Magic: The Gathering Arena – Anti-Meta Grixis Chandra – Theros Standard Deck Guide

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Hey guys how’s it going welcome back some other matches gathering arena video my name is big poke 6000 and today we’re gonna be playing some grexit Chandra now I mentioned the other day in my ABS on enchantments video which by the way amazingly fun deck if you haven’t checked out the previous video it’s just called like ABS on calyx and chairman’s go and check it out it’s a probably one of the decks I have enjoyed the most dinner in the last few weeks for sure but anyway today we’re gonna be playing Greek Zeus with Chandra now I’m not playing nickel ball ass dragon god I’m generally not the biggest fan of the card that’s maybe a bit of an overstatement I do think it’s it’s fine but I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s like a hundred percent necessary because I think that a Sheik nightmare Muse gives us another big scary five drop planeswalker and the fact that this card creates two threes against anything aggressive I just think the the blocking of this card is absolutely insane I love it but anyway we’re gonna be playing some Crixus now I love grits as midranges you guys know there’s a little bit more control e we do have some negate some quenches some thought or a just tyrants scored of course very very good and best of one right now lots of things in this two here three or below and I tried to kind of make this a little bit antimatter of course that’s a that’s a claim that gets tossed around a lot but I genuinely think that this might kind of blindside some of the more popular decks because I I kind of tried targeting the three decks that you see the most right now which in my case is blue white control mono red of course and then sort of blue green X typically banned at the moment sorry because the kind of thought well Chandler is a great card to include against this because the minus three is great against iGrow the plus two is incredible and the fact it can’t be countered against blue white and then we have a deck full of not only exile effects on Chandra but also countless spells and answers to help us deal with mid range we can hopefully hit their threats out their hand with order Asia or just counter them or force them to sacrifice etc so we tried to make a little bit antimatter is what I’m trying to say of course we have some great threats that other decks have to deal with like thief of sanity Atrus is a very very fun card if you’ve never seen this it’s just one of the most fun cards to play with in standard right now so we’re including it it can give you some amazing card advantage as well and the bluffing is simply so fun as well that your opponent is forced to enact so yeah let’s go to play a standard event and we’ll see how we do before we get into it of course if you could just take a second to leave a like and comment on the video you guys know how much it helps by now and it is really really important so please just take a second to do that and let’s get going.

Rampage that’s a good strong name you really need you really should have an grass though with your picture as rampage or at least something grouille you know now croc sir I don’t go in for the whole croc Samim I know that you can play like croc sir and lazar I just got him in here more as like an alternate wind Khan in the late game and there’s a lot of a lot of options a little bit of control going up to a Chandra I would love that.

I really would like to see in something like a quench or a thought or Asia not a hundred percent cannot is a mulligan actually now we’ll keep it we’ll keep it parents school gives us some answers if we didn’t have the score and I definitely would have a Mulligan’s but the fact that we have a temple allows us to kind of try to do some hand fixing anyway I have two friends online what oh look at like the one person who isn’t a li that I accepted is just called huge merchant fat this person is a hero new thank you.

Ah I read I’m not gonna shock in that would be pretty dumb I think I mean it’s like it would go neutral if we shocked in to kill the Scorch spitter but I’d rather just keep it open for an axe or steam kin or something along those lines.

Ashi oak is a nice card here though Oh elementals aggro okay I misjudged alright that’s interesting okay that’s very interesting that means that Chandra is yeah I was – that is so strange the first game we play with Chandra in the deck it puts us against the first time I’ve seen elemental I Grove for like six months probably when like the first week of m20 whenever that was it must be longer than six months now like that is so bizarre I saw this game tries to drive you insane at times just so unusual don’t believe that I’m gonna let risen reach sit on the back float away I can’t believe this I’ll hit creeping trailblazer okay so another tyrant scorned that’s actually pretty good I could shock in and kill the reef that does represent a lot of value and then we get a Crocs to drop not horrible let’s do that I’m gonna do it now just before they because this is I know it’s ECB at CTP workers now with a jerk we’re gonna get some nice blockers for against the aggression here so hopefully we had a fill and not actually finding any land since the start of the game which probably means we’re about to draw you know 40 in a row now of course you know Chandra against I still can’t believe this Chandra gets elementals igura is a little bit of a meme accept the fact that her minus X and her plus 2 are still very very good like we lose the board wipe but we’ve still got that incremental damage say they drop another creeping trailblazer that’s a okay with me both lands so even if we don’t get a 5th land here so even though we don’t get a 5th land we are gonna drop a trace if we don’t and that’s probably gonna give us the lands we require anyway yeah I sure could be real good though okay no we don’t all right now actress is very very good for triggering cruxes escape mechanic as the other ones go in your graveyard.

