Magic: The Gathering Arena – Undefeated Athreos Shroud-Veiled Commander Brawl Deck Guide and Gameplay

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Hello and welcome back to another day in the arena.

It’s me at C GB and to date in the arena brawl with f3 us the shrouded veil this is for in a white and a black which is a lot of mana it’s so much mana and this is a legendary enchantment creature mythic for seven indestructible as long as your devotion to white and black is less than 7 F throws is entak reacher it’s got that godness going on at the beginning of your end step put a coin on a creature whenever a creature with a coin dies or is put into exile return the card to the battlefield under your control.

You have to craft this card this card and by that I’m not saying you must craft this card I’m saying if you want this card you can’t get it from a pack it’s the buy a box promo if you want the card you have to go in and hit not collected and type as the Rios and it will come up and that is where you can add and craft more copies of the card so I just to get that out of the way because I know that these things aren’t always perfectly explained to the arena and I can be part of the solution doing my duty to make sure that you guys know how the arena and its ways of grabbing money from you work but yeah at 3 oz the shrouded veil this is a very very expensive commander think about it cloak those from gruel is 3 mana this is 6 the ability is very fun and pretty cool once you get it going it can be very exciting so to make it more possible that we have a deck that isn’t usually what I do with Rahl but it has a lot of permanence and it does a lot of synergistic stuff which I’m kind of worried about because of the raw power level of the brawl queue particularly with gold O’s and things like that we can’t really compete with gold O’s Kenneth I’ve found with this style of deck what we have to hope is that we’re up against a control deck or an aggro deck if we’re up against things that are not those mid-range decks can rhythm is at golos then we’re okay but let’s get into the deck we basically want to push the sacrifice and everything die is kind of aristocrats you might have heard strategy as hard as we can so we’ve got the hunted witness cauldron familiar witches of and you see where this is going.

We’ve got Bishop of wings if you watched the video that I made about the combo that combo is in the deck with the Ghost Rider and with the divine visitation type taker laws attempt Reaver just things that make multiple bodies cuz we need a lot of things to die herzen for sir priests of the Forgotten God’s cruel celebrant D spark which is a really good card for brawl that isn’t as good in other places imperious oligarch arcane Cygnet which is a great brawl card that should go in nearly every brawl deck unless you’re in an aggro like strictly in a hag Rochelle that needs a to drop the ministrant of obligation dies and makes two things midnight Reaper dies draw card plague crafter dies dies dies just dies dies dies dies dies most riders sacrifice stuff or zev locket the stack needs some mana boost here and there and brawl is all about mana so all I don’t always play the lockets I’m playing the locket here because we have some six drops that can make a big difference in the game Elspeth suns nemesis cranks out human tokens err boasts the bleak hearted also just the flavor you know gotta have the there’s– flavor but Erebus draws cards when things die nightmare shepard makes copies of things when they die price of fame probably needs to be played in all of your bra decks because it can target a lot of different commanders there’s always legendary creatures in brawl more so than in standard Kai’s wrath sometimes you got a nuke the whole board just to make things die Sara for the scales Sauron we got taissa so that when things dies you get doubles Sauron brings things back is allstar in this kind of deck divine visitation make them angels when they die elspeth conquers death just a great card to keep the circle of life and death going God eternal capture it gets you more creatures cavalier of night dies dies dies got eternal bond to dies dies dies just lots of dying bullets have Citadel command the dread hoard and Liliana dread more general top off the top of the curve this can make a whole bunch of things die and then the opponent loses ten life this can bring everything back and this of course draws you cards mana base just eight of each basic and then run a whole bunch of castles and Gil gates all the ones that you get away with that produce the colors of mana that you need and I’ve got a field of ruin and immobilize district for a little bit more juice so that’s the deck let’s go brawlin oh boy now I love to fairy god do I hate playing against a fairy with the deck that’s bad against a fairy sand is fine but not exciting so we’re going to try to do better with our free Mulligan that comes in every brawl deck and we will try you out mostly because I don’t think it’s worth Mulligan again tranquil Cove I guess I’ll just get this castle down now we’ll play this Plains we might draw another white source off the top and then we’d want to play Bishop if we just draw a divine visitation and a Plains like we’ll just combo the opponent and that will be that all right well because we went second the opponent is going to get to play to faerie and bounce our tithe taker and we are going to be infinitely behind for the rest of the game because magic is great like that not to mention there’s a wall here now the birth of mellitus absolutely crushed us Wow they bounce the birth instead Hart advantage now you have to discard though I think that’s a little bit of an oversight but maybe they really just really really really need that mana attacking they’ll just block with the wall there’s no real point to that.

