Magic: The Gathering Arena – Protean Thaumaturgy Simic – Theros Standard Deck Guide

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All right everyone how’s it going welcome back some of the match the gathering arena video miners merchants and today we’re gonna be playing something built around a card that I’ve got a huge amount of requests for from Thoreau switch is protiens thaumaturge now we’re going to be playing this in Simek I have two variations of this deck planned anybody who is a fan of the channel over the past couple of sets might be able to figure out the other archetype that I’m gonna play around with a protein in but today we’re gonna be playing users now biogenic is I think is a natural target for this sort of stuff the more use you can get on the board the more of a fun sticky time everyone has right so that’s the idea we’re gonna be copying biogenic users and how we’re gonna get there is you know we have Fassa to blink them in and out we have enigmatic incarnation which we can use to sacrifice something like athis or if we want to to grab out a news but also enigmatic incarnation is going to be grabbing things like setters and champions as well the actual enchantment package that we run in the deck I’ve got a row in games this just gets a huge amount of value whenever I play it really a NYX Herald is a natural combo with protein and thaumaturge because it gives you this really nice early board pressure so it’s just kind of like a little automatic one-two I think when you’re playing thaumaturge Albright’s blessing kind of like pseudo removal essentially we get to fight some stuff always feels good style at man so you guys know how much I like this card for Maya’s aureus video and over to the sea is a card that I think that people really were under valuing at first because it allows us to get through our deck and allows us keep going and that we are gonna need like certain combo parts you know we’re gonna want to be finding that for matters that ooze tosser so over the sea seems like a natural fit while it also plays into our enchantments so anyway let’s go play some magic with this we’ll talk through it as we play it of course but oh yeah if you enjoy the video please do take a second just to leave a like consider subscribing I know it’s crazy YouTube stuff but it really really does help the channel out so I appreciate you if you do and thank you for all the kind words on the channel recently as well I’ve been a bit stressed in my personal life say all the kind words really do mean a lot believe me but uh thank you anyway over the CIO’s looks pretty good honestly I like says and champion into our own games that’s really really I rode mystic to back things up as well we shouldn’t have any problem grabbing a fourth land yeah it looks pretty good what trust Arnie avatar somebody’s watched the tier list so we’re against potentially salty mid-range if I had to guess which means that that double fraud mystic could actually be pretty big I was like hey we’ll play the unranked key because we’re playing something a bit silly but I forgot there is no mercy on magic arena oh my god oh okay I mean that gonna take the champion I guess oh they take a role in games okay I didn’t expect that I mean that does raise questions like do we keep omen to the surround we want to play like efficiently some can do now Oh okay thank you double islands at our nice Amman cat islands out today I don’t trust that that’s exactly gonna survive but the problem is our Mystics are on show which obviously uh mystic is a card that you don’t want them to know you have okay uh well I mean that can work we really have to hope this survive sir this is like old school salty mid-range oh wow okay.

Those birds yeah unfortunately we’ve been answered out quite a lot here if they don’t cast anything we do have the sacrifice cry on the omen of the sea which can maybe get us back into it but obviously you know a Rowan Games is a little bit a little bit dead right now I do need to deal with raska at some point mmm problem is thaumaturge doesn’t actually have an application here we need to draw into something like a news well we can just hit a land that’s fine see yeah the problem is we’re just gonna get plus my Braska here so we have to flash animistic at the end of the turn regardless.

Okay I’ll let that resolve maybe I should have counted it but it’s obviously had something else they wanted to cast so if I’d watched in there we would have got something way worse on the board as I can actually no I can’t walk drive I think that’s a good point oh come on well okay they’re playing answer tribal apparently you know another thought so it’s not really what we want I would love like well I was gonna say anything madigan carnation that would have been useful prior but fortunately we have seen a little bit too much Lance you know we gotta start this we have to do though you got to start out with the bad game right because then you have the come back arc which is way more satisfying oh okay let’s just get out of this game that’s too much land for my liking all right unfortunately yeah we just play against salty pile of answers there which unsurprisingly answers us pretty well oh that’s looking a little better still no storm at ocean opening hand but I don’t really want a mulligan this we do have like double scry so you know we still have a chance to hit the dream ah that’s not the dream I feel like I’m haunted by lands today I feel like my land d20 as low rolled that’s another Roman of the seat oof that makes me suspicious aha also the mystic big fan of that now that flash in certainly looks like a uh you know a tire and scorn or something to me so I may actually go around games first yeah although this kind of attempts the answer out of them a little better okay right to the top the monkey air subscribe now we might lose this here so we won’t get the card role but that’s okay yeah that’s fine that’s what I wanted to get out of them say we get the likelihood of them not having another one is uh fairly low as apparently we are just playing against I forgot that we queued into the tyrant scorn key but uh you know we’ll make it work.

