Magic: The Gathering Arena – Secret Big Red – Theros Standard Deck Guide

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Hey guys what’s up how’s it going welcome back to something magic together in an arena video today we’re playing secret big red now this is inspired by not only my desire to play some big red stuff recently but also my secret Hydra deck where we used the theme booster Hydra well today we’re using the theme booster dragon which you might not even know about which is terror of mount vellus now you won’t find this guy in ordinary boosters the only way to get him on arena is to craft him the only way to get him in paper is he’s a rare in the themed booster for thoris for red of course and I just thought it’d be really interesting we haven’t really tried sneak attacking things with perforce yet of course he has to three manner ability to put things out onto the board so we’re gonna be playing that with Jack assess terror of Mount valises and ox and ill hog and all that sort of good stuff now of course we’re flying big red we’re gonna have iron Craig feet to get us up there but other than that we’re just playing a bunch of stuff to help keep us alive and help get to the pieces of the puzzle so we have storms wrath for a board wipe slaying fire because of course we’re gonna be spending a lot of read manner we are moderates this is a four damage instance we’re all a possibility to get through our deck lava coil to remove all of that pesky blue-green stuff and a tax now a tax might not seem to fit with the rest of the deck but he actually serves dual-purpose here he’s double devotion so it’s very good for turning perfer us into a creature later in the game and also he is gonna give us some and like a refund because Poe froze put something onto the board but then it sacrifices at the beginning of the end step which means that when it dies in acts will give us tokens and everything has full power or above so we get to sad lives when our stuff from pur furrows dies that’s the plan anyway so let’s go play this in a standard event of course if you do enjoy the video just take a moment to click the thumbs up button and leave a comment.

It does help enormous leave let’s go play a standard event and see how we do all right so we’re heading into it and played big red in a while not since old comm big red which was super fun playing as Wade Houseman playing as calm opening hand has nine cracked feet really anything to cast with it but we’re thrilled a possibility there’s a good chance that we draw into it feels pretty good the Ox is typically one you what you want to be drawing when your hand is a little bit more depleted I’m probably gonna discard it with thriller possibility we can always escape it later on although depending on what we’re against Oh vampires maybe that’s kind of cool alright so we’re gonna throw a possibility at their end step already discard ox.

I think storms wrath is very very valuable here and then we will probably just love a coil the pontiff will see though all right that’s very very good that’s our fourth land and add rakha sir that’s exactly what we want yeah I’m just gonna live a call the pontiff why they can’t pay for it to gain death touch indestructible as of course indestructible creatures pretty good against board wipes so really we want them to recommit to the board heavily here and then we can just storms wrath them and then I in Craig tracker surf I in Krug you know I really need to play this deck against Craig so I can just annoy them all all video by just calling it iron Craig okay well we just gotta go for it right I mean I don’t think it dies it could die on the board it could die we’ll see that’s seven minute now I couldn’t wait for per first though but we’re gonna have perfer available anyway next turn so god I hope we don’t get destroy affected which you know or mana black-white early likely to have some removal we do have our insurance policy.

Nope also lock it okay it seems like kind like I started that kind of thing oh well we’re introducing them to the beauty of trakis earth ah Joe something to gain death touch there I think you do alright okay so obviously triple devotion still not quite enough or perforce to be a creature so that’s or to you and then three T UT and bonk alright so yeah we just iron Craig into Drago so obviously our opponents spying a little bit of a simpler deck you know it’s not really a particularly fair matchup but um oh okay baby I don’t mind never mind all right well we’re not actually drawing into a creature here which is uh will be concerning now mm5 in the graveyard it is tempting to kind of just I’m probably gonna slaying fire anything they cast maybe just face because we want to get cards into the graveyard to escape our ox of a ganas which is then gonna be an amazing read roar effect for us as data boy well thankfully we can’t double up to kill that as we do a seven manner available ah that’s an ill hog that’s gonna be good later on.

So if you don’t want to put storms wrath in this another card I tried both out I played storms wrath and I played Kandra inferno.

They’re both pretty good I settled on storms wrath just for ice playing gets a lot of white we Neary like randomly and yeah obviously it’s better against that cuz you can cast it quicker so I felt good.

