Magic: The Gathering Arena – Theros Standard Deck Guide – Elemental Tribal 2020

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Hey guys how’s it going my name’s much and welcome back some of them add to the gathering arena video now if you’ve been following my Twitter you know I’m a bit under the weather at the moment and this will probably be the only magic video for the next few days or so so make sure you click like on it so I got lots of views anyway today was I want to build an aggro deck that was a bit different I feel like you know we’ve done azureus aggro is staggering in sight but one thing that we played against recently and I hadn’t seen for so long is elemental I grow now elemental I grow was a big theme in m20 and it kind of disappeared afterwards you know it got superseded by things like just steam can efficiency and then a knack Sembach leave all that good stuff so I wanted to revisit it because I do actually think it has some very powerful cards and I wanted to make a fast aggro deck to see how we do with it really so this wall playing steamer elementals the only blue is on Nath and risen reef but teamer elementals nonetheless although the core of the deck as you can see is definitely red now we are playing a next an ember cliff because I do actually want the deck to be decent and being realistic if we’re playing in red aggro the absolute undeniably best thing in red agri right now is ember cliff and a max isn’t far behind so we’re playing those two but I think ember cleave and well ADX is a very interesting card because he’s so good not only because he’s a big threat but also because he gives you protection against board wipes you know you get those satyrs out and it kinda like a replacement threat so amber cleave however is actually pretty good with the rest of the deck because we’re playing a lot of low down aggressive stuff like scorch spitters an underworld rage hound is a card that I think is actually pretty underrated again it gives you some play against control because you can act silent out your graveyard and it comes back as a 4-2 which is pretty awesome so that’s nice it obviously plays into the elemental themes you know supports rosin reef and a support Somnath which is awesome and yeah I think that generally speaking it’s kind of an undervalued card so it’s one of the cards that really made me think about putting this deck together creeping trailblazer of course it’s our elemental aggro buffer which is nice and it also gives us a little bit of a manner dump for the late game as well Chandra of course Chandra is just Chandra right she’s a she’s very very good you can do you’re creating elementals which is what we’re mainly gonna be doing with it this works really really nicely with ember cleave works really nicely with risen reef etc cloth this tothis is in here because I think she’s just awesome she is fairly easy for us to turn into a creature actually and that’s a very important thing one of the things that’s really nice about this deck is that the devotion is really really good in it so Enoch should be nice and high power you know we got a lot of a red devotion low down and then we have a lot of doubles like tectonic Giants and Chandra so in access power should be pretty good and that also means that cloth this is fairly easy to turn into a creature so that’s hopefully gonna be a nice little side to the deck generally speaking Colossus we’re probably going to be just exiling creatures that have died from our graveyard for that to life to damage it’s a really really nice amount of pressure especially when we’re playing in a deck where we’re running em believe and you know Chandra and a lot of ways that we can quickly get damage out bruising reef sweet cinnamon roll with my life you guys know I love this card it’s very very powerful lots and lots of cheap elementals in the deck so this is what’s going to be giving us card advantage and hopefully you know ramping us up to be able to cast big interventions but realistically this is what’s gonna be giving us card advantage and we’re gonna hold that in hand if we’re playing against something like control a tectonic giant again just to cut I really love one of my favourite cars from throws that I haven’t got to play with too much I think he’s really really awesome I think he’s got an awesome modality to him you know late in the late game he’s got spare Manor you can earn nothing in hand to cast you could just grab something off the top your library and cast it or you can just use him as another amazing pressure tool and he also it’s not only when he attacks it is much like bone crusher giant when he becomes the target of spell and opponent controls he also gets that usefulness out of him so he’s very good in a spot removal which is sweet now to amna this is one of the things I’m most excited to play in the deck I speak spicy boy this is kind of just to finish her we have a lot of ways of getting a lot of elementals out and you know we could be dropping our mouth and realistically dealing 6-7 damage to the face which with the early aggression may be enough to just end the game on the spot so yeah pretty excited to see how omnes does there’s the unbelievers of course add per forces intervention a little bit of ante plays walk attack also helps us to through you know maybe a big crisis that comes down etc so yeah that’s the deck kind of looking forward to playing this one I love playing a good tribal deck of course and you know definitely appeals to be a little bit more over playing traditional mono red so I guess we’ll go play it like I say before we get into it click the thumbs up button and subscribe if you’d like to see what I post new videos and let’s play some magic so they will passage we could crack that for a forest and be on our way let’s get us to Trailblazer potentially Chandra we do want to hit a couple of lands in a row here I do only run 23 but we are on the draw which does make it significantly better we have if this is to playing the old avatar game if this is mono white interventions very nice card for us to have or trailblazer into chandra is good let’s go for it i would love to just see a mountain rollout or like a stomping ground or something dumbull of abundant all right that’s a reef you boy cinnamon roll Oh micro maybe roll a grey I’ve got one of those myself all right there’s a spit up so we’re wanting to hit land now of course remind fatal passage actually increases our chances of drawing a land cuz it does in the deck although actually I wouldn’t get land I guess it keeps it the same all right we got bone crush the giantess that’s a tectonic giant unfortunately we’re not finding our land I don’t really want to x41 on that intervention or I could I guess yeah I think we’re starting out with a good old-fashioned manner screw heals gets a it’s the wrong color all right well unfortunately we buffed the pelt collector but you know to a lesser evil yeah obviously getting behind in land against something like gruel is uh what I’d call not advisable well it’s gonna be one of those games yeah all right we just get too far behind a manner and we lose that’s fine we miss a couple of land drops you can’t do that again so that could like gruel that’s just gonna play a lot of value so you know I like starting like this is fine it means we get to come back argh you know we need to get our daily the land system is great case out the way and now we get the comeback arc perfect magic all right game number two against res Mia I mean we can exile the Abel passage gets a full manor cast tectonic giant an amazing opening hand but it’s okay okay so fourth line means that we don’t have to do that it’s mono red oh there’s still a risen REE okay it’s rude so we’re pretty much fine for mono doesn’t really matter what we grab with little passage here oh they get another reason reef that would have been nice to draw all right let’s uh let’s get a bounce announced oh that we draw another okay now I’m pretty sure risen reef gets removed but we’re gonna play it just just for the top end case we do get a draw from it nonetheless tectonic Giants very very good against mono red actually that’s fine.

