New Players Get Rich Quick Guide 2020 Post Queen Update – Albion Online – Zero 2 Hero Ep.1

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During my first episode of ‘Zero 2 Hero’ on Albion Online, I’ll be showing new players how to make millions of silver within a couple hours of game time, with no help from anyone else playing completely solo. Don’t get sucked into gathering Tier 2, 3 & 4 resources when you first start playing, dive in and get that silver farm going!

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Hello and welcome to my guide on how to get rich quick on Albin online after success of my last video which has now over two hundred and thirty thousand views I thought it would be a good idea to redo the guide since the largest Albion online update we’ve seen which is Queen hit the game in January of 2020 this update changed the layout of the Outlands aka the black zones in which my original video was based out of so all the maps were are wrong and the layout is as well also some of the things have changed in ways of which we made money so I wanted to bring you guys an updated version of the guide during this video we’ll be starting off with a brand new account as you can see in the background and I’ll be showing you tips and tricks on how to get rich also every month I’ll be giving away one months of premium to a random person that comments on the video likes the video and subscribes so let’s get into it as you can see in the background I currently here setup for a brand new account I went fire as you will see it’s very useful and what I plan to do in the next clip but one thing a lot of new players seem to miss out on is during tutorial Island you can buy up to four donkeys for three silver each and bring them with you to the main game now once you get to the main game you will see in this video I take them to the main city of which we’re going to be playing out of and you can sell each donkey for between 5,000 and 8,000 silver each now when you come to the end of the tour island you want to choose mounting cross as your starting area if you’re following in my footsteps and you will want to complete the little quest here that gives you access to your three days of premium premium is a very useful thing in this game that lets you get ahead a lot quicker and you optimizing the three days is key when you’re first starting off as it boosts fame silver so as we move out at the starting zone here we’re going to head towards the for Sterling area and as you can see as we open up the map using the M button on your keyboard you’ll see we’ll move across the southwest here so as we zoom in so for starting here the first thing we want to do is you want to familiarize yourself with the layout of the city you can press n on your keyboard that brings up the local mini-map for the area as you can see and you can zoom zoom in using the scroll wheel we have the bank the marketplace the repair station and also the realm gate those are the key important locations that you want to know as a new player and we’re gonna head straight into the marketplace and sell our donkeys for some quick silver straight off tutorial island we’re gonna split the stack so we’re gonna keep one right one and sell two for the time being here and you have two options when you’re selling on the marketplace you can instace l something to a player’s buy order or you can set up a sell order which normally allows you to get more for your items but it takes a little bit more time to sell so we’re going to set up the sell orders for the donkey the donkey is up for sale and we’re gonna move into the bank and store our spare donkey and our tools as we don’t need them if you die anything that’s inside your bank in a city or anywhere else in the game you do not lose which is nice so now we’re gonna head out into the Outlands and as you can see we just got a mail saying one of our donkeys have indeed sold so we just made ourselves eight thousand plus silver on that one sale which is massive for any new player we’re gonna head down into the realm gate area this has an option of three different portals you can use to the Outlands and we’re gonna be using the north portal today in this video so it’s so now a word of the wise you’re in the Outlands aka the black zones if you died here you’d lose everything that you are wearing and is in your inventory the only things that you do not lose is the gold and silver on your account you know anything that’s stored in a safe space in the cities aka your banks and chests so keep that in mind and we are going to pop our three days of premium now which gives us a 50% boost for any fame received and any loot drops and silver received from mobs in chests and we’re gonna literally throw ourselves straight into it we’re gonna head southwest here to the next zone so hopefully there’s no gankers on the gate as you can see here there isn’t any so be careful be cautious a lot of gankers like to sit on the gates around this around these areas so if you do you see a nameplate on your screen when you’re running towards a gate that’s like the little red bit as you can see here a little name you see a little tiny name just run the opposite way back to safety and wait it out a little bit you don’t want to risk dying just to try and get through so be very cautious about how you play this is once again a foe loot MMORPG and people like to kill other people in the black zones and because it’s full loot nobody knows what you’re wearing people will still kill you just because the fact that you might have something interesting in your inventory who knows but once we’re in this zone where once again gonna head Southwest one more time into the next zone and then we’re gonna hop through to the Northwest via the tunnel and then we’re gonna be in the zone where we wanna be in and I’m gonna start showing you guys how to make some money so here we are our main zone that we would be focusing on pretty much throughout the video what we’re gonna be looking at here is you see the outline of this dungeon on the mini-map this is something that we’re gonna be looking for or which will make this available to anyone pretty much on any portal location so you don’t have to follow this guide step by step or you have to look for on the world map is an area that has that same portal layout so you can open up the world map using that em button and you can zoom in on two locations and you’ll be able to see like a little fortress or a blue dungeon area and if you click on that and it comes up with the same layout as you see on the little pop-up that means those dungeons will have the exact same layout as the ones that I’m entering our dungeons have mobs guarding the chests these dungeons do not these are the only dungeons in Albion that do not have any mobs guarding them so it’s a lot easier for any new player to be able to go in there and just enjoy some free money making guides as you will see so as you’ll see in a couple of steps from now we’ll be entering the dungeon and getting the loop but right now we’re gonna kill a couple of roaming mobs so these are the solo mobs as you can see here and that’s gonna give us some fame or xp towards leveling up our armor and weapons and as you can see I just unlocked tier 3 for all the armor and weapons I’m wearing from killing one mob and then I found myself a hidden treasure these are located randomly throughout any zone across the whole of Albion these are a place randomly and you can tell they’re random treasures as they have a little tiny glow to them and when you hover your mouse over them it gives you the attacks or.

