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Bant Snow decks make me sad (in pants). 😢 But Daddy’s new deck makes me happy (in pants). 😀 Let’s embark on this MAGICAL journey to CRUSH the MODERN METAGAME!


  • 2 Gaddock Teeg.
  • 4 Aether Vial.
  • 3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.
  • 4 Path to Exile.
  • 4 Giver of Runes.
  • 4 Noble Hierarch.
  • 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege.
  • 4 Knight of Autumn.
  • 4 Voice of Resurgence.
  • 4 Bronzehide Lion.
  • 4 Windswept Heath.
  • 4 Temple Garden.
  • 1 Stirring Wildwood.
  • 4 Razorverge Thicket.
  • 2 Plains.
  • 4 Horizon Canopy.
  • 1 Forest.
  • 2 Aven Mindcensor.
  • 1 Spirit of the Labyrinth.


  • 2 Scavenging Ooze.
  • 3 Collector Ouphe.
  • 2 Dromoka’s Command.
  • 3 Shapers’ Sanctuary.
  • 2 Auriok Champion.
  • 2 Dryad Militant.
  • 1 Gaddock Teeg.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

The modern meadow game is perfect and better than ever get pranked look how terrible this is snow decks are the worst thing that happened since chlamydia look at this master lei forty-one percent and if you’re asking how do snow decks win that is a great question they stall the game with counter cards lock you down with big planeswalkers and on turn 30 or so the opponent concedes out of boredom they have one batter skull two rows and if they can’t win that way it’s time to swing in with the one ones talk about suffering the only thing good I can say about this deck is that it really makes me want to main deck gatok tea and that brings us to daddy’s new creation with main deck addict Teague addict be spanking them snow decks hard along with many other modern decks but how do we justify gatok in the main that is with Wilt Lee please it buffs are green features by one of us are white features by one and if our creatures both white and green it gets plus two plus two it is very good and if our opponent happens to discard it it comes out onto the battlefield with the lishao gatok becomes a 4/4 as does voiceover servants very good against counter decks and then we have knight of autism it can make itself a thick boy any life or destroy artifact or enchantment very good use against batter skull then we have bronze head lion it can give us elf indestructible or give another creature indestructible and because we have so many creatures that cost two in our deck we be running a four-mile which also happens to free up our mana for the Brawn tide as for our other creatures we have Talia hurts long creature decks and spirit of the labyrinth very good against card wrong decks and we have Aven very good against three color fetching decks like snow and it works really well with path to exile as for our weeny creatures we have giver to protect our creatures and Noble for mana ramp lastly we have stirring Wildwood because it is both green and white it works really well with the leaves but now on the sideboard we have heard blockade targeting Hey artifact hey graveyard hey more graveyard hey preacher hey and of course a third Gallic tea I certainly hope the mana mana games cheeks are ready to be spread because we become and be sure to subscribe if you looking forward to the cheeks spreading bow without further ado here’s a gameplay and I hope you enjoy opening hand is terrible will mold making a terrible but will keep earning a giver on plays valleca I was time to start swinging swing for one wild wood giver and it’s back to our opponent plays annulus yes that very nice because we have a knight of autism hooray for autism amulet and I don’t think we need protect and swing for to know um has another amulet and they pass back please that needs a land hooray here comes the will and now big swing clunk of the nine next time we have lethal unless they play something here.

Oh summoners pact we’re having thick Dryad they can make for man of this turn but after all that they pass back la one of the land times die and I make the Wildwood and what they can see it already we didn’t even get to play the path oh well going in the game to they probably don’t house keeps his word get rid of Galax and put in this and what that was gonna game to opening hand be dummy thick Wilkie well mobile and start with the vial on please valleca land playing bronze height and passing back which is the Easter I add into growth chamber interesting island noble oh my gosh this is so nice why mine sensor and then pack to exile Oh what they didn’t get a land from that oh how wonderful singer for a lot eight forest hermit I thought I was the only one that played that card okay cool and play it swing for three in the air like ever and hope we don’t die to squirrels yeah aether Gus but on top of our library and they swing with the squirrels the problem with aether Gus is that we can do this draw Lyle and block and want summers packed let the mind sensor okay.

