Magic: The Gathering Arena – Emry Artifact Aggro – Theros Standard Deck Guide

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Hello everyone how’s it going hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world today we’re gonna be playing some affinity aggro now what is affinity well it’s an old mechanic to do with artifacts and whatnot but we’re just using the term to mean we play an artifact so before we get into it of course you could take a second just click like leave a comment saying something nice in the conversation down below it really helps out with all the engagement stuff and it helps more people see my videos which obviously is super important as this is my job but anyway we’re playing some artifact agro now you might remember that I played this before with the mega puppet the mega puppet is indeed a mighty mighty being but we got one card in particular that made me want to revisit this this deck in throws and that card is shallow spear now shadow spear it ticks all the boxes right it’s a one cost artifact so immediately great works with a bunch of stuff that we’re using you know works with all that glitters works with Ford Taurus with Emory but then it has this really really useful actual text on it so a crypt creature gets one one has trample and life links so immediately we put this on whatever has all that glitters and it turns it into a monster if you turn this anything with all that glitters in a shadow sphere it’s a huge huge threat on the board but it’s actually just a good threat on anything trample is great when we’re using cards like steel overseer and we’re gonna be adding a lot of counters to all of our artifacts giving them trample lifelink means that anything can become a huge threat so that’s really really great steel overseer is something that I want to play a little bit more around than we did previously so I’m playing corridor monitor this cute little lantern key dude is pretty keen actually but anyway we’ll play corridor monitor it gives us a little bit of wiggle room against mana red because it is a to matter 1/4 so it’s a very good blocker but also it untapped artifact all creature that we control now typically we’re going to be casting this to untap a steel over why I say typically best-case scenario we’re gonna be casting it to untap a steel overseer that we just tapped or double counter goodness now the rest of the deck is fairly familiar we’ve got absolute huapi boys like stone coil serpents mystic forged for us pulling things off the top I am running arcanists owl this time I cut oh this is a test of my memory what does that card called it’s the one one vigilant flyer where it gets +1 +1 if you have an artifact and again if you have an enchantment its uh shine chaser I was thinking good chaser I was close but I cut shine chaser I’m putting in Arcanist owl to help us you know maybe grab that corridor monitor grab that still overseer grab a forge to restock if the game gets stalled outs and we’re running emery as well Emrys kind of cute we can caster hopefully for one manner and we’re gonna be hopefully tapping we can also use corridor monitor with this we’re gonna hopefully be tapping to recast to still oversee a recast two shadows be recast a threat whatever so yeah that’s the deck let’s go see if we can smoke some people will play it in a standard event I think and we’ll see how we do all right so heading into our first game you know it might seem foolish of me but by the way last few let me know what you’ve been playing it let me know you’ve been seeing a lot actually because I’m really interested to hear what you’ve been seeing a lot in like you’re ranked keys and stuff because for me I played against like ant and salt I like relentlessly like so much mana red and blue white have like disappeared for me I just play against blue green axe all the time right now Timur adventures is pretty popular to the tuber event is actually a really cool deck yeah I think I’m actually gonna keep this we don’t have blue but we just have like a lot of aggro so you know what they say big Ponk I say that oh this actually gonna be multi nights I guess so just playing a blocker down there surprisingly I’m not gonna cast a zero man a stone-cold serpent not the best card in the world okay he would add scribe or thank you so we do have manner for equipping ash you know we don’t matter for equipping chatter sphere and all that glitters but we do one or the other hopefully a little bit wonky manner coming out for our opponent here only one source of white midnight Reaper that would be careful than saying that and I’m Australian accent well stone cold serpent is actually just looking pretty good here do I just go for a three three serpents.

Mayhaps I do and then enchant it yeah because I think we go 3-3 serpent next turn land glitters shadow spear lifelink trample at a bank you know alright so one coyly boy goes onto the boards attacks unsurprisingly now stone coil can trade with order of midnight Oh super keen on that way now that is protection from multicolored there will be multicolored cards like what’s that night storm fish Crusader its that night yours that a warrior or I can’t remember but there’s not on the board at the moment was my original point Oh declaring for black ice you oh no sorry that’s not I’m thinking of a or aldrick banner that de close for colors I kind of ancestry too close for a creature type okay they’re just going with the 3/3 flyer not gonna block it so we have far more important things to do okay so this actually looking like a pretty whopper turn for us now in case you build this deck a little bit differently remember protection means your own multicolored stuff as well so let’s be careful with that all right so that’s a life linker which is why you know we can be very liberal with our application of blockers they may choose to block with something to try and draw a card with midnight Reaper although they did 22 for me bills gets in fact we have a 5/5 stone called serpent in hand is pretty chefs kiss as well I really do enjoy any deck where you get to play stone cold serpent because it’s actually a really powerful card like it’s very very good I know it doesn’t fit into any like better deck right now but it’s it’s legitimately a very very good card anything with protection from multicolored and a three color metal like we have at the moment is it’s pretty good and trample and reach reaches like the bonus point right does it mean side just decks crisis let’s be real decking crisis is a fun thing to do okay idea what I don’t want to make my stone coil weaker so I’m just gonna do the safe block of course if inquisitive puppy if I turn it into the human that goes to eight eight no all right we’ll deal as an Emery now I think I do actually go all for then I can Emery and cast the other one as a 5/5 slightly weaker this turn a little bit better in the long run all right so we do still have shadow spin that’s the life linka obviously ripping uh all that glitters off the top would pretty much be the best thing that we could do now do they attack they do interesting okay so both going on to order of midnight okay ginger brew say all right now that’s not enough lock sewing goggle can be useful in the late game with his ability but alas not so much here I think I actually do need a life link so I’m not sure I can go for my stone cold serpent plan I could just recast an inquisitive puppet I quite like that so we get the ECB racast it’s ETB so do that.

