Minecraft Guide Full World Tour! Minecraft Guide Episode 50 (Minecraft 1.15.2 Let’s Play)

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In this episode of the Minecraft Guide we look back at ever farm and build that we’ve done so far! It’s world tour time! In this episode we check out everything while talking a little about it all. There’s a world download below. The seed is on episode 10 in the description.

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Hey hey they’re elites it’s meet your boy waddles and welcome back to another planet zoo let’s play oh wait this is implanted zoo this is minecraft welcome back to minecraft let’s play episode number 50 it’s a special day 50 is a strong strong number in fact it’s it’s the highest episode number up to this point.

Well obviously episode number 50 is sort of a big milestone you already know what we’re gonna be doing today in today’s episode we’re gonna take a break from doing pretty much anything at all and dive into the nostalgia and check out everything that we’ve done so far that’s right today is World to Work Day now if you’re into world download some big news for you there is a world download as well it’s down below this video in the description if you’re looking for the world seat if you’d like to copy this world and play in it for yourself slide over to episode 10 in the description of that episode is the world seed put that into your world generator and you’ll have this world but it’ll be completely blank and you can build whatever you’d like this is a really really good seed now throughout today’s to work there will be episode numbers popping onto the screen just like this right here that number will correspond to whatever episode we did whatever project in so if you’re into checking a project out in a little bit more detail then you can slide into the Minecraft guide playlist it’ll be on the unsigned whatever number that you’re looking for with that being said if you enjoy today’s tour let me know by dropping a like and subscribing and two more things if you do the world download go into the world stand in front of whatever build is your favorite take a screenshot and tweet it at me at it is waddles or send it over to my subreddit and down below in the comments to let me know which episode has been your favorite which build or project was your favor to watch but with all that being said I think it’s time to start the tour of our beautiful beautiful base so we’re gonna go ahead and start things off nice and simply with our humble humble starter house now for OGIS of the series you will know that this is not the first building the first building was actually a dirt hut that’s right we built the dirt hot on episode 1 but I demolished it it does not exist anymore where he used to be but yeah this is the starter house up here we have our first patrol banners those are pretty cool there will always be there and then this map that I actually completely forgot about when we went exploring for treasure a couple episodes ago yeah completely forgot that this thing was here and this chest over here are all of my other random maps that aren’t currently on display eventually I do plan on getting some crazy map displays because maps are master chefs kiss they’re beautiful but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of map displays right now so extra maps in here of course you know the deal starter bed nice beautiful wraparound window here and then just you know basically a small starter house the old serger right here the kitchen right over here I always cook all of my food in this world right here on this smoker so I guess that’s kind of a big deal but uh yeah that’s actually pretty much all there is to say about the starter house I mean it’s a simple building I’m really happy with the build I like how it turned out now walking out of the starter house we will notice one big thing the thing is the lack of shaders so unfortunately Optifine is still in development it’s not like 98 percent I wanted to do the tour with shaders today but unfortunately that will have to wait for another time so no shaders secondly you will notice this beautiful plant area this is one of my favorite areas in this world I don’t know I love the feel like the path with the trees and then the water yeah I don’t know I think it looks really good one thing that I wanted to do in this world and that I’ve been doing pretty good at is building custom trees I think from the beginning of the series until now I have gotten a whole lot better at building custom trees and I am really really proud of them I love this V land specifically like for intros walking around in here I don’t know it just feels really nice like the perfect intro to a video but following the road this way we have our cool map right here lots of marking is going on so the blue those are all shipwrecks the white most of that stuff is villages but this white wood over there on the ocean is a bad place that’s where we got our first respawn and then the series of salt thanks to the Guardians and oh yeah the brown banners also villages ominous banners our outposts now I do streep this series as well over on my twitch each and every single Thursday it’s always really really fun if you’ve been to any of the streams or at least one specific stream that I’m talking about I you might have a pretty big idea as to what we’re gonna do next in the series because definitely today is not the end now let’s go ahead and actually skip the bridge for now and go over this way basic sugarcane farm love the fence thing I think it looks really really nice and the sugarcane is crazy I tried harvest this every once in a while that’s doing pretty good to say the least but maybe on an automatic farm would be nice to have soon so I don’t have to manually harvest that stuff any more like a like a savage and I mean the harvesting it manually it’s okay over here is the seed to be gone 3,000 so this is a pretty simple contraption this is one of the first contraptions that we actually build so in the top goes seeds okay I do have some seeds right here so we put seeds up here we axe to the chest trap chest and as soon as we accent things start filtering down into the hopper and actually they go into the composter then the composter compost everything and makes bone meal it’s not crazy efficient and it takes a lot of seeds to power this thing but it is nice to have unfortunately this is the only bone meal source in the world no skeleton farm point yet now over here we have the gigantic wheat field that I need hay bales to actually check out hay bales right here let’s go ahead and make a tower this thing is big this was the first big project that we took on I think I worked on this a lot in the first stream from this world but here is what the field looks like currently now in the latest stream I’d you go ahead and add a wall to this field just to kind of Mark it off and say that’s that with the field the field goes all the way to the edge of the biome so as soon as it hits the desert the wheat field stops in the middle of the field right over there you could see a green patch this is actually a cave system the cave system links up to the zombie part that we just worked on so yep that’s pretty cool.

