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Hi guys and welcome back to the channel so International Women’s Day boss rush challenge came out and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about how to easily defeat every single opponent in yeah and what are the best counters and simultaneously and we’ll try my best to kind of like clear it with the force that champions as I’m trying to explain fights so when we read the first fight we have special thanks to Lord grant which is pregnant wife ass so thank you we have Matador note which basically says every time to activate special attack we gained about power and that’s about it spite we all know what that does God Slayer more critical damage and special attacks and basically can’t reverse the heal but the thing is this fight does not have a level 3 which makes it incredibly easy with any champion and yeah so long as you basically able to deliver more damage then she can heal which shouldn’t be too hard it’s extremely easy to finish all these fights now one interesting strategy here is abusing chorus and just launching his special attacks because you don’t need to waste your life charges and she’s gonna keep throwing her special attacks we’re gonna keep gaining power and yeah so there is no need to actually strike her ever and then we can just drop our special attacks and absolutely shred into this lady so it is perfectly doable even with the three stalkers I didn’t stream as several times so actually this all challenge is perfectly completable with three star champions I did a three star run initially where I used a couple of items couple of reviles unlike rogue fight but if I had worried I think I would be able to squeeze through without items and then I tried doing item less three star run but I failed a bit because well just got a bit worn out either way so core was super simple you can always land a couple of hits if you choose to just again the additional damage but the acorus or perfect sell is any other champion realistically because she does not have her lower three active so you don’t have to worry about spite and spiders in fact helping you a lot in this fight because then you don’t need to.

And parries defined openings or do anything of the sort so super easy nothing to worry about and yeah this fight is about to be over soon as she pretty much drops a special taxi she has a level three but she cannot use it so we’re not worried I want eight glitch I just left perfectly enough I’ll just finish it off here and yeah that was as simple of that with four Socceroos doable with three start curves as well or basically just use any champion and deliver some damage first fight is really easy now second one is Medusa and it has in Wade in it and I’m actually quite like that the fact that it has in Wade so that again enables Carlos to deliver extreme damage through block now I do have like a loading screen pop-up here but other than then Wade there’s nothing really tricky going on in this fund will then check it out in a second without all of the modes and so I counter-strike basically every time you decks gain pipes and fury when you reach ten theories she goes unblockable but that’s not even really important because you don’t want to block anyways because if you then wait till third regeneration can be annoying so avoid champions is a lot of buffs in Wade is a node that can actually be really fun and cornered basically just avoid damage or time champions now a key change here is she has a level three active though so you do need to be careful pushing her blows to be and again so one thing one simple thing you want to do here is just hit her block and that is about it not much else there we can see the cheese went downstream lis rapidly now you could also obviously try to get there.

Oh we messed up here is excellence I could Creedy.

I tried together out of luck judge but hey it’s not the most important thing now wasp but yeah in weight medicine is just pretty much easy just hit her block a lot ideally with like Carlos or something and don’t get hit and that’s about it.

So now I have spiked armor dismay and enhanced shock and plug mine now one easy way to deal with obviously can eat this by karma damage and this fight actually went right for the first I’m gonna use crossbones it’s important to remember that crossbones and building $20.99 cannot crit so that should make the fight relatively simple as well we cannot create initially since we don’t want to get that weighed I’m just gonna launch heavy attacks with cross one has one hint heavy attack and then once she actually drops her loved ones or heavy attacks we can go on with full combos not much to worry about that so as you can see perfect counter for spider-man now other champions that you can relatively easily use here would be name or because you can just reflect despite that more damage and quake quick absolutely ignore the whole thing that’s on this node so nothing to worry about or if you want you can remain mister champions with mystic dispersion and take advantage of those buffs that she is going to be getting but here we can see even though crossbones doesn’t maybe necessarily have the highest damage output.

The fight is relatively simple not much to worry about just be wary of that away it was past what was always somewhat slightly annoying opponent in my initial runs I just used quake for this earthquake works perfectly fine as well and what else can be used so well technically if you use strong enough champion is pretty much anyone and just ignore this back down Oh damage so long does you know how to work the wasp but yeah crossbones you can see that not a single trigger on that spot animal and even though it’s not the quickest fight but yeah even the first are crossbones has discovered 26% but yeah my personal answer here was quite so nothing freaky too tricky with this fight is off just don’t mess up don’t let that this make Hatcher so don’t freak those away it’s an interesting option for this fight was I just used chorus and hit was to block pretty much indefinitely making sure I don’t run out of charges and that shock does nothing really the colors and colors can die from them to attendee buffs so even when she does await places that shock on you that this may doesn’t kill you so yeah I kind of finished this fight with a three star choruses often quite funny fashion in a live stream that I just had which I’m gonna leave a link to in the video description in case you guys want like check out my personal runs over there yeah so now we’re on off to next fight next slide made by Katie Katie candy so huge shout out Katie I know many people hate it it has kinetic transparence also lights and hand special one on aggression regeneration now there is nothing that tells us that we cannot reverse that regeneration and even the also light can be annoying and you might need to wait some level once Captain America infinity working deals so well with this fight and as you can see that kinetic transference also gets mitigated by the petrified evolves so here we have to await below one which is not too bad now she starts healing because she is not a little defensive face which is fine because she has it aggression regeneration healing so it doesn’t matter if she heals back to full because later on the universe is just gonna go down so much quicker as you can see here she’s absolutely melting away nothing tricky in this fight completely done and that’s it so this is actually extremely easy fight if you can choose any heal reversal method so you can use cap you can use void for this probably a bunch of other champions as well that can reverse heal or at least stop and mitigate it so that’s quite easy or you can just choose the out damage that Emma Frost would like some bigger damage dealing champions like Carlos for instance I imagine would be extremely grateful this and now we are at arguably the hardest fight here is that rogue within wait and brawl an aspect of death is a tricky cookie to cut we are going to be trying to use water how not ever really used right in this matchup myself but the point is we’re just going to be trying to maintain our distance never ever hit her and wait for the healed result kicking so in theory it should work water.