There was a thriller possibility though I just got ill hug I mean I can just cast ill hog is a threat I might just do that.

No point in forcing it we don’t really want it to sacrifice when we don’t have another creature in hand to cast from it yeah just play as a threat in old hey stay all right so all hogs on the boards we draw into anything big terror of Mount Veles would be amazing obviously oh that’s actually Hitler’s pontiff is like a weirdly good card against us as the death touch Vlad father bones he resurrecting a rom closer okay yeah that’s pretty good black/white reanimate sir all right it was Hawk that’s an ill hug exactly Road so it’s fodder for thrill I guess he’ll allow okay here we go it’s your boy that tourer is so cool hopefully they use such amazing art on a card that very few people actually see it’s gonna decline that I want other stuff so mount Valles goes back to our hand we’re gonna finish the game with the drackett South here of course very nice you gonna – except for a blocker on – maybe although I have flyers actually so pontiff wouldn’t like awk I guess well the Drac is South obviously goes round it up just a ping Oh else worse nightmare.

Interesting deck kind of like black-white reanimate er oh there’s the feet we gotta do at home anyway I mean look he just got a dirt you gotta love iron Craig feed oh that is a feed all right so most thorough trakis earth belly uh you know fairly comprehensive billing blow though let’s see if we can get against somebody playing something a little bit more refined.

I apologize to Wade for game one there but he does have other lives in the events at least alright so he gets to fairy avatar no mercy Ninh Fang I mean we have iron crow feet right oh I love getting ill Hogg out here actually if we hit those lands were looking very good but I always look good in axe the ID run you might think like you could get away with 23 or 22 lands just because you know we are iron correct feeding out or forcing out a lot of stuff but missing lands in this deck is just so soul destroying like imagine we don’t hit another land and we just sit staring forlornly at iron crag feet I don’t feel pretty bad interesting the rexis what’s gonna happen now that I’ve said that of course then we get our Forge nice and hardened okay it’s the sacrifice okay hey always lucky now what do we actually get out here it’s gotta be problem is I feel like drackett earth dies which means that actually just using it to Casper Fross is way better because per Feroze is indestructible and it means that we can just then pay three mana to start attacking with stuff kind of a weird one but I think it’s actually best to Casper for us just because the colors that were playing against way nine craig fee for one manner e all right we have one more manner beautiful fun I felt warned will matter we can just Casper for us normally I guess that’s also you mean that we go get attack with a necks as I’ll happily trade and in acts or well actually there’s not you mean that like if we draw a land replay LLL hug that tons but I don’t think they’re gonna block anyway so this is kind of pointless but it’s just thinking about turning perforates into a creature I look big right big red is so fun it’s nice that there’s more to read than just I mean this is still going face as read should but you know it’s nice that it does in like a cheeky little way sneak attacking and beating oh okay you’re gonna sack that the oven means that they get the satyrs it’s a very good answer to in acts I mean I’m about to unleash unholy justice on them next turn but you know.

They have anything in their graveyard know that it didn’t have a Liz off oh all right I’m gonna show them what happens when you Nick my blood I’m just gonna lock this actually so filthy per first ill Huggies have some dirty dirty stuff gotta remember the haste passive passive abilities known to mess with me a little bit in the past but when their enchantments I remember just not when they’re on planes like this all right so what obviously just get a Drac a surfer now Drac asserts remember doesn’t actually so jackass earth has to you have to attack with him is what I’m trying to say you have to declare and attack with him to get the damage activation so just bear that in mind okay but don’t be surprised if you don’t get the damage obviously the best way to do it is put him out with perverse but we’d already used our manner a little hug there we maybe should have went for terror of Mount Valles I just yeah actually would’ve been more damage right it would’ve been way more sorry marvelous is new to me I’m a tracker surf boy at heart alright Game three we beat Grix are sacrificed not something you see too often but claimed the firstborn is a horrifying card and I don’t know about you guys for just beating anything running witches oven feels good to me ah thrill / Feroze storms wrath if we’re against something aggressive or we against assault like well championship sleeves in a football Ferb that’s unclear if it was to fairy avatar it would be mono red eye Crixus matchup was the exception to the rule a mulligan 200 it is red that’s super good for the hand that we kept that is actually amazing because we use lava coil and like a steam kin or something and then we are we just storms wrath the whole board no to drop no to drop okay so I might actually throw a possibility during their turn and drop the lava coil because I have storms wrath so we’ll see I guess I X I want them to cast that so stomp me daddy all right it was big dracky okay so we obviously we take damage this turn hopefully only five but it’d be seven I guess if they have nothing else to do Oh could be number cleave alright oof alley so we might pay for our hubris here as we can’t just die to burn now but we do have like you know Oh cranky yes mate.

