Legends of Runeterra Gameplay – Deck Guide: Ephemeral Midrange!

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Alright guys what’s up this is it this is Deaf guide for my ephemeral nonsense deck I’ve been basically kind of going through like right now doing a lot of deck guides for the site because you know I mean I want to try to make sure that every every deck that I recommend on the site is going to have like a decade associated with it so like for example you know I’m looking at this and I’m trying to like have this little there’s like little youtube links we’re putting up so my goal is to try to start kind of like a series where all the decks that I would personally recommend and that are gonna be good decks are gonna be things that I have deck guides for although it’s I’ve always been a little hesitant and I’ve said this before you know doing these kinds of things because decks are always ever-evolving and some of some of these in the deck guides I’m just like man I feel like I’m gonna make it that guide for it and then you know five cards are gonna change in the next week and five cards is a pretty big deal but anyway I’m rambling let’s get into the deck guides so this is teal Reds version of ephemeral nonsense it’s a deck you’ve probably seen some videos of on this channel it’s a very powerful deck and as you just saw for my site if you are paying close enough attention I’ve listed it as a Tier one deck it actually has a very high winrate that’s doing very very well on these stats and if piloted well it will be a top performing deck now this is not an easy deck to play in fact I would call this a hard deck to play it’s not gonna be it’s not gonna be a walk in the park now the reason why this deck is hard to play is because you’ve got to make a lot of weird spot calls okay you’re gonna be looking at a lot of different combos and combinations of cards and how they’re all gonna be playing together right so for example you’ve got stuff like you know the easy stuff is like Dark Water scourge of death mark but even that’s not easy because there’s many many many situations where you need to decide on exactly the right time to use this otherwise your opponent will disrupt at the combo and kill you right you’re gonna have to make some weird pass Bluffs to maybe sometimes get this to work you’re gonna have to just try to chill a little bit make sure you have enough mana to stop there disruption like if you’re on a weird hand like Dark Water scourge double death Marv you might have to wait until you have nine mana so when they stop the first death mark they can’t stop the second one right that kind of thing you need to know when to go in with like green Glade mark Mardon of dusk that’s a common combo hecarim Donna does there’s a lot of just weird weird intricate combos that you know can go in a lot of many ways with this deck and that’s why I’ve made this guide to help you guys know when to play each spot differently now we’re gonna play at least two games here until I’m feeling comfortable that you know I’ve shown you guys how to play this deck but it is one of the harder decks probably I would say you know I just recorded the Garen Reed Kindler video and I said in that one that that was just the easiest deck that you would get two masters and you wouldn’t feel like you earned it this is the deck where if you want to feel like you earned your masters it’s a good deck don’t get me wrong this isn’t some like low tier deck that you’re just intentionally anchoring yourself with no no this is a good deck but it is a lot harder to play you know you are gonna need to know exactly what you’re doing alright so pretty much all the cards are I think fairly self-explanatory in this deck at this point they all do combo together in interesting ways you know you have weird stuff like death Mark mark avails.

Or death mark zed shadow like that can happen sometimes definitely some interesting things and then Donna dusk is a kind these combo piece you know obviously you can Donna does kind of rekindling because this is a summit effect it’ll get three permanent hecarim Zoras heads or whatever right you can Donna dusk on Zed I was playing a game against at Cameron Bure who but it was a decent player it was a decent player and it wasn’t a stream sniper or anything but they they went all-in on like turn five or turn six or something really early with like um mark of the Isles dawn and dusk on Zed and that’s of course when you mark the Alice and Donna just comes ed you threaten 36 damage right because you have a six attacks ed and you have six six attacks ed that’s a third of 36 damage and he did it in a situation where basically I was just like wow I could have an answer to that but I don’t so I lose and it was a smart play you have to know when to take weird aggressive risks and want to be very passive right so it’s definitely a fun deck for someone who plays a lot of poker because you have to know like all the probabilities anyway that’s just kind of like you know a bit of preamble now let’s let’s get into some games and see how we do all right so we’re gonna go ahead and get into our game here this looks like an Israel deck and so it is so Israel’s pretty common deck choice right now it’s actually apparently the most common deck and in masters rank and it’s pretty solid it’s definitely a very very strong list so let’s go ahead and break this down we’ve got dark or discourage and double Zed as well as glimpse beyond so the second set is gonna be pretty superfluous we definitely don’t want the idea of you know his a champ card is pretty useless shadow shift you typically kind of never want to Zed’s especially because you can like rican let them later if something were to happen to him and we’ll take the glimpse beyond as well now dark waters courage is pretty interesting here because you do need to find its combo piece for it to to gain like really really high value but actually do like keeping it in the opening hand the will of Ione is gonna be a bit clogged up I guess Ezreal in general keeping glimpse is great you kind of always have to keep glimpse against the Azrael no matter what your deck is because the ability to you know I mean there are gonna be removing your stuff so it’s it is gonna get really enabled really early and on top of them are moving your stuff I don’t mind pushing one in here honestly on top of them removing your stuff they’re also going to you know wants the targeting and glimpse can deny them like one or two targets for their Ezreal level up which can actually be pretty important as well.

