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Hey guys it’s been a while but we have a new Master Yi guide for you because there’s a ton of changes coming out and you guys have been bothering me what questions and I think it’s time we make a YouTube video so let’s go ahead and get into it mr. editor okay so first up is blade of the ruined King so plate of ranking got a pretty substantial buff last patch its current health damage is up from eight to twelve so that’s quite a substantial amount of damage so blade of the ruined King is it a good item to buy or not now the general Yi community thinks it’s overhyped.

Not that good but I actually think it’s pretty good and I’ve been building it as a second or third item after blood razor or good news pretty much every game now I think wit’s end is still really great into magic team comps but I think blade and ranking definitely has its place right now so when it comes to new blade of Marin King buff I’m gonna go ahead and give that a big fat s if you if you guys understand this is s before a yeah yeah so next best dance so if you guys didn’t see des dance is getting a change it’s not necessarily a nerf or a buff I didn’t want to comment on this and so after I was more sure what they were going to do because the last iteration was kind of overpowered but the new one looks like this so the new des dance gets a an ad reduction pretty substantially and it gets a price hike of a hundred gold but instead we now gain armor and mr now the whole purpose of death dance is to kind of give bruisers some kind of resistances on top of their steroids and trinity force but i think it can be a viable option for master G if you’re playing into full ad teams or mixture of teams right the item I’m still not too sure about if it’s better or worse I think that we just have so many options right now that we might be not building des dance as much as we were so this is an item to be looking out for and the upcoming patches but I don’t know yet my guess is we’re probably going to stop building it except for in some niche cases where they have a bunch of AP and fit damage and you need itemize against both so I think it will have its purpose just it’s not gonna be an every game thing like it is now next we have whitson so whitson has not gotten any changes this patch but people want to know is this still relevant yes what’s in is still an amazing item even with all the grievious women’s and blah blah it’s a good item so I don’t even need to talk more about that ok so next up we’re gonna talk a little bit about runes because you guys want to know about the runes right and the thing is is I feel like it’s really repetitive to continue to do the runes on me because I really don’t change so I’m just gonna talk a little bit about peace tones for right now so we have in the precision tree we have lethal tempo press the attack conqueror is that it fleet footwork yeah so all those are in stock except for conker some people are still wanting to do lethal tempo I don’t do it maybe you can make it work lethal tempos maybe one of those runes you can make work but I think conker is just a way to go not because of the healing necessarily but because the extra ad that you get from conker now with the new blade of ranking changes we might be seeing some lethal tempo builds but I think conker is just the safe bet mmm will we go down the secondary tree here I’m just gonna list some of these out for you guys so in the first row triumph is the room that you want alacrity in the second row or legends bloodline or the tenacity when do you bring them ok so this is one that I like to talk about the TLDR is you bring the alacrity the attack speed if you just don’t know what the brain you bring the tenacity if you’re up against Leona or something like that and honestly with the new blade and ring team changes I don’t think we need blood line at all anymore so you’re basically choosing between attack speed or tenacity generally I usually bring tenacity but I think attack speed feels very good as well it’s really entirely preference enough to you probably bring the attack speed bill next we have coup de gras versus Last Stand I think they’re very very similar you can pick whichever one you want if you’re gonna go with it I mean last dance kind of okay I just bring coup de Gras I think they’re both fine just pick one.

Just pick one they’re not that important secondary treaty so you guys have been wondering about like Nimbus cloak verse the ravenous hunter right a lot of people have been bringing Nimbus cloak to try to get more movement speed from smiting and flashing okay I can see it being a thing why not but I still think that the domination tree is better you the ravenous hunter just heals you off of your blade and Rinca now right it heals you off of your blood razor it’s just ravenous is just really powerful and it allows you to snowball and then of course you want to bring eyeball collection don’t bring sudden impact stop doing that it’s just so bad just stop thank you.

