Mapping My Entire Minecraft World! The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Let’s Play) (Part 291)

Author: Pixlriffs

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The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! Today I set out to create a 1:16 scale World Map of everywhere I have explored and built something in my Minecraft world – and I review how to use banners to mark significant areas on the map!

The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let’s Play series!

World Seed (Java Edition): 7574084833700264939.

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Hello everyone my name is pig Soros and welcome back to the Minecraft Survival Guide hope you guys are having a good day we are here today at the start of the video with the Fox based very fun that we built in the last episode some people have let me know there are actually some even better ways of setting this farm up so for example if you wanted to put a roof over the top of this thing you could put another passive mob in there like a pig or something like that in the center of the farm without a berry bush being there and the pig wouldn’t be able to pass find around because they will not pass find into berry bushes but that will apparently keep the Foxes from sleeping I’m not entirely sure how that works or why but I guess it does so they will not take a nap even if they have a roof over their head however I’m still planning on keeping this thing as it is and just building a skylight into the roof of this establishment so that we have direct access to the sky at all times and the Foxes won’t take naps anyway some people also said that it is possible to set this farm up so there is a layer of carpet above the berry bushes and foxes will still harvest the berries through that the the berries will just stay on the floor of the farm instead of being picked up by the foxes themselves of course that requires the foxes to have nothing in their mouths in the first place because they’ll need to have something they can use to pick up the berries anyway but I think all in all this farm is producing a decent amount of berries without me really having to worry too much about that and I haven’t left it running in the background all that often so I don’t need to worry too much about the berry output for it just kind of fun to have a farm like this set up and to be honest I enjoyed the noises the foxes make a little bit too much they are kind of one of the most adorable mobs in Minecraft right now but today I want to do a couple of different projects I want to start on as something a little bit smaller and then work our way up towards something a little bigger I want to create a banner a Minecraft banner that’s going to represent the ski-resort project here so that I can add those banners to the nether portal that I have in the nether in the days to come especially when the nether update actually arrives I’m going to need to do a lot of tracking down of nether portals and making sure I know exactly what leads where and the coordinates of each portal so I think marking some of these portals in the nether is going to be a wise decision and so since this is my current major project and is all looking at pretty great right now I figure we might as well.

Try and lock in a banner design now I’m trying to look through some of my boxes here to see if I have anything that it’s gonna be useful for banner creation I think we’ll probably have a loom in the village box here but I will need a little bit of wool and stuff as well let’s quickly hop over to the lodge here to see if we have any supplies for banner making in here and if not I think we might take a quick trip back to founders Forge where we’re going to be spending a decent amount of today’s episode anyway one thing I often forget is that across this forest from my ski resort project I actually have the mob farm that we set up a little while ago this kind of fairly efficient multi-platform mob spawner is out here and I think over here I should have a little bit of string in this chest that I can use to make a little bit of an extra wall Wow okay we don’t really have that much string I guess this thing didn’t produce all that many spiders or if it did I claimed the string already oh well I’ll at least use this opportunity to top up on gunpowder and maybe if I stick around over here I can gather a little bit of extra string for wool making as well yet there we go whoo the mobs are falling already I should really put sides on this thing at one day so that we don’t end up with a bunch of mobs falling out of the sides oh and here’s a quick fix that we can apply to this mob farm actually some folks pointed out that it’s going to be better if the platform’s kind of alternate when they spit out the water buckets so I’m actually going to place one of the water buckets now and fill that with an empty one and then alternate that between platforms so we end up with half of the platform’s switching on half of the platform’s switching off and this thing will produce mobs basically it more or less twice the rate because one platform will always be switched on the other will always be switched off so there we go now we’ve got three platforms which are currently dispensing water and three platforms which are not meaning the ones that aren’t dispensing water will be able to produce mobs and then they will alternate meaning that we get the mobs dropping twice as frequently and we might not get as many spawning at once but there is going to be a limit to the amount that these mobs can spawn anyway in a smallish amount of time here so once the farms switch there we go those creepers and stuff are getting pushed off the platforms that one there is still pathfinding a little bit but nope he is making his way down there and the rest of the platforms should spawn mobs in the meantime alternating between the two and meaning we get a few more frequent mob drops and after waiting a few more cycles we should have a little bit more string there we go got enough force.