Let’s see what they do this turn to make my life miserable don’t we all.

Not really no no we don’t we don’t all have that kind of time least I’ve taker can make some of the calculations annoying all right we get more planes don’t make another wall soon good for you hunted witness yeah to bury down all right well at least we set two very back a little bit it’s not gonna be that easy buddy.

Here’s Soren we’re not worried about negat because we have tie taker so now what do you do opponent passing well you’re no fun looks like we’ve got a counterspell mage they can suck on a hunted witness but before that let’s go ahead and fire off a soaring point Oh damage there’s not really a point to attacking is there alright here’s my witness o we have lifelink yeah there’s a point to attacking because we can channel that life into cards buy a castle box Lane they want to play draw go I’ll play draw and draw go ha ha ha Mugen the ineffable you do not have Wigan but we’re gonna conquer death it’ll be fine.

Actually this is gonna die to our attacks goodbye Sauron I think this means though that we get to play our F three rows and there’s a command the dreidel word is strong that can steal an egg in a big turn what do we want to do I feel like getting our commander on to the battlefield is a good move and starting to put some counters around besides we can start doing micro advantages with low Strider tide taker commanding the dread horde right now can get me a sword and an organ which might just be too good to be honest all right let’s go like this I’m not very worried about my life total so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna sacrifice these to make some extra board presence as well and get some scry action and then recycle them price of fame not really what we need against this deck the stack is unlikely to play a bunch of creatures don’t need a land either so those are some good skies man the dread award give me you and you and you and you yes we’re going to make you regret tapping out yes we are yes we are [Laughter].

Suck it – very.

Well what you got now you get a planer cleansing you better hope you have a planer cleansing and then even if you do I still have a little board presence a lot of Tears.

Now we’ll get you back your again that will bounce everything back to hand so I may as well do some scrying the tokens are going to be gone for good mobilize district hmm don’t think I need you what do I want I just want actually I want divine visitation cuz I have the combo so that’s what we’re going to dig for give me that D spark Liliana dread horde general hard to turn that down we got a lot of power now let’s see if we can transfer it into victory we need to rebuild our board presence what’s the best thing to play if we just play the Liliana our opponent will play again and blow Liliana up so we don’t want to do that.

Want to play some assortment of smaller creatures probably just get the wolf Strider and the tide taker well let’s leave with the tithe taker there is a mana open but probably not gonna do much and then the question here is do we played midnight Reaper or do we play the wolf Strider and I think having the wolf Strider down so that the Reaper definitely draws some cards is the right move in this way if the opponent plays you again we just kill again so and it’s a good board the opponent rats this board we still have leftover creatures to do something with are you doing nothing you’re trying to try to counter something I see I see I see well remember what happens when they play Drago we play draw double go but we could go for the Sauron what would we like countered.

