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In this episode of Little Things, we explore the entirely new weight system. 12.4 was packed with a lot of changes, and no greater change was more drastic or more polarizing than the new weight system. We explore all of the points where things change, how severe those changes are, how it will affect your game-play, bugs I found, and ultimately the reasons why I believe battlestate games made these changes to the game.

The devs have been changing the variables of this system daily, so hopefully this iteration of the video that I’ve recorded will keep for a while. Fingers crossed!

I hope you enjoy this one. It was a LOT of editing and a lot of fun researching it!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey everybody one pick here I wanted to make a video that had to do with the weight system and while I realize that little things tends to focus on a bunch of little topics and nuanced achill details that are about tarkov with the weight system in this case being as new as it is and with it changing ever rapidly I wanted to at least touch on the subject of weight and give you guys all of the little details should you want them now obviously I tend to be a much more generalistic type of person when it comes to researching this so it’s not going to be the most encompassing thing in the world but it will give you a little bit more of a generalization or or or overview than just saying more weight equals slowdown you know what I mean now just as a little side note today that I am recording this the day is March 14th which means that the patch has been out for about three days and the weight system has been changing on a daily basis so it’s a very possible that by the time that you hear my voice or see this video they’ve already changed this again so while the figures themselves may be off by a few kilograms or something like that the core of the information should still be sound I don’t see them changing any of the major mechanics more so they’re probably just going to change the point in your way to that these mechanics start kicking in I broke this video up into what happens as your weight goes up so basically we’re just going to look at low weight to overweight and for those of you that don’t want to stick around for the entire thing here’s your TL DR at 45 kilograms you start slowing down and your jump height starts to diminish at 50 kilograms you lose stamina when you walk at 75 kilograms currently you can’t sprint you need to be at 90% or more weight to gain strength when you walk as of now that is sixty seven point five kilograms but this now also drains stamina so it’s very likely this will be slower to level over time okay now for the rest of it and additional findings and there’s a lot here I’ll go on with the detailed stuff from this point on including some possible little bugs that I have found in all of my testing so there aren’t any penalties to your movement or any of your stats or anything like that until you get to 45 kilograms anything below this is considered green weight so we probably won’t focus on that part and just so that you guys are aware my endurance is only I think level 1.5 or so and my strength is still zero because it is pretty difficult and slow to get your strength up after 45 kilograms we have yellow weight and then what I refer to as heavy yellow weight which begins at 50 at 50 kilograms the penalty to jumping is to a point where you can no longer clear high walls and hurdles that you could usually clear by jumping if you were under 50 your stamina is reduced when you move and you can only regain stamina by standing still in the case of red weight you can only regain stamina by either crouching or going prone just standing still isn’t enough to regenerate the stamina that you’re trying to get back also in all cases regardless of weight crouch walking now in this game costs stamina as well if you’re moving slowly it costs less and if you’re moving more quickly it costs more now I personally am of the opinion that it should be opposite of this because I think there’s more muscle strain when you’re moving slowly and quietly but I can see the logic behind why BSG is doing it this way and as always with your weight when it increases as it climbs up through the weight thresholds it costs more stamina to move even when you’re crouched also as one other little case in point when you are in the red weight zone and are prone you have to stay still all of the other scenarios if you go to move while prone it doesn’t expend stamina but in the red zone it will once you get to 60 kilograms low walls are also no longer traversable so keep that in mind with your jumping or lack of jumping ability obviously this is going to be augmented by strength because part of what strength does is improve your jump height so it will be offset a little bit but for now for all of us newbies at zero strength just be aware that you need to plan for jumping over certain barricades also it stands to note that in this case the heavier you are the more stamina it costs to actually leave your feet and try to jump in the first place in addition to this whenever you go prone and go to stand back up and regardless of whether or not you have any actual heavy weight to you whatsoever there is an arms and legs stamina penalty to standing back up on your feet as your weight goes up the penalty to do that is increased this ranges from some 15 or so percent at being underweight – when you are heavy having it cost maybe 25 to 30% of your overall stamina.

Now the next major thing that we want to look at here is running so in this very simple section of factory I developed a track and in another video I’m going to go into how it is that you can extremely accurately gauge distance but in this hallway from these bullet holes that I put on the floor to the opposite wall of the hallway it is 40 meters give or take about 1/10 yeah so you see these bullet holes in the floor here’s something interesting that I found we all know that bullets in the game have weight right I mean how many shotgun shell runners have we seen even just since the patch went live you know what I mean but one interesting mechanic and this might even be a bug is something that I discovered while I was testing this so this TX 15 that I’m carrying is full of rounds it’s got a 60 round mag in it but if you notice as I fire off these rounds I’m not actually losing weight on my character.