Six wool it should be all we need to make a banner now I just need to go and find some dyes and in even better news it turns out I had like 20 looms in here from when we built these things so I should just be able to set up a loom over at the lodge now let me see if I can find some lapis or something like that to make some blue dye we will mostly be needing blue and white dye for this because of course that the main thing we’ve got is the blue sky and the white of the snow a little bit of light gray as well I think and we should be able to make a banner design that quite neatly represents this area and the last thing I’m trying to do is fly around a little bit to find a desert so I can pick up some cactus and is it a weird coincidence to me about the northern part of this world is all ice biomes and the southern part seems to be the only place I have deserts I think so I think if I traveled far enough north I’d probably find another desert again but still it is a little bit strange to me living in the northern hemisphere anyway that everything north of me is snow and everything is south of me is desert but flying around like this has definitely got me in the mood for the project I want to do for the rest of this episode which i think is going to be a more comprehensive map of my entire world I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a little while and obviously the entire world is a bit of a stretch I’m not going to be able to go out to some previously unexplored biomes and I’m gonna be able to travel 30 million blocks or anything what I want to do is map all of the places in the world that I’ve been already and built something in particular but while we’re here can we just appreciate how awesome this ice spikes biome looks that is genuinely really quite cool anyway moving on I think in the end I am just going to head back to founders Forge because I know I have all of the dyes and stuff that I need over there but man it is difficult to find cactus if you want it there we go home sweet home it has been a little while since I’ve been back here actually and I did take a quick trip to the zombie pigman spawner so that I could get myself a little bit of extra XP repair that Elektra and desperately needed especially considering we’re gonna be flying around a lot today mapping sections of our world but before we do that of course I’m going to pop down a loom we’re going to make a banner out of the stuff I’ve got in my inventory gonna start with a light blue banner here and hopefully we should have enough dyes to get the rest of the layers done it’s mainly going to be blue white and green next question is does this actually have a pattern in here for white bricks oh yes it does okay cool so we don’t need to expend a brick layer to do that that’s very good now let’s take the white field masoned reapply a blue gradient over the top of that starting from the top down so it’s gonna look like snow is falling on the banner like that next layer we want to add is another white layer this is going to be one of the sloped sections like so and I think we are also gonna add another white layer which is the straight line diagonally like so yep like that just to bulk up that layer a little bit more then we’re going to add a gray layer I’ll need a little bit of a light grey which I probably have up here in flower form but I do have some dye in there as well so we can add that the banner is coming together nicely let’s add the light grey to that in the form of a triangle a chevron at the bottom there looking a little bit like a ski slope already and then the last thing I want to do is add a kind of wobbly line whatever this is called indented there we go at the bottom to represent the trees growing up around the base of the mountain and this right here is going to be the banner of the snag ski result it’s basically kind of intended to look like it’s snowing on a mountainside there’s a little bit of stone there we have some trees at the bottom but the majority of it is covered in snow much like we want the majority of the mountains to be once we’re done with this project let’s make a couple more copies of this and we can add it to the nether portal in the nether of course the other great thing about being back here is I have access to my sheep farm which has produced a wool of all colors for quite some time in fact I think this entire thing has now run out of shears the durability just Deek a little too much but no we can make ourselves a few extra copies of the banner nice and easily thank you sheep and I will probably be back here to add some more shears to that in a second so we can end up producing some more wool but to copy the banner all we should need to do is pop another set of banners in there with it it needs to be the same base color but then the pattern just copies straight over and there we go we have seven of these banners representing the ski-resort.