If this gets countered we could play Sauron to get it back I guess we’ll try that the opponent might go counter counter it’s because we have a type taker doesn’t mean I can’t afford it but we have to do we have to get things out of the way all right for mana didn’t say please fills our graveyard a little Lisa all right the opponent knows about this they’ll probably counter it but then we have a Elspeth conquers death to get it back oh oh well that’s not good for you at all or a card advantage please goat give them the goat oh yeah they’re in trouble so much card draw so much value now if I could have also retrieved taissa would have been even saw seer but I think drawing cards is way better than making multiple tokens mass manipulation targeting Soren and the midnight reaper well we’re definitely going to sacrifice this in draw card the question is do we want to draw cards off these as well I think I’ll take a card off the witness for sure still looking for divine visitation good night you did all right we even drew that the planes to play the bishop and the divine visitation on the same turn if you haven’t if you didn’t see my other video on this combo and standard you’re in for a treat you’re gonna like this Bishop of wings divine visitation and let’s go chat when you sacrifice an afterlife creature makes a for for gains you for life sky one and you sacrifice that angel gains you for life sky one and we continue until we set up the lethal with a cruel celebrant now the opponents going to get a turn it might be able to mess with this in fact I’d be disappointed with them if they didn’t find a way to now usually what I do if I knew that one of these pieces was going to die is I’d set up command the dread horde but we already used our command the dread horde so we need another way to get something back but regardless we gain as much life as we possibly can we scry to death this gets something back right I can make it die that’s the thing I’m losing my sack outlet probably if the opponent’s smart they’ll go after the whoa Strider but when in doubt we can just scry in response and do all this again so they’re gonna have to sit through a lot of action as we gain our butt off the danger of the deck though of course early onset carpal tunnel is real now if the opponent tries to break the combo up in theory we should just keep doing this right we should have all the life we can because once we pass it to our opponent and they untap they may they may break it up I’ve had that happen in the video I made before too so if you want to be a try-hard you should just spam this and gain as much life as possible because they could mess with you and this deck does pay life to do all kinds of things there’s throat alright I’ll hit resolve all now clear the stack and in the turn and see if our opponents still around did they go out to eat now they’ve been watching the whole time I hope they were very amused you know don’t do it don’t don’t don’t do it okay so in response now we have to set up a way to win the game without the divine visitation now can the opponent do this in response because that would be pretty epic if they can break up the combo again they can stop me from scrying so I’ll put you to the bottom now you’re not as good as you used to be and we want the Citadel bring me my Citadel for control its Gambian I think I don’t even feel like I’m sure there’s the reason man can I get it down there I also will have you done during I tell you potentially you might need my dough it’s like you look very much.

I promise here educated relative okay we’d never be no mercy and just in time we found the Citadel 260 life hey we’re good the opponent might be saying oh well let’s see prison realm what’s the target the Bishop of wings well you don’t need to kill the Bishop of wings anymore I don’t need to scry so this can go picked on the war Strider didn’t like all that scrying says enough enough please sir please stop and now to fairy take out the angel yep good sequencing you want to take out the angel before you want to take out the water Strider before the angel token so that you get to draw your card otherwise I’ll sack in response all right let’s do this price of fame doesn’t need to be cast here or mana let’s send out the minister of all-blue Legation is it showing me that there’s a swamp underneath I think it is Oh.

Because I know my whole deck epic all right you come down blow up my citadel what a punk move what a punk move that is why is this the second time I’m dealing with you all right.

So down here there’s plenty of fun stuff we’re gonna kill this then it’s all about how do we progress our game plan the best way possible does it involve getting this out and putting counters on things as involve Liliana and I think since I had this is my commander I think this is the play let’s let’s first make sure that you die just in case.