Now unfortunately a very sad music plays because the bees that used to live in this field the beautiful beautiful bees they they’ve left us I don’t know where they went and I found him in the desert before but yeah the bees are just missing but I.

The school concept you know I started this world when the be update released back in the middle of December and I wanted to use beads in this field to speed up the growth as if I was ever actually going to harvest the thing yeah it was a really cool concept there’s flowers scattered throughout the field and random spots and around the edge but yep ah the bees are gone I don’t know where they went and will I ever get them back well maybe I would love to restore the bee population but they’re they’re literally just disappearing I have no clue.

Now this build this is a pretty big deal and it’s also one of my favorite barns that I have ever built a Minecraft now originally we had a different wood on the roof color.

I think the spruce wood looks really really good I think we had birch initially it just wasn’t cutting it but as soon as I flipped it over to spruce wood Oh everything changed inside is the food farm this is where I get all of my beef all of the steak for the serious rope this is amazing this farm is a cow crusher I always always build this thing this is one of my must have survival farms easily it’s amazing I would show it off but I actually just used it for more food right before that’s ture so can’t show it off but it is amazing and here is all of the wheat that I need to harvest to actually feed this thing in fact more than enough because I’m starting to the gift stocked up on a wheat in here too which is pretty cool this is actually the only wheat farm that I have that I actually harvest looking at you giant field now moving on over here we actually have in empty space I do actually have pretty cool plans for this area but I just haven’t done it quite yet so there right now we just have our cow farm pig pen and the sheep and of course Stanley right here that’s right Stanley it’s got a name tag now which is really really cool Stanley’s got some pretty good jumps and the speed on Stanley is pretty good too if you can tell I mean you can tell too much but San Lee is a very very good horse and I appreciate Stanley very very greatly now things sort of get tricky here because we could go that way or we could go this way I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and go this way because it is technically a dead end so first things first I need a little bit of bridge appreciation here because the bridge I mean it’s simple but I really like how it turned out but looking back at it now it’s definitely missing something down there I would definitely change that if I was going to build it now I don’t think I have the things that I would need to build it back when I built this bridge now this is actually our only enchanting setup in the entire world here we might change that soon but yup any enchanting here all of this armor it’s all made right over here at this table so this table is very important over here extra tools so I can check enchantments knock-back – absolutely not let’s see what we would get with a diamond pickaxe efficiency for okay that’s pretty good but we don’t need to enchant today but yeah this is the enchanting setup now right over here is sort of a big deal magical wares over in this tower is our favorite villager be one the only sandy sandy is our chief mending officers the big expert sandy knows all about the mending trade and for a pretty good price too every single tool that has mending on it I think actually originates with Sandy because I don’t think I found any mending books anywhere else I think I remember the stronghold having pretty subpar loot so definitely didn’t get any from there to get down out of here we would just jump right there but first actually there’s a rooftop that I always forget about I haven’t seen this view in a long time so over here we can see the villager village that we’ll check out in a minute.

