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Everything from Star Cards, best maps, tips and tricks for both Galactic Assault & Heroes vs Villains, it’ll all be covered in this Leia Organa Ultimate Hero Guide (2020).

Welcome to my updated Hero Guide series! In this series, I’ll be re-doing all of my previous Hero Guides to keep them up to date now that the health on kill cards have arrived!

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What is going on guys welcome back to the channel and today since she did get a rework in the latest update we’re gonna be doing an updated version of my lair here oh god the last time I did a lair God was actually over 18 months ago in the air so she was already due for an update anyway to be honest but with this rework it felt like now was the time to get it done as a lot of you guys have been requesting this one a lot since the update now you can see on screen what we’re gonna be going through in this video we will of course start off with her base stats then go through and breakdown all of her abilities and then I will touch on some tips for both galactic assault and the hero game modes covering both the star cards as well as just some general gameplay tips as well so if that is what you guys looking for in a hero go ahead then make sure to drop a like on the video and let’s see if we can’t get to 1500 likes now keep in mind that almost everything in this squad was tested in arcade so if you see any stats that don’t seem right and that’s most likely due to those rare little arcane differences so getting stuck into it first off we’re gonna take a look at her base HP and she does have the average health pool for a blast and either coming in at 650 HP on top of that she does also have 200 health regen as well which again is pretty much the average for the blasting users so you can go from 650 all the way down through 450 and still be able to rage in all the way back to full health now her weapon of choice is her defender pistol which is a true reimburse weapon but that burst is so close together that honestly most people don’t even realize it’s a burst weapon and if you hit an enemy it’s almost always gonna land both of those shots and so it honestly may as well just be considered a semi-automatic life and most of the other pistols where the shot of the body it deals 20 damage from long-range and 80 damage up close and then to the head of deals 38 damage from long range and a whopping 152 damage up close which is obviously a one-hit kill on most classes if you can manage to land a headshot that’s rate of fire is pretty decent and a probably class that has made him since it is fast but definitely not even close to the faster weapons in the game near her 80s button actually causes her to use her notorious alternate for hammerhead which deals 145 damage per head and it has a lock-on effect meaning it essentially takes the 0 skill to use as for the spread on a main blaster it’s really good up close but it can get a bit out of hand at longer range and so I have class that is medium at well now moving on to our abilities and this is mostly where her very work happens so these are very different than they were a few weeks ago and honestly she may now have some of the best abilities in the game for a blast user who l1 ability is the brand-new thermal detonators ability which has a very nice 13 second cooldown and this one essentially just replaces her old flash grenade with three thermal detonators instead having three uses before needing a cool-down these bad boys deal an insane 250 damage when the enemy is right next to the explosion and obviously the further away the enemy is the more the damage will top off this ability is really good for clearing out hallways or objectives especially if you throw two or three at once and it also really helps against block spammers too as essentially a way to deal damage through their blocks it’s only real downside is that it can be a little bit buggy right now seemingly just throwing one detonator and then having to cool down so that is a little bit annoying but I’m sure that will get fixed in the next patch or so moving on to her l1 r1 ability this one is called rapid fire and it has a really nice 