Symbol these give you a nice chunk of silver for any new player as you can see I got 3400 silver plus the little trinkets that you got inside these can be sold to the marketplace as well so the Tier four is one thousand silver tier five is five thousand silver and then tier six is twenty five thousand silver these can have multiple trinkets inside of them and you hidden legit go around and find like back-to-back hidden treasures across the world map as you can see I’ve just found – pretty much back to back and just made myself probably about fifteen thousand silver just by finding it on the floor but we’re just going to carry on here and kill some random mobs level up our initial starting armor and weapons and also make some silver so what you might be wondering is why are we doing this in the black zone so on Albion there’s a blue zone a yellow zone a red zone and a black zone these are different scaled PvP areas so the blue zone you can’t be attacked and by anybody and that is the safe area so no risk no reward yellow zone is flagged PvP but you don’t lose your Lu so it’s a little bit more riskier so the risk versus reward goes up a little bit red is you can die and lose your gear to anybody that’s flagged so the risk is there just but it’s not always there so it’s a little bit more risky so you get a little bit more reward and then the black zone is foe loot PvP it doesn’t tell you if there’s people in the zones or not and that means that were the risk is extremely high so the reward is gonna be extremely high you’ll see when I pick up silver from mobs or any chests that I get there will be the initial silver and then there will be an icon for the zone so that little black square is the extra silver we got because we’re in a black zone and then the little premium icon is the extra silver we got on top of all of that which means we got that because we have premium activated so all in all you get a massive boost for how premium and being in a black zone which is massive to what we’re doing here killing random mobs at the start is giving us about 300 silver each time plus a Fame boost which means we can level up really easily and they’re pretty easy to kill as you can see here I’m in only tier 2 armor and weapon and I’m pretty much being able to drop these tier 5 mobs with ease just cutting their abilities so we’re going to keep doing this until we unlock tier 4 weapon and armor and also we unlock the tier 3 adventure and where tier 3 bags and capes and also ride a tier 3 riding horse which is a massive boost above a donkey.