That resolved nice and easy alright let’s get a counter on our minister in so if it dies it comes back onto the battlefield under our control agent of treachery yeah buddy alright so that’s probably going to target our commander and indeed so before the opponent gains control of this because I don’t know what they’ll do once they do let’s go ahead and do spark and send you to command so fairy 4:7 can bounce this so we want to be ready to remove it so we want to make sure we have price of Fame man an extern epic caves draw a card all right you can also exile it once and for all with elspeth conquers death but there aren’t that many things they’re not playing a lot of creatures so I think we want to use our creature removal when we have the chance one five eight nine ten and eleven that’s not quite enough to play this and this so I guess it’s Liliana let’s be aggressive we get to draw cards whenever something dies okay you’re gonna block that it’s unfortunate that we don’t get this back because a therosis in play in my opinion the biggest flaw in this card is that you don’t actually get to keep the crowd keep the card if the god isn’t in fact in play oh pretty frustrating alright well say go and if the opponent tries to do anything cool with their agent or price of Fame it if the opponent counters that will untap and elspeth conquers death it but hopefully they’re not able to do all that stuff in one turn here comes to faerie and now we will target this because if we wait it won’t work cuz to fairy will shut down our ability to play instance oh boy they did have another counter alright we’re gonna want to do some messed up s– we got to do something about the agent the agents gonna come back down I think we play the 8th Rios.

Here’s the district so we definitely kill to fairy you can steal my Liliana which would be unfortunate but without creatures on the board let’s see if I – the Liliana now and sacrifice two creatures I don’t care about to draw two cards.

Then the opponents stealing Liliana is just good for a zombie so I’d like that with two cards am I gonna draw lands gross well if I get back the wolf Strider I could elspeth conquers death just get my wolf Strider back that protects my creatures but doesn’t protect Liliana so yeah I do think I’m – in Liliana almost shameful let’s hack rifice my goat sacrifice my life linker I suppose brought some cards you solve that.

Bring you out let’s tap you not gonna draw cards with you I doesn’t want to tap my district I guess I can’t do anything with it right now and then we don’t have enough mana open to also use our castles that’s kind of sucky I guess I can use my castle walk lane which I’m not really worried about light my life total mi alright put a counter over here resolve that that’s the turn what the opponent does yep agent spam begins Liliana goodbye that’s coming up a nightmare Shepard a chi is wrath and 3-minute open three cards in hand the endless battle alright we want to power up the shroud veil if we play this and it gets countered elspeth conquers death gets better so that’s a good plan it’s gonna pay to life for this not gonna miss it much yep ooh what are we losing these three I could draw into the God eternal Oh Katra which is pretty strong to be honest so what I would have to do is sacrifice this locket to draw to you and use this to draw one and that’s pretty much all my mana so I think we have to let that go that’s too bad didn’t see that one coming now is our library 22 cards what are our best cards left we still have a got eternal bond to you but that’s not great Elspeth is okay a lot of our cards are very.

Medium so we’re gonna have to ink out a victory here with some pretty measly things.

Why does it want to tap my mobilise district well I guess do I have enough man to attack with it anyway yeah I do stop being this way now what’s gotta go I think you’ve got to go one two three and four.

Yeah oh this isn’t a creature that’s why this is not going to work out the way I quite want it to because I can’t this is going to be four cuz I don’t have control legend I don’t want them to draw more cards so I guess I’m attacking this way I guess I’ll draw an extra card counter yeah we’re on here I guess I said moron could have activated the district and put a counter on that but I’ll just draw.

Chemists ease insight pharmacist eyes for you in the no shimmer okay we’re going deep we aren’t going deep nine freaking life how am I gonna kill you what a stupid game this is turnout to the one game video is what you’re about to receive.

All right draw me a card you gotta assume they’re gonna counter something it’s not assume our cards will resolve unfortunately we don’t have many good cards to resolve certainly started going poorly ever later tonight can turn on the Athos but it won’t resolve that’s the problem right I could shuffle this yeah I think we have to the drawers just came too bad what can we find why why does this happen to me how do we can get this to how do we get this to actually happen I guess we can get it back next turn so let’s go for it always wants to tap my district now Jesus what a weird game Otto tapper is an absolute joke it’s the worst thing I shouldn’t just not use it but God do I get lazy over time all right well we can make another one one or can draw more cards I guess drawing cards is fine as we’re just flooding out like an absolute boss here.

Maybe I just give up on attacking on the ground try to kill my opponent the only thing I can put a counter on right it has to be a creature if it could be an enchantment that would also be fun but god they made this card intentionally bad I think it’s nerved it’s so hard now can the opponent get rid of elspeth conquers death before I get something fun back out of my graveyard they’re going to shatter the sky.