Now obviously an alchemist al would be pretty nice.

Uh-oh actually I should have activated that before I whoops I just like missed one damage but I should have activated that before I attacked or just keep it as a trump blocker they so they I assume they block actually maybe they don’t block if they don’t we did go empty-handed okay they do block that’s good alright now we do a five mana which means we can make ginger brew unblockable and we can activate locked winged gargoyle to become a two-three flier so there’s both things to remember when your opponent’s getting low on life you have to I kind of hope they don’t have another motor Strider although if they do a memory is just like so good like this card seized playing eternal formats obviously where you have increase your artifacts to cast from your graveyard but every is very very good we can use it to keep recurring stone core serpents and that is a very very powerful thing indeed because when we’re casting them for max mana his ex coast cards are so good you know the ability to recur a 5/5 it basically says to the blight look you can spend your removal and take away emery and my stone coil stays on the board or you can take away my stone coil the threat disappears but I’m gonna recast it with emery say she’s like an amazing insurance policy against single target removal really really good big fan of that moist woman generally a fan really so we get Don load by order of midnight now they are up at a5 manner so they do have accessed some scary boys so that’s a warrior not a knight I always think it is the night because of the armor but it’s not oh that calm oh wow they’re just getting all out well I can’t block say that’s fine ah oh my god the top deck though bad top deck is what they refer to as xbox huge oops.

So I’d eat a memory it cast a gingerbread and then we can actually make both of these gingerbreads unblockable wait does anything here have haste Oh dreadful butcher does yeah oh and Fuhrman champion shat although it does take away blockers I guess and if they lose that but sure I’m kind of fine with that yeah whatever maybe they wouldn’t realize they wilt but it takes away toughness for blocking stone cold serpents so it’s kind of a distraction ninja brute carnufex oh there max blocking hey and that’s a lot of damage where they’re gonna take hang on sorry finally hitting puberty my voice just Christ uh hang on they’re gonna die sir midnight race huh I’m pretty sure other they just died to me no they died some midnight Reaper all right well that’s the downside of midnight Reaper I guess don’t hit me bro that’s got protection they can’t even ping it with butcher good night sweet prince that was a really cool game against Knights I grow they’re actually really really fun practice nights I agree I mentioned they were kind of waiting for their ember cliff but the stone coil kind of wood answered it honestly and like I say you just saw like the power of Emory recurring those stone cold serpents they’re just meant that target removal is just like a shrug to us because they either needed to to hit Emory and then the serpent or they needed to just have a bajillion to hit the record serpent so all in all pretty nice little lesson between those cards feels good alright playas Duany the way in deny something alright.

Uh still overseer ginger brute serpents yeah okay first no we’re not getting first sorry if I was game first reading his hands.

Oh we’re in a weenie er you know we can actually do pretty nicely against white weenies because they might lack things to interact with us and thankfully the best thing that we can have against white weenies is an overseer start because if we start with steel overseer and they can’t answer it it goes out of control like if we hit a corridor monitor that would be beautiful Oh old school nice.

Lauren in force a very frustrating card they can actually use it to tap my still overseer which is a bit annoying well we can’t just happen in response so it’s not so much of a problem it’s more a problem if you want to attack with something two or greater don’t banishing like my overseer bro okay oh this is full-on weenies we can seal locks it on here hey all right well what can you say really I mean we could just get like super smoked air but we’re gonna maybe serpent is the more sensible play I mean it is the more sensible play going for the sensible play what have I become Safari but not quite as Safari thankfully oh shit okay well we’re gonna take a bit of a bonk on the noggin here I’m afraid just gonna block there my kingdom for a shadow spear okay maybe not now I’m actually gonna go Arcanist owl here it’s a good blocker we can use it to potentially grab a shadow sphere or you just use it to grab another owl that’s fine too all right this I always forget that Arcanist owl is a artifact because it doesn’t look like one but then you look in it’s actually like silver and like crystal and stuff honey cool.