Yeah so yeah that’s pretty much how we go into that tree so Nimbus cloak a lot of people are wondering about Nimbus cloak because Nimbus cloak has the extra MU speed which is something to match you really wants if you’re not buying boots right I tend to skip boots okay I think it’s okay but I think ravenous is just more important you can bring it if you want to have some fun try it out see if you like it that’s all you got to say about that one and as for like a secondary but Nimbus cloak I don’t think it matters maybe some people bring celerity I don’t know how good celerity is right now it doesn’t look to be that good but hey maybe maybe it’s good for you and then we have transcendence as well those are two things that you can look at bringing next we have halo blades are we bringing Hale blades no I don’t think hella blades is any good it did get a buff this patch but it’s still just not as good as conker I would not bring Caleb lights so mr. editor can you just like make Caleb blades blow up or something oh yeah okay so now we’re gonna talk a little bit about builds on masteries so the build has not changed much you rush blood raiser then you get goons oohs then you make your decision oh my god this is it it hasn’t changed much but it’s hard to explain so build number one the standard master you build blood razor goons ooze rage late there you go that is the master you build that is your core build that is what you typically build every game okay next after that you’re basically choosing blade of the ranking witsand or Destin’s right those are your three options so the TLDR of that is blade of ranking against tanks wit’s end against heavy AP damage dealers and death stance against everything else right but I’ve been running blade and ranking against everything else in place of stance so I haven’t been building des dance at all as a third item I’ve been building play to the ring King but I do build best dance a little bit later on into the game so I think des dance it’s actually really solid which brings up my other build that I’ve actually been building blood razor and two bladed the broom King in two goons whose rageblade I actually think it’s not terrible good news is a really big power spike but blade of the ring King is actually doing work early and gives you a slow and you can build an early builds water which will also give you a slow when you’re ganking try it out see if you like it if you don’t switch back to goons who’s rageblade.

But I think bleedin drinking has a solid spot even if they’re not playing against all tanks a lot of Yi mains may disagree but I think if you try it you might like it and if you don’t you can always go back to ginzu no problem there now for the late game you typically just get a stare eggs or whatever you need there right so let’s look at a fully build here we got blood razor blade and ring king goons whose rates blade wit’s in death death and a sterak’s gage that is the dream build right there that is the dream build summoner spells what do I think about summoner spells so I’ve been bringing flash a lot because I’ve been suffering from getting invaded early I think you really need to analyze your weaknesses in your game and see what the problem is if you’re getting invaded in your jungle early and you’re having issues getting out you definitely want to look at getting flash if you want to do a little bit more damage I think a Knights definitely worth it for example in my situation I’m finding myself getting constantly invaded when they figure out that I have ignite and I’m getting three-man gangbanged in the jungle it’s just not worth it for me to bring ignite right now so when I’m playing a game I’ll typically bring flash again it’s entirely preference you can bring a knight or flash but right now flash is my go-to choice okay so what is the general strategy this patch for Master Yi so Massie tends to like the farm you don’t want to take those early ganks anymore unless you’re absolutely sure you’re gonna hit them right I don’t invade because that requires my team to have priority that’s something I was doing a lot of a few patches ago as I was invading and then the enemy laners would come help the jungler and my laners wouldn’t do anything you guys don’t know what I’m talking about right so I don’t typically invade anymore if you just do a flat afk I typically do five camps in two crap and then my six camp go back by red smite and a dagger right you do that and then you just afk farm your jungle get your blood raised before eight minutes every game which is how you want it to be now if you do see a gang somebody that’s just obviously so overextended go for it now your teams are going to complain about you not ganking that happens a lot you mute them and you hope that you can go to at least 20 minutes then you’ll start to pop off you have to really show yourself around 20 minutes you have to show your team that you can carry because it might surrender without you so get that Gimmes use and then start making the plays because otherwise your team’s gonna surrender whether you want them to or not so what is G’s current state in the meta actually right now in pretty much every region except for Korea Yi is pretty good and I’m not just saying that because I play on the Korea server okay if we pull up some statistics here from you Gigi world wide mastery has a 22% ban rate with the seven point four percent pick rate so if we take a look at the regions individually here you can see that mastery has a 45 percent ban rate in the NA server with the six percent pick rate EU west has a 32 percent ban rate right and then you picked somewhere like Korea where we just have like an 8% ban rate in a 6% ban rate right give or take these stats might be different when the video comes out but yeah pretty much in every region except for Korea Yi’s pretty hotly contested it gets a lot of bands or picks he’s really good right now no he doesn’t need any buffs he’s really good right now so if you want to climb he’s the way to do it but you know you might get you might get banned out right because people aren’t wanting to play against you right now now the new skin what do I think about the new skin I know it’s not a part of the guide technically but the new skin looks really nice the auto animations are really good it sounds really crisp really nice sound I would say it’s probably one of my favourite skins the more I use it the more I like it I haven’t switched to any other skins since I had it so yeah I think the skins definitely worth it as for cromoz I think that the white chroma is the only chroma that I really like well yeah the Blood Moon mastery skin looks fantastic now if you guys have any other questions regarding mastery feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’m just gonna go ahead and hit this up here before somebody asked what about Creek bill no don’t do it it sucks I’m sorry I’m sorry I might do some crit builds for videos for that clickbait but it’s really don’t do it it’s not worth it because any like squishy crimping blows up squishies so does a so does on hit right so anything that you can kill with crit you can kill it on hit and with tanks coming back I don’t know.

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