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Hey guys how’s it going welcome back still imagine together in arena video my name’s merchant and today we’re playing something out sir pretty cool actually we’re playing a dragons deck an historic now this is exciting because similar to how the get rogue monster was kind of snuck into the client last patch to be a future reward for the brawl brawler’s guild whatever it’s called but you know we don’t play we don’t pay to play brawl around here so uh they’ve done it again for the for the next brawler’s guild whatever and this time the reward is blade wing the risen now blade rig is originally from scourge here’s an awesome card that is a zombie dragon and when he enters the battlefield you can return target dragon permanent card from your graveyard to the battlefield so of course we’re mmediately gonna jump in feet-first and play some like well it’s mostly red splashing a bit of black dragon weird reanimate a tribal kind of thing so this is what i quickly thrown together it’s got most of the cards that are obviously good with dragons it does allow us to play some pretty cool cards actually that we haven’t played in a while you know have suckin the masterless who’s gonna be protecting us and the more Dragons we have you know we have a suckin fire blood to ramp us up into those big chunky you know five six seven drop dragons we have spit flame which is a really good removal card that we have access to on a recurring basis because we’re playing dragons.

We are TechEd a little bit against field of the dead because field of the dead got unbanned so it is very very good and even though we’re gonna be playing best to one today we do need some answers to it because i expect it to be very popular so we’re running flames sweep that kills zombie knees were killing ritual assert as well killing running ritual assert and we have three ghost quarters to just to blow up their field of the dead hopefully so that’s the plan when it comes to land the rest of deck is fairly explanatory we have some awesome all the dragons in here like laughs ‘less laughs lists finally getting something to be good with because of course bleh doing will double proc laughs ‘less which is awesome a couple of Drac assess who have Skagen Hellkite and demanding as the lower down dragon drops and then I’m running dragon master outcast I’m not gonna lie I’m running this partially just because I love the card so much and I’m really really happy to have it in historic but also I’m running it because of the idea that it buffs up the defensive passive of Sarkin the masked Alice as well as just kind of you know giving us another late-game threat we can’t return it with blade wings sadly but it does play into you know Sark in the masterless as well as dragon’s hoard so we’re gonna be getting lots of card draw from the Dragon Master outcast dragon’s hoard little to card combo in a way anyway let’s go play some ladder we’re down in beautiful bronze is of course I haven’t played ladder in a while but as you’ll quickly come to realize bronze and historic doesn’t mean much yeah this is my next historic deck you guys are gonna like this one but anyway let’s play some magic oh and of course if you do enjoy this video or if you just want to support the channel and you hate the video leave a like consider subscribing.

Leave a comment all that good stuff it really really does help out so thank you guys for being so awesome at doing that cuz it does mean a lot alright players like Connor classed apparently there’s a dragon’s hoard and a Sarkin scorching dragon fire for a bit of an answer as well so happy to be able to play with check lands again feels good best lands in magic okay ass illegible innkeeper I assume they have something on to to work with that because they did shock it him what you got there buddy or humans let’s go where’s my noble hierarch at Thalia beautiful beautiful alright that’s gonna make everything a little bit more pensive but we do have a scorching dragon fire to answer it so less near humans what a time to be alive well we don’t have a dragon fire to answer it okay.

So they now know everything that we’re up to feels monkey ass map where we are drawing into more and more land and chills kids absent humans historic is going places.

Meddling mage gonna name dragons hordes yeah ok I’m not happy that they added meddling mage I don’t like that in the slightest but uh see we get ok that ritual is obviously uh what can only be described just cataclysmic to them so this is literally just a distraction Sarkin a dragon fire nice now they got to not have hand disruption this turn oh yeah I forgot they added the unsanctioned full arts and I’m not really a fan of them to be honest I really don’t like how they sit on the board look at how thick that bottom border is now you know that I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too thick but that is too thick alright well then I hope they don’t have a unbreakable formation or something similar that would be pretty bad but anything to hit my hand would be pretty much game over at this stage oh are you gonna name blade wing off that that’s actually very good for us I mean wow they get they got that map pack on they see my a scorching dragon fire but they don’t see this.

