Minecraft Bazaar Guide – Hypixel Skyblock! New Best Ways To Make Money

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With the new updates you’re no longer able to flip items as you guys know it was a great way to make money in no time you could be buying something for a hundred thousand and selling it for two hundred thousand and well as you guys know.

With the new update came the stock market not only that but we also limited to the items we can buy from an NPC everything except for building blocks we can purchase 640 beach and towards the end of the video I’m actually gonna show you guys how you can turn hundred thousand to two hundred thousand in matter of minutes so hope you guys are excited for it and I also do what I mentioned that I’m gonna be actively uploading new videos so make sure you guys subscribe with the notifications on and hit that like button it really does mean a lot to me and without further adieu let’s continue with today’s video but the new market system made something pretty interesting and that is utter minions are actually valuable now it’s no longer all about the claim minions and that’s why I have gone ahead and actually placed down a little bit of different minions as you guys can see we have the good old cobblestone minions back out we have the Obsidian minion we have the redstone minion we have the glowstone minion and I’m gonna show you guys that they are actually now more worth than the good ol Claim minions or snow minions because well that’s what people used to do and that would you sell the clay to the NPC but now you actually want to sell your items often to the stock market anyways now we’re gonna go afk for about 24 hours and we’re gonna return and see which minion performs the best now there are a lot of other minions that are probably gonna be performing better but I think we found one which is definitely worth it already so we grab the items from this cobblestone tier 11 minion and we got ourselves a stack and 6-inch and cobblestone moving up we got our obsidian minion which is tier 9 and we got 16 obsidian from there then we have the red stone minion which is tier 11 and we got almost two stacks a pinch and a red stone and finally we have the close to a minion which is tier 9 and we got ourselves a stack and a half of a generic glowstone and not gonna be considering Concetta diamonds it’s just a great way to make extra money but we’re not gonna add it into our calculation right now and I also do have like place down gold minion because I think gold meeting might be actually a really good minion to have as well but I placed it down just today so we’re not gonna consider him alright guys so now we are at bazaar and that we are going to be selling the items right here because it’s a lot of times better to actually sell right here and as you guys can see if we were to sell our in China close to us right here we would be making 90,000 now if we were to sell it at the NPC we will be making only about twenty-nine thousand and four hundred forty coins which is a lot less than selling obviously here so let’s go ahead and sell it and we’re gonna make ourselves a quick 90 thousand and we just did it through quick sell and we could be maybe selling it for even a little bit higher if we put a custom price to it alright guys moving on to the next items we have the enchanted cobblestone as you guys can see we could actually make fifty seven thousand from each other cobblestone now obviously in try to close stone dust is way better I highly recommend it to every single one of you but we can make fifty seven thousand and if we were to sell it to the NPC we would make only eleven thousand and two hundred coins so this is definitely worth it alrighty moving on we have the enchanted obsidian and we can be forty six thousand two hundred eighty four coins from that so let’s go ahead and sell that and if we were to sell it to the NPC we would make about thirty thousand seven hundred twenty coins which means that enchanted obsidian isn’t really worth to sell already moving on we have the enchanted redstone now in jeddah redstone I’m assuming it’s gonna go for a good price because the demand for it is always high because as you guys know enjoyed a closed stone and a channel of redstone is often used when you’re brewing potions here in the game so the demand is often very large but let’s go ahead and see how much we could be making and we could be making sixty three thousand okay guys I just realized post-editing that I did.

Do the best job explaining why the prices went down but what I can explain you guys is you can always take a look at the graphs now we go ahead and look at the Redstone and we’re gonna look at it enchanted redstone we pull up few graphs but we look at the sale prices as you guys can see sell prices were much much better few days ago not today so this is something that you should always consider and see that right now I think a lot of people are maybe placing down redstone minions so the sale prices are impacted by that but the buy price is still fairly high as you guys can see and wait is this another one of these yes anyways this market is quite interesting and let’s just jump back into the selling redstone and yeah yeah definitely enchanted redstone is like you know it’s obviously better to sell it here because we’re still making very good in-game money I mean in 24 hours we made 63 thousand coins which is very solid and if we were to sell it to the NPC we would make 19 thousand six hundred and eighty coins already and then also quickly do you want to mention enchanted diamonds and as you guys know I think the demand for it isn’t that high right now because if we were to sell it right here we would make thirty five thousand four hundred and eighty two coins and if we go to the NPC then we’ll take a look at this ladies and gentlemen we are actually gonna make a little bit more in-game money selling it to the NPC which is kind of interesting and I did not expect that also I want to show a strategy that would work for anybody and this is better for the beginner players who are just joining the server and they don’t have that many coins so we’re gonna take out right now hundred thousand coins I’m gonna show you guys a very easy strategy how to flip your money so we can for instance go to the farmer chant quickly grab ourselves potatoes as much as we can buy and the limit for it is 640 per day we’re gonna quickly turn it into enchanted potatoes and keep in mind we started with a hundred thousand we’re gonna move on to the lumber we’re gonna grab spruce wood which is the best wood to sell right now Ben we’re gonna go ahead and turn it into enchanted woods we’re gonna take all types of wood I think all the woods is right now profitable we’re also gonna go ahead and go to the adventure because I believe also the mob drops are gonna be profitable even if you’re required to buy them here and there we go we’re now back at bazaar and I didn’t even spend a hundred thousand but I spent fifty eight thousand coins as you guys can see I still have plenty of coins left so you needed only fifty eight thousand coins and take a look at this ladies and gentlemen we can sell all of it four hundred and twenty five thousand coins and we are already making a pretty solid profit and just like that from hundred thousand two hundred and sixty-six thousand coins and we could still buy items around here you can just go every single day and just quickly sell these items and you can make an easy profit keep in mind that right now wood is extremely in demand and think about things that people just need right now like something that they need to craft pets whatever it may be don’t forget that there’s also NPCs back at the goldmine where you can purchase some gold and just make a quick profit already so it seems like it’s time for us to say goodbye to most of these chicken minions because well I already go up myself quite a few so branch out of eggs I have twelve in total right now and well if we go down over here as you guys can see I have added a few more glowstone minions and a few more Gold minions because I think we’re gonna be making the most in-game money with those minions so if you guys are wondering how the heck do I know which minis are the right ones to place down if let’s say the glowstone prices drop what you want to go ahead and do is just have a look at what’s selling at the highest price right now sand seems to be going for quite a high price but overall I mean glowstone is definitely by far right now the best from the mining area but definitely check out the other categories as well for instance you may need to start setting up and you form if it’s just that profitable but also you know obviously a lot of people have been setting up wood minions don’t forget about that but that is it with the new update there’s a lot of new opportunities that you guys can check out and well definitely time to change out your clay minions if you’re still running on them and I think also super compactors have been going for fairly good prices so that’s something that you might be actually wanting to craft and then selling them instead of just selling they try to cobble stone because you might actually turning given a bigger profit and yeah but anyways I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s video today’s video has been definitely a lot more different than usually and as mentioned in the beginning of the video I am going to be more active on YouTube now because while my university actually got freakin canceled for now and it’s gonna be cancelled for another two weeks so I’m hoping to bring back life streaming that’s at read cetera but you know obviously I have a lot of good content ideas but I’m not sure how good they’re gonna be because a lot of hypixel Skyblock youtubers have been getting mad Opie and well I’m not that o-p-s then okay anyways I hope you guys have enjoyed today’s video if you guys did makes you guys drop like and I hope to see you guys in the next one peace out.

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