Magic: The Gathering Arena – Wildspeaker Fires! Theros Standard Deck Guide

Author: Merchant

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Hey guys how’s it going welcome back to on the Magic the Gathering arena video my name is merchant and today what we’re gonna be doing is I’ve just realized having some my sleeves but what we’re gonna be doing is playing a deck inspired by Rd pokers gruel fires lists I saw was doing well recently in what sleeves do we want that’s a good question.

Yeah did recently pretty good on MTG oh and I thought that we’d make a best of one version of it I’ve changed it around quite a lot though the idea is we’re going to be using fires of invention not for its traditional kind of control usage but rather to play some good old-fashioned gruel big stuff now the other card that made me really want to play this is returned to the wild speaker because this is actually a really really interesting card especially if we can cast it and then you know still have mana available to us so the idea is we’re gonna use fires to play out you know big Cavaliers shifting star tops questing beast etc and then we’re gonna use return of the wild speaker to restock our hand which is hopefully gonna but we can also use it for a finisher but generally we’re gonna be using it to restock our hand and we also have this duality of eyes of invention letting us play things very quickly you know double Cavaliers etc but we also have per first to then use our actual manner to play even more stuff from our hands so we’re gonna see how it goes now let’s take this for a spin we’re gonna be playing in a standard event and we shall see how we do of course before we get into it you could take just a second to leave a like instead of subscribing it really really does help the channel out and I appreciate you greatly a letter let’s play some magic you know I can never quite decide where I sit on mayonnaise I mean I know you’re not meant to sit on her at all but yeah I’m not sure I like the scry here it’s pretty good I wouldn’t cap to without the scribe maybe way thorns is obviously very helpful as well.

Ah yep that’s land those land things this one comes out sorry if I sound a bit husky today by the way I am a little bit husky you oh so I meet no I wouldn’t forget night the other legions of vampire not a zombie ok well that’s an important pool I mean it is tempting to just go straight for it but I also want them to stock the board up more so it could actually just hold off and now take another turn of attacks yeah I’m gonna do that it’s kind of weird I guess but I think it’s the right thing to do alright whoops night would confirm that okay so I’m actually gonna storms wrath here we lose a manner but hopefully we should be drawing in some there are 25 in our deck so alright that takes away their double corpse night tempo which is pretty Goods we also know that stuck down here on to or they were all right okay we’re stuck on three gonna be one of those games although we might just hit a fourth land in time for a you know maybe another stupid wrath who knows at the speed we’re drawing we’ll have to see.

Hey alright got a mountain of course so they can’t block this obviously they can pump night the ebon legion to do so but that would mean they had to keep their mana I don’t mind if they trade it honestly I’m surprised I haven’t played with this card before I mean I played it in draft but I surprised I haven’t played with it much and constructed because there is a lot of value all my goodness right we just need to get up to Chandra and that’s that’s one of the ways that we’re gonna do it I think I’m actually gonna shock in for CAV remember Shatner Chandra doesn’t hurt the Cavaliers there’s a nice little synergy you guys like synergy right all right get a fabled passage could put another cow on top now a new ceramic Cavalier is not legendary I always think it is it seems like a legendary card right it does so much it’s such an awesome card but it is not legendary okay so we have triple green triple red so we’re good now.

Oh oh when the hill you just dead are we dead I can’t count that were one life well I like a close match maybe not this close you know alright well that’s gonna fly we do have reach on cavalier of thorns there and that doesn’t have haste so we are gonna apply pressure to the facial region.

Like any good acupuncture what they called acupuncturists you just said masseuse really all right they go so our opponent might love mayonnaise but I love Chandra more say that was ridiculously quite I was interesting those like also of weenie agro you don’t see much corpse night I know when it got revealed people made quite a big deal of it but it never really came to fruition properly hmm now this is a really good hand if our opponent is playing an aggressive deck we always have like an emergency draw we can get four cards I mean how good is that okay it’s it’s a cool card Oh God big fan well so it’s got big sexy gerakan it’s a you know alright shock is open oh no all right oh so we seem to be against some sacrifice shenanigans not sure what it is yet it’d be anything from mono black Gary to John doar we played against growl yes Crixus I keep what do you what is this tricks to sacrifice tak about I keep seeing this alright so I’m probably just gonna discard my shock I don’t think it does too much here really I think I’d rather have everything else it’s al and I’m just gonna keep stomp open we have return of the wild speaker but we do want the 4/3 side of that down first it’s a huge amount of card draw though we haven’t actually hit ok so this is croczilla zov shenanigans that’s kind of cute it certainly does things little passage perhaps the forest I mean I don’t think they’re gonna be dumb enough to block this you know stranger things because I’m just playing the four three sides so okay alright we’re all in on that wild speaker card draw let’s see how well this actually works okay so still no Crocs or morph holding wilds pick our paradise true maybe that’s fine no big loss at this point it’s our favor passage in there if we had a Cavalier of flame okay that’s fine all right interesting well I mean it is better I’m actually gonna shock in so I can taste it.