I like that design I think that design turned out really well and in fact if we wanted to we could probably reverse the design and have the lines here the kind of large triangular segments go the other way so that if you put them together it kind of formed like her is it a diptych is that what it’s called when it’s like two paintings side by side but for my complete picture we could kind of do something like that if we want to I’m not going to worry about it today but try stuff like that out with banners when you get the opportunity build a little kind of pictures with them and I feel like it opens up even more possibilities for banner crafting but here we go back through the nether and I can proudly display the banner on either side of the portal letting me know that this portal here is marked and if we wanted to map the nether which would be kind of an exercise in futility considering that the nether roof makes it impossible to map the nether we could potentially mark these banners on those maps and I have a feeling that it might even be possible to do that if we rename the banners that is we can figure out more or less where stuff is in the nether based on banner markings rather than it being like something we have to navigate via a top-down view of the world but we’re gonna go back into the world now and we’re gonna do a little bit of map making in the overworld while we’re at it how about we hang up a couple of banners in the house though I like that I like having those around that’s that’s pretty cool right are we for the banners we should need a fair amount of paper which I think I will probably have in my fireworks box I’ll definitely need to replenish my fireworks from that anyway yep got plenty of that fantastic now let’s make ourselves a cartography table and let’s get some maps made I have come back to founders Forge once again because it occurs to me that it’s going to be much cheaper just to buy the empty maps from cartographers instead of crafting them myself out of iron and redstone or at least it’s going to be a less time-consuming process because we now have 36 empty maps in the time it would take me to probably craft about three so that’s great stuff now we need to pop down a cartography table which I think I probably yeah I have one in here because it’s a dark oak kind of color and I wonder if we can adjust the scale of it already I guess we can’t right so we will probably need to head over to our main area over here I want to scale these maps out as big as possible we’re going to end up with a 1 to 16 scale for this map meaning that it’s going to be ultimately pretty small it’s going to cover a hundred and twenty eight by a hundred and twenty eight chunks we’re not gonna get anywhere near the level of detail that we have on this but I want to start out with that we’ll start big and then we’ll zoom in a little bit smaller because of course it’s going to take a little bit more effort to map the world when you have something a little bit more detailed because we’re gonna need a lot more maps in order to do that but I’m gonna throw this here map into the cartography table with a little bit of paper we’re gonna do that once twice and then three times and then hopefully that should now be on a very very small scale yes there we go but it looks like we should now be able to map the world quite successfully like this and oh boy yeah no that is that is small that is small as all heck and of course the corner of the map comes out here to the swamp biome where we have previously determined roughly around there where those shelters are sitting in boats is the central point of the world the zero zero point and it is around that axis that all of these maps will rotate so anything southeast of that point is going to be covered on maps facing out in this direction which I guess I can now fly around and complete this one a little bit more anything northwest of it by contrast is going to be diagonally in the opposite direction that way and using that knowledge we should hopefully be able to map out everywhere that we have been in this world already and on the way we’ll probably find a couple of locations that we haven’t been yet but are still to be explored you know I just took a look at this map and it still says it’s scaling out one to eight instead of one to sixteen and frankly I’m not entirely certain I want to do a one to sixteen map considering how small this is but you know what we’re going to give it a go anyway I figure we might as well go the whole hog if we want to now let’s take a look at how this map measures up and oh boy oh boy this looks like it is going to be an incredibly small map but considering that the farthest away I have traveled this world is about six or seven thousand blocks I think to the village that was on the border of a jungle and a swamp biome it’s only gonna take a few maps to create a picture of the world that is this large obviously it’s going to take a lot of flying around but I’d say we only need about three or four maps in order to get out that far although I think in making these maps this big I might even end up mapping sections that I haven’t been to before just so he can fill out the entire map and to be honest if you’re looking for an efficient way to do this it’s really going to be a matter of doing it systematically of just kind of 3d printing the map almost as you go printing it from the top down and making sure all of these corners get filled out before you turn around and go back in the opposite direction that is the only way we’re going to be able to make sure this map is complete so it’s gonna take me a fair amount of time to do this today and I think it might even take me into tomorrow as well so let’s do a little bit of mapping and let’s see how we get on.

Well I have to say that was a real eye-opener I originally stopped the recording which is why there’s probably like a little bit of a hitch in the time-lapse there I just decided to start recording again as soon as I realized that we were going to be flying around for about 20 minutes I thought that would make a really cool time-lapse and it has taken me roughly 20 minutes to clear out the whole space of this entire map that is once again 128 128 chunks that’s 2048 blocks square at that 1/16 scale and oh boy let me tell you let me actually show you after we get over to sleep I’m gonna put this thing up in an item frame so you can see in a little bit more detail exactly where some stuff is that we have built and this is like I said a real eye-opener after I check that there aren’t any creepers around let me put this thing up on the wall we can do kind of like a light box thing I guess it’s actually a really good idea to put maps on the front all the lighting blocks when you’re mounting them in an item frame because otherwise the map gets a lot of weird lighting kind of issues with it it doesn’t quite show in full illumination unless the entire wall behind it is made of light sources or near enough anyway I’m so paranoid about creepers right now but yeah I think this is really really interesting and if you ever wanted all of the stuff you have built in your Minecraft world to instantly feel super small.

I really recommend giving this a try if that right there is founders forge in its entirety that black streak there is the ravine that bit there is the castle and then all of this other stuff is where the houses are I guess there’s a little bit off to one side of the map there that is still missing but honestly that is really quite strange to see all of the stuff that I’ve built up in this area this huge amount of built or what I’ve considered to be a huge amount of built for the longest time that little blue blob right there is the dark prismarine of the villager retirement home which feels like a massive build when I look at it and then it turns out that it’s really not all that big at all likewise this section here I think that section of six pixels there is our entire villager trading hall it’s just nuts seeing this stuff in the scale in context of the entire Minecraft world and this thing gets pretty far down you see.