Without sound so this is pretty often gonna get removed but there’s also a lot of situations where he’ll just play is proactive unit that’s gonna be like ice fill Archer of marksmen when you have an opportunity to take a removal that can’t get glimpsed I think you have to go for it and I’m actually I’m actually fine with that like get excited specifically the over-commitment so he basically can’t have a mystic shine in that hands and the thing about glimpse beyond is you’re always gonna get value out of it in this matchup.

Literally no matter what it’s actually it’s basically completely impossible to not get value out of it so frenzied skitter will actually play around icicle Archer in a pretty big way doesn’t play run below Mach though so we don’t have an amazing attack here of course this is worth the risk you’re getting like five times attack value on this right so you do kind of have to snap off that risk that your attack is just gonna get tonight the way you think about this is like the one attack off of the spiderling versus the five total off of skitter spiderling so five times means you know if it’s 20% odds you’re good and bull el mock is gonna be in hands much more than 20% of the time so you kind of have to take that risk for the five although of course you know when you add chunga’s one guess to that it gets pretty close okay so usually we just want to be developing Zed here it doesn’t really have any premium attacks I don’t mind just using like will if I only on a bull I’ll knock honestly I would actually probably take that here if he swung into me since that just gives us a pretty solid open attack he doesn’t really have good blockers he’s obviously you know freaked out and it’s true that’s a fascinating attack when you can’t pretend like I understand that attack at all actually and you would always brittle steal that spot if you had it – I was ready to like glimpse the brittle steel so he has no brittle steel no mystic shot hmm I mean our Zetas Tech is getting like pretty simple handedly denied off of this and because we have the open move we can stop weird stuff like harsh winds by doing this.

The thing about Zed is um as soon as the attack happens the clone gets created right and once the clones created it becomes very inefficient – like brittle steel or harsh winds so attacking on first action means you know obviously I spell archers blocked out like always he might have to harsh winds here which would be really expensive so he topdecked a brittle steel you can see there he played it off the left side of his hand and he was sitting on static shock so there’s the static shock at two targets I’m pretty happy without all things considered and he’s basically just making it so that the oh it’s that he’s just trying to develop Ezreal targets while slowing down my said it’s a pretty slow play right he kind of has to have a bad hand to be doing that and we already know he does have a bad hand he had no brittle feel he had the top deck it to do anything about that and he has no mystic shot and his crew pricked out so he might be on like second pole or something weird as well so our heads gonna go ahead and get halfway through his level up which is quite nice he’s setting anisette in to kill range it’s really easy to put him on weird hands like second static shock as well I’m actually just gonna chill here we’re gonna get like super good value out of the second glimpse this looks like a pretty sweet game he’s got the Ezreal there you could actually try to go in with like a death mark um the interesting thing about Dark Water scourge is that it’s pretty hard for its to get fizzled against Ezreal like they can lower its attack and they can thermo in at slow speed but when you move in for it.death amok they have to kill their own unit usually because all I have a fast speed is frost bites in low damage removal.

I don’t mind just taking a hecarim here as well you really do want to make sure you’re developing hecarim for the open path.

The big question is do you put this hand state on like ICL marksmen where I saw Archer sorry I spell Archer is pretty interesting I might actually will it’s a very aggressive well I mean we won’t have an answer he’ll probably static shock the Zed after I will this or something like that and we won’t have an answer for that but that’s also kind of all of his mana and I think we’ll be fine you don’t really have better will targets in this matchup anyway so this is like quite a commitment but because he’s on a pretty clumpy hand you can make plays like that so he has second Ezreal okay I’m fine with that it’s a very very expensive play for him to make there and there’s the reball so the most important thing here is just making sure a hacker is gonna develop enough targets so I just feel Archer basically that the thing to wonder is like how often has he had opportunities to use it right it’s like we open attacked on six on four we did Skeeter er and he played bull would he have played hard to hear over bullet fee at it he didn’t Bowl really really fast he wasn’t even thinking about it at all and on to.