I shouldn’t recognize the artist named Ronnie come Megan a or menos interesting so they hit castle Arden Vail that’s gonna create more creatures throughout the course of the game I think I’m a might go for steel overseer next turn yeah I can always tap in response Oh me so we start to get things nice and big so hopefully they’re gonna find it a little bit rough for tucking into us oh that’s relevant to my interests overseer gamers rise up now his do I play a 1 1 stone coil serpent just because it’s gonna get bigger or do I start attacking them with ginger brew now let’s just do this the one one the mighty one one because we’re playing just max efficiency I think I could attack with the ginger brute there it is.

Ap we’re not talking about Adrian Peterson okay that works they can actually get an attack through I mean I have reached on stone-cold serpents and there’s nothing that they can hang on I’m not missing anything here right when I’m actually gonna know we’re healers I think I was.

And if I think that that might have been a little bit of front like a frustration attacking away hey Lamar assemble the Voltron I was associate lethal oh yeah it is just with these two right okay we good I was like wait am I just like actually done myself I am NOT okay so that’s what happens if you draw a triple steel overseer yeah.

Also the owl’s chaining into each other there was a pretty good showing I think I love this section a spear made it like so much better Azure we haven’t got mystic 4 I don’t know if mystic Forge actually fits I just like the card so much.

It’s like experimental frenzy but artifact tanks everything is Yammer very good opening hand okay partner or howdy okay let’s get us crayon why not you guys know I like a bit of a scry I like to curl up into a ball and just scry wildly oh I know that’s Christ sorry all right double ginger root next time I think or ginger brew or still over ice you know it’s bad to go still over there first of course Joplin loosey-goosey now so-called serpent if we’re playing against Bluegreen ex it could be anything right now we don’t know but if we’re playing against Bluegreen axe stoical serpent is amazing because it has protection from lots of stuff not least of all hydroid crisis those jund could be sacrificed obviously that’s unfortunate yeah that’s very unfortunate sacrifices attack that I’m less confident playing this against because the amount of answers it has we can still get it with like you know all that glitters stone coil it’s not impossible.

All right.

I would love to see the stone-cold serpent at five five so it goes over the bone crusher Giants will see oh here we go.

I mean really we’re gonna need to hit like an owl or or a glitters glitters obviously would be great that’s the land sorry I’m gonna go for four here because we’re gonna need to draw into something anyway.

So they’re gonna declare a bloc obvious in than a Sackett those are big stompy boy you know trample on that serpent it’s a good answer to the cat block just need to hit glitters forger or an owl any of those who’d be kids or an overseer we got answers comments-section you know I love you guys if you know what to type right now.

A little three-letter phrase or there’s a long version of it too you go ahead and you stick that in the comment section down below something about this game and its difficulty level all right come on serpent I believe let’s go we’re just being absolutely ginger Bruce all as well no blocks for you.

I give me a shadow spear we got that lifelink.

Whoa any life against sac Dex feels good all right if they’re not shocking in which means we got them rumbled I’m sure that they are holding something that’s at least four plus another often okay Regan I love that you can eat the ginger brew it’s pretty fine all right.

They gotta throw his stuff in front of the serpent right when we start getting those counters on those ginger brutes though Oh it’ll be the gumdrop buttons that’s gonna be it so here comes the sack so gonna sack record and Familia eat of food reserve to Manor open so they do survive.

Are you okay they’re gonna obviously they’re gonna found certain anything food.

Okay mr. rebounce i thought they would just eat the food they made with a cap and then generate and then bounce back looking a little bit unhealthy their weight Oh actually they would then they would’ve eaten if I’d played that first so it wouldn’t have been lethal anyway it would have changed how they played but it wouldn’t have been lethal that’s kind of negating your life game there I mean yeah you get the jacquard roars I guess we have one banner open so say if Nexus of fate was a ten out of ten boring to play against this is at least a seven I’m so tempted to just try to kill him a ginger Bruce they can only eat one food there we go all right we get it Oh anyway anyway anyway anyway week we got there in the end.

Briand oh don’t get me wrong I’m sure it wouldn’t always be this smooth but we had some really good games I think we actually got to see a lot of aspects in the deck showcase which was awesome I’m a big fan of this deck I think it’s so fun if you’re looking for like a kind of off-kilter.

Like tier 2 style aggro deck to play I think it’s a really great one and the best thing is it’s not actually like that expensive there’s a lot of Commons and uncommons in here you you don’t need the forges you know you just run more like quench and corridor monitors if you don’t have a if you don’t have the rez to spare but yeah I just speak fan of this so if you enjoyed the video I’d really appreciate we just take a sec click the thumbs up button it doesn’t spy me with notifications or anything but if you do want notifications when I post videos go ahead and click the bell when you subscribe but thank you guys so much for watching I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world as always thank you all so much for all the kind words in the conversation now below it really does mean a lot and yeah hope you enjoyed the video guys I’ll see you in the next one take it easy take care and I’ll see you then.


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