I get a bit of a battering here they’ve got another tectonic giant forgot to shop on my deck all right so I mean we are in danger just getting em back leaves here but you know it’s gonna happen yeah their own insane Manor they’ve been believe in hand they win they still have it so yeah they’ve got a Makhlouf.

Little office that I sure would have been pretty good for them oh maybe they’re down oh okay okay okay all right couple of great games start really getting to play the game here is a lot of fun.

Don’t worry we did the perfect comeback now even better match it alone old rain okay glue picks 38 playing Khan nice okay this this is like an ironic Lee this is much better we have like a one two three now admittedly one of those three is a fable passage but we got a few turns to our fix that our opponent mulligans to six alright look it’s me bond I read or we’re gonna go at least three two I can feel it easy come back easy life we’re gonna hit our 50% and igloo pix thinking long and hard about his life decisions what swamp nice good so which is oven next turn I imagine load is Bonnie black could just be IR and stuff we’ll see one lucky boy love to Atlanta huge.

All right we do not have land now I’m gonna attack with both it does offer them the ability to double mash him and they’re just gonna double back but it does offer them the ability to double block the trailblazer but then they lose you know sacrificial food for if they’re playing priest or something so yeah ir a– oh another phenol okay okay Oh tough exile I guess I have to keep an axe he’s so good grab an island out I suppose while this person plays extremely slowly oh my goodness.

The power of editing a wait what okay they just which is that’s gonna tap your oven okay that’s gonna mean that we can kill the cat so I guess we might just take the opportunity to peruse the cat.

We don’t have perforce any more exiled it well uh let’s find anyway stroppy next I guess so they can’t block in sac yeah say all right we should be able to ever cleave through next time I think oh very nice so yes just do that there’s all obviously just which is having the cat if I do that and we’re not really a risk so I think what they’re actually doing is getting us into Gary range but they can’t cast Gary this turn and we’re gonna beat them out with the unbelief all right yeah meow okay so they may choose to block here losing the cat because otherwise obviously they go extremely low and I have Matt nope okay alright so yeah we are we beat out this player who I think they’re not really the too used to that deck from how they were playing honestly it mean saying that for these slow rolled me like every turn so I think yeah alright so there’s one win two more to get our three wins maybe we can’t afford the luxury of like having things like omnes and cloth ascertain a but the problem is if you try to build a fun aggro deck like this and then you get to into like refining it you slowly just reach the conclusion of like yeah I should just play monarch Rhett all right well this actually looks pretty good very very aggressive if they can’t deal with it first.

Going first I didn’t actually see if I was going first on I didn’t check II Williams a Oh a love princess you see that too often double fabled passage bit weird because the second one comes out untapped so it’s kind of fine now I’m attacking with this because it’s better for them to block that was beloved princess them for them to block under Walter H Allen see hey it’s me fiery dog there is those our boy all right okay so tectonic next turn they’re going to attack with beloved princess obviously we can’t block it with scotch it’s better.

Okay so they actually all that glitters the beloved princess and I’m interesting means that scourge spitter doesn’t get to block it ring it oh if you hear the audio cutting out I apologize but they’ve actually bugged the game at the moment this doesn’t work which obviously when you’re recording is pretty frustrating yeah the the recent patch actually broke that but my fault I promise.

