Magic: The Gathering Arena Modern – Living Land Destruction Fakeout! – Deck Guide and Gameplay!

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Justice! Our Living End Fakeout deck has been farted on for too long! Now that graveyard decks and graveyard hate are in decline across the Modern metagame, it’s time to SPANK! How will our deck fare against the current Theros Beyond Death Modern metagame? Let’s find out!


  • 4 – Fulminator Mage.
  • 2 – Blood Moon.
  • 3 – Living End.
  • 4 – Blackcleave Cliffs.
  • 4 – Verdant Catacombs.
  • 1 – Swamp.
  • 4 – Street Wraith.
  • 4 – Demonic Dread.
  • 4 – Desert Cerodon.
  • 1 – Stomping Ground.
  • 1 – Gemstone Caverns.
  • 3 – Horror of the Broken Lands.
  • 4 – Monstrous Carabid.
  • 1 – Overgrown Tomb.
  • 1 – Prismatic Vista.
  • 1 – Mountain.
  • 4 – Simian Spirit Guide.
  • 1 – Forest.
  • 2 – Bloodstained Mire.
  • 4 – Bloodbraid Elf.
  • 4 – Violent Outburst.
  • 1 – Blood Crypt.
  • 2 – Wooded Foothills.


  • 4 – Crashing Footfalls.
  • 1 – Ashiok, Dream Render.
  • 3 – Ingot Chewer.
  • 4 – Ricochet Trap.
  • 1 – Faerie Macabre.
  • 2 – Anger of the Gods.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Daddy’s living in pickup that never got the Justice it deserved when Monde horizons debuted the number of a reduction vidiian was an all-time high and reanimating both players graters is not so great when your opponent gets back hoga so make matters even worse main-deck wavered heat was everywhere but times have changed and all those giver decks are now with Jesus nowadays the modern Madigan is filled with decks that depend on their lands which is why we be running two blood moons and four fulminate errs so you can sacrifice fulminate err to search how to non-basic land and then cascade into living end and bring back full mater sacrifice it again and then our poets gonna be like whoa where are my lambs as for the rest of deck it’s exactly as you’d expect we cycle creatures in the graveyard and then bring them back with living in but the real fun starts in game two when we get rid of our living ends for crashing football so the idea is our planet bringing greater heat for game 2 only to discover that we don’t need our graveyard now as for the rest of the sideboard we have minor graveyard hate creature hey blue counter hey and some artifact Hagee that is the deck now it’s time for the gameplay you sure to subscribe if you wanna see more content like this without further ado here’s a gameplay and I hope you enjoy it opening ham not a lot of gas but we’ll try it a lot Caesars uh-oh at a recycle mouth it takes a man oh boy we pull some in bona fides are confidant also the fire off now a nice full manator we shall play it fire is waiting for a good a sex can they come back from this I thought hey it’s harm away Oh No just when we thought we’re about to win perhaps I guess us have to go to Monica Red Angus oh I can’t block men deal lethal and what’s this game to already okay going in the game to stump this suffer this stuff what that was good game too oh boy is pretty bad so mole and yeah this will do Inquisition but which one will they take violent outburst okay dr. Coleman Oh Graf took his cage they certainly came prepared like this pass back and another acquisition there goes our blood moon ooh scavenging news and that will not help them much solo blood buried pass back I’m pleased running six or turning the land asses back my little cycle all-nighter hot soapy with Brian six out and nice violent outbursts upon each one of our dude said not in the kinky way Oh collective brutality too bad cuz a violent outbursts now we got them rhinos upon passes that perhaps they’ve accepted their fate because now we have two more rhinos and the blood braid into demonic dread and to football time to spread some cheeks wink 411 isn’t this wonderful what is e so holy on command sir can I have one chrétien bear for them to eat next turn against our army of rhinos.