Our opponents minds just melting as they read the curse now I basically have to block overgrowth if they attack with it right because against counters otherwise yeah.

That’s whatever another creature okay cool they won’t gain life if I block it what do what happens if they timeout on Atreus does it just put them all in one pile I’m not sure I mean this is a confusing card to play with if you’ve never seen it before I guess of course a red mana source would be desired give me the red it balls though we’re just getting all ropes I think I’ll choose this one thanks all right so we do hit a fifth line that’s gonna give us our sheykh.

We don’t have to read though I might have been a little bit aspirational but I don’t know we have 13 sources of red in the deck I think that’s fine for two by turn six typically alright so you’re getting omega smoked here when nearly just dead as it is in fact we’re probably just gonna be dead I don’t think there’s there’s no those are weightings – – that’s really bad um can I gain life right now where can I actually survive this have a think I can’t hit Chandra out I can only a shake I can’t do anything else a murderous Rider for life link I’m gonna die just on the attack resolution I can kill both of these but then I just get – toot no I think we’re pretty dead actually well that was unfortunate I mean there’s always a chance that our opponent makes a mistake right I mean there’s also always a chance that our opponent ropes are so hard they lose the game but you know is this like a pure m20 deck that’s so unusual all right maybe they don’t attack I don’t know let’s see I’m pretty sure they just – – and kill us yeah okay cool so yeah unbelievably in that’s the strangest matchup I will say that I’ve ever got on arena the first game we play after putting a Chandra in our deck we come up against rule elemental aggro insane that like that is so bizarre but anyway let’s move on to game – it gets mystic kansai alright I was like hey it’s antimatter in the game was like that’s what do you think that’s a Mulligan I’m not actually we can pretty scrying to a third land then it becomes fairly good let’s do that land that’s an island ash and orator zoria sag right baby I guess your guess work but wait what is going on why is the game putting us against such bizarre decks I don’t know okay all right we’re gonna complain uh-oh we could set up for the devil but why Paul the early you’ve hit in that hand tails like shit what is happening okay well it beats you know when he gets bad every game I guess they put massage.

So I’m not shocking in for the devil here because I’m just gonna go to a shit lots of life gain so this must be like azureus pride mate or something yeah this must be as aureus pride mate likes all the cards I came life alright hey that interest is pretty cool so I can go a she ik does get us rolling pretty nicely though waitress could grab us are sick land for Chandra and the board wipe so I’m gonna do that I think we’re just mind-melting another player who’s never seen a dress before I’ve gotta hope these are lands hey and a croc sir nice so it was pretty tempting to ditch to in the in the bin there to make it easier to escape a croc but we’ll be fine okay there’s pride mate alright so it is gonna get a for she isn’t ideal unless you know they are they block Atrus with the orator and pride mate that would be pretty funny won’t do it you it ah so think I just gave a devil and keep shocked open I would actually more accurately just keep both open I could also bounce pride mates a hand which is kind of kid who do their sink you quench I kind of like that that’s their low manner so quenches very good I just want them to like spend everything on making pride mate as big as possible and then eight mint of round town oh that’s that’s a good guy sorry about that buddy all right okay alrighty.

A thief of sanity very good thing to put on the board after you wipe it it’s so funny how even in like a slightly jankier build pride mate is such a threat like if we didn’t have that bit devil you know obviously we have Ashley I can stuff imagine we’re not playing control like Pride mate yeah there’s no wonder it’s like a budget superstar right it’s just fundamentally so good alright I like you I’m gonna escape croc sir here I think alright here comes the big boy.