They can’t suck a food so okay they do trade the mayhem devil it’s good news for us remember Sarah Topps has protection from blue so some of their stuff presumably were guarded against and we do get five-card draw off that if it does survive all about that wild speaker restock they do have a nice little pile of pies to either alright ginger Brut what what is going on here interesting alright I just do this now I guess I can attack first we can’t home to warn if they don’t block and funny I can always pay for trampled as well if they do block you up repeat will oh well I mean I could put into one HP their pies though the likelihood of us hitting a shock I would actually be worth us wild speaker now for is fairly low I think okay so they can resume ibly Crocs are up right yeah they can so I imagine we see Crocs or escape this turn we can respond to that with the return of the wild speaker so we don’t lose it okay five cards for us I would love to see ya calves are what I want all right you know what I might actually be a mad lad and drop a land anyway disrespect the crux of why not I want everything else okay so that’s a big old six six of boy right there and like these ovens our crocks workhorse can block Sara’s offs that’s a good draw though I’ve a fable passage now I would have liked cavalier aflame but you know I think there’s something about beggars and choosers in there what can I put on top when that dies uh I’d be tempted to go for return of the wild speaker again honestly out of what we have well though there’s also a case for the fact that we had we just have a lot of shock damage so how can they escape again they can’t so I’m going to attack here it may double block with zombies but then they lose the scry in the life we just seek roxor has to be expected it cross off the boards as he’s gonna cost me like per for us otherwise as I mentioned he would attack now do I stomp a zombie to lower their scry or do I just use it to counteract the life gain although then again if I lower their scry they also gain one less life so I think I do this now right of deny them a little bit of utility obviously they’re going to sacrifice but it’s the same effects alright this scroll to the bottom good sign for us big papa Perth not really doing too much here but we can cast him and sneak attack Oh although that’s just a Chandra alright I think we’re just gonna start stacking emblems to be honest how close they – okay I need something else in the graveyard to escape croc sir so uh we’re looking okay yeah we have enough mana to Casper froze and sneak attack so if we draw like a cave or a beast or Sarah tops or something we will Casper for us and then just put it in a second okay.

Offensive and believe that’s something you typically see all right helps mean that we get access to whatever we want I’m probably gonna go we don’t actually have like the most amazing stuff to grab I might just get a sir it off so it’s kind of Mir or I know they’ve got food to eat there’s no point taking a shock I guess it’s the surra tops right it’s a creature I will also do that.

Okay so time to time and start stacking emblems so they only have five in the graveyard still now we give the minus X to exile with Chandra so they do have responsive which is oven of course but that just does get puffers pretty close to being a creature we need to more read devotion all right the mighty Chandra now we can’t enforce the sacrifice here which does force the rear quip but I think I’m probably gonna go Sara tops instead is then if they ever then if they suck it they can just bounce it back and I can’t exile I guess both anyway okay Chandra pressure ramping up to a turn okay I mean they’d have to they have to answer this of the sacrifice so I can also pay to give trample actually so that’s pretty good all right so they do lose the Cobden familiar of course they’re gonna return that but it’s fine we get some damage through and the less food they have to burn for you know health better I’d love to hit a cavalier a flame because we have a lot of lands in here I hope you’re kind of good okay so they are eating one for life interesting he needs here to get top deck they I guess a cavalier flame would be amazing so is that gonna go my face or Chandra I’ll get my face right course yes.

Oh yeah that’s like a less-than-ideal that’s really unfortunate hmm okay.

Triple witches oven I just I just knew we were gonna hit a lander unfortunately I don’t know I could like feel it coming unfortunate.

Meow indeed alright yeah I just knew that we’re gonna I know I just I just knew we were gonna hit the lander feels bad let’s move on I’d love to not play against which is of index are we great.

Unfortunately that card is gonna be with us for a long time because it’s still in post rotation not show brutal good name so we’re up against ah yeah I’ve got a board wipe Irish druids CAV prettiest scroll and to kick things off I’m still not really seeing fires like at all we’ve seen to come up once what’s about it.

So obviously we grabbed a mountain with a fabled passage it’s it’s only one right away from Cavalier so our opponent started with fabled passage for an island interesting okay brute-force been maybe and they’re not really giving me anything to stomp so I’m just gonna cast the giant it’s a good pressure cart or Cavalier next turn over the Sun Oh against here.