Cheers love your boards gone that doesn’t matter so much at this stage of the game it’s a little bit of a pain in the arse of course but I’ll be mad at Thalia I’m probably I’m just gonna hold open a scorching dragon fire see what they do now we’re not actually throwing in 30 dragons which is kind of weird but um maybe we will Montaigne comes out so this is exiling remember it’s another very very good thing about scorching dragon fire Hey a dragon has entered the battlefield it’s gonna deal 5 on ET beaks they don’t have a creatures of sacrifice and we hold open scorching dragon fire we also have a card draw dragon sword feels this is cool this water deck shout out iconoclast what a fantastic deck seeing humans being made in historic that is really really cool good game breeze beat a ritual of sir day you know what I was making the deck I was like do I play ritual is that overkill no no it’s not we just learned antastic to CR for Kali humans being played though that is really really cool I can’t overstate how old’s and that is well well this hand goes places if we had a third land last time I checked that’s the third land now we might get hand hit here I’m not but still they’ve got a turn to do so oh now sit acet you’re gonna – – that you want to – – that is guess what scorching dragon fire we what why would they not – – that this is some do it for you figure alrighty.

I’m getting big socks down on the board let’s not mess up of course we can’t draw an additional card because the now sits there doesn’t matter we’re just plussing him all right I will gal the Dragons will he’s not lying he will call the Dragons now how do we block them they’re gonna take the two cards if I do this right unless they need the land.

It might desperately need the land Alice’s let’s high roller why not maybe they just take the Drowned catechu alright it doesn’t particularly matter this will land alrighty let’s blade wing those kids now likelihood of them not having a destructive effects pretty low we’re gonna do it anyway yeah let’s I mean I could hastening kiln asset but we’re probably gonna get thoughta razored where they’ll take soccer I think yeah they’ll take Sarkin because there’s not really any point putting a dragon in the bin unless you take blade wing and then I still have Scoggins so he’ll takes Arkin okay the five manner they grab another thought erasure okay as Menace so we can’t block it.

So either kya gonna finish off Sark invol yeah that’s okay I mean look if I get to hastin oh okay well maybe I don’t get a stand hold I have four lands so they might just uh I might hit a sock in the masterless if I draw a fifth land a it’s a very big turn for us although they may be holding a board wipe remember they need like a true board wiping away okay that’s fine yeah they need like a true board wipe because of course ritual assert etc doesn’t hit us I could just pump a bit boring.

Let’s just keep scorching dragon fire open I guess what the Glock on them with laugh less ain’t laugh list is definitely one of the jankier components of the deck but I mean you just can’t play a deck all about massive bloody dragons and not play lifeless can you alright so give me a thought I raised it here I imagine they’ll take Skagen as we are a ways off blade wing but remember if we do get to cast blade wing we can return Skagen now so we may see that Hellkite yet I was going to do this all right well the the very good news here is that laughs ‘less didn’t die which means that they didn’t have a like sorcery speed removal spell so you know we are on once only Thor if they can’t kill laughs less we win the game we win the game all right laughs Lissa’s pumpability just gets us there and that’s that really speaks to the value of having something to dump your manner into I guess all right let’s move on undefeated 100% win rate definitely gonna win the pro so at this only kidding that’s not historic tournaments if there was I might actually care about playing in them all right playing against VN now we do have a nice little bit of removal in hand dragons hordes magnedragon yeah dragons holding 5.5 drop dragons is pretty good to get the cards we do of course need hit land here but 24 in the deck we should be okay our opponent Mulligan’s 2/6 always a welcome sight and pull up mr. Sark and the Masters good card but the wall Walker that time forgot what’s the time when Sarkin was pretty relevant all right now they shocked that in which makes me think quench or maybe just brine borne cutthroat if it is a cutthroat it’s gonna get Dragon fired up the but that’s the PG way of saying that or just gross spiral that’s fine too salty salty mid-range is very very good in historic as the salt Irie animator now we do need to start hitting lands you might just get Magic the Gathering but hopefully not Oh Oh Karla alright oh we’re getting Magic the Gathering so we’re now gonna be massively behind I’m gonna drop a Scoggins you can theoretically get it out later if we miss another land though we lose I’m not playing like three down on salt site before color even okay well that excels our graveyard so that’s a very very natural answer alright Londo was skipping but alright we get Magic the Gathering fill skits not playing in to Kyoto fairy when we’re like four lands down that’s a horrible idea so let’s move on it’s not magic if we don’t get magic to at least once a video good old Lancers to me now that’s a bit of a lower down hand but we do have some good removal in it going up to Sarkin obviously dragon master don’t be fooled by being a wander off we really want that later in the game but I think generally speaking we’re okay.

