Magic: The Gathering Arena – Abzan Calix Midrange – Theros Standard Deck Guide

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Hey guys how’s it going welcome back to the magic together in karina video my name is merchant and today mudra folks will standard in fact we’ll be doing some standard for the next couple of videos as i brew up some historic monstrosities however what we’re gonna be playing today is a slight variation of jeff who Glyn’s calyx enchantments deck its abs and enchantments the only green being for calyx himself but i thought that i’d tweak it a little bit just to make a little bit more our best to one friendly as of course we do live in the ever burning fields of mono red prevalence so what we’re playing is essentially black wine chapman’s with this calyx splash calyx is actually really cool planeswalker kind of like more around the power level where I like Planeswalkers will they support a specific archetype I think it is infinitely more healthy design than the kind of overarching very sort of neutral effects that benefit far too many things in my opinion but calyx is great and this is where I like to see planeswalkers so the idea is that you can use him as removal with his – 3 or you can just use him to shove enchantments in your hand if you do alt him if you have an Archon or something out of course that’s gonna pop off absolutely huge and generally speaking how we win the game will typically be through our Archon and through our FMEA spawning tokens we also have a nightmare Sheppard in there which is really really valuable of course because that is going to give us recursion on things like the archons and the ephemeris and then we run a whole host of both enchantments and removal effects to help us win games now if you play against lot of control I will say you’ll definitely wanting agonizing remorse in the main deck here because we are going to be playing best of one but generally speaking I swap them out for dead weights dead weights just really really good against aggressive decks right now and even if you’re playing against more rampy things you know you can hit some mana rocks with them etc so that’s pretty useful other than that we run of course dead weight both of Miletus we have Tim Barret calls the Dead which is a very cool card that we can use to get a blocker out and also gain life in scry at the end both of kiya probably I would argue except maybe elspeth conquers death the strongest enchantment here it’s going to protect calyx and also it is that six point swing which.

Can be amazing against aggressive decks and then elspeth conquers death at the top and this card is generally just absolutely amazing really it does so much it’s gonna help us hit things like two fairies off the board or anything really an access to fairies etc and then it’s going to be returning something like an Archon or a Shepherd or calyx itself so anyway let’s go play this in some saviors traditional standard as I always do but let’s go play an event with this and we shall see how we do so as we get into the event here of course if you can’t just take a second to leave a like and subscribing comment and all that good stuff as my previous video YouTube elected to not put it into people’s sub boxes which was great love you but yeah please leave a like comment whatnot it really really does help the channel out but and also of course actually very importantly in the comments if you have any archetypes in standard that you’d like me to take a look at and maybe throw something together for feel free to put some requests in the comments section down below and I always check those out if there’s interesting themes that I try to build around them is that she looks pretty good this looks pretty good we have an answer with deadweight into a mulatto center Tamara yeah I like it alright.

So our boreal grazer not something that our dead weight is particularly effective on but it’s okay you can always the good thing about dead weight is you can always just play it you know if you have something like icon of Suns grace you can always just use it to spawn a Pegasus oh I’m gonna shock in here.

Looks like we’re against some sort of blue-green X one day one day we’ll live in a standard rye where I get to not say that that’s all right okay that banishing light is nice to have hopefully we can grab an S or off the board or something now I’m being a little bit careful with what I exiling Kate just in case we do end up ulting calyx because I would like to get an oath of kyer out or something so it’s great at the bottom Oh tell me yeah okay what are you grabbing to the library yeah humming Vanessa so we get a little bit yeah more like just standard and stuff going on we actually unfortunately we do drop a an arc on there but I am gonna exile earth because if we hit something like a null Smith conquers death we can pull that icon back out which is pretty good now what do I need her nothing in particular.

Yeah we have double back so we’re all good now.

I’m gonna banishing like the Tammy oh here we are gonna get a pretty whopper scry off of old timmy she’s gonna keep these dead weights in case we do draw into like an icon they shock two-six awful crisis maybe yes okay I’ve played this game before now here’s an answer with a double dead weight of course alright so we could double deadweight that I’m actually gonna calyx it though because they don’t have an answer to calyx we might get banishing lighted that would be unfortunate but I feel like if they had banishing light they would have used it on getting tamio back although they did just draw two cards so it’s a little bit hard so actually do you know what I’m gonna do I’m not gonna do that I’m lying I’m gonna use one dead weight to kill crisis if they block hopefully they block and then I’ll play calyx onto the board.

I know they’ve detected it’s a trap all right.