And the legendary words of Tim well now we don’t actually have real mystic open here which is unfortunate let’s play the good old game of will it resolved I could have bet on no oh wow we are just gearing into people playing piles of removable all right and a blast zone for good measure and an end to the goddess eternals I’m so confused so what this cue is right now all right so now I’m very tempted to just hold open rolled mystic here to answer whatever nastiness they have in mind I play anything else I can never see oh I can’t cuz I need doubled green all right let’s just hold open full mystic hopefully they kind of discount us is not having two blue that’s fine maybe flash Vivian would be good here okay okay yeah.

Yeah don’t.

I just say that because from mystical looks like they’re playing basketball by the way I’m not that BM I promise well is it time to use up we have no other choice ah the ooze noise I haven’t heard that in too long ok just more removal we take eight pills kids doesn’t fill circuits I mean I might just die here but I don’t know I maybe we’ll get lucky here in future matchups but maybe not oh wow they’re actually forcing the sacrifice well I don’t anybody understand that to be honest I thought they’re just gonna Plus okay but I guess they get the card drawn and leave serve brought open for them but they lose Liliana it turns off a Rowan I guess I should know it doesn’t because we’re on saga to Chapter two I like trick Boogaloo oh yeah no thanks know that a row and another omen okay I mean oh yeah maybe I should take an extra land all right well obviously we kill Liliana here I’m just gonna hold open frilled mystic to protect our is look we might not be thaumaturgy users we’re doing something yeah I’m not having NASA on the board when we have a rowing games about to go off.


Okay God roll boom let’s go alright hey that’s nice you have really good war brides as well how did we get is AHA whose beats bird bro every time are you kidding up.

I love kept it alright so we don’t really have a counter to keep open I’m pretty tempted to actually play a Rowan game sir as we have a threat on board anyway I don’t think we need to play the ears that maybe that’s too greedy now we’ll just ease up I guess in case they draw target removal those god damn booze noises alright ladies and gentlemen we got him yeah that’s just her own games good card from mystic good cut we haven’t got to do a little protein plan yet but we just kind of saw the strength of the outside of the deck I guess you guys know me I like showing games where everything goes wrong is I just feel like it’s a more honest representation attacks personally I do see a lot of videos posted where it’s like hey here’s some weird-ass deck that really doesn’t work for his two games that I chose where it went off I don’t really like doing that I kind of just like showing playing magic as it actually goes now Fassa is is a hard thing to be like Oh big POG oh introducing I don’t think I actually want that.

Hey what kind of good is this what is with the piles today I mean I’m playing obviously Suzie pile but everything just seems to be hey here’s a for tyrants scorn or agonizing remorses and some other cuts of fun but I made up my morning coffee yeah I’m being whiny like if you also a whiny boy okay fight we wanted like that’s that’s that’s better actually don’t you want to exile the card here it’s kind of sucks but it’s starlit cuz we kind of have like a very clear you know like two three four five say we don’t actually have time to play Scott starlit all right let’s go whose time what don’t kill a protein no murderous rider hey I’m unsurprisingly gonna elect to not block that hanky I’m enacting my agency as a player and saying I will not block that okay let’s let’s go let’s do it I guess all right so this is the old I won’t say one two but it’s a two three maybe I could become a worst traitor again yes please.

Look I’m in mix Harold at double buffs I love Paris what an amazing sir genuinely I love their us it’s just so cool I love that they just put really fun stuff back in the game like that all right nightmare Shepard another is interesting now you might notice the devotion obviously on FAFSA we’re not typically gonna be turning her into a creature you can frilled mystic definitely really helps because of the double blue but generally speaking it’s a little bit hard to turn into a creature okay now an untapped land would be great obviously I want to be a nightmare Shepherds I probably ought to be a nightmare chef and right yeah it’s been a nightmare Shepherd ever since I was a boy I dreamed of becoming a nightmare Shepherd now I don’t actually want to give them oh well they can only lose the shepherd actually maybe I do it I elicit Earth.

Why not.

Oh liquor what a fun mechanic much of this untapped okay so I think I actually exile I think I X all well X all the tap land I mean we have no play next turn if I have a tap land we have two turns to hit an on tap anyway let’s do it let’s do it to it.

Okay no hand for me I yes as they can now sacrifice that oh wow just no hand for me in general okay sometimes in life you just got a triple fen licker I guess well there goes my plan okay.

A quadruple fan like even I should say I mean right.