By Mulligan’s three and four I feel like I get punished say it’s three lands for spells by the way you could do a ratio if I’m Mulligan I’m obviously just gonna draw the six lander hey here we go well I’m pretty glad that I kept a hand with double removal in and a recurring source of removal – that’s very relevant all right so dragon sword welcome addition it’s not only essentially a pseudo land it will be giving us cards as soon as we enter dragons with Sarkin Sark ins passive very very good against merfolk that’s another landfill’s gets we are gonna want to have a scorching dragon fire open here though so I could have ghost caught at their territory that would be like the most hilariously aggressive move in the history of ever but you know so we are gonna scorching dragon fire something this turn in the interest of playing efficiently is we’re gonna be spending our Manor next turn playing dragon sword now yeah that’s what I wanted to see I was hoping that they’d cast something pretty combat so I could hit their missed binder otherwise I was gonna just hit a halt or a lil the river snake actually I guess so that’s a big loss for them also very relevant now this gives us soccent next turn won’t feel sore control we may have to I could actually play dragon master outcast I don’t think they’re gonna have removal for it so we’ll just get on the board in the sake of playing mana efficiently Sarkin next turn we are gonna shock in for it but with the current board state we should be okay in doing that we’re gonna – 3 m to make a dragon which means that when they attack with stuff everything takes 1 damage all of their stuff takes 1 damage they should say which very helpfully means our things die and we have a 4-4-2 block with and well we could split flame first I guess but I’d rather get Sarkar now I think a dragon passive is looking real good that’s the demanding dragon I don’t love having to shock in here but I think it’s the right thing to do okay so we’re two lands away from dragon master outcasts starting to happen we have demanding dragon no matter what next turn all those spit flame may be more proven so they’re gonna put that on an unblockable so they do get their fourth through this turn we don’t spit flame to remove one so we might end up doing that all right they got five through what merfolk on two lands a pretty scary it’s so suck and dead.

That’s Skagen oh now do I actually have to spend on removal here I think I do don’t I so we’re not gonna be using five mana so we’ll draw a card right now oh yeah that’s fun so I’m just gonna hold open spit flame as we do need blockers we may just die to the smoke here but we’ll see to land merfolk is scary because they have double Lords now two or three lines for doomed yeah I thought reader was gonna come out ah yeah okay.

We have to kill that obviously I could get into commits on it now there’s unblockable x’ may be the death of us.

We’ll see they have a pretty good attack regardless really we need to draw obviously we need like spit flame or ritual assert this is why they’re in the deck I’m not that far through to be finding one really okay I think I have to block the dragon master out that’s right.

Unfortunate alright so the reason is they have lethal now just with that yeah I’m fortunately I don’t think that we’re gonna get anything through here and I know I can’t quite hit with the tool and so I can know in there hitting with her old Skagen unfortunately I think is that anything I can get here I mean maybe if they sacrifice something to this even then they do just have oh I guess spit flame back but I can’t cast it ah that’s rough yeah we just need to find a board wipe there but we really didn’t and unfortunate yeah they just take the five of course no point putting that back in our hand as we can’t cast it for a card see what we get there was a land alright so we tighten up blockable just shows the power of unblockable things I mean realistically take that as an edge case because realistically what will normally happen there is we draw a ritual assert or a flame sweep and we win the game but uh yeah it didn’t happen in that instance so you know variance does occur sadly but I know folk is really actually pretty good I think but I think I can’t decide mo folks an interesting wants me I can’t decide if you want to play her Donna’s climb in it or not but I feel like you probably do want at least one or two as I think it is very very good oh look it’s Banksy or Bansky not how I remember Banksy being smoked but you know okay I know it’s on the old drain boys have to listen to the horrendous old rain music all of the music and magic arena is so nice except the L drain music which is terrible I mean if we’re going right the way up there was this aren’t me we’ll keep it from the drawl keep it not hoping against someone aggressive so we can make use that flame sweep that’s a good start ah sideways monkey it’s been a while since I’ve seen that hey that’s a good draw that fixes our devotion issues with tracker sir.