It was a really fun build probably one of my biggest builds ever and then over here you can see our base our base is actually pretty sizeable so far this time around in this season of the let’s play I’ve been trying to slowly work on things and not have big giant unfinished projects and I am proud to report actually that as of the recording of this tour I don’t think I have very many unfinished projects at all everything that I’ve done I pretty much finished in this world so far which is really really big for me I am I’m bad at staying focused on projects from 100% honest like I don’t know I get bored and then I have a different idea and so then I kind of abandoned the first project and yeah that’s not the best but this time I’ve been doing pretty good at it that’s how we get out of Sandy’s house sandy is very very safe inside of that Tower so that actually finishes this part of the world let’s go ahead and go back over the bridge and let’s go this way we’ll go ahead and go over down this path now this area is like I mentioned before definitely unfinished I plan on coming back in here and adding some custom trees and a few other builds in here once I get the final building this area that I want to get in when will that be hopefully soon but I’m not 100% sure quite yet now this area right here is that the wall bark of the sheep market I’ve called it many different things but basically it’s our automatic sheep farm so the thing here is uh oh no oh no oh I have some fixing to do we’re missing a sheep right there I will color with that feed this guy is I I don’t know I’m gonna have to investigate that how could that have happened so the thing here is a bunch of colored sheep each color is represented here out there then the brown sheep unfortunately because we still haven’t found a jungle so pretty bad there now these things these are basically automatic machines with shears inside of them very very nice and I get a lot a lot a lot of wool from this thing now the wool is all picked up by a minecart line that runs underneath this thing and then the wool is automatically sorted for me this is the circuit down here there should be mine carts running in here doing their job haha.

There you are doing your job that’s exactly what I thought missed your minecart thank you very much now the minecart picks up the wolf that has dropped on the ground when the sheep eat the grass so it’s all automatic it’s really really cool now actually back behind the Sheep market we do have a farm that I’ve kind of been neglecting a little bit I don’t use it as much lately unfortunately but that is the vine farm I am really happy with how the vine farm ended up I think it looks really really nice but I just don’t use it it’s kind of a pain to harvest the vines I mean whenever I need vines this is where I get them but I’m not too good about harvesting it too frequently but it does sit here and I think it’s nice it’s kind of it fits nicely behind the wool market I don’t know I like to build being right there now as of the stream we have two brand new characters two brand new friends right here this is the boss sheep it has always been the bossy but it finally has a name tag a job right there with the rainbow colors that is amazing I love the rainbow shape they look really really cool then of course over here we have not another than waddles.