15 second courtier and there honestly this may be one of the best abilities in the game now and it actually may get a nerve sometimes soon as well because to be completely honest it is borderline opie in the right hands this ability allows later whip out an advanced 811 which has a crazy high rate of fire dealing 19 damage to the body at range and 36 up close and then 36 damage to the head at range and 68 up close and when you consider the insane rate of fire those damage stats actually explain just how powerful it is it stays active for 25 seconds however the more you fire at the faster it runs out having a minimum active time of 8 seconds if you do this fire a non-stop this ability is amazing for crowd control into closed areas if a heap of people storm you once you can genuinely wipe out entire squads with little to no effort at times and you know 1v1 with a blaster hero it’s very rare that someone is gonna outrun you if you do have this equipped as for its weaknesses really the only weakness is that if you do forward someone who is blocking even for a few seconds you’re gonna deal a heap of damage to yourself so just be wary of those block spammers and try and wait until they do drop their guard moving on now to the r1 ability this one is a squad shield and it has a pretty decent 20 second cooldown this one causes her to place a shield that has roughly 3,000 HP blocking anything from the outside other than Palpatine’s lightning and it now heals you and anyway inside by 5 hp per second which is a small change yet a very nice change as well this ability is great in GA when you’re on some of the more open Maps or when you need to just quickly find some cover and the other thing is that as soon as you place the shield down the ability starts cooling down straightaway meaning you can actually place another one down while that one is still active but it will break the previous one when you do so it’s only real weakness is that it is essentially useless against Palpatine all sabre users and in fact it will actually hurt you immensely against Palpatine because he can shoot you through and while you actually get your own shots blocked by the shield sorry that is it for the base stats and abilities now we’re gonna move on to some of the more important stuff starting with her best star cards for Galactic it’s sort of actually got six cards that I mentioned to GA as she does have a pretty wide range of star cards so the first card we’re going to mention is her high spirit card oh this one allows her to regenerate up to 100 ex r HP taking the total to 300 HP which is actually insane for a blaster user the next card I recommend using is a rebel heart star card on this one just nice so that while rapid fire is active you actually gain 25% damage reduction as good as rapid fire is now it can often cause tunnel vision because you’re so focused on melting a whole group of enemies and all it takes is for one enemy to get behind you and then they can deal some very serious damage so this does just protect against those situations now for the third card the relentless firing card is an awesome one to users while giving the rapid fire up to 55% more active time which is obviously just so useful for crowd control as well as when you’re up against an enemy villain or something like that yeah those are the three cards that I almost exclusively run with layer butter to often change up the second card if it is a map where am I not use the rapid fire as much and I don’t need that damage reduction if that is the case for you to the fourth card I recommend these these stay together card which makes it so that when you need three or more teammates you and the teammates will actually gain 10% damage reduction and this one is obviously just really good if you’re focusing on team play the fifth card I recommend mainly just for longer range Maps is her laser brain card and this one just increases the damage output of her alternate fire mode by up to 35 extra damage capping your data 180 damage per shot now this one is really useful however I cannot stand people who just stay at the back of the map and spam her often on fire so I urge you to please not play that way because you’re not helping your team even.