No filled with the dead so far today and a surprised I mean we got our five six seven right or probably our six five seven but you know yeah well we’ll see actually it’s more a read maybe not so they didn’t hit a to drop which you know against mana read that’s it’s a good thing doesn’t make me wonder what’s in the hand that they kept they okay steamy boy comes out now I think I just blame whee yeah so I let that first thing resolved and then flame sweep so steam can dies but the problem is then if they have an instant they can then shock to keep steam cannot alive which isn’t great but I think I’m gonna risk it hopefully they cast like a to drop creature that’ll be perfect alright now I might flame sweep now in case they have a one drop reach cuz then yeah okay sure I basically I just want I just want steam came to die Stephen King dying is very imperative to us living so so now even if they yeah okay that doesn’t save steam King because of the order in which things resolve steam King goes bye-bye.

Yep that’s how that works Steve kin dies they’re gonna sack fire a fanatical firebrand that’s okay yep that’s that’s how a stack resolves yep yep you can hover the stack all you want it doesn’t change the order of it all right so although we’re looking pretty good spit flame nice trough what are you gonna get a lot of usage actually in the coming tons as we get up into what can only be described as the WHA piest of midranges yep it’s gonna play in the interest of pulling stuff all right am I gonna be extravagant and go laughs list first I didn’t feel that threatened by the board but then again we probably should be sensible because it is mono red and not not take a little bit ease so let’s play sensibly I suppose now remember we have the I put the counter on obviously so we have the manner ability yeah burn is the thing we’re gonna have to play to kill them here Wow.

All right well we may just die to burn spells there’s really very little we can do about that.

Essentially we just have to hope that like our opponent hasn’t faced rolled burn I mean I can kill them next turn I do how wait can I come I know I she can’t okay so yeah the likelihood of us starting to burn is actually very high at this point a little bit brain-dead but you know oh yeah no we’re just gonna die okay we are very likely gonna die oh wait can i oh no I can’t kill them right yeah sorry I miscounted counting is hard leave me alone what’s them shock me on my attack or something oh okay what’s he just laughs looks like pulling the win out again absolute unit look at that bronze tier 1 that’s the dizzying heights you come here for yeah I mean mono red burn is you know one of my predictions is when we get like a man kept back mono red is probably gonna have to see bands because that burn repertoire is gonna be insane and then they’re gonna have hazard on an empty hand so yeah my prediction is once we get a band kept back we actually probably get to a stage where mono red starts needing to see a band this is pretty good yes I just keep demanding dragon do I just keep a lifeless and a greedy but it’s done pretty good for us so far but like two three four yeah no let’s keep trying we’ll be sensible I guess big fat a dragon’s hoard in the opening uh opening hand we haven’t actually got to read anything with blade wing yet oh no is this gonna be filled as it finally gonna be fields yes it is all right and we don’t have flames sweep I should have kept the previous hand okay I thought that was another field of the Dead there that was gonna make me quit the game alright so hey there’s a phone asleep okay we guess now do I just start bossing Sarkin I know dragon’s hoard is like theoretically and I think we got dragons hold first right well actually no this pressures them to like deal with Sarkin and I’m gonna drop spit flame we can always just bounce it back if we want see okay that’s good always told me I shall carry ash oh good so the reason I drew is Sarkin is that I obviously I want to get through to a ghost quarter ghost caught a very important for us oh that’s the duplicate film a ruin okay no zombies for you all right again just want to hit ghost corner really doesn’t look like it’s necessarily gonna happen they which is fine so we kind of have to hope they spend a lot of their load at once it’s one a bunch of zombies now we can flame sweet’n off the boards okay that’s that’s fine so they’re grabbing another basic out to trigger field of the dead why we have a swamp that’s why I have one swamp in the day all right.

So it’s not the most efficient like field of the dad I’ve ever seen which is uh mercy at this point that’s pretty good now I’m gonna keep flames sweep I would have obviously I want to play dragon master outcast after I hit a huge flame sweep.

They just yeah they’d probably just do I sorry I’m trying to figure out whether I just hold and take the damage how many cards they’re gonna kiddo no no I’ll get dragon in the air it gives us a card drawer as well so I think it’s worth although I could actually easy to get back spit flames but I didn’t think that’s actually necessary I’d rather have the card draw yeah how’s dingo all that manner.