They find nothing what can’t be meddling for three in the air and then back to our opponent pay the for four summers pact and maybe swing with the squirrels okay draw and then blocks like this give protection here they another chamber and that’s back to us I want gone on another canopy whatever swing like this and there’s a concede okay aside from the three canopies that’s about as good as it can get it so now it’s on to the next match opening hand is terrible mole uh whatever fine start with no wool oh my gosh this is it burning inquiry makes both players draw three cars and discard 3 cards at random if we discard the wilt leave it comes in the ply please please discard that one yes yes we did it how wonderful this is play a noble swing for a six on turn two oh my got another one we have a chance for another one please oh my gosh this is amazing our opponent is helping us win anyone who said magic wasn’t a team effort was wrong see look they helped us by conceding I was so excited I forgot to pay attention what contact they were so I’ll know how to side for here I’m just gonna do this and what that let’s go to Game two opening hand four lands we just gotta hope for another burning inquiry will keep hopeful it happened three times in a row no that’s lame bull ennoble Playa they play case hapten bull go after vials or compact for opponent they do have a Phoenix engraver they’re probably hollow one on place storm herald okay but they have no auras and graveyard another land alright not of autism gain for and back to opponent o lesbians they discard to in draw two so far the only thing graveyard is a Phoenix oh there’s all the one which means Phoenix comes back they swing with both no blocks oh my god these lands are killing us whatever play the lead doctor or opponent on cycle Street rate and Goblin more and plays another hollow one things like that block please no more lands oh my god you sing this long draw on cycles again and apana signs with everyone okay violin news eat some stuff and blocks like this hooray it’s time to go on the offensive swing and the knee they take 12 and Mosel violin voice on plays auch so they draw three from that but too bad they concede I gotta say I was just a point that we had to hard cast the wolf this game but oh well it’s on to the next match opening hand is really bad we’re gonna mold yeah yeah this is pretty good will keeps our while all on his thoughts ease and they thought a fire no Bowl but hey it’s Thalia Thalia act to them do young need ever and another Thalia line pass back Renan sex I get back a land but then it’s back to a Foley’s pretty good but then pass back what disease Liliana oh please please upload Jana Omega sacrifice a creature on land back in hand please swing darn it I own the night and miles will put vile on for now swing it Renan six blocks from them so please share will run six and thalia back troponin Oh a pompous Crocs ax and another tarmogoyf these problem or thicket rock-hard oh oh the pole of the century this is most good swing at them walks like that sure please hooray our pond concedes no one in the game till is bringing all this stuff for this stuff what the hell’s going to oh we’re gonna be even if they discard us we have so many good cards.

Oh no discard oh no the leash things are going so well and what’s still nothing Oh everything’s going so amazingly sanctuary back to them I’ll plays running sick so if they want to ping our dues we draw card back in our Thalia nice Louie Thalia hey kiddies run a six on which is fine yeah maybe I shoulda waited one more turn for the leaves but it’s hard to think straight with all the excitement Lana okay lands actually pretty good draw here who’s easily uh they both use sir and what do you know we draw another Thalia touch goodness played the leaves oh and there’s the maps okay I had a lot of fun with that one it just could not have been more perfect but now it’s on to the next match opening hand is all right we’ll keep oh it’s snow and nice a vial is no force of negation dang so much for a vial I’m plays another Escalade but then they tap out all right pull mine sincerly Thalian pass back ooh a nice al and that means you can sense her swing for two please fire the run he should teks in good sense for looking my too thick oh this pass back wait are they going for it go please go Oh Oh put the clay Sun poured so my answer what they still found batter scolding the top four cars of the library as racist Oh whatever noble ring Italia and play the Teague on a passes back I’ll land attempt the lead it hits and it was ice things in the way we’ll have to pass back and was this path to exile ok and another one plays under ice bang and passes back who night of autism yes that is very good guns batter skull so here’s what we’ll do we’ll and brawn side and pass back oh my gosh another one this stupid nice a leash attempt the leash line with the lion walks like that sure indestructible it lose the ice Fang and they play the batter skull oh my gosh there’s another one I’ll walk as a fourth one because why not take four here we draw a noble ok play the noble and then draw another noble unfortunately we try and kill the bounce it back to hand for three mana and if he attacks his block I played the noble pass back on it passes back oh goody a land that’s bucked or opponent hit a land of swings do they have the big downs we block I guess they just wanted the life game the frame verdict that’s cool ok fetch land deep-lying alive the only comfort I take here is a strong batter skull okay swing for three on passes back with me I feel the ruin and horizon canopy draw OH okay let’s force it out of them oh goody is snap caster there goes wrong side let’s see that feel the ruin blame I’ll play LAN pass back Oh Jay I don’t want to be a downer but I think snow Dex might be worse than chlamydia oh look it’s a fairy everyone’s favorite planeswalker that least is so much interaction oh look they bounced the astrolabe to draw two cards that’s fair to apply is another mystic you know I’m just gonna see here I can’t take it anymore.