So the waddles has an interesting story one day after I finished this little pen I came back and I kid you doubt there was so literally the pig was in here I don’t know where the pig came from but uh that meant to me that the pig needed to live so the pig it did decide to live and it lives here forever it says the counterpart to the boss sheep I don’t know what waddles was doing you guys picked the name though with a poll on Twitter so big thank you to you guys the runner-up was ham I really did love that name and it’s just kind of funny but waddles actually won the vote by just a little bit so waddles it was now in this world I’m going with more of an organized spiel the base is going to be pretty much a big city or it is becoming a city more of a village at this point the city is gonna be organized around the storage building right here complete with a fancy red stone door I love this door so so much it was really fun to build but I remember having a lot of trouble finding slimeballs for this door because stinky business are of course required for this but thankfully we have them and I don’t know I just love this door over here the best dog in the world of course it is Pam we will go ahead and give Pam some food Pavin Smith sitting on the floor for a long time I was gonna bring Pam on the tour today but I didn’t really want Pam to get lost I I don’t know I I just don’t want to lose Pam so that’s Pam Pam’s very important this room is the storage room you guys have seen this room quite a bit lots of blocks going on in here I really really love how this room ended up but we also kind of don’t have as much room as I would have thought like we have this section to fill now and that section so we might have to expand it sooner or later I don’t know though the big thing that I know all of you are wondering about is this thing right here okay well maybe you’re not but 23 diamonds that’s pretty cool that’s the same age as me actually that’s that’s a weird coincidence that’s nice but yep 23 diamonds right now a few episodes back we would have had way more but we just made a bunch of sets of diamond armor and enchanted the stuff this set is pretty stacked now this over here is valuable chests lots of music discs around I keep getting creepers – Oh while skeletons – shoo creepers and get the disk so that’s pretty cool eventually I’d like to collect all of them over here random tools Admiral count lots and lots of emeralds and then iron oh the iron is doing amazing so just showing off some of the other valuables here this is what we have lots and lots of good stuff in this world and then yep bunch of other items if you do the world download this is the place to go and if you’re looking for my inventory these tools they will either be in here and one of these chests or in the armory building which we will hide you soon so going back out of the storage building we have this path I talked about organization the town is going to be based around this thing and that means we have a circle path going around the building now I have a feeling that my circle isn’t exactly a circle so the shape might be a little bit off but that was the vision I can definitely confirm that bamboo farm is this right here I just got the stuff I need to set up a farm for it but right now we’re doing the low tech plant it down chop it down thing alright so another split in the road which way will he go we’ll go this way so this area the wool collection sorting storage area this thing is connected right up to the wool marker which is actually right behind this thing the whole collection system sends all of the wool over here automatically it is amazing you can see the wool come up in here from time to time it’s really really cool looking all of the wool is automatically sorted and then in case of any issues we have an overflow chest right here because of how I did my item sorter things do sometimes unfortunately you sort of pass up the system even though they shouldn’t and if they do they end up over here and then I emptied this out every once in a while not that big of a deal on the stream like the most recent one we went ahead and finally did the ground I’m pretty happy with how it ended up but if I’m 100 percent honest I don’t know still I still might change it up we have this set up here for expansion later on because eventually these might fill up I think I mean I don’t know it’s been running for a long time now though since like episode 20 something and maybe we didn’t need all this expansion in the first place that might have been an overestimation on my part but I mean it’s there in case we need you now next up we have this tower right here this is the Phantom hunting tower I need to use this thing more to get more phantom membrane we actually went ahead and made this so we could give phantom membrane so we could take on the dragon and have potions of slow falling the build is really nice it’s a cool view but not the best one because of the cobwebs but it works perfectly for hunting phantoms so I mean what more could you ask for I can never manage the clothes that trapdoor on the way down though so I guess there’s something that I could ask for.

It’s kind of hard to hit maybe I should have set up some sort of like a tripwire thing below it but then again I mean that would make it overly complex and kind of big so I guess it’s good it’s fine if the trap door is open it’s not that big of a deal now the area around our base is actually getting pretty safe I haven’t working to get things nice and bright but I mean there still is the random dark spot every once in a while we’re creepers and spawn and grapefruit is basically aren’t good now over here this is the armory building the other place where you might find my tools and here we will be storing all of our good tools so other random and change of things that I liked and wanted to keep and then of course other great enchanted things that I love and again want to keep this is where they all go over here another set of diamond armor and another one and then our mending leather stuff that we found when we were exploring the ocean I don’t know not much of a flex but I mean it’s mending right so it’s kind of cool I probably will net well I will definitely never use that pot it’s there and change the books to go right over here I don’t have too many quite yet though because I just have an afk fished a bunch now this way there is one build that still needs a building I know we’ve had the building for a long time but yep never got around to building a building for it but the room down here is fully finished this is the spider lab this is a double cave spider farm the build is amazing it was my favourite XP farm until like two episodes ago well actually really until one episode ago when we finished the zombie thing but yeah cave spider spawner right over there.

Cave spider spawner over here there is a glitch with this thing though the particle effects they don’t appear on the spawners I’m not too sure why it’s been like that for a long time but I up I don’t know.