That square section there is actually the flower farm that we built out in this whole flower forest biome is just represented by that little kind of rectangle of eight pixels down there it’s massive this world and it feels like we have barely scratched the surface we have barely touched one tiny corner of a sixty million block wide world it feels just tiny by comparison which is kind of cool but then again you look around and you realize that we have built so much stuff in this series so far and there are still so much of the world that we could use including some really odd terrain features like there are a couple of things I actually paused to take a look at as I flew around like this one cave that was a perfect like square or rectangle kind of carved into a hillside naturally I haven’t done that and for some reason it was filled with chickens but that was just a bizarre section of the world that I had never really touched before and as far as I can tell anyway that wasn’t caused by any kind of terrain generation glitch that is just minecraft bein Minecraft and letting a cave come out at the edge of that hill or something but wow that was kind of crazy and I’m looking forward to doing a few more of these because of course this is by no means the only area we have built in we have a couple more areas to explore I at least want to get as far south as the jungle village as far east as the Drowned farm and as far north as the snag ski resorts so I’m gonna spend a bunch more time probably off-camera because we’ve had one time-lapse and I think one is enough mapping out the rest of my world so I’m gonna go ahead and do that we should have a slightly larger map to look out when we get back and I’ll see you guys on the other side hey folks welcome back so I had to look for a decent size place to put up a map of this entire world and it turned out that a wall in the castle was a good place to start now this is actually a much larger map than it appears or on a much larger scale than it appears and it you can probably see in the centre there yes that is the start of the map that we did the other day I mean it’s now like the third day of doing this project basically that right there is found as Forge where the green Dottie’s is basically where we are in the castle and Macha is bigger than basically any landmark on this entire map that right there is the mushroom island where I have built the suspicious stew Factory a pretty large build and yet it’s only represented by about three or four pixels there that gray blob next to it there is the Guardian farm which is a pretty light I think it’s like a 58 by 58 square there is up there in the top left corner in the northwest of the world those three gray blobs right there are the mountains I’ve been building over at the ski resorts so that will probably give you a better idea of really how small a scale we are working with here interestingly enough that little black line over there is the Minecraft Survival Guide logo that we built in a map art area quite a while ago now it’s probably 100 or you know in it close to 200 episodes I think so we obviously have a lot of stuff built around this world and no idea where most of it is on the map like down here in one of these desert areas is our fossil dig site we have a bunch of stuff like the flower farm somewhere over here in the flower forest biomes all the way down here in the bottom right hand corner I think around there is the jungle swamp village that I built and you cannot see that in a map at all the other stuff like the witch farm even the witch farm that I’ve built kind of out here I believe is where it is no idea that that even exists out there if you look at it on this map so what I really want to do is take all of these maps down and take some banners with me to each of these locations adding the banners to the maps as I go so what I’m gonna do is head over to my sheep farm and pick up a ton of different colored wool and then I’ll make a bunch of banners of each type and bring anvils with me and rename them as I go traveling to each of the landmarks of this world using my nether portal network and at the end of that we should hopefully be able to add as much as we can to the map now of course it’s some stuff that’s gathered together in the same area like the whole town of founders Forge here there’s gonna be a lot of landmarks that we have to leave off of the map simply because they’re too close together with the scale of that map I think the only thing we can do is plant a flag somewhere in the middle and say this is founders forge rather than saying this is you know my storage area and my villager trading hall and the iron farm and all of that stuff is gonna have to come under the banner of founders forge simply because there’s not enough room on the map to display at all and it looked like a giant jumble of text all at once but things like The Guardian farm the suspicious new factory all of that stuff is going to be far enough apart that we should hopefully be able to make it all separate so I think what we’re going to do is take one of these empty shell curb oxes and make a bunch of banners and just stuff them in here along with some of the anvils that I’ve got in here I actually made a bunch of anvils a while ago just as something to use up all of the iron from the iron farm I think I even have a bunch of colored wool in here so I can make a bunch of banners with that I’ll take five or six of each type of banner seems like a sensible thing to do with about half a stack of wool each time and we can end up using whatever color of banner we think best suits the landmark at the time so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and make a bunch of these banners pop them all in a box and let’s go ahead and mark some of this stuff out and to refresh your memories on exactly how this is done because of course it has been a while we’re gonna take this map down off the wall that’s the one that has the majority of founders forge on it and in fact I’ll probably just end up putting the banner in here we might as well so we’ll take one red banner we’ll take the anvil here and we’ll rename the banner in the anvil we’ll put that as founders Forge like so and then we’ll pop this banner down basically anywhere it has to be placed in the world in order for us to do this and then we take the map and we right-click on the banner with the map and when we put it back in the frame you’ll see in tiny text up there it actually says found is forged and has a red banner marker on there slightly obscured by the map marker in here but at least it shows where we are in fact I’m not sure can I remove the map marker in the cartography table now is that something I can do it doesn’t look like it now I think that might be more of a function on bedrock edition you can make maps without markers but yeah there you go you can see founders Forge in there in fact if I take this banner away now it will actually still stay on the map you’ll notice there that the founders forge banner still appears in the center of the map there then if I take the map down off of the wall it will disappear again so if I end up miss placing any of these I don’t have to do too much to overwrite them I can just right click on the banner one more time put it back up there and then take the banner away as long as I don’t take this map down and update anything right now then everything is going to remain as it was so I think what I’m gonna do is spend a bit more time off-camera marking out all of the locations in this world and this will actually be really useful when we come back for episode 300 and do a full world tour well folks here we are and I have to say it is really quite strange seeing how clustered together some of the stuff is and how much space lies between them for example here we have the central area of founders Forge we have Old Town the trading hall and the villager retirement home that was basically all of the stuff I could squeeze in without everything overlapping obviously we have so much stuff built up around here like the honey farm is out there for example as that single yellow pixel there and there’s a bunch of other stuff nearby the witch farm is out here so it’s a little bit further away and we could fit that in but really there’s a lot more here than meets the eye and that I could fit onto this map in the first place but looking around we have our skeleton and spider spawner that we built early in the series the flower farm is down there in the flower forest biome that’s actually the location of the stronghold although I haven’t been there for a little while at least not on the surface so it was kind of a surprise to find out where that was further down over here we have the desert village with the pillager tower nearby where we did our first raids and of course we also have our ravager powered crop farm just around there this desert temple down here I’m marked off simply because that is where my nether portal is that I arrive at the rest of this area in and down here is the fossil dig site where we found our first fossil in this world and dug it up so that it became more of an archaeological dig down here on the right hand corner of course we have the swangle village as I’ve been thinking of it the jungle swamp village and you’ll also notice that the more words you type in this the more characters the label for the banner has the smaller it appears on the map so I’ve been trying to abbreviate these where I can so yes swangle village ends up down there let’s see what else we have we have the micro build town next to a village which also has the ink farm next to it out there on the eastern edge is the Drowned farm and somewhere up here is that woodland mansion that we went to a long time ago but since I haven’t really built anything there I didn’t really think that was worth marking off on the map here is some other landmarks that are worth noting though the Guardian farm is right there the turtle sanctuary that we built at Turtle Island is up there and over here is the suspicious tea factory and next to that the creeper farm which we don’t have a note for on the map here because once again that would overlap a lot with this stuff moving on up here this is the area we’ve been working on for the last little while the ski resort at least the mountains we’ve been building her up there snag town is right there the ice farm is just below that just to the south of that and then south further still across a forest which just doesn’t show up on here because all the trees are covered in snow.