And practice possibly not so much but anyway we haven’t really gotten lucky without Debose yet might some states some states of mind for sure okay now let’s heal and it might have a sec I’m sure you can do this part is relatively easy we’re gonna finish it off with car wash we did some aesthetics but hey you know it still works cuz we hit her a bit too much unfortunately colors should be able to provide us with some good results because obviously chorus does love anyway note quite a bit 1% it’s okay so yeah it is a tricky fight but you can definitely get through it now I can just use any champion realistically to finish this out shouldn’t be a problem until I mess up here ah so yeah our rope is definitely going to be one of the more annoying solutions so you can either try and deal with the unstoppable using like stealth enhance spider-man or something or you can just try and use Corvis and used in wait which is gonna be tricky with the brawl or lastly you can try and reverse the heal so it’s pretty much up to you but it is not the kind of like top of the middle easy fight and ice we can select banana because we haven’t had that title yet and now we have final boss here and now final boss is Black Widow clairvoyant with mighty charge which is annoying safeguard empowered immunity so she will gain power if you try to bleed her so damn short an effect should be a good option aside from bleed because she’s immune from bleed and Matador and curse of death.

So I guess kind of planning to use it’s kind of planning to use void for this one but let’s see if we can get it done with ghost so that mighty charge might be quite annoying for us but that safeguard kind of makes a lot of this stuff a lot of this stuff quite meaningless anyways but there as you can see here ghost can bypass my to charge it really well whoopsie so it did make a mistake there all right I can still party huh haha.

So because of safeguard this is going to be a longer fight and it’s necessary but definitely doable with many different champions so let’s see if we can get through this with coast evidently not.

Okay so last thing I guess is gonna be cap and let’s see how we can do it this isn’t going too well for me but at the same time I am just trying to talk quite a bit over here so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Okay because I save God could get a bit annoying but trying to push her to more specials it’s fine so we can’t really deliver much damage I’m a single hit but hey we still can corner her and deal with it relatively fine get some bleeds in us that’s not the end of the world let’s push at level 2 it should get us some of that sweet treat it will power heal but it didn’t because I showed off still fine.


29% lot not too bad yeah initially again just quite this fight there’s so much easier of quite trust me splicing some of those leads on us not too bad.

8% left and that should be all she wrote so I’m not a perfect run but definitely doable that save dad’s arguably probably the most annoying thing there on this champion but all in all definitely totally easy thing to do so it’s certainly accomplishable with four star champions without any items quite easily especially yeah well poor stash can do it we did it with three stats as well it might be willing to invest couple of items or two so all in all I think it’s a fun little side event giving those ten thousand five star shines is a decent nice boost and it’s quite easy I am sure there are people who are going to be saying like it’s harder that’s BS something laughs but the thing is each of these fights in here has more or less a trick to them or like a key or and so but you need to find so let’s recap quickly so x-23 super straightforward just taking anything that deals damage and hit her ignore the fact that she reaches level three Medusa I hit head block simple as that hit her block and the fight will be over wasp ideally you want counter to those fight armor so are guilty in 2099 quake Namor Omega red can counter it crossbones or just eat up the damage if you have strong enough champions and don’t hit her if chef if her weight isn’t and cooldown Emma Frost 100% just the simple reverse heel node and not much else to it I dress generations or any method to reverse the healing is perfect or if you just want to blitz through it bring somebody that hits insanely hard and you’ll do just fine as well.

Rogue is the trickiest part in there because it’ll brawl and in wait so I can’t really parry and rely on that piece of strategy so who did the rogue find special thanks to dragon face so dragon so yes dragon has the hardest fight in here and still aggression regeneration means you can reverse the heal if you can dance about and survive long enough which might be quite tricky as we saw with worried because we didn’t get a good rng our petrifies came in last so that strategy obviously can occasionally fail but still doable or you can bring in Kouros hit the block a lot or just doing an anything that deals a lot of damage or you can bring in champions that deal with unstoppable stuff but with rogue it’s gonna be fairly tricky cuz she shrugs off all the beamers relatively quickly so keep that in mind and the final boss the final boss is nothing again – tricky mighty charge might be annoying to play around with but that’s just a bit of practice safeguard essentially just explained quite a bit and everything else there isn’t too meaningful so relatively easy oh and I cooler and I liked it I hope you guys enjoyed it as well if you were struggling with any of the fights hopefully this video helped you with ideas how to counter some champions or what to do and what matters in this fight and if not then leave a comment not try to answer the questions for you all that being said thank you very much for watching and if you enjoyed today’s video in that like button hit at some button hit all the buttons and I mean can’t you guys so yeah.

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