the early game until you hit your bannermen try to keep your units live when possible I mean when you can’t you can’t but you try to keep your units alive when possible we top deck the absolute nuts which is the bright steel protector and this is gonna be an extremely common early game pattern for this deck which is turning one flee for the tracker’ turn through bread still protector into a big swing now part of this pattern is also getting the attack coin on even’s but when you do this is a common opener for this deck and it just does amazing like the value you get out of just developing this unit like I just played I paid one mana for a two one challenger I paid two minute for a 3-2 and just for free on top of both of those he just died and one of his units just dies right.

And that’s just really really fantastic so here we’re gonna be looking to develop wide enough for a Bannerman to come down for value I think it’s a pretty easy time to play the alarm Protege I actually think that the Fuhrer is gonna be generating less value here it’s much better to buff the Protege to five health than it is to buff the Fuhrer it’s a for health because when it gets when it picks up like one buff the one attack doesn’t really end up mattering that much so now we’ve got a couple different lines here we could go for the kind of like hyper greedy play of tracker into fiora and then just like you know take the bannermen.

Next turn potentially um and I gotta say it does depend on like what you’re up against whether you want to like agree that position or not it comes down to whether your opponent has you know the tools to punish that or put out a lot of pressure in this case honestly this guy I think he’s gonna have basically no pressure tools I don’t think it’s it’s really gonna matter either way actually but we do have the ability to greet he has like no pressure on us and we have good board trades already lined up we don’t need to do anything crazy here so we can slow play this spot somewhat play betterment on five so I think these are is a pretty easy trades just goes like this I’m not gonna take any other attack dudes that one mana so his scare card is gonna be like mark of the Isles and that’s basically it it’s not even like an amazing market else Wow and he’s prioritizing the fiora oh that’s really interesting I think that’s probably a missplay it’s like you can either do one damage to the Fiera or three damage to Lauren protégée I think you’d rather do three damage to Lauren protege there like that that kind of has to feel better of course we slap down a Bannerman and it’s it’s just this simple honestly this is just one of the most straightforward necks in the game it’s quintessential mid-range it’s very very basic but very powerful right demacia being arguably the strongest region in the game I know I know there’s this meme or shadow Isles is the strongest region in the game and they kind of are it depends what you mean by strong shadow Isles is a lot more versatile but the Mafia is really good at doing one thing really really really well and that once they.

Is mid-range um I mean I I think at a top-level demacia is probably a stronger region than shadow Isles but yeah I mean they’re very very close in either way these are the two strongest regions in the game so I mean be the ability to basically just stick it and really aggressively I’ll play the Bannerman out here look at that we pick up another buff it’s incredible and it’s honestly I’m trying to I’m trying to find ways to explain what’s going on in like meaningful ways to try to talk about like you know different decision-making probabilities and and in reality it’s like no it’s really just this easy with this one this is this is not a difficult that guys I’m not even gonna play a second game with this deck you know why because it’s gonna just look exactly like the first game this is gonna be a one game deck guide it’s it’s just like don’t get me wrong there are gonna be some nuanced spots right that’s always going to exist there’s always gonna be in every in in every game it’s like as easy as one thing may be there will always be some amount of nuance to like other you know you’ll always be able to tell a good person versus a bad person on that deck or on that character or you know whatever the case may be for the game you’re playing I’m just saying in this case it would take a few games to tell that right that’s all so I mean we use our big beefy challenges to basically just trade the board down this is a common concede spot looks like a pretty good play right now because I just traded I base I just killed four of his units without losing a single one of mine and sometimes you’re on like withering whale I’ll have the react whatever also I should I should mention actually it’s a good opportunity for me to mention this card is really good I’ve mentioned this card in other videos before but the ability for it to basically just challenge into one thing often like two for one that thing and then you know get the get the elite for free is pretty powerful so he’s looking for the other team oh there he whips it of course we don’t have too much going on here we’re just gonna be chilling I mean he doesn’t really have great attacks into me.

Takes one file feast pretty happy with that all things considered okay so yeah I mean we can just play the Lancer three up our board we have a pretty scary board here definitely a lot of face damage that’s just gonna be going in attack order won’t really matter in these colors so I’ll just swing in like this see where we’re at basically there’s there’s no reason not to take challengers here just locks him out of certain options he’s gonna need to effectively stop two of our attacks or do something like a withering whale I mean okay so he’s doing a vile feast and get excited that’s pretty interesting.

I guess what that means if is if I just detain my own unit I’m good so I guess I’ll just do that I’d like to get it back earlier rather than later so I’ll detain it with a dying bird detaining my unit will stop his life steal which will give me the lethal here and he’s on a one card hand so this one card better be an answer all right so we stopped his lifesteal with that detain we’re gonna ply him smack him up and I’m here which is all we need all right we’re good and that’s the deck honestly it’s it’s a great back it is it is right now and I recommended this on the last minute Mondays which I’m still gonna keep calling him out of Mondays okay guys I’m not gonna stop but this is right now this would be my number one deck to climb with this is in that slot it’s a very powerful deck it’s very easy it’ll take you to masters in a way where you feel you will feel like you haven’t earned that masters I mean I don’t know if I I mean and that’s gonna sell a certain kind of person on this deck you know but if you if you really want to earn it I mean you can you can play many other things to be honest it’s like you know in card games in general if you do want to win you’re gonna have to play some you know very very degenerate nonsense so this this is currently right now one of the premium forms of degenerate nonsense that you’ll find floating around ranked ladder especially high masters level so if this looks like your cup of tea check it out it’s gonna do very well as always I’ve put it in the description in a pinned comment I should mention that before like the 30 minute mark in a video I’m really bad at this youtuber thing but it know you guys know it’s there I don’t I don’t need to mention it earlier that’s fine but yeah that’s it it’s bee bee gees rekindle a deck this was a pretty straightforward that guide and I’ll see you guys next time that’s all.


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