There is our hostile mob farmer with the multiple platforms that we saw at the very start of this episode the only other landmark of note on here is our mob head farm overran farming charged creepers and stuff like that and just to the south east of that is a fantastic Savannah plateau biome or a savanna shattered Savannah I think it’s called now it used to be savanna em biome but is now shattered Savannah and I really want to go back there at some point because the scenery there is just amazing I have to say I’ve been going around filling in areas of this world just to try and connect the map up a little bit make it feel a bit more complete make it feel a bit more squared off at the edges and I will eventually fill in all of these ones around the outside as well to give us a more complete picture of what we’ve got here especially when we need to connect the swangle village to the rest of the world but it is really evident when you’ve done a project like this how much of the world we just leave empty and how little of it we use and when you consider that the borderline of the top of that map actually finishes somewhere around 6,000 blocks north and I think this one only goes down to about 8,000 blocks south is where the jungle village is down there this is really not a large area of the world when you consider that there are 30 million blocks in every direction from our zero zero point around here that is honestly barely the tip of the iceberg in fact it’s like an ant on the tip of an iceberg is really the area that we’ve covered in this world so far and I think with that a little bit of perspective we are going to wrap up this episode of the Minecraft Survival Guide I hope you’ve enjoyed watching me put this map together a little bit of a break from the mountains today we will be back out there on streams of course so I hope you guys enjoy those stop by on Twitch every now and then if you want to see me building a mountain block by block until then take care I’ll see you guys soon bye for now.

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