And weenies is that a thing Oh full-color enigmatic maybe okay so what you gonna get out there you’re gonna get a Trotter nice I like it okay watch this do it should we go for a mind game you want to see a mind game all right let’s put emotes on okay we’re gonna try we’re gonna go for the mind game all right so we play a film passage we need the emotes to do this this is lsv level mind gaming then we attack with bone crusher giant and there we go we we pause we hover it we hover a Trotter and then we’re like oops it’s the big bro oh no they didn’t fall for our big brain goddamnit you gotta try right alrighty I guess I just dropped cows this one up I mean I imagine that they’re probably gonna exile calves but that’s fine I really want to get fires out how do we get I just wanna see if we actually draw fires we don’t okay hmm so the Trotters gonna attack exile cavalier flame which is fine what do we draw we draw a fourth paradise druid okay interesting all right so I think I’m just gonna return to the wild speaker during their turn because we do draw for from it’s not exactly two birds not sure what to do with my quadruple paradise crude sort of an odd draw doom foretold okay are they gonna immediately sack that no okay Wow okay this is all Lance ah sure all right then I guess we might sell scry is fires even good because our hand doesn’t really say so we need fires on curved is the problem and we’re already getting out all right so well I’m surprisingly I’m just gonna put down some paradise droids old shock open so they sacrificed their own doom foretold keeping enigmatic incarnation on the board’s over the sea comes down if I give somewhat a 3cm sea creature – to the bottom another omen of the see lots of card draw so they’re trying to get through to a Trotter again of course on to the top so I assume they might have found it I should know click here they grab me get out of the deck they don’t need it right so till they get gasps beauties attention okay all right picking my bone crusher not the worst thing I could take that’s a Chandra very nice.

All right actually I’m just gonna well I could just minor sex I guess although they could just grab another one so maybe not yeah I’m gonna need a means of getting that Depp you see because I imagine they’re gonna sacrifice the omen grab another deputy take Chandra so I need a storms wrath or a another shock or a bone crusher giant or something like that.

I mean I’m gonna attack just attempt them into taking the paradise roads oh all right I mean we have so many lands and we have a lot of high power stuff in our deck like we got loads of calves we got perforce questing beast sera tops obviously sir tops would be pretty goods but uh yeah I need to not hit lands or a fifth paradise true that would also be good oh they’re just shocked in to give double white rim trawler maybe cuz I believe we are gonna see another deputy detention here.

Okay maybe not maybe they’ll go for a Trotter it seems unlikely I think it’s gonna be deputy of detention take out Chandra yep alrighty we just draw another land cool that’s really not what should be happening okay all right yeah well there’s not much we can do here really and one of the sons they’re gonna chump block that with a 1-1 in a sacrifice omen of the Sun to get a transfer outs oh yeah it’s for CMC isn’t it cause they can’t get it from doom okay why they double blocking that I was confusing okay well so their doom foretold activates I assume they sacrificed Doom foretold doesn’t seem to be doing too much here they get pinged by the emblem now they only have one a Trotter here at the moment.

Oh Archon nice very nice so I would assume a Trotter you okay we now draw fires we don’t actually want at this stage we are not drawing any threat in our deck which is bad we will put it down just in case we’ve got like a drawer out but very unusual okay when I have that breath on the board so they’re not gonna block with a Trotter they are gonna block with a Trotter that’s okay so Brett’s was and his double Archon feels bad I mean if we don’t draw a threat I’m just gonna skip out because this is ridiculous yeah okay we hit another fabled passage Wolf’s game decides we lose I guess feels bad I mean you want a lot of land in a fires deck you know because you want to be able to get there but we’re not getting fires in our opening hand and we’re drawing a huge amount of land so let’s see if we can hit a little bit of a smoother smoother curve I guess go dippy okay ah that is no fires again I got a mulligan Sophia fires see if we can actually have it in our opening hand go on give me a good 6 lambda 6 lambda no not a 6 Lander a 6 hand oh that would be better I don’t want a 6 lander and pretty sure of that I mean it’s pretty good it doesn’t have fires but it’s pretty good in the drop Chandra here actually so we can hopefully do questing beast into wild speaker Lions comes out strange we’re just not seeing if we run four fires in the deck and we’re just not seeing it until like very late in the game very unusual obviously storms wrath if we’re playing against white wienie is pretty much our MVP card I suppose sorry tops is very good because you can pay it to get reach which is nice wind scarred crag oh it’s a lot of squawks another land alright well the good news is – these are fable passages so they you know they kind of like double thin your deck for landing away when you think about it so you’ll be in trouble with a pride male although we do have death touch from questing beast will almost certainly be shocking in for hair Anika yes love it we true another land all right of course we do crusty least so they have to attack with Tara Nika to get her ability to activate and questing beast should hopefully be a huge deterrent to that so we’ll see I guess as we actually haven’t drawn anything that isn’t a land since the start of the game which is a little bit curious so they may have a pump for Tara Nika here you know Cara metros or something we do have death touch so Oh protection from green alright block still works like we don’t sorry we don’t lose questing pieces won’t try and say okay we do lose questing piece perfect alright yeah so that does wait why did that die.

