Nioh 2 – Best Starting Weapon for You (In-Depth Guide)

Author: Mista FiOth

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Greetings Samurai.

In this video I will be suggesting which starting weapon – and why – you might consider picking up in the tutorial. Watch the full length for the details.

Edit: While recording this video I left out the Kusari-gama. That was not intentional. Kusari-gama draws from Skill and is used best for crowd control. In NiOH it used to be one of the most OP weapons until it was nerfed hard. Ideal for nimble characters.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Reading samurai fight here and at last we have kneel to in our hands it’s been three long here since we got the original meal and I’ll be making a ton of guys explaining everything and going through pretty much 12 everything in the game from weapons to build to guides to both strategies what happiest so we’re gonna start from the very basics here the tutorial and which weapon you should start with now the information that will be sharing comes from two sources my very extensive 400-plus our experience with the first kneel and its DLCs and the better test that became available in the previous weeks coming up to the release day so we’re gonna start from the left and I’m gonna explain to you why you should or should not pick the weapon in question to suit your playstyle better what we have to be totally clear about is that you will be able to use every weapon in the game if you acquire them when you acquire them there is no restriction this is not a restrictive choice it’s just the two initial weapons you will be starting with to help you familiarize yourself with the game and move through the tutorial so the first one is the katana it’s linked to heart the katana is deceptively effective in neo2 it was one of the most interesting weapons to deal out massive amounts of damage with precise swings dei techniques that you could deploy by using shared weapon would devastate opponents it would devastate opponents in PvE and it would devastate opponents in PvP if you could land it from those I’m unfamiliar with the game he is at the clip where you see the weapon and quick Droid to deal a massive amount of precise swing damage this is going to have as I said and we’re going to go through the stats real real quick here we have Constitution attacks your life and your resistance to poison and paralysis hard effects your key and your resistance against fire that means it actually affects your stamina up to a certain point where it caps will be very important you will always want to have as much stamina as possible and this links very nicely with using the single blade currents effects your key recover speed if this is a very important style because if you have a humongous bar you will also want it to be able to feel faster so this to grow coupled summon affects your life and your maximum equipment weight the healthiest the arm or the more stamina you will need strength is a requirement for activating special effects of heavy armor that is unlocking its perks its resistance to water attacks as well this skill start is required to activate special let us fly with armor of course the dexterity affects the capacity and effectiveness of a ninja – that is the ninja techniques that you will acquire and magic affect the capacity of all your magic and its effectiveness those are the spells you will be able to use so the weapon you use more we’ll have to go hand-in-hand with your stat of relation here if you’re using a katana you’ll have to high high heart and so on and so forth so katana is the first weapon is a very good base weapon if you want experiment with it I’d certainly suggest you give it a go as with all the rest of the weapons but if you want to start with something simple and easy to understand the katana is your choice now the spear I always said that Neal was the game with the most exciting spear gameplay you would find well maybe the initial Dark Souls as well the spirit is very good it can reach a very far and it can deal good damage and it has some pretty awesome techniques as well you can air juggle enemies or air juggle yourself with the spear if you mustard you will be able to keep yourself out of harm’s way and also deal good damage from further away it’s linked to Constitution so again we’ll go here affect your life and you’re resistant to poison and paralysis so if you invest you have the Constitution to be able to effectively use a spear you will also have a ton of HP and high resistance to poison and paralysis the next is the axe now the axes you probably understand is heavy swings weapons that take up a ton of stamina and deal very high damage I don’t know if you will be able to use this at all in PvP like in neo 1 in PvP axes where like the weapons you’d never see unless you were playing against a very weak opponent but well things might be different in here too we don’t know yet it is linked to stamina as you can see here stamina affects your life as well and your maximum equipment weight so if you go with axes you will also be able to equip a endurance armor high defense armor that is the heavy kind and that used to be the meta in year 1 like you would be as tanky as possible if you wanted to talk a higher level content and PvP hope that changes because it was very polarizing back in the day here we have tonfa the tonfa are your quick damage weapons the moves usually have low cost and come out fast but the damage is well understandably lower than slower weapons linked to courage so stamina recovery key recovery you want to be on the offensive with this here we have the HUD sets this is a new addition in neo to the cards are a tad slower than the tonfa and as I understand it a bit more damaging the intricacies of these weapons are still not quite clear to me well it is a new archetype we will have to experience to experiment with them and experience what they have to offer look pretty interesting and I suppose they might shoot a service play style I will have to go in depth with their skills their available skills but to be.

To use those I will also have to level up my character and experiment a bit with them so bear with me if I discover anything particularly interesting about the cards I will make a guide on them as soon as possible also be making guides with the rest of the weapons anyway so skill is the related stuff the course that required to activate the special effects of light armor so you will want to be nimble you will want to be fast wear light armor and use it to the best of its potential by developing your skill attribute the switch blade is also new I use this in the beta actually very interesting weapon with very fluid combos it is tied to your magic start though if you want to make a spell caster like character this will be very interesting to see my magic cyclone meal or meal is well the spell cast capabilities of your character like in neo 1 I found it very interesting magic in new is extremely powerful it’s not like in the souls game where it’s like supplementary most of the time is very very powerful but you would want to give this a go if you try to develop a power a magic power related character the twin swords are a staple from new one faster than the HUD set and I can tell you that they’re very very good in the theory much everything the damage output is great they have great combos investing a skill is always a good idea it also sports a I technically like a quick drawing that used to do tremendous amount of damage so it is also a very good starting weapon for fast characters and if you want to be a bit spammy until you get the timing of your key recover it down and we’re ending up with your dot CD or dotty needs strength to be effective or that used to be pretty much the absolute meta back in New Orleans it used to be very very very effective in PvP the damage output of this thing is great and it also is deceptively fast it offers any eye technique as well where you sit and quick-draw the weapon for high-damage it offers some ground slums that deal damage around you like AoE and so on and so forth I tell you that it might be the best starting weapon for players who are new to kneel because you don’t really need to go in there and land very a very large amount of heat to take down an enemy just time a couple of swings right and smaller enemies would go down without fuss I expect some people to have some experience with souls bomb to be able to make the best use of all this info but I promise you guys new is very hard to get into because there is well there’s not a moment’s pause in this game your stamina doesn’t recover possibly as fast as you would like it to if you don’t input the key pulses and so on and so forth we’ll go in depth with everything like I’ll make combat guides of course about pretty much everything in the game but for now if I have to make a very specific suggestion about what you should start with I would say get the Adachi for your bread and butter enemies and as a supplementary weapon nope sorry get a spear now the reason I’m saying this is because Constitution will affect your life and it will also improve your spear and you want to have as much as possible in the beginning and strength allows you to use heavy armor so if you’re learning the basics now be as funky as possible with a large health pool and this will tell if you go through your initial playthrough those weapons offer good range and good damage and some very interesting crowd control and techniques yet you will be glad to have on your side of course as you pick up new equipment you will reduce the highest damage weapons that you will be getting don’t get stuck with a specific weapon because if you dare a low level there will be pretty much useless new works kind of differently than Dark Souls it more like a Hawkins last looter like Diablo so you have a high-level item it will always be better than your lower-level.

Item with a better perks but after a certain while in the game you will be able to transfer facts from weapon to weapon optimize them and make bills the way you like them so I hope you find this useful guys I will be covering everything in neo 2 I’m a huge fan of neo ones with a ton of guides you can find my work on YouTube thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed the adventure and if you need any health and specific info don’t forget to comment in the comment section below until next time be well stay frosty and always strive for perfection Cheers.

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