In fact I’m not losing any weight at all and even if I empty the mag I haven’t lost even a tenth of a kilogram this is because tarkov doesn’t calculate the active weight of your character until after you reload so all of the rounds that you’re spending in firing at your opponent isn’t actually reducing your weight until you hit the R key now changing weapons also will not modify what the current weight is like checking your mag isn’t going to adjust the weight of your character until you actually pull the mag out put it in your rig and then swap into new one I have no idea if this is a bug or not but hopefully this is something that because she might be able to remedy and we could get some real-time updating rather than something that takes us a few seconds after we’re done firing to adjust but for now reloading out a partial mag might actually be the difference between your ability to clear a barricade or not just as some food for thought and like any other track runner put your toe on the line and when the run starts we time it to see how long it takes to get to the other end now there isn’t a ton of difference in the amount of time that it takes to reach the other end in this case for this 40 meter sprint we have at sub 45 kilograms a time of about six point three six seconds at 60 kilograms the time is about six point four seven seconds and at 74 point nine kilograms which is just before we’re not able to sprint at all it takes just north of seven seconds now the major difference here is that at the six point three seconds worth of running again with only level 2 or so endurance I have about 75% of my bar left in the case of 60 kilograms I only have about 60% of my bar left and in the case of the 74 point nine kilogram sprinting I have less than 50% so there is a significant difference in the amount of stamina that you have have over these different distances and obviously there’s something to be said about your ability to run for twice as long as the guy that is overweight next we have weapons sway so when turning abruptly if you’re underweight it doesn’t seem like there’s very much barrel drift in this case and what I did is just kind of made a 90-degree quick turn with the laser kind of showing a visual representation of what’s going on when you stop turning now I didn’t use any kind of program or Mack Road key input of any kind to make me turn so that it was exact but again just eyeballing this the idea here is you can clearly see that the difference between being underweight or under that weight threshold and then working up into heavier weight and eventually getting into the red the barrel drifting here is much much more pronounced when you’re heavy basically the main idea here is the heavier you are the more you have to work on trying to set up your shots before your engagements and flick aiming on people is going to be a lot harder when you’re heavy 50-kilogram strapped onto your back and you try to make an abrupt turn like a flick shot it’s not going to stop on a dime you’re going to have some momentum on your back as you spin and it’s going to carry that barrel so that’s what I got guys so what’s the point of the weight system and maybe we can think on this for just a second no obviously there’s the argument that we want the game to be as realistic as we can possibly get while still having it be a game and I think that’s something like this weight restrictive Ness system is something that is absolutely necessary just about every RPG that tries to simulate any kind of realism whatsoever has some kind of weight limitation mechanic but tarkov is a little bit unique the whole point of tarkov is for the raids that you survive you’re trying to maximise on the amount of loot that you can get off of those raids that you’re surviving no one wants to just simply survive it’s a matter of surviving while at the same I’m being as lucrative as possible so in a lot of ways and really at its core what this weight system does is put a limitation on how successful those successful raids can be that then leads to the need for people to have to be more consistent with how often they survive and that boils down to a much higher survivability rate when the majority of the player base has a survival rate that is sub 50% two things happen one either they end up very very broke or two they end up running very very light kits in some cases just a naked pistol and hope that they can get enough loot to stuff into their secure containers so that they can buy something better for the next rung for some of us doing the rags to riches thing is a nice change of pace for other people it ends up being something much more along the lines of necessity and when you start putting a reliance on the need to survive with some type of profitability even more regularly than you already are because now you have a limitation on how much you can earn in a manner of speaking from raid to raid it then starts to beg the question is this really right for the hardcores people like myself and the people that have thousands of hours it’s not necessarily a bad thing sure it’s a little bit more frustrating sure it’s gonna slow us down a little bit but it’s not really going to ruin the game for us where it starts to become a center of further frustration and maybe people wanting to quit are the people that don’t play as consistently and aren’t able to put in thousands of hours yet I think that the way that tarkov is structured is once you’ve learned what it is that needs to be learned at its core you have the ability to make money whenever you want and it’s been quoted time and again for the people that have a lot of experience it’s not hard to make money in this game unless you’re new in that case it’s very very hard to make money in this game because you just don’t know what you don’t know so I’m gonna continue making content like this hopefully educating folks hopefully showing people ways that they can.

Succeed at this game in little bits and pieces and so will many other creators out there and hopefully and I have faith in BSG making some changes for the betterment of the more common player base and hopefully we’ll all be a little bit happier as time goes on thanks again guys for all of the love and support and I’ll see you in the next one all right thanks.

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