So here we are at the front of the dungeon that I talked about earlier and we’re just gonna hop in you can’t go and mount it so make sure you dismount before you go in and we’re gonna head to the northwest here don’t worry when you get knocked down by mobs you just wait out the timer and you pop back up again so we’re gonna get back up here and once you get back up from getting knocked down by mobs you have a little protection timer I think it’s about twenty to thirty seconds where none of the mobs are grow you or attack you so you can just run right off through all these mobs and down into the crypt of the dungeon this is where we’re gonna be making the most of our money throughout this video so I’m just gonna speed this up a bit as its gonna take quite a while for us to kill the chests here just in our tier two armor and weapons without any poison potions or damage boosting food so as this goes down in the background this currently has two chests in the lower four where we currently are obviously the first location is on the north corner and then the second one is just to the south pretty much the opposite side of the map here and you will see it soon enough in so as it comes to an end here as we kill our first chest remember we are brand new account and we just made ourselves 48,000 silver from that one chest alone and on top of that we also were able to obtain a couple ruins and relics and souls of different tiers which we can sell later on in the marketplace so another thing we see here is we’re going to a out so we left the dungeon all you have to do is press a and it channel’s the the exit if you do get attacked it does council it so you can take out wall beginning attack so just keep that in mind if you are getting chased down by another player or getting hit by a mob you cannot leave but the main reason we a doubt is because every two and a half hours you see the little chest icon that’s on the map here to our eastern corner these are little relic locker chests and inside of them if you’re able to get to them in time before anybody else and open them you are rewarded with a lot of money as we write up here I was pretty curious about why nobody was there actually opening the chest quite rare that people don’t show to these as they’re highly contested as they do give a lot of good Lu and to my surprise actually no one no one showed up so a brand new player like myself right now finding one of these chests is highly rewarding as you will see in a minute once I get to the chest as we move in super slow motion on our donkey across the field the chest is going to be clear there’s no one around there’s no nametags there’s no nobody and we’re gonna have this chest to ourselves it’s a channeled once again it’s a channeled ability so you’re gonna have to sit there and pretty much pick the lock to the chest if you anybody else comes up and does damage to you it councils the channel but inside we do find ourselves a lot of t-6 treasure or trinkets Toma insights which are 35,000 silver each at the moment and also two bags of silver which came to 100k in total and right now I have a lot of money on me for a brand new player and I do not want to die so we’re gonna head back to the city to hopefully make it back alive and then sell our items onto the marketplace and see how much we were able to obtain we made it back alive and in one piece without getting ganked which is always nice to see so we’re going to zoom back into for starting here and make our way to the marketplace and sell our goods and see how much money we made on our first run out into the Outlands a good thing to note here is you can always buy your items back off the marketplace if you died so you don’t have to go around making your own items armor and weapons and your mounts everything can be bought on the marketplace just keep that in mind so here we go we’re gonna go sell all our items here we’re just gonna quick sell all these trinkets pretty much to the market for players by olders for them I’m not gonna waste time and sit around listing our own you may want to do so to make it a little bit extra money as you can see the prices do jump up and down compared to like an insult to a sell order so keep that in mind but as you can see here I’m just insta selling everything see Toma insights here the difference was about 30 case over but I’m just going to insta sell them for the video for 389 Kay same with these tier 6 trinkets we’re just gonna install them and see how much money we make and in total on our first Outlands run we are up to 774 K silver remember this account is brand new off the swirl island and probably under about an hour old right now and right now I’m just gonna buy myself my tier 4 gear so we’re upgrading so we’re gonna get ourselves a scholar cow for a helmet a claret robe body for the body obviously soldier boots for the wonderla spell blazing staff or the fire and then a tier 3 cape and bag and on top of that a tier 3 riding horse we’re gonna be pretty much fully upgraded on our gear now and so later on when we can unlock tier 4 horses and bags and capes and obviously going into the future tier 5 to your 60 78 armor weapons so the spells we’re using here is the shield on the helmet the shield on the body the Wanderlust and the carry weight on the boots and obviously the burning field on the blazing and keeping everything else as is we’re also gonna get ourselves some tier 4 stew which gives us a 5% damage increase and tier 4 poison pots so we’re gonna buy 10 of those as well for our next round in for the Outlands so we made it back out into our zone and as you can see I found myself in over hidden treasure and we’re gonna pick up some extra silver and some more trinkets but whatever I think now that we’ve upgraded our gear we do a lot more damage and we have a lot more defensive spells so here we have a mob camp with a chest in it it’s guarded by a couple mobs so what we’re gonna do here is set ourselves up the blazing is AoE spell so it’s gonna do a lot of damage quite quickly through these mobs as you can see here I drop it on the ground followed by my Q which is the number a or we spell and I dropped my shield on it as well and I keep using my Q as it’s the shortest cooldown ability I’m gonna be able to kill these mobs we were pretty much ease and I’m gonna get my new destiny adventurer so I do a little bit more damage as you can see I made 6,800 silver from the chest and I was able to get a room in as well it’s a little bit hit and miss on loot wise but it’s always worth killing the chests for the silver drops as it does very sometimes it’s 5000 sometimes it’s all the way up to about 15,000 silver purchase so here we are back down in the chest area and we’re gonna be doing a lot more damage so we can kill the chest a lot quicker now we have the poison potions and obviously the blazing staff butts are a lot more damage and it’s a gonna be a lot quicker probably about a minute ish compared to before when we were in our to tier 2 gear which was about 4 minutes so as we bring the chest down we’re gonna get ourselves another extra 45,000 silver a bunch of ruins and relics of different tiers and now I’m going to show you the next location of the other chests in this dungeon so we’re gonna avoid the middle area as it does have mobs in it so you’re gonna have to follow the route I’m taking currently and it’s just down to our self here two exits are the one where we came into it would be on the between the west and the north and the other one is between the east and the south that little.