Still dealt zero damage technically so it dies from death touch unless they stop that alright so obviously you know we’ve seen better days I’m actually gonna discard my entire hand to a Cavalier a flame here the reason I’m doing that is I really actually know there’s only two one ones I’m gonna discard these two I was think about discarding everything to try and find a storm’s wrath but okay this is a good fires finally it’s a good fires if we hit a fifth land it’s great but um that’s kind of fine I guess okay so we have we’re good to tap the paradise druid thankfully they didn’t take it but uh yeah so we’re gonna go fires into sura tops all right now we do have one green manor available by tapping Paradise through it to pay for Sarah tops to gain reach so we may be able to you know load up the old hunting Sarah tops and smite one of those hawks out the sky 12-gauge dinosaur and then we have returned to the wild speak so this way things should get interesting right because we have return of the wild speaker and fires to cast whatever we draw hopefully as we will I imagine hit six lands with it or six well actually five lands here so we could be tapping our mana to uh okay so they just gave protection from green to that healers Hawke all right nice big fan don’t worry there we’re on the comeback okay that’s good because that means that we can return to the wild speaker using fires manner or fires non manner whatever you want to call it.

We do get a storms of wrath not massively keen on anything else although I should certainly wipe the board at this stage so I can yeah I’m just gonna do that so I’m going to attack with both her that Bank on us drawing better threats and them yeah why not give them I’ve rally of wings or something it’s hard to tell so we kind of reset the board state we do have a bone crusher giant but really we want to be drawing into those threats as always early it’s looking a little bit sad pretty far off the five devotion he needs you know Terra Nagar and stuff is in the deck looks like we’re going real crushy and I’m just gonna place two big boys on the board immediately get some going on a good clock they’ve got their ability there’s a bit of an insurance we have a stomp to deal with some wiener that goes on the boards give me a cap of flame you know you won’t see or don’t just its land a baby my goodness now likely out of them lifting halyard well that’s small I guess but if they play something I don’t think they’re gonna know okay they went I thought tyranny was triple white for a second but that’s not she’s not of course and if it’s anything small we have shark so as we can’t shock during their turn but it’s unlikely that we die to halyard during the next turn so we good I think unless they pop out the old Ben leash Marshall unretire him put them back in standard Oh what I faced that’s fine so you will go to being a four-three.

So no shock for us please not a land just stop hey I mean it gets us a land but it’s fine.

Okay we just dumped a bunch of land in our graveyard which is kids double mountains going in so I’m taking mountains so if we get Cavalera flame we can pump in more which is always kids why should my mission of attacked with both oh we actually really shouldn’t have attacked with both a lot so we might die to that mistake is if they flip halyard now they can attack with both and kill me whoops yeah should have kept a bone crush up there we might die so that mistake in fact it’s pretty likely that we do seeing as almost everything in their deck is white weeny unless they’ve got very unlucky oh are we not gonna be punished oh no oh no okay no they only have one good okay if they had like a tyranny or anything we would Dead’s Oh or taxes or anything like that so we get away with our sins hey there’s our boy never punished alright I don’t know I do 25 lined in here thinking I need it but I mean for the difference of one land we shouldn’t be getting this shrekt oh there’s our boy alright this is a little better then you know what we do we click our fiery boy a lot on fiery boy all right so not really a flame good card we swing in and hopefully we get them I don’t know about the deck it’s uh I mean I thought we did 25 but who knows I do like the wild still get rug this is definitely like one of the worst ways to play fires but it’s pretty fun it’s pretty fun it definitely needs some changes I think I would cut down on land even though I thought that we’d need it for that you know the fires condition we might just got some weird draws but I don’t think we need perfer oh so I think I actually probably cut perform maybe maybe just put in some lava coils you know something to help us deal a little bit better or more storms wrath or something but yeah thank you so much for watching it’s just a little bit of an experimental deck today I wanted to see what it does and I wanted to play return of the wild Speaker because it’s a fun card but anyway thank you so much watching have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world if you enjoyed the video I’d appreciate if you take time to leave a like other than that have a great day see you next time you.

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