Blame rosado’s it always works alright oh that’s actually pretty damn good so I was gonna grab an island but I’m now gonna grab another forest okay so we can’t actually block the princess with the scorched spittle now but they would block it with the pride mate say I can just double lock a pride mate or something – we’re getting them to the pressure point where they have to hold blockers they okie-dokie the Archon has arrived.

Ah ah now can i trick them with the trailblazer pump maybe I can if not we just do okay I think I maybe I can I mean they find it dead anyway right are they dead anyway no life link am we that’s so greedy that’s so greedy oh my goodness don’t want to block a dog over when I get them anyway right we go down to they go to 12.

It’ll take nine anyway I pump five yeah they’re dead anyway OOP do you hear a boy I said about that manner dub pretty good alrighty so – – feels good man we we went down to Manor screw we went down to Mono read now we’re on the path to redemption seven – easy alright game number three against Zion and first Xion Xion it’s actually like a pretty reasonable opening hand if we hit another grad matter we’re super good reading pool is very nice for the Trailblazer amna to trial well if they play something like Clarion in Acts is very good against that be nice hit land oh come on not another screw it’s not Manor screw again yeah good won’t be fires I think a manner screw feels good yay it was not quite matter we do another Trailblazer we’re probably gonna get Clarion now and then just sort of like cold into a ball and cry everyday don’t have an untapped land oh they’re all Giants gets yep magics predictable well that’s good give me another land get giant on the board let’s go.

Diane’s super good for the devotion of a knacks as well where we see the bounce me bro well that’s actually gets a alright.

– yeah they unfortunately have flash open now so they’re gonna board wipe here hope they’re not they’re just gonna make a blocker that’s fine okay so we can’t um nap that Safari is we haven’t really drawn on low-end which is a little bit odd but if they have spot removal obviously tectonic giant is very good wrong from dreams I love that guard it’s so cool.

All right well now it is actually efficient for me to UM Nath first so that we buff tectonic giant actually no I put on nath above Clarion of course I would’ve been bad actually not only does it go above Clarion it also puts him to the point where I’ll get to Sadler’s if he dies so that’s actually very important see this is what I imagined the deck being like cool stuff on earth Giants yay not the land system there’s something just so satisfying about on earth though isn’t there okay this is gonna be a board wipe just cleansing over or something I imagined but slightly respawn really good it’s just the reason why a tax is an absolute water board what never heard of them is a go team and then why I’m speaking like sharp a lot today cavalry I’ve shit them okay so those are boys are beautiful boys in red whatever cleave off the top let him rip so I think I actually go for an axe and scorch spitter because then if they do board wipe I get two satyrs and that’s enough to kill them remember they can’t cast spells during my turn they can create humans but if they board wipe that dies of course then they’d have the mana to Cray another so they might not actually die alright another favor Fisher’s presumably gonna grab another Oh a theory I’ll absolution that’s absolutely huge I just immediately dies because of course against minus one minus one.

Yeah absolution is massive oh that’s pretty good though so I just need these to survive basically keep a nice there’s action against a board wipe because omnes now kills when I drop it so I’m say don’t die next turn should be okay maybe obviously if they target tectonic giant with spot removal he dies Oh big chemists big Keith okay yeah I now no longer kill them cuz a Lowell camera wolf alley yeah that’s probably the end of the game right there it’s a tight match though up till this point then they just gain 15 life what did they do some manner in this game honestly like between all of the blue green ramp and then with fires as well this must be like the most broken manner has ever been or at least in modern magic times right we’re pretty dead regardless what we do here we can maybe like try to trick them out or something get pinged that’s if they don’t block oh it’s actually so close even ambach leave if you think about it really just cheats the manor system like all of the top decks right now basically don’t respect Manor which is kind of interesting.