A little X area and here’s the other chest so once again we’re just gonna burn this chest down and see what we get so the chests do respawn on a twenty minute timer after they were destroyed so keep that in mind if so if they’re not there they will be there sooner or later they’re gonna take some time to respawn so I’m gonna show you guys how to optimize your money-making or your chest ratting in a bit as we do take down this chest the number forty two thousand silver and a bunch of ruins and relics here we’re gonna lay out the dungeon once again just by pressing a and we’re gonna challenge ourselves out and I’m gonna show you on the world map where you want to go next so by pulling up the world map all you have to do is press M and we’re gonna go Northwest into this zone and then Southwest where you see the other dungeon and relic locker area so bouncing between these two zones will mean that the chests are always pretty much going to be up depending if there is a number chest right in the area so I left it in the background of me running through the next zone just to give you guys a slight idea of the way that I am I move around the map stick it to the edge is always the best bet of any traveling you don’t want to stick to the roads too much as that’s where other players are most likely gonna be over gankers and such and we’re just gonna make our way to the next dungeon here as you can see the exact same layout on the outside as as the other one which is what we’re looking for inside it’s gonna be exactly the same as well same mob layout same map layout so you don’t have to worry about getting lost obviously once again you’re gonna get knocked down don’t worry about it it’s just gonna cost you a little bit of silver when you repair when you get back to the city and here are the chest once again gonna speed it up in the background everybody’s seen that chest get burnt down by now and nobody else really needs to see it so we’re just gonna speed it over and so we get to the loot here as I do believe we do get some extra black market loop this time round from these chests so these chests do have black market loot attached to them as you can see 42,000 silver and we get a tier six nature staff and a seven-point one soldier armor along with other ruins and relics a nice boost to our silver I’m pretty sure that soldier armor in the end sells for about 200k if I’m not mistaken so once again really good money making effort we’re only about maybe two hours into this account being made and we’re already pretty much over 1 million silver once I sell everything we do have another chest once again to ourself so we’re gonna go ahead and kill this one and see what we get so as the chest goes down we’re gonna obviously get ourselves some more silver which is always nice and.