Oh good okay it’s time for gatok number three and what that lets go to game two opening hands pretty good actually silky out of the vial.

Flyboys hand palm placed on forge ok violin noble & cooley pulled a back swing for three yeah Beck Knowlton and pass by all but as at the very least he doesn’t go to graveyard mana flashes in batter skull we violin lion and my as well swing for for a chump sure plays ro and then violin whose teeth there ro and now we dummy thick swing oh and they block like that I guess that means they have supreme verdict okay keep this alive eat the graveyard and surprise another voice thanks for the thick boys all hoping for creature here oh well swing for nine while back to them oh it’s a fairy house one of our tokens a play asteroid but when the magic guys thank you against all odds good triumphs over evil for Game two but now there’s Game three well about the past or two more bronze hides it’s super tempting we put in the herbs as well but a third vial is very good against counter so know who so what that was good aim three opening hand no lands mole and I suppose as will do Oh walk is astrolabe we’ll give her nice passes back to us happy play Thalia a path or giver ok another astrolabe leaves no land please no land I’m not too good for us here’s a little do swing for two and so tap that we gotta play my ascensor and Milton if they eventually get bored wipe we’re kind of in trouble though maybe since they played Pappy don’t have supreme verdict on top and we pull voice all right Garden and tap attempt boys snap caster so we lose Thalia I think we got to be aggressive here swing of the bow and unfortunately night of autism really risky move here close batter’s go yeah I knew that.

Okay draw giver draw lease one for two in the air play give her and pass back on swings before we’ll take it this turn then they play arrow and the stone Forge but thank the magic gods they with who and who’s this is a tricky one here I really want to eat arrow at two cards in hand I did Belize a little smarter here let’s go night even I like Chomper turn the hand oh wow they’re double blocking who is super suspicious here you know we could save with the giver but that’s what they want us to do right this is a trap okay we’ll let it die oh they’re really close to arrow here isn’t even one more card in graveyard I sang a fairy you have give her to protect though who will have to bounce the giver here yup play Lance he cards in hand hole lands so whose eToro Sun Forge ever see if they want to stray here yeah they do they have supreme verdict a bit or not okay Landon tap another ice Fang LAN but there’s still mine sensor there yeah Jason they bounced the token pretty close to lethal but two at Jace’s at them and they say no blocks alright mega eat land back to them you gotta play really quickly here we have a minute 58 seconds left they done it in 38 seconds left a swing do they have it supreme verdict.

Cryptic command play lion eat cryptic a fuse ounce the leash and equip the ice thing that makes sense and we basically win there at 4 seconds these are actually gatok furs leash I got the lion and in the end I guess we got it they ran out of time I just want to cry Vance snow as awful as this makes you sad it’s like first the coronavirus and then I play magic to make me happy but then I just play this stuff and I just no but I mean I think we would have gotten it there we would have blocked like back in protection kind of all she was Gifford to make him blockable it’s a really close one oh and I kinda forgot we had got a cow which means it couldn’t bounce the batter’s holding hands which means they couldn’t replay it which means akin supreme verdict oh it all makes sense now.