Now because I’m on five I can’t I incurred feet into a sneak attack that ember cleavers problematic right I have to iron quickly and just cast a jackass earth okay.

We might just be dead we’ll see that we’re very close to it feels bad all right yeah we are we pay for our hubris there I just didn’t expect the humble cleave off the top but you know it happens I guess like I should actually assume that they’re Mulligan aim for EM believe that was kind of like a lapse in in opening hand judgment I guess but honestly I don’t see that much mana red right now it’s kind of crazy it’s really died off in the last week because of all the I think it’s because of all the blue-green acts tax because of Errol you gain a lot of life just passively basically ah this is so risky keeping this it’s all the way up to a nine Craig feat we do get four turns to draw something for it and like we have a lot of target to have three Bellis three drackett Earth Reaper for us three oxes three ill hogs so we should be in just four more iron crow feeds we should be okay on getting a target for this I think okay it’s not the best target but it’s a good sir you know it’s a 5/5 dragon that has double strike so it cast anything that buddy no you’re not okay give me a banishing light at if I cast of Ellis we might but we have another feat so we can kind of afford it all right so that’s a 5 5 double striker it’s 2 tonally thought if they don’t have an answer but I feel like they probably do judging by the manner open Oh.

Buyers hello hello that’s interesting surely not Boris Feist is this Jess guy and they haven’t hit blue I mean it doesn’t matter now but I was outburst it so it is it’s Jessica fires fires in the bin.

That’s an ox could discard my whole hand bit crazy but I could do it we’d get what I get the ox and I’d get two casts laying fire I don’t hate it and aside if I want to or not I mean other lava curls really actually gonna do much here it’d be Carol ears and we are at a one tone lethal clock so me I guess we kind of don’t need to like they have to answer vellus right now or we are.

Nope little hand for you a day literally doesn’t matter with fires down right well that definitely has the CMC three or higher I think prolly big fan of his advice very cool cards I mean they can’t kill it with RAL Oh only drawing into valises a little bit stressful.

They may just have another elspeth though.

Okay time way that works I’m a-gonna ah so they’re gonna return a visit which is unfortunate I’m gonna discard these lava coils I guess oh shit that’s bad just gonna go for it it’s gonna go for gonna try to hit like a perf rice see if we can just ignore that side of the board’s that is less than ideal.

I mean perverseness intervention is nice because it can kill Nevin one oh it’s the seventh notice the six six I always think nervous is six six I always get NIV Missa and doom whisperers stouts mixed up that’s fine we can escape that okay.

We’ve drawn very strangely hey bull hog can be good than x3 I’m so tempted to thrill a possibility and try to hit a land as we have to do this first if we wanted to at the old Nevers well double land so they’re gonna get another card draw but we can’t really avoid that unfortunately they all ting Crowell no no no – threes I’m still fighting an uphill battle here it is tough.

Storms wrath that’s their spells right yeah we may just die to dream troller we are only on three now yeah that’s unfortunate.

Oh inter I think what we’d actually be able to win with her if anything what is the aux look what that’s not it anything that’s all we needed exactly oh you couldn’t make it up kid you all right I’m game though yeah it’s always kind of fun I kind of like it when you draw in like weirds unlikely scenarios like that cuz it’s just just kind of fun to see we can cobble together like hey here’s all your removal spells and to valises okay uh yeah this looks like a good hands some nice removal in axe and then draw into something fine Craig feels good man like another iron crack are we finally running into a Bluegreen ex I’m gonna say we nearly escaped it for a video but I’ve never be so foolish as to think that might happen of a lava coil all right.


Loud concea alright not what I was expecting elementals I guess humor elementals gotta be right I’m saving lava calls oh no ok what Teemo fires with out concea Oh what I was expecting.