I ain’t gonna do anything but work that Maelstrom poll say what they wouldn’t because Maelstrom holes can wipe her whole board but they wouldn’t think that are no more apologist concede I don’t blame them such a great start now on to the next match opening hand is dummy tech will keep all unpause a discard deck knives that is quite good for us in the turn cycle another dread ok we’ll have to pass back home or discard Lud braid and then they play affliction blood moon nice like the moon now let’s see what they do about that they don’t have any black sources now nevermind a lot more discard land so here’s a little do place Simeon and pass back another Ravens crime get rid of the land please no ok good good time to give it a shot dread moving in and now swing for three hooray oh but they have a dread board oh there goes our Sarah Dawn back on our turn let’s cycle this hoe nothing that hoe swing for 9 then next turn you’ll have lethal let’s see if they can worm their way out of this one Oh terminate okay swing for three now there are 5 and the Inquisition but then they pass back hopeful manator swing for 3 lay foam foam which means if either survives we win and there’s a concede so we’re going to game 2 now let’s give them the switch and with that let’s go to game 2 well this is pretty good we shall definitely keep they start with Aussies but then they pass back ok we shall rates are done cool back to opponent all but another thought sees I can fall nighter Wow ok cycle full land and now on our pilots are mobile an outburst oh and I kiss discard two cards or at the end of their turn let’s violent outbursts let’s swing for a talk to our Honan oh absolutely what’s that gonna do though cuz I get to right nose out oh no we’re losing a creature whatever shall we do spank for for what is stinking now it’s on to the next match opening hand oh boy if they’re an aggro deck we lose and our land sucks oh yeah we’ll have to mold a sir we’ll keep cycle alright : crash where is this mono red perhaps all in our land come plays lava tower and light up the stage I’m feeling a bit slim red ler well can’t do much here pass back upon madam or hoses lava darts and plays light up the stage revealing bolt and burst lightning let’s go blood braid Edington mine’s red no auto-assign for three they use burst lightning they play soul scar lightning bolt on us as heavy dangerous by play blood braid and it’s an insert then hold them to block upon a lot of arts of blood braid by his craft forgiving trample and the road and a monastery they have three lava tarts engravers we have to be careful walk here here and maybe fire in the dark setting us at ten and what to do its cycle and play demonic dread casting living in / racing for six Oh pump play soul star and then passes back blood-brain demonic dread can’t block and don’t cast Living End what is this they burst lightning our blood very no lava tar another lava dart oh I got a 100 K will they have enough to win here I have the stage of it art again RAF through but unable chapter lands they lose that was too close well I have to settle things in Game two no one in the game – let’s bring all this stuff for this stuff what that let’s go to game – opening hand is most good will ki upon play souls Carnegie into the turns I go let’s go to spend and pass back upon plays crash the room swings for – but then passes back oh okay wanna plays monastery swing yes yes oh yes how very nice look at this but falls nah oh and there’s a concede okay the power of surprise now it’s on to the next match opening hand is fine if we can find the lands so we’ll key oh this could be Tron or all drazi Tron what’s the old Lutron cycle land okay no moose from pond yet cycle again and cycle cycle that Jen’s cycle ok time draw their counter yep they counter on closed expedition now if two cars in hand you hold on the outbursts in case they crack yeah seems smart.

Although they don’t cry instead they once again pass cycle and another outburst well that’s half full manator they cracked the map and they remand okay so now is back to them they have all three trombones and they play thirst for knowledge and then haha I think at this point he’s got a fake them out place stomping grounds untap and fulminate er it hits cool help that does that mean they’re out a counter earn him a place like Hanukkah is telling one over lands and we’ll try for aalverson our pawns turn Oh another tower lastly and try the outburst a counter sir and now back on our turn let’s try one more time oh and with that our pumpkin seeds I guess they ran out of counter after all no one in the game – we’re bringing all this for all this and what that lets go game – ha gemstone – football’s yeah we’ll try it upon stars at expedition map you shall cycle ok and a hole I bet they didn’t expect this violent outburst what falls now oh what the concede already but I mean who expect turn 1 right now is pretty good so now it’s on to the next match opening hand is a bit weak but we do have a Blood Moon so the very least we have that when it plays bobble and an astrolabe so much for Blood Moon all right cycle and then pass my athletic passes back or ok cycle cycle do they have counter and they might myzel try Blood Moon it hits ER and they don’t play anything wha I have a bad feeling aside – let’s try this cycle and then blood bright at the very least we had a cascade well work no okay swing for three astrolabe had never been printed was it just like we like diverse decks in modern but guess what how does this add diversity just makes all the decks the same kamijo three colors so easily now whatever let’s try this again straight right cycle that hoe and now blood braid in the fulminate or myzel swing they soak up three take three and we’ll hold on the form whole may bite Hausman and back on our turns like oh that’s pretty good you know they probably have counter so let’s try this land swing locks like that it wasn’t a construct really very suspicious Tang this is not what I expected was trying sack here please don’t float the mana oh they pull the man with these four fatal pushed wait think I mean they’re overconfident though mmm this is definitely a trap but let’s go for it a monic dread please okay no oh there’s another astrolabe and you know uh screw it it’s time to start hard casting stuff stare it on they don’t bounce that they dig instead okay another ozone now we have a five five myzel swinging Jase a trade sure play the caribou and then pass back hey you’re all two with the charm they dig and send it back what ready let’s try it red but again oh wow okay I did not expect this hey got one of their lands oh I don’t that means you can’t kill Jase oh and war of invention plays ensnaring Ridge okay we’re going to Game two it’s time to board in 13 out of 15 cards in our sight board with that let’s go to game two opening hand is god-awful Wilkie on a bobbles on the trap of their bobble and a thought there foundry also that I say up yours on plays astrolabe and another foundry okay suspend footballs and then back to them another roster wave okey-dokey and dirt on passed by and a war of inventions and now they have a near infinite combo lost thought sees a send it back but is basically over Oh a shock but have no way using Ashley I can take out the sword I am as.

Why now here comes their combo and with that we have been spanked it is quite unfortunate at both versions of our deck are knocking against their deck because ensnaring bridge along side of combo is just really hard to deal with what an amazing journey of pain and suffering but at least we had a good run so what do we make of the results on one hand we steamrolled a lot of people there wasn’t a single game flurry but on the other hand we saw almost no Gregor at he cards and that was a bit disappointing back when Mon hardens released game to Leyland the void was super common and that raises the question of whether not we even need to switch because we don’t see any favourite he cards post game one why not just stick with living in but then again maybe your pawns did have favorite hit cards in hand we just didn’t see them perhaps surgical extraction but let me know what you big boys thought of the deck and as always I hope you have a great day.

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