Now let’s leave the other car sir pretentious plan okay proliferation is aureus proliferator interesting I mean this is obviously like a slightly newer player but I can’t I can’t pick the people yeah yeah we wouldn’t again from here obviously I can’t pick the people we get matched against and events so unfortunately for that player they just ran into a grexit pile but uh yeah interesting couple of first games like the great cruel elementals just thrown me so much straight like I say it was just the stretching just match I’ve I’ve ever gone alright if it was after like 15 games fine the first game I think it’s football flip the crowd-pleaser sounds pretty good I love having a grass rampage in my opening hand can I describe this successfully to a blue land we do have 14 sources of blue in the deck by 25% gems 26 uh 26 so seems kind of good we’re going oh it’s so good if we hit play yeah why not we got a back-up plan angrist rampage is such a piece over they just Mulligan feels pretty good man hey something about magic being easy that’s double red as well ah the seaters our first shock this aha so we’re gonna get a good I don’t know baby we’re not gonna get agonizing remorse hmm I take paradise druid and just try to manage screw them as hard as I can.

Is there good a agonizing remorseless anyway right could try to mask Ruth all right one on top just want to gets like three or four manner so we’re comfortable maybe I should have ditched me I don’t know our plan is a little bit greedy here I guess but a bit of a wet noodle fight until either I draw a threat that doesn’t get agonizing remorse or uh shit that’s that all right and from Roy comes bad things they’re gonna take Chandra of course yep oh that quenches is actually really Auggie I believe how cheap arrow is to escape it so well yeah I’m gonna mm I’m not gonna quench the agonizing remorse because it’s why I might as well it’s the same thing but I think that’s where we gonna go arrow yeah so obviously fable passage really good for arrow as well do I just okay that crocs is nice I mean hopefully we kind of bat the remorse out there hand.

Problem is they are gonna be able to escape or over then we have angrist rampage which is like a perfect answer so they lose their rampage answer be very surprised if they go straight for arrow here they made you just to get the cast effects Oh Raja this is a messy game yeah I thanks I’m good upset them too much okay yeah with the rampage of the double bouncing hand although of course bouncing euros under six of one rights even the ECB again but that’s what happens when you take away a Bluegreen ex play as Miss oh they just flipped the table gets a little Marny I say elspeth avatars very popular oh we got to go a turn three three four sanity right took the answer it or die card I love it alright.

No thank you I love playing Greek sis I don’t know it’s just so much fun there’s a reason they took this stack to the invitational or similar deck it’s my kind of magic.

Yeah like offline this is very much so the kind of magic that I enjoy that and large piles of enchantments of course do I take this opportunity to scry up or do I try to counter a paradise druids yes I play the Spry might regret out there this is more Bluegreen acts now I want the quench for I can miss are actually so nice cry actually don’t want that against blue very next I think we could put that to the bottom being first with a thief though is a big opportunity like I say it’s kind of auntie meadow like oh we’re wrong it’s John sacrifice okay or at least something Jun D Lucy Lucy and meow okay I mean I I’m gonna play out the for sanity.

Because it kind of stops them tapping the goose unless it’s for like a bit double or something a month yeah I want to hold open quench from here yeah remember rampage is uh rampage is very anti sacrifice because you make them sacrifice the oven which is kind of huge uh okay I just take the oven goes in the graveyard though so I think I take the Juris address now actually we lose the thought erasure but does it actually keep Manor open for anything well it makes us not have to shock for a quench but I kind of prefer it oh shit okay Lilliana dreadful general angrist rampage again amazing answer.

Big fan of our cowboy right now hmm now they can’t pay for that it got actually dropped my do I just quencher to answer it.

They pay they can’t cast another character they’re just gonna pay there is the problem now I think I drop my crock sir yeah how BIG’s a graveyard ass pretty good actually hmm sir tops is obviously a bit of a pain probably apparently not attacking with it all right so they know we’re near the Lilliana yet or they are near the core vault they have to get rid of that open on the fabled passage we just hold open uh quench again oh yeah I forgot I can do that that’s such a mess boy I totally forgot about the reach on that that’s my bad I mean we weren’t gonna get through with the thief again anyway so it’s not a huge loss but we could have blocks the sir tops one turn with it I mean that is that is stupid of me but in reality like I say we weren’t gonna get through with the thief again oh yeah no I’m good Saurus hops is annoying we take those so we can potentially turned around and grass although it’s unlikely we’re just gonna get B into the punch on croc sir here okay yeah these cheap creatures are stopping our rampage from obviously rampage stops dreadful general but they’re not really getting for the mana for that so they dropped Red Hawk general if we do that we just have to be.