I think I think this bowl is actually better than ice fell richer here I think we haven’t given him an opportunity Niceville Archer yet and he’s representing a clumped up hand which I think means ice fill our chores like 70 plus percent chance to be in that hand right now it’s really really high I mean if you ice feels the Scourge that makes me feel sad I probably just have to swing in here I don’t know I feel like a haddock room isn’t really that big of a deal it’s a little it’s a little tricky without having like Donna dusk or anything like trying to get value out of the hacker I’m level up cuz typically that’s the one way this deck will absolutely pound Ezreal okay so he’s going down to one we can get good value out of that off of like a file fees or something I’m pretty happy with this we will have great ways to spend this mana he’ll take like some way to kill our hecarim um could be a top deck to mystic shot or something like that could be like may actually he’ll probably just wait for the Ezreal attack on nine it’s a mystic shot to kill the background then we’ll have him there and I’m pretty happy just pre-empting this vile feast floating this eight men is quite interesting for it if a he’s gotta have something I don’t know if I’m this guy and if I’m sitting on a nice girl Archer I would just I would just play out the SFL Archer if I had it cuz like I’m showing that I’m gonna like this open attack really represents that I’m playing to brick guys feel Archer which means if he has it he should just play it out here for like the zero manic is you know he’s burning past three anyway static yeah that’s the static and I’m happy with that.

Wow does that does that mean he is like three statics or something oh it’s probably just thermo beam the one one man if they’re moving on the hecarim or something like that vote it up and just thank stop bragging if you could back it up you cannot ski yeah got a pretty alright block here it’s pretty hard for him to flip his Ezreal during this I mean he can if he wants progress stay there ok so we’re gonna have a pretty hard time flipping our hecarim the most important thing is to see if hecarim dies so that we can get value out of rekindle ER and the single shadow assassin is gonna be like a great proactive way of allowing that we could also go for like the life steals on the Dark Water scourges that’s gonna be a bit of a commitment and we don’t need to steal any health in the situation top deck the dawn and dusk which is pretty crazy.

This card is gonna be how we win here so mystic shock comes out as expected and now we can get back our hat ground that’s great for us I think that’s gotta be a Miss play it’s kind of a tricky spot forum but I would have waited to see if the ephemeral player tapped out mana below rekindling it’s just too likely there Andre Kindler here but yeah I mean it’s not a comfortable position you’re gonna be pretty sad either way there so we have the ability to now give the level tech room um and basically just level full hecarim and I think we just we move in with that this is just how this deck just absolutely pounds as real as real can do basically nothing about this combo like check this out this is gonna happen in like if you draw the dawn of dusk which is down to a one of because as role play rates are coming down but if you draw the dawn with us but they can’t really do anything about this right it’s like they fast speed they can’t really deal six damage they can thermo beam at slow speed to deal six and they can frostbite this to make the clones frostbitten but this deck doesn’t care at all because what’s gonna happen here is I’m gonna swim with both Donna dusk attack dirhams and that’s gonna that’s gonna create enough damage for this guy to lose the game on a spot because it will level all three of the hack rooms and all three of them are gonna be giving their aura to the six ephemeral units on the attack so as an Ezreal deck and look listen trust me as an as real main I feel pretty bad when this happens because you can’t really do much about Donna dusk unless you have a really weird hands like double get excited or something like that and even then they might have marked so yeah the Donna dust basically just allows you to auto win the Ezreal matchup it’s a really really big thing and it’s a kill combo you can use in like if you want to take a risk in a lot of different scenarios but that’s kind of like one of its biggest meta functions right now which is just absolutely steam rolling Ezreal okay so we get into our second game here and this is gonna be spiders spiders is actually kind of tricky there are definitely ways spiders can run basically any deck down you know there’s no deck well there’s a couple there’s a few decks that do feel pretty good not out with double vile feast hand card is crazy crazy high-value reliably against spiders and we have marked death mark as well which could be used to swing some some crowd favorite stuff I’d rather get some like more reliable or early plays though we hit a shadow assassin.

We’re just fairly nice double drawing sixes is not gonna feel great here though that’s gonna feel pretty bad so hopefully he plays like a precious bet or something right now well I mean we’re gonna be healing a bit off of the vile feasts so kind of fine for us either way okay we’ve got a scourge you know I don’t mind like hitting a death mark although honestly this is a matchup where they put you into such a short term mind frame that I don’t mind just using dark what a scourge at all without death mark like that actually makes me quite happy so we want to make sure that the battle caster is dying before he’s like getting enough value but I also want to try to get enough value out of the file feast by killing like one one health units where I can yeah there’s a pet for example and I think that just has to be valued like as much as much as it would feel good to like double-file feast battle caster I actually kind of can’t do that and this feels pretty good we got the top deck death mark we don’t really need to take a well will would stall a lot I mean we’ve got enough mana for our top deck either way the one scare card is Glennis basically basically right now we’re in a position with dark water death mark and we’re hitting crowd favorite too so the the thing that makes us lose again the most is glimpse right the one issue with glimpse is basically the fact that when they when they move in for the when they move in for the glimpse or sorry when you move in for the dark water skirts death mark if they glimpse then it stops your entire combo right and the thing is there’s not really great ways to stop the gloves from going off either right okay I’ll just trade it down like this I think I mean I I think I have to let him smack into me once here one big punch huge hit we’re just looking at recovered here so doc what a death mark is basically how we’re banking on that if he has glimpse I think there’s no way we can forced it out of him I don’t think we can afford to wait any longer on a dark water death mark so if he’s got glimpse he’s got it now we can force him to glimpse his cod favorite which is the one thing I have passed there.