Sadly no extra black market loot but we did get a TA true and and some of our radix and such so once again silver is always going to be there black market Lutz not always going to be there but there is always going to be something inside the chest and one of our area I wanted to point out on the map is this area here it’s indicated on the map as the big silver little chest area and as you can see here we have little urns on the map and there’s also silver on the ground so these urns when smashed so when you attack them and break them open they very very in terms of how much silver is inside sometimes there’s like on the lower end which you just saw which is 317 silver each or sometimes it goes all the way up to about 600 and there’s a lot of them around this area on the on the map so it’s always worth going to and getting a little bit extra money while you wait for chess to respawn so the big relic Locker on the map here spawns every six hours I believe and inside of that if you’re able to sneak one away by yourself you’re probably looking in the region of about two to three million silver worth of items but it’s very rare that these go untouched other than like large-scale groups that come and take them so lastly I want to touch on your adventurer challenge and solo dungeon so as you see here I’m currently outside the green portal and I’m gonna click on it and it channels me inside be aware just because we call it a solo dungeon does it mean it’s just you inside it could be any other player it could be a group of players so just be wary of that and what we’re gonna do here is just try and go ahead and clear the mobs one by one and get ourselves some extra fame and every time you earn Fame you will see the little key icon and a number next to it this means that’s the number that you’ve just gained towards your adventurer challenge and the adventurer challenge is pretty much your daily weekly and monthly login bonus type thing for playing the game you know like every every MMO has it and it gives you a reward for completing your daily active bonus so you’re required to earn I think it’s 1,200 per day of like the daily bonus thing or like the daily activity this could be done by gathering by killing mobs etc you can’t get it by killing players or by a crafting I believe so just keep that in mind.

Solo dungeons are probably your best way to do this it’s quick it’s easy and it’s a good reward at the end of the day it doesn’t take too long either and the rewards are pretty good so completing your daily challenge gives you a tome which then gives you 2,000 fame towards your armor and weapons that you currently are wearing and you get that every single day after you complete your daily bonus and also if you’re a non premium player you complete the challenge every day you also get I think it’s 10 or 20 learning points to use it’s won over way of allowing players to get learning points if they’re not premium but what you’re gonna be aiming for in these three days as a new player is optimizing your play time and completing these daily challenges so you get a bonus 50,000 points towards your monthly challenge or your weekly challenge and that allows you to unlock on your weekly challenge these chests so you need a hundred and fifty thousand points in total so that’s three days so if you do it right while activating your three days of premium you can claim your chests at the end of it this allows you to open up a chest that gives you randomly rewards you’re looking at I think it’s on average about over two to 500k depending how lucky you get in terms of loot but still it’s a nice little added bonus and obviously free silver is free silver and you’re just gonna be regularly playing the game it’s not gonna force you to do anything you don’t really want to do so to speak and as you can see here I just completed it I got my toma insight unlocked and I’m gonna open it up and I got my 50,000 points so there it is I claim my book and I can use it here because me in 2000 fame and you will also see if I open it back up again the chest i unlock obviously 150,000 points needed and once you become a full 30-day premium member you can unlock a unique mount every month which they bring into the game that’s pretty much it for the guide thank you for watching what I didn’t show is a couple extra runs in that time period of me playing as you can see on the final screen Here I am sitting on three hours a game play and 1.7 million silver with tier 4 unlocked on my account as well once again money is.

King for any new starting players so if you die you can just buy your gear back from the marketplace you don’t have to worry about grinding away your resources and refining and walking around the map and trying to make everything yourself you can just go to the marketplace make it yourself and then head right back out there and carry on making money and leveling up your armor and weapons and getting ready for PvP I hope this helped you guys once again if you made it all the way to the end thank you smash that like button leave us a comment and make sure you subscribe and you’ll be entered into a chance of winning one months worth of premium every single month this video is live so if this video is up for 12 months you’re gonna be I’m gonna be giving away one month of premium for 12 months so that’s it for me thank you for watching and have fun playing Albion.

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