It didn’t take my my dead weight option unfortunately I really hope this doesn’t get punished I mean I could plus one time and go to five let’s do this so I’m putting him under banishing light just because it’s it’s way safer than putting him under a zombie because of course we know that they’re running all the wipers etc so uh I mean crisis you know obviously it’s not the biggest threat to go back onto the board still good practice I guess spiral quietly one of the most powerful cards and standards temple of mystery I miss playing with more planes always like this the other ponies work I miss playing with the most Braska relic seeker I really miss that card okay so big boys coming out he gets to cast his insane rows spiral revitalise over drawing land a little bit unfortunately vanishing light nope that’s even better all right click-clack the guns coming out of a huge thing there is that is an exile effect so we’re looking pretty Gucci Alex grabbing us Elspeth oh so that’s gonna bounce banishing light get them back Tamia very since the goes back to zero zero so it dies but library what can she go okay that’s why I tried to grab a new sir again now if they do get a Nyssa oh no they’re getting an elspeth which they didn’t find but they did put it in the graveyard not that he can quite escape yet which is good oh yeah that’s fine getting a lot of Lancer I sure I guess it’s about right Oh three to any target a well sounds pretty good I’m a shepherd is kind of a good card they I will take that loss.

So elspeth triggers we take back our con of sons grace.

So do I keep oath of Keio to the next turn so I can kill two fairy then because they’re only gonna get flash available and kill Teferi then and then get a Pegasus as well I think I do alright so elspeth conquers triggers here I mean obviously they’re not exactly short on manner you know but let’s go to the bottom what’s a long old track to old sync Alex it would be pretty whopper already though it’s like Timur at nightmare Shepard icon biscaia actually do you know what I say oh no but okay interesting I thought they were gonna bounce elspeth apparently not 31 cars remaining in Dec return of crisis it’s not like a very big crisis though it’s a three three I’m sure I agree with that crisis grab actually they do have a row available but I do have a banishing light as well okay now I’m just gonna kill that pesky Tammy oh that’s fine little one card there you do okay.

Now obviously that massive crowds dingo we can’t really do much about but we are gonna have the minus 3 from calyx to answer it.

Oh that’s actually really good yeah I don’t think I’ll have a loyalty counter on that thanks all right so can we Archon not really is the answer there unless we don’t mind them having it Tammy Oh which we could actually kind of live with I guess they’re gonna get crisis but they know we have a vanishing light if that arrow attacks it’s bad news for us I could burn calyx that is an option I could basically by banishing light urn calyx to double stack it and take like Tammy oh and array then oath of Kaia kill Teferi but then we’re left dealing with the crisis so maybe I owe the Kaia killed Tammy Oh urn calyx take a row and then we are banishing light for crisis I think that’s my best option right but I play the other Archon first then I guess I do I don’t like burning my calyx but to be fair I got three more of them in the deck we should actually be pretty much on rate to hit one so all right I do like that now.

Okay so yeah obviously we’ve got a little bit of sky turn going on here they are gonna draw approximately eight jillion cards because Lowell crisis but I’ve interests see if they go for the full manner on the crisis actually what is it like a 10-10 their glance yeah ten time I believe okay so they do full mana the crisis which gives them what you could call a little bit of value oh that is that is very very tasty can’t actually target the crisis and target affair either I mean this yeah it’s just the obvious right now so I need to check their exile so one two three three shatter the skies in the exile pile do we think that they’re playing for is the question there’s a fair not they could be in trouble it does not reach but there’s no power so all right now with Elspeth I mean this so really we want nightmare Shepard for insurance against board wipes I did go slightly greedy I didn’t know I was gonna draw the second icon I did take the Archon obviously nightmare Shepard would be really nice and is our target for this elspeth saga yeah this really does like end up a testament to how good elspeth conquers death is Oh way old we’re getting the old tactical rope I mean they drew a lot of cards so I’m gonna assume that they have some options in those five cards but how many lands are they on one two three four five fourteen right nice I can’t countless 14 they down to twenty three cards in the library so should have drawn approximately two-thirds of their lands so yeah I guess they’re about right I was another huge crisis okay so they’re holding open banner here I think they might have been trying to draw their final shot of the sky because they left open for mana other day maybe that’s read against a little bit too much yeah sure well we don’t have too many options so I assume they’ll block the four five in which case I’m gonna double dead wait till the crisis alright well you like dead weight you know I said it was good against mono read I lied it’s a target for specifically for eight for crazy I the question is and we not all dream troller right it card okay they take my Elspeth I have eight two x’s you gain three myself a lethal on the attack I should do right baby alright we got it oh I was a good game that was really good we had a lot 74 life nearly the 73 beam but as a runescape reference where but yeah we ended on 74 life really really cool game there I think that that was actually way closer than it looked by the end with the life totals but yeah we answer arose who answer to fairies we answer crisis I know that I felt pretty good it was a long game but what a fun one for sure.