That’s so rude man I think yeah I’m in he asked to have it that’s the only reason you would pass there okay so I want to mention one thing here which is really really important which is how to play like dark water def mark so first of all recognize situations where you have the ability to play it slowly and just try to either bait out their options or have more mana so they can go off or drawn to deny or something right I actually do think we play the duo out now I don’t think banking this minute does anything so we could have played the duo on action one but basically you want to make sure that a you have the ability to just try to make them run out of their tools or just stall or just not do it unless you’re a skier right there’s nothing wrong with it coming down on like turn six instead I’ve turned four you know you can you can definitely afford a little bit of patience there yeah this is a fine block I don’t need to do anything aggressively here so be patient with it that’s rule number one rule number two is hahaha wow he’s actually got it here so this would be crazy okay.

That’s neat rule number two is try to make sure that um try to make sure that if it doesn’t go off you’re at least getting some value at the dark waters courage right so what that’s gonna mean is basically with the Dark Water scourge do it on turns where you’re attacking or before they’ve attacked I actually see a lot of people mess this up I see a lot of people will basically they’ll play the Dark Water scourge after the opponent has attacked or something like that and then when they’re combo gets denied that their scourge is doing nothing right you want to hedge your bets that’s the most important thing like did you see how we did that where we played it on our attack turn so even though it the combo got stopped we didn’t like lose the game on the spot because of it right and that’s really really really important like we still got our life steal out and you know the pressure on his Nexus health I guess could matter a little bit as well sure we call that.

Honestly I mean I’m not gonna lie this feels pretty fine to make sure that the overwhelm one is getting thicker rims yeah I mean it’s just gonna look like something like this right it’s like his biggest reach card is usually gonna be stuff like might which I think just doesn’t do enough we always have like the threatened non-lethal next turn so pretty sure there’s no reason for us to do anything crazy there but yeah those are the two rules in terms of how to use like the death mark dark for description combo so overall it’s a tricky list right you can tell that just by these games you can see that you have to play in a very specific way you have to make sure that your combo is you’re choosing the right combo and it’s a particularly hard deck to Mulligan for Mulligan’s in this deck are very very weird and because you’re always seeking out like a lot of different combos right it’s like death mark and Dark Water scourge is really powerful but you have to be extremely patient especially against my players you have to know all the tools that they could have right and you have to be willing to takes a lot of risks right like taking a committal play like Dona dusk or maybe you like mark of the Isles into death mark or something like that when you don’t really have a choice right so a really really important thing with this list because it’s a very like it’s a risky list the most important thing is to recognize the idea of basically equity or win percentage and whether you’re behind or ahead and that’s going to form it’s gonna dictate whether you take these risks or not right that’s kind of the single biggest thing like if you’re very far ahead you you’re still you’re not gonna want to take a risk that even if your odds are like good for it even if it’ll usually get through you want to play it very very safe right so I think that’s kind of the number one skill you’re gonna need here is to realize like what your win percentage is in any given time and that’s gonna carry you a long way with this deck but yeah that is the ephemeral nonsense deck or a ephemeral mid-range it’s not it’s not like really really mid-range ish.

It does have some mid-range tendencies for sure um but it’s not like you know it’s it’s very weird you play a lot of situations like a full combo deck almost so it’s very very all over the place um with each card just having like unique interactions with other cards I find it like a very challenging and fun deck to play so I definitely recommend it if you’re interested in that kind of thing and also like I mentioned before it’s a Tier one deck it’s very very powerful all right so those those are gonna be the games where we’re gonna take you through on this guide if you want you can check out the list I put the link in the pinned comment like I always do I should mention that earlier in these videos I really should but I mean come on you guys you guys already know that that’s that’s where the link is to the deck and of course that’s gonna involve any updates if I decide to make any updates I’m currently just listening till Red’s a version just because I haven’t played this concept quite enough to I’m not gonna be like I’m not gonna come in here and just be like oh yeah I’ve I’ve played this deck you know 10 hours so this version is better teal red is probably the player that’s played the most of this deck so I’m deferring to his build in this case but if I personally play the deck you know a lot if I get into a kick where I’m like yeah days let’s just play this deck and nothing else then I will maybe be at the point where I’ll be like yeah I would recommend it this version instead but obviously we’re not at that point yet all right guys that’s gonna be it that’s all I’ve got.

Peace out.


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