I wish I knew why it didn’t work but the spiders are all sent over here eventually they funnel to the front and then I can stand down here with my swords and take them up it’s pretty nice we can go down into this low area to get all of the experience that drops everything cool like that it’s really really nice and it’s great for healing up my mending stuff but unfortunately I probably won’t use it for too much longer because the zombie farm it seems to be a little bit better over here this is a connection to caves that I actually have to finish caving out and the the mine area the strip mine it’s very very big so yep that’s kind of cool this was definitely an unintentional connection it just ended up happening like that over here not too much else other than the exit so that’s the spider farm we’re gonna go ahead and drop that string I don’t really need that but yeah that is the spider farm at school it’s really good but it’s kind of unmarked and the only thing that marks it on the surface is two torches just random torches in the desert eventually I want to build a building but I don’t know I just kind of haven’t yet I am now considering just linking up to the tunnel that we built in the last episode though and removing the idea of a building over there entirely but again yeah you never know maybe eventually I’ll build a building if I do I would love to continue this path straight over that way to the building this is meant to be a diagonal path that comes off with a circle Center path so the center path is gonna be a circular on the building and then I’d like to have like organized paths coming off of it so diagonal on each corner of a circle has a corner which it definitely doesn’t but yeah that’s sort of the plan there in terms of some organization now over here is our gigantic nether portal that I am in love with this is a high pigment I wish you didn’t come through but yeah giant portal I really really like it it looks like a mirror which was unintended it was meant to look like some sort of super high-tech fancy portal but a mirror is pretty cool too how did he get the portal circle I will never know and you cannot say this it’s a top-secret definitely secret now inside of the portal we have our nether hub which is really high up and oh no I’m noticing a block that I’ve missed there’s netherrack up there that’s not meant to be this is meant to be all of bedrock now we are actually way up at the top of the nether to get back down into the lower another you go down this spot right here it is a very very long ways we built it another hub at the top of the nether to make nether hallways a whole lot easier up here we don’t need to worry about lava oceans which is really really good we do have a few tunnels this tunnel is pretty sure we’re not going to go down it all the way but this one goes over to the stronghold all of these tunnels are basically ice roads with glass panes on the sides to help Center the boat if I go that way that will go to the stronghold but there is nothing in the stronghold now this tunnel the purple one is a lot longer this one goes all the way over to the Mesa and it also goes over to the tundra where we got the villagers for our custom village but we actually don’t really need to go over there today because there’s nothing to see I mean the tunnel is the only thing that I built really but it’s just a bunch of ice and glass pane so just just use your imagination now over here I can hear this hmm we have ha a trader hiding oh okay hold on though mm-hmm that’s actually a decent trade we don’t have any jungle saplings but five emeralds I don’t know about that my god the wandering trader is here but it seems to have drunk its invisibility potion no clue why that’s weird maybe that’s just what they do in the nether I guess I wonder how long this villager has been here though that’s interesting now over here is just a random hub area we have some melons growing in case I mean I’ll probably never eat these things but they do grow in here that’s kind of cool and then really just some extra storage chests but this area is basically a utility expansion of the hub a room that I added to have useful things in because this one is meant to look pretty and I mean I don’t know I know I’m biased but I think it looks pretty pretty I like it again though how does he have to circle the over portal I don’t know the world may never know it’s a top secret mmm definitely secret over here is a simple automatic pumpkin farm I’m really happy with how this started out and it gets me quite a bit of pumpkins and apparently rotten flesh as well interesting probably some poor unsuspecting zombie wandered in here but it’s probably good that it’s gone from being 100% on us now the collection system is pretty simple there is another farm just like this on the other side of the storage building that we’ll check out in a minute and the collection system is exactly the same but you can actually see that so we’ll talk about it more when we’re over there long story short it’s a minecart.