Okay all right well we get vanquished by the Kendra’s there but that was actually a really cool game it’s actually very very close we got down to two at one point we had the Omni Lord in hand with the Giant on the board but alas is just too much I’m actually gonna play some more with this with this deck because I think it’s pretty fun but sir let’s jump in the well just do it on right here we’re not gonna play a whole other event but let’s play some more games with it cuz it is just satisfying like playing cards like our math and stuff is really good fun alright it’s pretty good actually we draw in two lands again we are on the draw so we’re like a little bit more likely to I guess reading Paul comes out our mistress they don’t block that interesting result I foresee hmm don’t like that they got something here of course that’s fine I’m all about getting to my tectonic boys watch them giant gross the Paradise turret school just bit of getting value so we’re at Nyssa Manor now the big rubber swamp you think they’d grab a forest if they hadn’t miss her oh no all didn’t hit didn’t hit savage oh okay let’s get tectonic but attack first now if they’re playing cards like obviously tyrants scorned doesn’t hurt well don’t make it bounce it but yeah obviously tectonic giant very very getting a spot removal so I will just ping them for three every time they scribe to the top all right yeah they’re just gonna die I assume they just can’t deal with removing giant I think that’s actually a really good matchup for tectonic giant because when they’re running things like you know maybe disfigures or pirates corn etc eat to extinction and whatnot yeah it’s just it’s three damage to their face I’m a simple guy I see cinnamon roll I see em believe and I click keep oops I micro needs work clicking activate ability too hard for me oh well that’s good that comes in on taps I think where I actually want to go first it’s like a rosin reefer I’ll see what they do but I think I get risen roof first into giant hops mono black oh yeah let’s wanted luck alright well that’s the risen roof we’ll be in for a double reef game if Cinnabun on our pond hey thank you oh hello risky hand keep playing against myself remember the lands always come in tapped so don’t pay for the life because it will tap anyway just in case you haven’t played our arisen reef before oh no don’t worry I brought two cinnamon rolls okay sir write that for a bit of the old red I think I just go like a next atomic giant and set up a board state right well do I actually want to they’re not really anywhere near priests have forgotten God Singh are they yeah it’s good to finally see brief heading because reef is such an integral part of this stack like you’re finally getting to see what makes that cards so good so good obviously you just got em Berkeley for this fine as we are drawing through a lot of our deck we’re probably gonna hit another one relatively soon double elementals to trigger reef so arecas spawn whoo I love this cards art and so awesome looks like an old magic card to me it’s really cool Sakura is this like playing like Gorgons or something awesome okay well do we draw oh that’s actually really nice all right angry boy now in case you didn’t guess I am trying to draw em Berkeley ooh whistle Chandra or surrender that’s fine too I think I was gonna Chandler in – one just to go reef crazy reefer madness I guess you could say but yeah I’m glad you finally get to see a reef hit there because that’s that’s how it should work really like the whole thing is yeah we’re not playing one in red we don’t have like the power level of it we do have or easy draw with risen reef I think it’s a DVD all right.

Will it bounce and hit the corner that’s the question.

Yep let’s so pretty good hand ocean I love this alternate office arts awesome hello I mean that doesn’t actually do anything to me.

Oh okay wait does that actually trigger on snow doesn’t okay vulnerability all right stumpy boy now I kinda just want to get reef on the boards it’s a shock to do so but I think it’s worth that would have been that all right.

Ice it’s double reef trigger hopefully that’s the removal out their hand yes it is.

Well it’s a lot of damage there man questing beast really has our number scary card for us to deal with I’m not quite at office unfortunately what we need to do is turn the cloth us into a creature odd Castle a line okay alright so this is what we hope turns out for us watch this on the board the same not gonna shock in a scourge spirit Arlis roots aha aha so life game comes in big clubs let’s go finally things are starting to come up Milhouse now this is where you witness tranquility Oh.

Get’em but is that’s why I say to Craig when he goes to work every day go get a buddy he needs to hear it otherwise he gets sad now how many attackers do we actually want here one two three okay actually obviously these as well yeah right just attack like that and believe underwater a sound and believe the elemental I made that much of a Mima yeah I am one up 33 to re-equip that was fine.

All right so plot this is guarding our life tale right now that’s fine this is an interesting deck though this is a cool deck I like our fan stack awesome alright so let’s get real fucking elemental let’s go bloody elemental like and subscribe so I should have actually drawn with Chandra firsts it’s more efficient because obviously get more options it’s double but where’s the fun in that eh well apparently we’re just hitting lands anyway ok now remember we’re not cleaving right now they we’re a little bit careful how many blockers do they have ok I just attack with everything right it’s like I suppose kept think that matter open those are waiting no one green is not gonna block three things alright so finally we get clausus out on the board and uh yeah she just safeguards us caught this actually won us that game is it took us out a danger from a single spell from Turin and it blocked out the questing beast most importantly because questing beast is definitely a card that has our number it’s a real big problem for us but uh yeah thank you guys so much for watching we’ll end with a little bit of the old fashioned dopamine pack opening we yeah thank you so swatching to be an absolute pleasure but I’m a longer video today cuz I just wanted to uh very nice just wanted to sit back relax and play some cards that I really really enjoy like tectonic giant and plot this and Chandra it’s uh it’s fun to play I grow that doesn’t just fall into mono read you know because I think if Wizards really a guilty of anything these days it’s just polarizing the matter too much I mean if you look at the matter it’s just so extreme it’s like extreme agro extreme ramp or extreme control and it’s kind of fun to try and sit in the middle sometimes and play some fun stuff so thank you guys so much for watching like I say have a wonderful de wherever you’re on the world I hope you’re feeling a little bit better than I am and yeah take it easy click like if you enjoyed the video I’d really appreciate it and I’ll see you next time.


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