So obviously Chandra is really important because Chandra opens up our angrist rampage she kills these two and means that we have to we always hit service ops or Crocs or whatever they have out with rampage.

Still not escaping croc to her and they not like black oh yeah they can’t okay that would do it obviously we can’t exactly attack with croc so they you know stupid cat pings is gonna kill us as well I get an arrest rampage but I can’t for some second artifact now because for some reason food is an artifact they’re gonna oh they are that’s huge.

They oven that that’s massive yep so they can’t bounce back the cow obviously I just died two cat pings like can I just not do anything I guess I do I can’t hi so annoying that foods an artifact I know it has to be because that’s just how the game works and there’s nothing else it really can be but it’s so annoying it’ll be in a creature I guess like a zero one so there’s still not a croc semana but we are just gonna die to this stupid cat thing unless we get like a she Oh could be good I mean maybe I can trick them into returning at this turn and then – wanting it and exiling it but it seems kind of unlikely oh my god oh no cuz they’re done yeah okay it’s on top nevermind me forgot it’s on top oh I guess I just like I lose focus playing against which is um indexed because I find them so boring although they are actually messing up which is slightly hilarious they’ve forgotten about Chandru’s – ability they just needed to wait till their turn I mean obviously I can get top deck by like a bajillion and one things right now but you know I really would like to win the saw I love beating sacrificed acts because like I say they drive me absolutely mad what the father is kind of nice.

So that’s X out ah please just like top deck not Redlands from here that’d be great.

Watch them just like pull a cat off the top.

They’re like full mana for Locke flowing oh that’s a crock sir wait they have to block with the processor there right please.

I mean I’m gonna angrist rampage that I drop a Juris I should shoot drops or a razor sorry there empty-handed so I can make them do it now so they don’t get the block and they reach summon up they can’t so they turn that into food we were very close to lethal so we can discard thought arisia when they comes back end may be sure to kept thief in case they rip up agonizing remorse off the top or something oh yeah should have ready to play thief and earn again I say greedy to play the thief it also gives us I know they had they have food to eat but if they bring back crocks so they get three life so we deal through with crock so we have lethal alright so yeah yeah we’re currently sitting on lethal looks like we got it as if I accidentally click the minus three though all right yeah they can’t block everything out we’ve done it oh you think I did play the thief eh and then they would have took two from Chandra but you know well yeah I’m glad that we finished with a with a more sort of meta match up there obviously we can I see robots that Nessarose all but yeah I lovely I love beating sacrifice X I I openly admit I really hate playing against them because it’s so slow and tedious but more you hate something why don’t we have seven thorough specs what have I been doing yeah the more you just like something when you win you know I’m a petty guy I’m not gonna lie I like every who doesn’t like being petty and there yeah it feels great beating John sacrifice but thankfully our opponent I think slightly messed up with the cat there unless I’m mistaken and one of the advantages of playing stuff that hoo boo one of the advantages of playing stuff that isn’t particularly favored these days is that you really do get that sort of well it’s like it’s some zoo right it’s like element of surprise because if somebody’s not used to playing against Chandra awakened inferno which nobody really is right now because it’s definitely out of favor you really just have an element of the unexpected it’s kind of like to think of like an amateur being dangerous in the sword fight right you’re never really sure what it’s gonna do and if you’re unused to seeing a certain tactic then yeah it’s more likely that things will slip your mind I mean it goes back to the old legendary thing of you know reading the card explains what the card does but we’re all guilty of not doing that sometimes so I think it definitely is a an advantage an advantage that is very sort of unspoken but does have a great effect but are they are they go that’s a nice dopamine hit with the opening at the end there so thank you guys so much watching the video I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world let me know if you’re playing in the comment section down below and of course if you did enjoy the video I’d really appreciate if you take time just click the thumbs up button because that sort of stuff really helps us youtubers out so thank you guys appreciate it have a wicked day and I will of course see you next time.

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