Over here oh boy this is pretty much my second bus around the best friend is Pam the second best friend is this thing right here this is my amazing amazing iron farm you saw those iron blocks earlier on well they’re all thanks to this build right here and lots of poppies as well which is really really cool and the last stream the double chests actually filled up again and I turn all the iron entire blocks boom that’s how I completely restocked my iron block stockpile which is really really nice this barb is a mazing it works wonderfully I love it definitely of the best bill or well maybe not the best bill but my most useful bills in this world so far because the iron infinite iron that’s an amazing thing we are ready to do crazy projects boy next up we have this farm right over here this is a pretty much an identical copy of the other part over there the pumpkin one except for this one we have melons lots of melons too I need to convert these over into blacks as well because this is getting full now on this part you can actually see the collection system it is right here simple minecart line with lots of rails running under this whole thing the hopper minecart picks of all of the items that are thrown on the ground by the Pistons which is really really cool the observers in the farm automatically detect when the crops grow and the crops are harvested instantly which is definitely very very good very amazing and I mean it’s working out we’re getting a lot of melons I wanted to make this farm I never mentioned but basically for the melon black smell of LOX are kind of useful for building definitely useful for decorating I just actually also forgot to use them for decorating I built the fire before that but then I forgot that I built it for that mmm mmm that sounds about right but it’s here it’s cool and it’s symmetrical with the other with the other side which I really do like now over here oh boy this might be my favorite like a static build in the world this is the AFK fish farm complete with this marshy swampy looking area around it I did change it a few times since you guys lost saw it in an episode though I did go ahead and take a lot of your guys advice on this build so big big shout out to any of you who would.

Giving me these ideas but wheat around this thing the wheat looks really really nice and it adds a little bit of variation and here we have sole sin as well we get some bubbles going on because bubbles are in swamp so I don’t know I think that’s a really nice detail touch as well.

I love the the reeds though around this area with the sea pickles I don’t know the capsules look really really nice and just overall III basically need to see this spot with shaders this is really my favorite part aesthetically of this world and it’s not even fully complete because I mean it’s empty over here and over here once this actually has builds here and it’s actually linked up to a path as well I think this might be 100% my favorite build in this world like forever but I guess we’ll see in the next tour.

Now inside is a basic afk fish farm I have a pretty good rod but it’s not the best thing I’ve been meaning to combine this one right here with this one I think it is yeah with luck of the c3 yes with them we would have lure three luck of the c3 on breaking through reinventing that would be a great rod but unfortunately I just haven’t done it yet.

Down here we have lots and lots of unsorted loot the books are not that good other than this one that’s really nice I need that for my pickaxes and then over here more loot and then finally up here more loot that definitely needs to get sorted soon so I’ll have to figure that out eventually what I’ll probably do is do a bunch of chests down here and just store the loot down here I mean that’ll probably be a better way to do it and definitely a lot easier than carting everything from this build all the way over to the storage building even though it is really close when we afk inside of this farm that farm is active which was the whole point of building this farm after we built the iron farm I wanted to have something to do while I have Kang and that thing are there the afk fish farm is perfect I actually am just realizing though I saw haven’t finished it I meant to put oak trapdoors on these blocks right here just add a little bit more depth ah whoops saying I’ll have to go back to that later now next up we have this thing over here there is actually only I guess two main things to talk about maybe three we want to talk about this thing this is a simple crop farm where I have been receiving all of my my honeycombs from.