Well that draws them some cards and shatters my eardrums all right let’s see what happens we’re going to get back the I think if we get back the cavalier of night one two three four that will turn on our critter so I think that’s the play and if it dies we can get back something else like say the midnight Reaper or the administration of obligation to make more one one’s else one plus one counter I’m not sacrificing anything or I could I guess it would draw my opponent a card I hit them for four and then three they die so but I don’t want to turn off the a3 oh so I have to decline let’s try playing you just to try to shore up the if something does happen to my bishop or something all right.

How are you up try to get in there they have this labyrinth it was a card that can do something you see them touching it themselves like oh yeah I have this card what am I gonna do with it you still have a cruel celebrant somewhere in the deck to kind of pop off with okay back up my district block that draw card probably down to six all right let’s see what we draw with this not much and the worst of drawing cards in the country so I can make a 1-1 or I could play this I guess getting this on the board is good one.

Why does it okay so I don’t have the black man or right to also draw a card here the miss tapping down the stretch here has been painful to watch it’s been painful to experience too alright this has a plus one plus one counter let’s get a coin counter on it as well the opponent has to flood out here too it has to happen okay now what now we do need the cruel celebrant to have a chance that is not it that is another of freakin land the amount of land we’ve drawn down the stretch holy hell alright let’s draw here priest your phone I can’t actually kill me though can they and if they wrap the deck probably yeah.

Father creatures die they Dec is there something I can get back that does something here.

Nothing impressive alright so we’ll play you if that lives that will be very good for us gives us a way to try to drain them out and draw into what we need and we need our board what a counter here is the opponent’s still going to attack me to death after all we’ve been through together.

Huh fun.

Well now nothing I play will ever resolve.

I wonder why they only I guess they just left man up for one counter but they get to untap all these lands I wonder what they were worried about the game goes on but I can’t win it anymore.

Curse you blue white control I guess that there is a world where they only leave enough mana up to counter one thing and then they counter it and then I play what I guess I could play the cruel celebrant but I’m sure now they’re going to gain control of something or do something mean there’s no way I should be in this game this enchant it’s indestructible good try good try all right are we done here our opponent it’s like I got to have a counterspell open all right here come the angels weak brought me to a mere 192 pathetic wait do I still have a Caius wrath or did it get milled Oh.

Kaya’s winning with KY is wrath would be hilarious.

All right because the Liliana would make them draw all those cards all right that’s not gonna happen let’s make a token let’s draw things that don’t suck I swear my top dexon like what the hell what in the actual hell everybody all right let’s see another card bond – all right can sacrifice my whole frickin board the opponent will counter bond – let’s start here you will come back and you I don’t need so what do we want back do we get the Reaper I don’t have another way to make something die do I oh wait the Cavalier of knights coming back yeah this can draw me another card here I do it right no it comes back first you gave me the wrong impression I’m very disappointed here to sacrifice what to do what we still want to make the opponent draw I guess not all right still get another card right okay Erebos interesting I think that will get countered so let’s find out never surrender everybody never surrender its sinister cgb okay what do we need.

Thereat for life I have one two three four attackers I need a way to play the careless celebrant ah all right let’s go if I sacrifice the cavalier night I can get something else back I need another way to sacrifice something like a plague crafter I don’t know right resolve we have ten cards we have a midnight Reaper so we have to be careful about how much we draw so that’ll be one two cards so be three four cards five six seven eight nine ten.

Give me my cards there’s a witch’s oven there.

All right what do we get back let’s get you resolved.

And a cat the cat the cat can do it we get this we play this you’re disdainful stroke won’t save you your negate won’t save you we play this oh no what they have they they opt the oven.

Sacrifice the cat with no library bring back the cat and then we attack and they can’t block the Oleg arc without killing it and they die to the celebrant it’s over how if I got out I dub this my finest hour.


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