And the good news is this nightmare Shepard is legitimately kind of scary and I can just use Tasso to tap it during that turn so you kind of have like a weird roots of lethal there I don’t need to do anything here yeah we kind of have like a weird roots of lethal by just tapping there nightmare Shepard it’s like this isn’t actually doing anything at this point okay okay right yep.

Really got nothing in my hand at this point I think I think you’ve exiled my hand.

I mean I know they’re just crying but nothing like getting hit by a you know seven odd fern lurkers as Gary now I just dead to everything going wide I can tap one thing think I might just be dead.

Oh yeah obviously they have that I forgot about that okay so yeah we just got sacked out unfortunately like yeah the the FEM locust just went off we didn’t really grab an answer to it but once again we’re just plain against a pile of answers oh but yeah we came so close so you got two four we can’t count to five unfortunately we need to count the five with this deck the other variation of this that I have planned I only need to count a four so maybe that will work better but okay this looks like it has potential subscribe or bribe blessings pretty Goods now I would have protein let’s actually try it okay this is the skit I like this I think I drop in a rowing game sir all right stomp in Grand the grab a fourth land takes us into mystic it’s pretty good.

Don’t sacrifice yes Oh John midrange in general okay.

Now I don’t expect your own games to go off on every animator okay Frankle Frankle they’re gonna forced me to sacrifice no matter what I do so I’m just gonna do this might as well take three less damage okay well we got a hope for a big old mystic head here huh ruin game.


Okay I was left with lines now do I have to just slam ears and try to go whites I guess I do right I mean we’re probably just about to get drak assess but you know yeah and I really just want to get a smooth game out it feels like we’ve been swimming upriver you know you’re not gonna force the sacrifice I assume that’s good ah hustle maybe a moment it’s too late I mean we basically win this by getting them in a spot where they can’t attack with rankled cuz they need the blocker but it’s just me what did she have to reanimate oh okay I mean yeah oh they’re just getting something to sacrifice I guess oh it’s a big draw coming up will bride blessing would be pretty good.

We’re just discarding a card okay oh that’s just the faster are we dead I guess we dead I can’t tap yeah we’re dead unfortunately oh well who literally doesn’t matter at this point.

Oh rough game sort of games I mean I know we’re very fragile because we’re trying to play like a undisrupted curve but that’s so dangerous imagine if I had a pump here that is so dangerous oh well bounces just to make ourselves feel better.

Yay look it works all right so our pony just flies over with rankle obviously the for sacrifice again just hitting us like black disruption has just been absolutely shreking every game we’ve played in we haven’t played anybody not disrupting us like that yet I mean it looks good on paper you seem to draw we have a scry I’d love to hit like omen of the sea or something okay that works yeah if we can turn thaumaturge into a citizen champion start doubling up that value again Wow okay I don’t know why I’m so surprised it seems really weird ah tyrants scorned so pretty on top Doge is gonna remain as a for matters return as citizen champion is not an enchantment haha.

Okay so obviously of Roman games incredible our enchantment to have in hand here then against some form of salt I hopefully it’s a ramp and not pile of answers oh all right things just got interesting isn’t all right always fine like do your own stuff yes.

I encourage this be your own stuff I don’t care all right so that’s gonna become a target of citizen champion and from now on we’re gonna be getting some pretty mad Valley if our board state survives which is a big if prison reef that’s fine do your own stuff.

Thoroughly encouraged especially stuff that I can answer so easily all right is it actually working have we finally fought through the fire and flame and got there I hope we have it’s beautiful do I just make things bigger yes I do all right that feels pretty good oh I thought massage is so frustrating but it’s so fun it’s so glass cannon I love it 1y Araki boy oh okay somebody didn’t like my Thor Batoche double champion but oh so we found out that against proactive things like anything playing ramp and that sort of stuff we do great because they cut it correct with anybody playing any disruption and I want to curl up into a ball and cry but it’s been a lot of fun experimenting with it like I say I am actually gonna play another variant of this which is a little bit closer to an older deck of mine but yeah it’s it’s a lot of fun like I just like I said I just really love I look the Ross I just think it’s so cool like fassan of rowan games and Sanderson and yeah they’ve just all so swiftly become like some of my favorite cards and standard right now so I hope you enjoyed the the struggle but we got there in the end Thor version to citizen champion was just huge I mean you saw the amount of card draw we were pulling off and the tempo as well was just really really significant so thank you guys so much for watching to be an absolute pleasure I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are the world I hope your games you’re a little bit more fortuitous Lee than minded today but if you enjoyed the video of course you just take a second to leave a like and subscribing it means the world to me.

Other than that thank you so much have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time you.

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