So I can block a crisis or bait the block on to crisis and then flame sweep Oh not finding the ghost quarters unfortunately I just love that line it’s great uh okay now do I just tank up yet dragon master outcasts get to like a critical zombie state and then lime sweep and because I loo obviously I lose the outcast right but I get dragons at the start of my upkeep so if we survive even like to terms with it it’s pretty good really a post bit flame it’s getting neglected but I just want the card for us all right so not attacking we might see crisis try to punch through to Sarkin I’ll double block it with dragons if they do a Sarkin is pretty good for us it’s getting us through a lot of our deck as kalus gonna grab an extra build of the dead unfortunately as I thoroughly believe that field of the Dead is the strongest argument we will ever see them to utilize the digital nature of arena and errata or nerf that card to be legendary because this card is not okay if it’s not legendary I like this card I think the ability is really cool I think it fixes matter which is broken but it’s fine if you can only have one of them I don’t know I think I think it is the strongest argument we will ever see for them utilizing the fact that arena is a digital client and we need to use that okay I need to kill go low sir so I do pay for this a bit light.

You know hmm.

I think do I wait a block I guess I do all right hey your block spit flame my team sweep we lose track I maybe I should have held on to dragging us outcasts I do for them the deck looser yeah.

Now I actually want a ghost quarter before I do this I was like wait hang on let me just check my okay I do have six with Dragon Sword so I want to ghost quarter before I do this because they will get a zombie out of ghost corner right so okay cuz they get to put a basic land out so they get a zombie that resolves I spit flame a goalless then I flame sweep like this as clean as I can get it should I try to draw through for a blade wing although I’m not actually out of blade wing oh yes I I’m sorry what am I talking about okay yeah let’s try to get through for a play doing I guess well the Drago seth is a huge I just keep track of so I just keep track of Seth don’t I like one of the few things I can match up so like that Chris eye and stuff I gotta hope they don’t have another crisis by the way those you who are uninitiated in historic our opponent is playing what in my opinion is categorically the best historic deck so if you want to see high-level historic our opponents deck is there it’s kind of sad that playing field of the Dead makes at that but it really does they sorry if you hear the audio cutting out I have to check things to make sure the recordings going smoothly and they’ve actually bugged the game right now they’ve broken the audio this doesn’t work so sorry if you hear audio cutting out it’s me checking recording stuff so the crisis 4 6 6 while trying to keep mana open for a row which they do so arrow comes out back the arrows coming out now we do get to draw a card from Dragon Sword because I can plus Sarkin to add manner they unfortunately get another field of the dead you know what I said about that card needing to be legendary all right scorching dragon fire that is one way of getting around things I suppose they are booming how does dragon fire do anything question we have to ask ourselves problem is there are so many zombies there one turn of restock we are all ting Sarkin I can’t imagine that it’s gonna be allowed to happen uh oh no we’re not cuz they’re running the immortal son okay I wondered why we didn’t see her to ferry in here so yeah that makes them able to attack a free with basically everything all right I’m pretty sure that we’re just dead no matter what we do here well maybe not quite so that xr0 am i just dead oh yeah I’m just dead no wait no I’m not all right we’re good miscounted buy one zombie yeah I mean just look at this like you can’t overcome it even the answers pretty the only way that you can get around this is viral and plague I think I think even though they tried to print answers to filter the dead I mean field of the Dead is like and in formats that a higher power level than than historic so it’s really strange that they chose to unban it because it’s not remotely okay yeah we just lose obviously okay let’s see what we draw this hey demanding dragon all right all right so wait guys can I blow myself over trakis earth you I cap okay we got to go out in style don’t okay the glorious combustion to end the game yeah it’s really a truck I’d like doing Aurora I love historic I think historic is awesome I do however also think the decision to unban field of the Dead is absolutely wild given the fact that it’s banned in formats with way higher power level and historic but yeah it’s interesting I don’t know like I say it is III do like the effects of the card I think it’s sweet I just think it needs to be legendary and then I think that card is basically perfect but yeah it’s it’s an interesting clash of magic play as being very very uncomfortable with the idea of adjusting a card essentially because of paper ethos kind of dragging Arena down a bit but anyway thank you guys so much for watching spin absolute pleasure appreciate you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world and yeah take it easy and I will of course see you next time you.

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