I love Enchantment gameplay I know I’ve said this a million times but press like if you also enjoy enchantments as I like engagement thanks alright I hope we got there’s a bus there’s enough Meo both vanishing there’s a lot of answers here yeah let’s go for it against the golden egg mt genius that is the username of somebody who had used the j saboteur as the avatar taylors would confirm re against more blue-green axe hell yeah me favorites.

All right.

Oh t-bone timber ventures very less now am I gonna be that guy and banishing like their Lucky Clover I think I am as you heat that clover interspace that’s what that art is it’s a hoplite you eating a clover okay I’m instantly glad that I did as duplicating Beanstalk giant is pretty good incubation all right raisin bara well as calyx now reason borrower is what can only be described as a massive pain in the ass I might go straight to calyx here actually is then that makes it very awkward for them to justify getting their clover back because calyx remains on the board or do I just go Tim Rhett to get some pressure or do I just go familya options oh I’m gonna go Tamra I think.

Ah it’s right away with an Archon we’ll keep it in there for Elspeth I love the Tim red zombie it looks so cool yep.

So they choose to get back their lucky clover but I hope that we catch something oh wow okay all right cleaning up my board all around I guess incubation again absent innkeeper I imagine they probably wanted to see that sometime beforehand dimmer it yeah I’m just gonna get calyx on the board here I’m gonna let clover sit I might come to regret that but all right so obviously we need to hit a fifth land we did ditch a couple into the graveyard they have wishes what are you getting yet a Chandler awakened inferno okay and Adam Rees ambushed neither of those I expected Chandra is pretty cool though not know why although we are gonna elspeth it as soon as it’s played and they can see elspeth in our hand so slightly surprised they went for the Chandra though it bounced calyx yeah well we do theoretically hit our fifth land and thanks oh boy it does actually remove a borrower pretty well does it fit in.

Not really but what does okay so I mean I’m probably just gonna play calyx again good go a Femi or I suppose for me as a threat.

Let’s get calyx we have elspeth next turn so I play a family I feel like we might just get minus 3 Don Chandra or – wond even because you need to say you know I’m gonna do an upcoming video in the next few days is actually gonna be like bricks us and trying out Chandra okay so they might just nuke calyx I’m not sure how much I agree with that I mean I’m I’m still very surprised that the Chandra pick up of they just emblem us that’s even stranger okay Wow triple elspeth oh my goodness is disgusting yes gas tank all it was one a us all right oh yeah okay I’m just gonna kind of keep flossing this wasn’t a for me yeah.

Chandra just gets axles like we have like clover remain on the board we haven’t banished it but Bora went up okay so show me my path so I’m gonna put the kaya down because they may well be going after calyx of course I’m never gonna kick the innkeeper I really probably should but that means that calyx guarantees takes damage but that’s actually okay yeah we’ll hit the innkeeper so I was gonna kill the borrower I know and then like chump blog oh my goodness let’s see this so I’m pretty sure they will attempt to knock calyx off of his allude to me what’s a calyx oh well it does get us Elspeth we don’t have any enchanting creatures no shepherds in the bin so there’s so much going on in this matchup it’s actually really cool both tanks play a lot of stuff no no what are you getting another Chandra again I mean it’s an interesting choice and a tick-tock it’s the midnight clock all right anybody who remembers last time we saw midnight clock on the channel Willa remember it was quite dramatic I had an acid on the board and it went off and yeah so if you have an acid on the board and your opponent plays midnight clock what basically happens is uh they discard their entire hand and then they can’t draw any cards because of NASA and they yeah it doesn’t it doesn’t let’s say it doesn’t end well for the opponent shall we I think I just alt calyx right I’m pretty sure I alt calyx boom at the oh let’s go touch dead weight though you get over oh we get it we get it.

Alright oh wow there’s a couple of really entertaining games I don’t know I had a lot of fun with this yeah I do you know what I’m probably gonna do a second video with this because I would like to just play some more games in a more casual video or without like the introduction and stuff so we’ll end this video there within the next couple of videos I probably do like a Crixus deck next and then I think we’ll just play maybe the rest of this run or just like a whole patch of games with this deck because it’s really really fun and I think it actually works surprisingly well we didn’t get to test against mana read something that we can look forward to in the next video because I think we should theoretically have a decent matchup you know trying to survive up to playing those archons and then as I’ve said before when I play it a similar issue deck if you untap with Archon on the board it’s kind of you know it’s kind of game over from the mana red player very often but anyway that’s what we’ll end the video today a little bit of a shorter one but I’m a busy man I got things to do and if you did enjoy the video of course please take a second just click the thumbs up button it really really does help the channel out more than you can imagine I hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world and I will of course see you next time.

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