This world actually I am pretty stocked up on honeycombs I have some over here and then some over there which I guess I guess I got those from the other one but yeah this is the main thing for honeycombs right now but we definitely need a better beef farm of course we have the famous Paul and the famous Marco these are the two original B’s here and any B’s that I have around the base come from those two right there which is a pretty big deal they’re basically the founders and they were our first friends that we got in this world I think we got the B’s in like episode maybe it would have been like four or five like it was one of the first things that I did and it was tricky it was very very tricky because back then beam us the the they only generated on trees you couldn’t grow them by planting flowers and then growing saplings around them so yeah it was tricky we had to go pretty far now if we could pause here really quick before we check out this one we need the dramatic music that’s right mm-hmm dramatic music because here we are at what Lant is definitely the city that is under the water it’s definitely under the water again no wandering traitors and pillagers are allowed here now this city is doing very very well this is our custom villager village this is basically our training hall now the villagers that live here are not the smartest they do they just do weird things like this like I don’t know what the villager does sir is doing but yep there’s a lot of villagers here and there’s quite a few golems too I’m gonna have to clear these guys out because they’re kind of a problem there’s starting to be overwhelming but yeah a lot of villagers inside of this town most of these buildings are fully customized and decorated as well which is pretty cool I mean this one is just one for pets probably not the best example but this one over here this is actually a library we have a librarian station down here and then up top we have a bed oh and I guess the golem another one yeah I’m gonna have to dispose of those golems sometime soon hopefully the villagers don’t mind this project was definitely the biggest project that we’ve done so far in the series it was like maybe five six episodes long something like that it was really really fun though I really did enjoy doing it there is a couple crop farms around this village though the villagers can automatically reproduce I don’t know how often they do it though I think most of the villagers are here are here because of me and my forcibly reproducing here but just though that they have the freedom to choose to do that if they want to and they live a pretty comfortable life in here there is no possibility of anything spawning inside of this village ever I went crazy.

With the light level checking there is no such thing as an 8 inside of the sound in fact if you can prove me wrong and find one on a spa noble block so not something like a staircase then then I don’t know I I don’t know but if you could find that that would be crazy cool of you and yeah but I don’t think it exists here this town is super super safe now over here we have special towers only for me I am the only one allowed inside of these towers these are the watchtowers the gate towers and the view up here of the town is really really good I don’t know I love this bird’s-eye view type stuff that’s probably why I love Sandy’s tower that’s why I love the the phantom farm thing and that’s why I love this spot right here now eventually our base is sure to end up reaching over to this bridge it’ll be pretty big it’ll fill the planes biome hopefully maybe fingers crossed.

But right now what Lantis is sort of isolated it’s on its own doing its own thing which is fine but eventually that will not be the case and we’ll have our base really close there how did I not take fall damage there’s no feather falling on this that’s uh that’s interesting oh boy we’ve reached the big moment this is the last thing in the tour and actually the most recent thing that we’ve done I saved it for the last part of the video a random be flying around over there that’s probably this bee though definitely not be I think it’s making its way back home but one final thing that thing is this spot right here so this build is a bit of a flex that’s a lot of iron it was very expensive it’s a dropper that drops down into this tunnel system that I am thinking about expanding soon so I’d love to link that village that we were just in up to this tunnel system and I’d love to maybe link the spider farm up to the tunnel system as well.

Eventually I could see myself adding a couple different entrances to this thing too but for now that is the only entrance and it leads us over to our brand new efficient amazing high-tech zombie.

I love this place the thing is active when I’m standing anywhere on this side of the room this pillar there’s a beam hurry there that’s the marker we’re on this side of it both some owners are active and we’re on the other side only this monitor is active because this one it’s actually like I think right up there this water is actually a little bit closer to us then the lower one is now the zombies are brought down to a one-hit kill which is amazing and it works so so good if I ever have to mend anything up this is 100 percent of the new place to go I mean if we were to be a little patient here which we’re not gonna do today but if we were to wait here a little while I love this thing run it will start to get full of zombies it’ll get noisy and it’ll it’ll get good in here really really good I love this build right here is our dear friend I I miss them a lot.