Slightest bit now lastly another card you can use if you’re a fan of those the detonators is the handy device card which just decreases the accordian of those grenades pretty self-explanatory this is just gonna let you use those detonators a little bit more often now like I said these are the main cards that I would personally recommend using however if you do disagree then definitely feel free to let us all know down in the comment section as they really is no right or wrong when it comes to something like choosing star cards sorry now moving on to some of the best maps to choose later on when you’re playing galactic assault and the top three that I’ve picked are Endor the Death Star and the boon obviously Endor and the deaths are both offensive Maps which is great for layers new place oil and then the buoys just a really good mix of close quarters and mid-range combat so she does suit that map pretty well too although it is on defense so just be wary of getting sucked too far up the map now as for some tips for galactic assault and like I just mentioned Wyatt does actually have a pretty aggressive play style in our our grenades combined with the rapid-fire buffers actually made her one of the more deadly blaster heroes not only on the life side but in the whole game in general now the thing with saying aggressive and blaster heroes in same sentences that they’re former of aggressive is definitely not the same as a save user so just be sure to keep that in mind because if you do play too aggressive you will get absolutely slaughtered in no time at all despite having really good health compared to the other blaster heroes 650 HP can be gone in the blink of an eye when there are multiple enemies shooting at you or even just a few enemies in a villain or something like that so when I say aggressive I don’t necessarily mean playing like a saber hero lairs play style does really depend on the area of the map she’s playing on as you kind of need to switch between play styles depending on the map or even between the areas of the map for example the first phase of Endor is relatively close quarters for most of it and in that first phase she can be absolutely dominant if you get really aggressive getting into that control room putting down a shield for your team and just melting anyone who comes running in the doors without a 11 once you move on to the second phase however it does get a little bit longer range and there’s also the threat of a tsts and snipers and stuff like that so you do need to play a little bit different beer once you’re in that second phase you should try and play a little bit slower scoping out the path ahead and making sure there’s not heaps of enemies before pushing in maybe even using that ultimate fire mode if it needs through and definitely making the most of that shield as a bit of a fallback for your end Payne then once you get into the last phase again she becomes a bit more of a beast in those close quarters the areas with the e 11 and the detonators and so you can see what I mean about having to change up her playstyle between maps and even between different phases now one thing that layer is always great for though is playing the objective and that’s something I cannot stress enough with her that squad shield is now so much more useful than it was it was always great for placing on objectives but now it is really good as a fallback where you and your squad can go back and quickly heal off whenever you get into trouble rather than always placing it on an objective now sometimes you might actually be better off placing it in the corner where the enemies aren’t going to get through very easily and then if you made you can just fall back and reassess the situation while you’re healing up liya may actually be one of the best objective players in the game now so like I said make the most of that strength and do your best to help your team bring home the win layer and honestly blaster heroes in general can be a little bit hard to get used to sometimes but if you through just keeping one that you can’t play overly aggressive at all times and try to learn when to push and when to back off she can be a really effective hero Nia and may arguably be one of the best blaster heroes in the game once we all get used to her so that is going to be it for the Galactic assault tips now we’re going to move on to some tips for the hero versus villain game modes starting off with the best star cards and the three that I use in these modes are actually the same three that I use in GA as well as they are just as useful here too so I will just pop those back up on screen as a reminder if you don’t want to use any of those cards then the fourth card is actually another one that I already mentioned and this one is the stay together car that gives you damage reduction while you’re close to two or more teammates this is actually super important in HPV as you can give your team that 10% advantage over the enemies which over the course of a game can honestly be the difference between winning or losing again I would still recommend testing each and every card for yourself because they do all suit everyone differently but if you’re not too sure to choose then these are definitely a good place to start now moving on to some tips for the hero game modes and most of what I said for GA can actually be transferred here too but there are some other really helpful tips specifically for these modes as well you’ll probably see throughout this gameplay that I was actually using my shield a lot placing it in some kind of odd positions like up against the wall or way over in the corner or something but there is a reason as to why I put it in such weird positions in these modes the shield has always been pretty much useless because if a savior hero comes that shield is only gonna give them an advantage since they can still hit you or you can barely even hit them now though with that health regen added to it the shield can be a game-changer for helping your team get their health back but it does also still have that danger of pretty much getting in the way and so by putting it in odd a little way places you’re giving your team a place to heal up while not really giving you a disadvantage when sabre heroes gets really close 30 seconds in the shield can region 150 HP permanently so obviously you pretty much just want to always put one down somewhere and try and let your teammate to know what’s there and after a while they will know to stick near you and therefore you tape me is gonna do so much better overall now as for some characters – looking out for valid Grievous and Dooku are the three main characters that can cause you some trouble in my opinion Vader is simply just a tank and despite being far from unbeatable if you make one little mistake he can pretty much just ruin you in a few seconds so just be very wary of Vader Grievous is pretty much the same as Vader in that regard he’s healthy station and his damage is really good as well but his blocking stamina is actually terrible so I hate good counters and grievous is actually just to keep shooting at him especially with the a 11 and his stamina will be gone in a few seconds as for Dooku his dual stability will just melt anyone in the game and if he catches you off-guard you’re essentially dead so just make sure to keep an eye out for Dooku if you try and just keep an eye on these guys as well as implementing all the tips that I’ve just mentioned you should have no worries with lighting both heroes versus villains and heroes showdown as honestly I think she is one of the better characters in these modes especially now with these changes but anyway guys that is gonna do it for our lair here oh god hopefully some of those tips did help you guys out and if they did then make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel with those notifications on so you don’t miss out on any more battlefront 2 videos or live streams.

Feel free to comment down below which character you would like to see next I’m hoping to get a chilly guide out soon as he did get some changes as well but let me know who you want to see regardless thank you all so much for watching you guys have a great day and I’ll capture wall in the next one.

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