I guess it’s it’s not a bad card I mean it’s a card drawn a blocker right obviously synergizes best if you’re playing something like risen reef or something like that but might as well use them alright so we’re still kind of looking at something to play off of iron Krug a classic problem flying iron crack they’re getting up to a lot of mana now there’s an arrow now because their team or our real master Sphinx okay kind of cool you know it gets bounced to our hand you drop her first intervention just gonna go like this yeah we’re just trying to hit you know Bacchus earth tarah anything like that I mean they can’t counter us so thank you as some ways off escaping that arrow thankfully one to the top all right we can’t always like feet to slain fire and lava coil kill something though okay pretty perfect lava coil there but they actually paid traditionally for that interesting alright thanks for the frog so long and thanks for all the frog I guess alright so I’m gonna start basically using my removal here because I want to really much get to a point raking cows talks of agonist potentially all right so I will just like slaying fire them in the face if they don’t give me anything to target because we can iron crack the inter ox of agonist do you know maybe a little bit more value or something.

Ah now that’s not so good oh I see you’ve played drak a surf before oh yeah we just got stomped too unfortunately we don’t really have enough to uh this is the classic guy in craig feet problem right like i love the card but it’s so often you will draw it and just not get anything to cast it on I mean you’ve kind of seen the two extremes right like the first game we went iron crag perforates bellows drago Seth but on earth is that card I have never seen that card before I mean that was the first one of those that I just got weird okay yeah I mean it’s the classic iron Craig problem right we’ll do one more game see if we can end on a end on a high role but that’s what it is it is a high role because of cost you you have to hit very sequential cards and I don’t think it’s like so rare that it’s bad by any means but it’s also rare enough that it’s not you know good per se but oh you can have some absolutely crazy high role games with it which are always the most fun magic games alright it’s looking pretty good at first I mean perforates essentially is the more consistent version of it I guess we do get to go first which we do like as well because you know when we’re playing mana cheating going first is pretty good.

Don’t remorse me bro okay good all right well thankfully we don’t have a four drop right now say there’s a throat cancer maybe oh this could be countable maybe we just dropped a lot of lands thirty lands ah oh that’s a very nice feed now again I think it might actually be best to play per fro sir cuz we’re gonna want something indestructible against jimmyrh and that gives us thrilled a possibility as well so I’m actually gonna perforce and it doesn’t give us throat does because it’s sorry it’s I mean it’s only one more spell oh yeah it’s better to do this though because it’s indestructible whereas if we play like a Drac a self likely it is it doesn’t see next turn especially not with your trust her alright now the interesting thing about a Trotter is that we can’t actually kill it with trakis earth but trakis earth would sacrifice anyway kind of interesting I’m very tempted to throw and try and hit a land it’s the high roll strap and let’s not do it it’s kind of foolish I guess all right so we’re gonna attack with raucous I think oh they have a response they might have a response so interestingly they let me attack with it which means they do take for damage they should have killed it I think they could kill it before that so I do see boy now the good thing about perforce is it keeps things off the board or it means that they don’t have a means of I’m actually gonna try to land here I mean that they don’t have the means of getting a Trotter to work which is really really important for us yeah that’s huge because we said we can do this okay so basically the race is on we want to be able to kill them before they kill us you know classic maneuver that’s an arrow so obviously what we really want to do is just top deck like a jackass earther of Ellis Hill Hogg would also be goods because we do have the arcs attack but everything that means no blockers that means that ox can not quite kill them okay that’s good oh there we go see ez game ez life talk I told you we’d end on a high roll and what’s more high roll than top decking of Ellis to collect there you go I told you it ended on a high roll anyway thank you guys so much for watching I always have a lot of fun playing big dumb stuff like this iron crag feat is just the perfect ridiculous card and like I say I really really hope that we get some really fun stuff to play with it in my career because as long as it’s legal iron crack fee is a card that I’m always gonna enjoy building a deck around so thank you guys so much for watching me an absolute pleasure if you did enjoy the video T I’d really appreciate if you just you know take a second to click the like button it does really help out us youtubers other than that thank you guys so much watching absolute pleasure have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world.

And I’ll see you next time you.

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