So we did better than I thought okay that makes me feel better but now we’re four Oh which means we’re going for the 500 in the final so hopefully we get there this is it big boys the final match is this a game winning hand it’s pretty trapped just like all of our opening hands have been I’ll keep it oh it’s red please no land no way okay good everything’s so much harder when you know so much on the line I promise wings big no block oh and it’s mono red is actually pretty tough matchup for us bedlam in mana more foes in the Exile now let’s play foul uh-oh and pause passing back oh how fabulously noble swing for three and play bronze hide oh no they have a second land now okay I got to play things safe here swing for four long night of autism and make it a four three back for Conan.

Oh no we’re slanting on give her a room that is an Oh stinky no no passes back spent the night I take five but on the end set they love a dart that is unfortunate doesn’t they lava spike’ and light up the stage all that are in SOL scar mage ha they swing what losers let’s force on these lava tart oh but they concede hooray no one in the game – we’re bringing all this stuff and dumping this stuff and with that let’s go to game – opening hands it’s actually pretty good will keep you shoulda brought in scavenge Muse though perhaps I made an oopsie and nothing kinda already takes care that Oh gonna please shrine I can take that out but basically it’s count as I return until eventually busting a fat nut on our face oh good okay bronze hide because the sole scar made gel and destructible doesn’t work on a mana more fuzz is now more fuzz is again and use worse lightning I’m the lion and finishes it off of lava dirt and was Milton I love it art for them and unfortunately take five here and this be a bit tricky but it’s violin Noble but a counter auth Ally that’s pretty good lettuce time didn’t I have autism.

Goodbye shrine and then swim for three Oh a monastery and maybe swing in with both okay no blocks I take out the Dryad and we go to seven landmine alia swinging four three him back to our opponent all and it just keeps coming locked there and there they don’t do anything well half I was unexpected but another monastery oh and look at that way the will hand swing first seven he takes seven down the six we’re so close to the five oh and a reveler they drew three this is tough I suppose we need to be aggressive here we’re in such a bad situation whatever swing with all of them I think we lose here yes and good they’re at one can they do seven to us as turn they light up the stage just member and Bonecrusher yep that will do it we’re going to Game three.

This time we’re bringing these and with that let’s go to Game three so much on the line aether vial yep we’ll keep on a place ol scar let’s go ahead and play champion that buys us some time swings a little looser Oh damage can be prevented this turn oh this is really not good now draw oh my gosh this is ridiculous I play the bone crusher he’s gonna attack okay full sanctuary and then pass back on his monastery and a mana MorphOS and I braid on the bile so was the vial in the night but gain life that’s a tough one yeah yes so it’s gonna hurt I was path you gotta told they light up the stage lightning bolt and crashed through full voice might as well draw card I have autism maka play voice and pass back crash phwew they gain trample maybe she lost spirit labyrinth in but with lava darts kind of man what’s this they killed the boys and in lava dart the autism already eights and they’ll Ovid our token and the revelers oh we go to – well my autism go to six passed back monastery and double bull we had a good run I suppose we should look on the bright side every time we 500 daddy has to make a new account so wizards isn’t banned me a second time and we only lost three games over five matches that’s pretty good but we were so close and the thing is pretty much no mana red decks running Bonecrusher giant and spear the labyrinth is super unfortunate a lava tower takes it out so easily on top of shutting off our own sanctuary I don’t know maybe I should have brought her mochas command but I’m not gonna lie I was a pretty epic run looking back on the band snow match it was pretty satisfying looking back it’s like taking a fat dump when you’re in the moment it’s like this is horrible then you look at it in the toilet and it’s like I’m such a big boy and also gatah it wasn’t doing much in those matches but in the practice matches it was doing a ton against Ron Clark a company whereas it was doing work.

Than that that’s about it I would love to hear it my big boys thought of the deck and if we do this equal what cards would be changed and as always I hope you have a great day.

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