Minecraft – Guide To Bazaar Stock Merchant For Easy Money (Hypixel Skyblock)

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What’s up guys welcome back to another video today is interesting because there was an update yesterday no I didn’t get to play with stocks is not much but today I’m gonna be kind of going in-depth on how to use the stock market as well as what stocks are but before we do that let’s just take a quick look at something I do not like about this update first things first I can buy only ten stacks of every single item per day that is terrible like what who thought this was a good idea it’s quite unfortunate really but I mean what can you do this does get rid of all the macro errors out there me I’m just kidding that was a long phase I have hopefully tried to redeem myself and you know a game back everyone’s trusted kid nobody seriously all the people who Mac wrote this and made tons of money are no longer able to do that so I guess they have to go back to basics of farming anyways that’s just one thing I don’t really like about the update but it’s also interesting because it’s gonna change Skyblock as a whole anyways let’s get down to business this is bizarre this guy he is the stock market and PC basically free right click them it’s kind of like the auction house you know you got some other categories for some you know interesting things this one on the other hand the oddities page is the one that most people will be going through primarily because there are something eyes and people can instantly by summoning eyes for this price and overall just kind of save a lot of time but let me warn you now this is a very complex system so if you don’t really know what you’re doing I don’t recommend using this because you can lose a lot of money so just be really careful when you’re doing stuff on here because sometimes you will just end up in terrible luck I will try my best to explain how to use this but bear with me and if I get anything wrong just correct me in the comments and I’ll heart it I’ll make sure people know the real truth let’s first talk about the stock of stunk now this is just one of the stock items and it is a very risky thing to do at the moment if we read it it is the test item for the bazaar and it’s available from Warren for a limited time they already disabled that like 10 minutes after the update I was lucky enough to get 10 stacks of them I got that unfortunately though my island member did sell it when it was not even high enough because no one knows stocks on the server anyways this is something that just basically was very very cheap at the beginning and now has risen however there is a warning it’s a risky investment because it is a test item and may get deleted so people who have spent over two hundred million on these stocks well they could be in terrible luck when this thing inevitably gets deleted I don’t even know but basically that’s what it is and here’s how you use them so just like stocks everything has a price and sometimes that price increases and decreases there are buy orders and there are sell offers you can do either one of these two if you want to get or sell your stocks there is however a bite instantly and a sell instantly now this is one of the things I’m not too aware about but basically you can buy it instantly I think there is a little bit of a tax though so if you just make a buy order I think you’ll probably get more in the turn however you do want to be the top order because everything that is handed to the top order right now which is 19,000 is going to go directly to them if you make a higher buy order then you’ll be first in line to take the items so that’s kind of what the buy order is and you can also make a sell offer which is kind of the same thing for a buy order except you’re selling it this time typically for this one it is the lowest price gets filled first and that is kind of you know how to do it basically this is just another way to cash out I would imagine now if you click create a buy order you can choose how many stacks you want and you can just make a custom order I’m just gonna do is stack right now just to demonstrate but there is same as top order top order plus point one and then five percent of spread now I’m not gonna talk about five percent of spread mainly because I don’t really get it myself so if someone could let me know in the comments I’d be great okay so if you buy this top order basically what it’s doing is putting you first in line to receive items so when you want to buy like a stack your name is already up there first therefore you will get your items first and the same as top order one is also kind of the same thing however is instead of putting you first you’re basically tied with the first person so I think you’ll be the second person in line so after the first one is up you’ll be next and then finally we do have custom price this is just very simple you can choose the price of how much you want to pay per stack of stocks but honestly you’ll probably be using top order same as top order the most and honestly that is basically how you use stocks just be careful with it because you don’t want to lose money and like I said prices decrease and increase all the time if I just hover over this right now the buy price is 21,000 and the sell price is 8,000 you can just see it just changed that is why it is so risky because sometimes the market crashes and the price of stocks can just deployment by at least 50%.

Yesterday when I was playing the top it reached was I think 28,000 and if you think about it sucks at first they sold the 640 you can buy 10 stacks of them each one of these papers cost 200 and now they are selling for twenty thousand coins each don’t get it yet well let me put it in smaller words basically what the update first started they sold these stock of songs each one was two hundred Queens and you could buy ten stacks for approximately one hundred and twenty eight thousand coins now if I were to save those stocks and deposited them right now I would make twelve million coins and that is about a twelve million dollar profit so you can see that this could work out in your favor but you just be really smart with it and you could definitely make some money but this isn’t the only thing that is stocks everything else here is also used for stocks so you just look at everything here and there see if you can buy stuff off other people in the auction house and see if you can make some money off this because you probably could I’d also like to give some notable mentions to things that are basically extremely over priced right now and that is because you can’t buy from the merchants anymore so if you want to make some money here are some things you can do first thing you could do is put down a lot of gold minions because a stack of enchanted gold sells for about 2,800 coins per unit so times that by 64 and that’s how much a stack is so roughly around 160,000 per stack of enchanted gold so you can make a lot of money with that anyways I think that rest of the Bazaar quite well I did stumble through a lot of my things but I hope I made sense in the.

Because that is kind of the point of this if you guys have any more questions about the Bazaar be sure to leave it in the comments too because I will just go back and answer every single question because I know this is a very confusing process but don’t you worry soon you will get it if you don’t already it is very simple just mess with it here and there don’t spend too much because that will be a rip also do not pull a me and accidentally buy nine enchanted blaze rods when you only meant to buy one because then you’ll be five mill in debt anyways that basically wraps up this video like I said if you have any questions be sure to comment them and I will try and get back to them as soon as I can I do however want to show off something because I kind of want to get back into Dragon yesterday during the stock market people were so worried about trying to make money with those stocks that the actual auction house crash now I somehow managed to get a full dub of summoning eyes for 500k each now if we go over to this auction master and we look up summoning eyes the prices have raised and I have saved a bunch of money god bless this update I just save so much now we also did have a greater backpack of summoning eyes so that would be a total of 72 summoning eyes that I bought for 500k each now if we use with prizes today I basically saved 3 mil but hey that is a lot especially when buying summoning eyes I’m still pretty happy with it.

And the reason why I’m telling you guys this is because I want your guys’s opinion do you guys want to see me do dragons again please let me know because I’m not really good at them but I want to learn how to do them so I can actually make more videos in do live streams but there’s always a problem I’m always getting out damage and I don’t know how I’m combat 40 with fully max – dragon after 5 everything I could have possibly need and I still can’t get taught damaged don’t I don’t understand so I will try my best to practice these dragons for you guys because I want to get some awesome content so there is just a teaser for what I had to show for my next videos anyways without further ado it is time to end the video if you guys liked it be sure to drop a like and I will see you all soon peace out everyone.

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