Nugget nugget is gone forever I don’t know why and I don’t know how but nugget is forever immortalized at this bar right there as a gold nugget now it wasn’t a gold nugget it was a chicken but yeah I don’t know what happened over here we have enchanted stuff over here a little bit of rotten flesh but I did just sell all of my stock pile over to the villagers at the end of the last episode clock down here this is one of the this actually might be the only clock on display in this world kind of a big deal not really but yeah that’s the zombie farm and that is actually the entire Minecraft guide technically yup that’s me you’re probably wondering how we got here well actually in all honesty if you’ve been watching this video you know exactly how we got here so you might not be wondering that at all and said you’re probably asking why are you interrupting the outro wattles what’s going on here well a big reason I I have failed you yet again I’m sorry please please forgive me aha III click baited you we are actually not at the end of the tour there’s one more big thing that I don’t know how I could forget about to check the thing out we need to jump on this minecart and ride over to all that thing while we’re out on the minecart we’ll go ahead and take a look at this beautiful beautiful wat lentes view I mean I don’t know I’m really really happy with how this town turned out I really really do love this build and the views are amazing now we are currently riding on our monorail I really like how the monorail turned out you can kind of see it here in the bottom right corner of the screen there and it’s pretty nice it’s kind of repetitive.

Lots of fences but yeah I am pretty happy with this build this is actually a very very old build it actually aside from the wheat field it might be the first a large-scale build that we actually did in this world the minecart line takes us right over to this place right here this thing is a lot more important than it looks it’s a lot better a lot more impressive than it looks so.

Upon first glance it’s a giant platform just just lots of gray but it is actually my only mob farm well well I take that back it’s not my only mob farm anymore definitely not true but this is my only dark space a mob farm basically like a manually built mob farm this thing is amazing when we needed vendor pearls this was the way to go it got me under pearls so was so easily over here is the platform that I can stand safely under and hon Enderman and then I can basically run up here take the mobs out whenever I need to for loot if I ever need like maybe extra bones or something this would be the place that I go to we have a little bit of loot over here should probably move that over to the storage building and then a lot of sand I’m digging this area out that I should also probably move to the storage building but actually I probably shouldn’t because the sanches and the storage building is 100% full but that is now actually just about everything in the tour so we’re gonna go ahead and time warp right back over to whatever I was saying before they almost forgot the mob farm but I would never forget I would never do you like that and that is actually the entire Minecraft guide technically season 2 world up until this point right now where we’re speaking these words are being said yep that’s it that’s all of the builds I have been really really enjoying this world but first the exit to this tunnel sewer thing starter house right here we go over here Bob will call them right back up to the surface and in no time at all we will again be graced to by a mark and Paul right over there which is an amazing amazing sight so I started this world back in the middle of December like the Saturday after the bee update released I have been really really loving this world this world might end once to the nether update releases but it might also not it just sort of depends on how I’m feeling about this world and how you guys are feeling in this world as well I would like to say a big big thank you to all of you who have been following the series the series the support has been crazily amazing in fact I think it’s probably the the best most consistent support I’ve ever received on a series which is a beautiful beautiful feeling so thank you very much elites elites tear move for sure and you are all as super super appreciated the world download again is down in the description if you’re into checking this world out for yourself if you do that why do I you’re wandering traitor no no no no need the trades are trash you’re gonna go away you’re gonna go away not today if you do the world download go around the world a Walters gonna help me out here that wasn’t me that was Walter where’s the other sheep llama where’s the other llama that’s right that’s what I thought that’s what I thought llama at me you’re not even here that’s exactly what I thought if you do the world download definitely tweet at me or post it on the subreddit a screenshot of you standing in front of whatever build project was your favorite one that we’ve done in this series so far but I think that is gonna be just about it for episode 50 of the Minecraft guide again world seed episode 10 check it out the playlist will be on the inside if this is by chance – first episode slide into that point let’s check out some of the other episodes maybe you enjoy it and then keep your eyes up for more episodes and big big projects starting soon if you enjoyed the tour drop a like subscribe if you haven’t done so yet and if you love what I do you’d like to support me directly now I do have a patreon that’s down in the description below if you like the idea of getting something and directly I do have merch the gamer gear that merch the elite tier stuff that is right down below this video as well super easy to find and super cool looking today I would like to send a big thank you to my patron arch angel thank you very very much for the support my guy thank you all again for watching and supporting this series and until next time it’s been me your guy waddles with Pam and doing a world tour stay cool everybody goodbye.

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